April 13, 2015

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There is an old saying which states:

"You can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time, and ALL of the people SOME of the time, but you can't fool ALL of the people ALL of the time."

This saying seems to be showing it's immutable nature as people globally are waking up to the tricks of light and shadow which have been played on them by their governments, corporations, and financial institutions.

It used to take years for the average person to find out that a false flag or staged event had occurred, then it started to only take a few months, then weeks, and now it only takes days or hours before the news of a false flag is being published online.

When Canadian government provocateurs tried to start trouble at a peaceful protest several years ago, alert protestors confronted the agent provocateurs and pushed them back into the police line thereby ruining the provocateur plan, and we got the news fairly quickly for those times; but as time passes, news moves faster.

When government agents paid hoodlums to start fires in London a few years ago, the news was out incredibly fast, and the tactic didn't work very well at all.


In the United States, the false flags like,

  • Sandy Hook

  • the Colorado theatre shooting

  • Boston Marathon bombing

  • James Foley beheading, etc., etc., etc.,

...have been so thoroughly exposed, that it amazes me when I meet someone who still doesn't know they were false flags.

Anything more than a cursory view of the news media makes it all very clear.


The earmarks are always there:

  1. false flags usually happen "coincidentally" with a "drill"

  2. the families and victims are always happy and smiling until they are told to take their cue, but they never produce tears

  3. the stories never really check out

  4. "Newtown Strong", "Boston Strong", "Stay Strong", they are all so strong and happy, quoting Harry Potter and "moving forward". In days past, the media would have followed the grieving families and the funerals, there would have been tears and wailing, but not these families. We see no real grief, no funeral, and they all want to move on awful quickly. They smile, they laugh, and mostly they want to move on.

As a very good example of this, several days ago on CNN the following remarks were all made in one day on one broadcast:

  1. Steve Murphy, former city council president stated "Boston has moved on. Boston strong is more than just a slogan". He then goes on to add "The Red Sox won a championship…"

  2. "Victim" Rebekah Gregory who supposedly lost a leg in the false flag event stated "…I'm standing here stronger than ever…"

  3. CNN "analyst" Mel Robbins stated "The victims stood strong, the families stood strong, and the justice system stood strong…"

These statements are not to mean no one was hurt in the attack.


There were two bombs and one of them did do some damage, but these "victims" featured on the main stream media, as anyone can see with a little research, are not real victims.


Even the "rescuers" aren't what they are portrayed to be as this story in LiveLeak.com points out about Carlos Arredondo; but I digress…


"Cassidy Stay" days after her entire family

was supposedly murdered in Spring, Tx.


Crisis Actors "James and Katie Foley"


Lt Vance crisis actor photo

The use of "drills" and "crisis actors" in these events have gotten so brazen that they are now very easy to spot, and having been thoroughly exposed by sites like Before It's News, and Liberty Crier, the only people who do not know what is actually going on, are the ones who either haven't been exposed to the facts or who really don't want to.


The evidence is clear...



It's all just a show, folks; nothing to fear here…


CNN star of david oops photo

People have even posted pictures showing who the crisis actors are, and showing their online resumes; and all of this exposure is, of course, outing the real criminals leaving the rest of the world not looking so hostile after all.


double amputee

Nocola Vogt crisis actor photo

All of the terror that was supposed to keep us all in a frantic state, has actually had the opposite effect, and is actually the very thing that got many people to make these drastic changes of priority and lifestyle and instead of being afraid, they have been emboldened.

As this type of exposure occurs, and people begin to see more and more that the world is not a big scary place, and there is but a small group of ruthless people who carry out these horrific acts of violence in an attempt to control and manipulate.


Their fear subsides, their intelligence increases, and their ability to actually DO something about it springs forth in wonderful acts of humanitarianism.

Now, instead of a whole country, population, or race of people as potential threats, one realizes there is only this small dominant group who operate together globally creating fear, misery, and war, and the whole thing begins to fall apart.


Knowing the truth, people are able to step out of that fear, and do really heroic things; and they are.

People are beginning to feel more connected, more empathetic toward each other.

  • They are not buying the lies that everyone is their enemy, and they are deciding that endless wars are not the answer.

  • They are coming up with ways to contribute and they are leaving behind the old paradigm of fear and ignorance.

  • They are coming up with ways to be more socially responsible, engaging, and accountable.

  • They are beginning to come up with new ways to help humanity.

  • They are leaving their jobs to follow those new paths.

Without the chains of fear, people are finding that they CAN do something about the issues they are concerned with; and they are having major impacts in the lives of themselves and others.

They are coming up with technological, financial, health, and social solutions; and they are putting their plans into action with tremendous success. As they do this they are empowered by discovering that one person CAN make a difference, and the difference can be HUGE.

The fear that bound the old paradigm is losing its grip and people are deciding to do wonderfully heroic feats of incredible love and caring. They are leaving behind the old fears and jumping into incredibly fulfilling work helping humanity.

They also claim to be happier than they have ever been.


They say they are living incredibly fulfilling lives and wish they had followed their heart sooner. They are speaking up, they are giving, they are producing, they are reaching new heights of adventure and possibility; and they are doing it because they opened their eyes and let go of their fears.

We will of course be featuring some of these people and their projects in upcoming issues.