by "The One Who Knows"

Former US govt. insider

transcribed by Dale G. Stonehouse

from SuversiveElement Website




"I know one thing for certain; that I know no thing (nothing) for certain."

- Me

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."

- Earl Weaver




Part 1:   Secret Wars between Powers That Be

Part 16: HAARP, The System

Part 2:   American Bolsheviks - Masters of Deception

Part 17: The Jonestown Massacre Hoax

Part 3:   Post-lunar "Quarantine" Farce

Part 18: Guyana

Part 4:   Remember Sputnik?

Part 19: The Battle of Thanksgiving Day 1978

Part 5:   The Columbia

Part 20: Lt. Col. James "Bo" Gritz and Jonestown

Part 6:   Space Superiority Touted

Part 21: In the Beginning...

Part 7:   Russian Spheres and Platforms, and help from Aliens

Part 22: Total Russian Defense

Part 8:   U.S. - Japan Feud

Part 23: More Assassination Connections

Part 9:   Russian Command of Space and The Moon

Part 24: German Scientists and Aliens

Part 10: The Fake Pope

Part 25: Hitler Escaped!

Part 11: Nuclear War One

Part 26: Polar Defenses

Part 12: War Strategy

Part 27: Who Created the Atomic Bomb?

Part 13: Bitter Rivals - Why Rockefellers had to be Taken Out

Part 28: German Flying Saucers

Part 14: The Rest of The History

Part 29: The Nazis Never Gave Up

Part 15: The Marvel of Empty Space

Part 30: The Kennedy-Nazi Connection