The Fake Second Coming

By Christi Verismo.

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Australian Alien Bases


The secret American Antarctic Base is an integral part of America's network and linked via satellite to Pine Gap and other bases in Australia, Christchurch in New Zealand, Punta Arenas in Southern Chile and the long standing C.I.A./NSA base in Cape Town, South Africa according the the Fortress Australia writer.

Large trenches were mined in which buildings were placed in neat rows, then covered with now deep ice and snow, due to the natural ice build up. Due to the large airspaces in the trenches, now tunnels, the ambient temperature of the air was raised to above freezing level without effecting the surrounding ice. This combined with the individual heated buildings make it a comfortable place to live.

The main purpose of the base appears to be top secret experimentation in the area of electromagnetism and the earth's magnetic field. An Australian scientist with the Southern Lights research team at the main Australian Antarctic Base, situated at Mawson told the author about American activities there. He said that when they conducted their regular experiments, big changes occurred in the Aurora and communications were effected.

He believed they were driving electromagnetic energy into the earth's magnetic field which was causing the disruption in the Aurora and probably related to the HAARP experiments in Alaska as the effects on the Northern Lights were similar.


According to the Fortress Australia article the Tidbinbilla tracking station, jointly established between UK, USA and Australia close to Canberra is the most important in Australia. It is a vital control center for the Hubble orbital telescope. The first images received by Tidbinbilla found that virtually every star has a solar system. The truth angered the American control-room staff that the Australians and British now knew.

Hubble now operates satisfactorily and photographs are airbrushed before release. The Parks Radio telescopes according to a government source first detected intelligent signals from outer space more than twenty five years ago. It has been involved with the SETI program. Parks hit rate was alarmingly high so the plug had to be pulled in 1995 before too much leaked out. Intelligent radio and television signals were identified in several parts of the galaxy and emanating from areas up to three thousand light years away from the earth.

It's classified above top secret that technical civilizations equal or superior to our own were very active more than three thousand years ago. They captured enhanced television pictures showing the daily life of a number of alien civilizations of ages past and still do. NSA has close co-operation with Parks and has liaison staff posted there on a full time basis, as an outpost of the NSA's vital intelligence gathering network. Nothing is sure, only that obvious and massive preparations are being made to protect and secure the Australian continent from a cataclysmic event. No doubt time will tell.

The Fortress Australia author would like to mention that as far as possible the information contained in this report was checked and where possible attempts were made to verify it. However it has to be borne in mind that some information may contain some inaccuracies due to the impossibility of verifying source material. Never-the-less the author considers the majority of the information well founded and truthful.

It should also be pointed out that many of the providers of this information required their identities to be covered in such a way that they could not be identified. This involved some minor alterations to the narrative to produce such cover and has not compromised the information described in any way. Rumors have persisted in Australia that all the initial SDI experiments and developments were successful and a large part of the system is fully operated and controlled by America's secret Australian and Antarctic bases.


It has been said that the real secret is in Canberra, not Alice Springs at the Tidbinbilla tracking station, outside Canberra. Which, besides controlling and tracking military satellites is also involved in deep space vehicle control. CDSCC is responsible for the tracking of spacecraft that partake in interplanetary missions.

The Complex is a NASA facility operated under a USA-Australian Government agreement which involves JPL, CSIRO Australia and British Aerospace Australia. Reports coming in from Tidbinbilla, by someone who worked there, were on weather control, UFOs, killer satellites and much more. There is a huge high-tech James Bond type operation hub in Canberra.

There is a rumored system called the Deakin Exchange which is the grown up big brother of Echelon, and not under the NRO.


Dr. Gille writes that several times, locals have seen white disks about 30' in diameter being unloaded from large US cargo planes at the airports serving Pine Gap with the USAF emblem on them. It seems likely that disks are assembled and based at Pine Gap because many disks seen at night would confirm this. Much furniture has been delivered by plane from the United States.

The locals also say that an enormous amount of food is stocked in warehouses of what could well be a true multi-leveled underground city. Dr. Gille writes that shares put on the market at the same time will cause a stock market crash of such magnitude that all the national economies of the West will collapse at the same time. Cash will worthless and the risks of a global confrontation (planned!) will be high.

The purpose of Pine Gap and other underground bases purpose will become obvious. If a global confrontation is going to break out, those bases will serve as a place of safety for the politicians and their staff, as well as the international financiers, their family and friends. Plastic cards will be necessary, there will be abolishment of all ownership rights and and the setting up of a World Government that will 'ensure peace'. The underground bases will make possible the disappearance of those who do not conform.

There are already many concentration camps. Our new "Masters' will end up saying they have the aliens support, and that we are on the eve of a golden age and it will be the worst dictatorship ever known to mankind according to Dr. Gille. William Cooper says all the CIA Directors and Secretaries of State were all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and also the MJ-12, which includes Kissinger.

They rule US. George Bush, former CIA director was called upon by the committee to smuggle the drugs in through his off-shore oil platforms in 1955 as there are no customs on these. The secret government kill America's children for the alien projects with their agreements with alien nations to rule the world jointly. They can make US currency worthless at any time and bring everyone under control with their global credit card.


Stan Deyo also asks if Pine Gap could be a man-made city of multiple levels, used to shelter key U.S. personnel in the event of some disaster. Among some of the major contractors and suppliers for Pine Gap have been Collins Radio, McMahon Construction, L.T.V. aero-space company, a conglomerate of electronics and aircraft manufacturing subsidiaries and I.B.M.

Stan says it is rumored that there are super IBM computer systems on a floating platform, 'down the well' underneath the facility. IBM has mammoth computers which can recognize both voice and visual patterns. Their main memory sizes are said to be in excess of 2,000,000,000 bytes. The first 2 antennas for controlling and communicating with satellites were constructed in 1966-67. Pine Gap became operational in 1970. In 1974 unauthorized photos and other information from inside the faculty are reported to have been sold to Russia.

In 1991 Pine Gap is instrumental in tracking Iraqi SCUD missiles, with satellite imagery tracking the Iraqi troops. By 1996 witnesses saw a triangular craft crash or land rapidly at an area west of Pine Gap. Diane Harrison of the Australasian Ufologist magazine wrote a good description of Pine Gap and says there are now about 18 satellite control antennas, making it one of the largest satellite control stations in the world for satellites parked in fixed orbits above the equator.

The most recent satellites are 300 feet diameter. They intercept signals in the VHF, UHF and millimeter wave frequency bands. Within that frequency there are 4 categories of signals. The first category monitors signals transmitted in the course of advanced weapons development, particularly ballistic missiles.

The first satellites were designed for this and monitored Russian missile development programs and now monitors other countries. The newer satellites are now primarily for the Soviet Union. This intelligence is shared.


The second category monitors signals from large radars, including ones associated with anti-ballistic missile fields. air defense radars, radars on ships. Analysis of this tells lot about the capabilities of those anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems in the various air defense fields around the globe. Thirdly intercepting the communications of other satellite systems, i.e. communications which are going up from ground to communication satellites which are also based in fixed orbits.

Listening satellites parked close to the communications satellites. Finally they monitor a wide range of other microwave emissions on the earth's surface including: long distance phone calls transmitted via terrestrial microwave circuits enabling them to monitor military, political and government agencies or private individuals.

Diane says that a satellite can be parked over the interior of a country and intercept the microwave emissions coming from it. The satellites are under the control of the CIA, who in turn answer to the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office).

There are 8 large radomes, that cover the the antenna arrays which keeps sand etc. away and conceal the antenna's position from enemy spy satellites. There are a wide range of communication devices: HF radio, underground cable, telstra telephone and telex, 2 satellites communication terminals to occupy the on average 1,200 staff. The staff have to wear color coded ID to match the color ribbons running along the walls.

US Military Airlift Command carry thousands of tapes home for further study and send parts and supplies twice weekly. There are direct links from Pine Gap to the US bases in the Philippines, Guam, Krugerdorp South Africa and the Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole


The computer room is almost 5,600 meters and the operators use headsets to communicate. Within the central operations building at Pine Gap people are keeping the satellite and its antenna focused on the signals they are intercepting. Then other staff process the enormous volume of interpreted signals. Then the signals are analyzed for intelligence data.

Up to 1980 Australians were not allowed access to the voice intercepts, coming into the signal analysis section. But now they have full access to all areas except the cryptographic room, officially anyway. Univac computers encrypt transmissions, including voices and these go to Redondo Beach in California. About 25 to 30 messages are sent from Pine Gap each day to US and about half go to the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia.

Though occasionally data is sent directly to the NRO Headquarters in the Pentagon, or to the NSA headquarters at Fort Meade Maryland. Diane writes that there is a group called the Joint Reconnaissance Schedule committee, who meet each morning to decide who is going to be listened to for the next 24 hours to focus the antennas on the satellites. e.g. who is doing a missile test, or if a political crisis occurs somewhere.

Australians are involved in this. In the 90's there has been a need to collect political intelligence on allies and to also download economic intelligence from these countries. In a reprint from Conspiracy Nation Alan Howard wrote that Pine Gap has many, many levels below the basement, like the Pentagon and the White House.


The computer room at Pine Gap when it was new was one of the biggest computer rooms in the world, it has now tripled in size. There are said to be over 1,000 staff. A similar station to Pine Gap is located in South Africa with 1,200 staff. It like Pine Gap is also linked to another VLF station at the South Pole.

Dr. Gille writes that Pine Gap has enormous computers connected to US, Krugersdorp South Africa, Guam, Canberra, Antarctica US base counterparts, which collect information from these countries, about finance, technology, and everything about the average citizen.

The Amundsen-Scott base at the South Pole is located on a sensitive magnetic spot of our planet, in that it holds exactly the same assets as Pine Gap, and that all the information about most of the average citizens of Western Europe is stored there in memory banks tens of meters under the icepack. Canberra computers were connected to all banks, every post office, all telephones, all police stations and customs houses, every arrival and departure desk for air or sea travelers and to the other data centers collecting data on private citizens in the United States and Europe.

Peter Sawyer, a former high-ranking Australian civil servant found out that all data about every citizen of the Western World ends up being stored. All financial, economic, political and military information. The president of the Rockefeller Foundation supervised in person the construction of 20 luxury residences in Canberra, which is meant to accommodate the world government-to-be and the 20 luxury residences will be allocated to the different foreign members of that government.

The Australian premier, Bob Hawk, was a Rhodes scholar, and as such he worked toward the setting up of a One World Government.

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