The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

Part 1 of 16


The Russian Space Program


A series of 30 articles on what is going on in the skies, probably unknown to anyone except intelligence agents, privy to the latest space technology, has been put on the net and written by a former US govt. insider calling himself "One who knows". These articles are called Fire From The Sky. In summary these articles claim that the Russians, starting from about 1977, began to produce a flying disk initially called 'cosmos-interceptor' then later called cosmospheres.

By 1980/81 they'd built 7 super heavy cosmospheres called jumbos, even bigger than the zeppelins of the 1930's. They could carry 50 tons. It was actually Russia's space shuttle and powerful electromagnetic propulsion could take them all the way to orbital speed. The book UFO's - Secret Nazi Weapon by Mattern and Fredrich, there is great detail on secret German Antarctic activity and it describes the designs of the anti-grav flying disks the Nazis manufactured. 2 Germans wrote this originally in the 50's and finally published it in Canada about 1966.

In summary, it shows pictures of the original Nazi engineering plans for wingless anti-gravity craft. In April 1945 Germany had over 130 different types of missiles and rockets. After the war, early in the morning of 21 and 22 October 1946, in Soviet occupied Germany, Russians hauled out of their beds approx... 275,000 German scientists and technicians and their families and even included babies.

They took them to Russia supposedly for 5 years. Protests were ignored or beaten down. German factories were awaiting them, dismantled and crated. They worked around the clock for 3 bowls of borscht soup and a slice of dark bread daily.

They worked in 40 different locations all over Russia. This included aircraft and jet engineers. After the 5 year term had been served, during which many died or were condemned to slave labour camps for life, the scientists were kept for another 2-3 years in quarantine, to forget the projects they worked on. They were not even allowed pencils or papers. They brought Russia into the 20th century and later the space age.


Germans had already developed technology from a spaceship that crashed in Germany in about 1939, and they developed their own anti-grav flying disks in about 1941. (Some have also said that Pleiadians wishing to help Germany deliberately crashed it.) Germany had UFO's as early as 1940. Plans of prototype models of Victor Schauberger, inventor of the implosion motor, were found in Germany after the war.

Photos of UFO's seen after the war, showed they were the same models as the ones drawn in the plans. In 1943 they were obviously working well enough and the entire German UFO plant was dismantled and shipped by freight train to the Shangri-la that they'd already built in Antarctica for Hitler. Antarctica was staked out by the Germans in 1937-38. Over 11,000 photos were taken of it. More land than Germany itself was claimed and Swastika flags were dropped every 20 km. Warm lakes were found by the expedition.

Hitler's escape was discovered after the war. Washington, Moscow and London, in fact 8 countries then decided to go to Antarctica. 4,000 elite US navy troops and 13 ships under Admiral Byrd went there in Dec 1946. Admiral Byrd's plane instruments went haywire, when he located the secret Nazi base. He declared that in case of a new war US would be attacked by flying objects, that could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds.


UFO's appeared over Germany in 1943 and 1944. Berlin headquarters issued telexes that they were 'theirs'. The allies found that after the war about 250,000 Germans had also inexplicably vanished. This took into account casualties and deaths from all causes and this number still remains constant. (The Germans kept meticulous records of people, including the number of Jews killed.)

Germany's flying disk research scientists and test pilots could not be found by the allies after the war. The allies began to suspect and accuse each other of having captured the last secret. They'd agreed to divide 'the loot' (i.e. German patents) honestly. Each ally was to receive microfilm of every German patent and and secret document, regardless of who had captured them. They took 30 railroad cars full of German patents.

With the advancing allied armies, came teams of scientifically trained specialists whose job was to ensure the German installations, labs and factories weren't destroyed. The Americans captured many prize 'catch' scientists, much to the anger of the British, French and Russians.

The great American 'brain robbery' was so mind boggling that a special dictionary of technical jargon of the aircraft industry, containing over 75,000 separate terms had to be created by the captured Germans in US. Top flight scientists were 'invited' to work in US for $2.20 a day, while kept as prisoners. In order to get cooperation their diets were 'supplemented'. They were offered citizenship as an inducement or a war crimes trial if they didn't produce.


It is also claimed in this book 'UFO's Nazis Secret weapon' that the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima was made in Germany. Germany first started atomic research in 1939. The German scientists who had made the bomb were by then in an English maximum security prison which was bugged.

Prof. Openheimer mentioned then the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was made in Germany. The Russians captured Herman Oberth, the professor who taught Werner von Braun, the Nazi rocket scientist who started the NASA space program and has been credited with single-handedly getting Apollo to the moon. (i.e. if they actually did arrive at some time in the past by rocket.) The Russians got a head start with Oberth and started manufactured their own flying disks, complete with particle beam weapons.

They used these from 1977- 1981 to shoot down American satellites, space shuttles and even passenger planes in a bid to control the skies. Nazi scientists were also brought over to USA to start the space program, to research anti-grav technology at Area 51 at Nevada and also to start the CIA.

Former Nazis have popped up all over the globe and there are many articles written on them, but the main sources are Branton in his online book in 58 parts called The Underground Nazi Invasion of USA and his Omega Files in depth report on the Nazis in Antarctica.


In Evil Agenda of the Secret Government by Tim Swartz, there is another account of the creation of Russian flying saucers, and it has a very intriguing story. In 1954 a German magazine, ran a series of articles claiming that flying saucers were developed and produced in the Soviet Union during WW2. The magazine gave detailed accounts of a top secret US document of 1944.

An intelligence organization had dispatched 16 agents to a foreign country. 14 were lost on duty but a 15th made it back to reveal what unbelievable things were happening. Another agent who returned code named PKR, corroborated this and he had been working as a scientist's assistant in a Soviet laboratory. PKR told of a German scientist Horst Pinkel, who in 1928 went to Russia in an exchange program of German and Russian officers.

He was the only officer who failed to return a year later. Pinkel had been a follower of Walter Lewetzow who developed some theories on gravity, and its interaction with light and energy, but received some ridicule from the German scientific community.


Pinkel advanced Lewetzow's theory, that the entire universe is filled with rays whose particles or waves, traveling in all directions, cause a neutral and balancing effect on all matter. If they were controlled, they would be a source of power, equaling perpetual motion. In 1930 outside Moscow, Pinkel furnished with all necessary materials available to him, did research. By 1941 he had finished developing instrumentation for measuring the strange new rays.

He discovered that the rays belonged to a new category, whose single rays change with terrific speed from the character of ordinary waves into the clear character of corpuscles. He found that "the rhythm of change of the oscillation-frequency remained parallel".

PKR said in 1942 that Pinkel, with a group of Russian scientists and inventors moved to the south Urals. However, time ran out to develop a powerful new weapon against the Germans. At that time 5 flying saucers had been constructed in the Soviet Union. Air Marshal Konstantin Wershinin in 1948 urged his scientists to complete more of the craft which had terrific speeds and a potential sphere of action the same as the "radius of the universe". In 1949 Pravda quoted one of Russia's most famous aeronautical engineers "If ever an aircraft from earth lands on one of the heavenly bodies, it will be Soviet".

PKR brought back to the US, the exact formula for an alloy which Pinkel had developed for use in fabricating a craft, utilizing the powerful new rays and the precise data for harnessing the fantastic ray that Pinkel had discovered. The German magazine concluded its series by reporting that in 1952, the Russians were at work on a "Space Island" that would allow a stop-over for space vehicles flying from earth to "other particles in the universe".


Let's look at the Russians now. In a summary of Fire From the Sky, "The One who knows" (transcribed for him by Dale Stonehouse) claims that in Oct. 1977 a newly operational Russian cosmos-interceptor shot down Skylab, killing 5 US astronauts. But there was a cover-up and simulation was used to recreate life on Skylab, probably rather like the fake moon landing films and Mars surveyor pictures using models)

On Sept 23 1977, Russia began destroying US spy satellites, using killer satellites and then they destroyed the US secret moon base. On Sept. 29 1977 Russia launched the Salyut 6 manned space station into orbit. Her manned space weapons, the cosmos-interceptors, by removing American satellites cut off shuttle info and by 1978, they had destroyed them all. By 1978 Russian cosmospheres numbered into hundreds.

They were firing particle beams into the air over the Atlantic in defocused mode, causing loud booms. The cosmospheres hovering in the earth's electrostatic field are invisible from an orbiting standpoint, shielded by a very sophisticated stealth shielding system. They aimed their particle beam weapons with a combination of infra red and detection radar.

The Americans devised cobalt ionization bombs, detonated at various locations in the upper atmosphere as high as possible, but below the hovering altitude of the cosmospheres. The result was an enormous storm of electrons spreading horizontally, in the earth's magnetic field, passing under the cosmosphere.

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