by Stephen Lendman
November 14, 2015

from SJLendman Website






Evidence known so far strongly indicates false flag responsibility for Friday's Paris attacks.


They're usually identifiable the way fingerprints ID people. They're strategically timed, most often for what's planned to follow. Post-9/11 horrors are well documented. America declared still ongoing war on humanity.

The 9/11 incident provided a treasure trove of giveaways showing what happened was other than the official narrative.


The most obvious was,

How could a handful of terrorists outwit America's 16 intelligence agencies, including sophisticated NSA eavesdropping on anyone or anything suspicious back then?

No evidence implicated Al Qaeda.


Nothing to this day - yet claims persist. Without verifiable hard facts, they're specious.

The official 9/11 story was beginning-to-end contradictions and Big Lies - still supported by media scoundrels as gospel despite volumes of evidence proving otherwise.

Bin Laden was dying of natural causes in a Pakistan hospital, reported by CBS on 9/10/01. The New York Times and other sources reported his death in December 2001. Obama did not kill Osama. The Big Lie persists...

The mother of all all Big Lies still links so-called Arab terrorists to what happened. Most named on the fated flights were discovered alive and well in their home countries, mainly Saudi Arabia.

Claims about Mohamed Atta's luggage found at Boston's Logan Airport containing "decisive evidence" about Al Qaeda's responsibility were false - including a Saudi passport, an alleged letter saying he planned martyrdom to go to heaven, video instructions on flying Boeing airliners, and other belongings.


They were planted to blame Al Qaeda for what happened...

A key unanswered question was why Atta's alleged luggage wasn't on the flight he was accused of hijacking and piloting. Travelers don't leave their belongings behind when boarding flights or disembarking to reach destinations.

No one ever explained why Atta went to Portland, ME from Boston on September 10, necessitating an early return the next day to be on Flight 11.

Another passport allegedly belonging to one of the hijackers was mysteriously found near the Twin Towers site, miraculously not burned by ignited jet fuel.

While the events of 9/11 were unfolding, Secret Service agents let George Bush remain at a Sarasota, FL school for 30 minutes after learning about the second twin tower strike. Standard procedure calls for securing his safety immediately in case of potential danger.

Architects, structural engineers and other knowledgeable professionals know it's scientifically impossible for jet fuel to heat high enough to melt or cause rigid steel columns to crumble.

Controlled demolitions destroyed both towers. Building 7 fell the same way. A likely cruise missile, not an aircraft, struck the Pentagon. No bodies or aircraft parts were found at the site.

Numerous other Big Lies and contradictions completely destroyed the official 9/11 narrative.


Will Friday's Paris attack unravel the same way? Odds strongly suggest it. Important clues already exist.


Again most important:

How could a few terrorists outwit French intelligence?

The attacks were a carefully orchestrated, well planned military operation requiring some degree of sophistication. Weeks of planning likely preceded it.

Operatives were armed with automatic weapons and explosive belts. How could they have entered attack sites unnoticed? How was this possible - dressed in black heavily armed?

They were well known to French security agencies, likely kept under surveillance. Why was nothing done to prevent the attacks or intervene straightaway once they began?

Syrian and Egyptian passports were found at the Stade de France stadium, one of the attack sites, begging the obvious question: Why would operatives carry IDs? Clearly they were planted - the Mohamed Atta scheme redux.

French authorities claim three terrorist teams carried out the well-coordinated attacks. Do they know more than they're telling?

Le Monde reported one team fled Paris by car with a Belgium license plate. Paris police chief Micheal Cadot said all attackers were killed.

French President Francois Hollande straightaway blamed ISIS despite no evidence indicating its involvement. His behavior was an automatic red flag.

A so-called ISIS statement claiming responsibility remains unverified, yet it made headlines, likely getting most people to believe it. Anyone can call themselves ISIS and claim responsibility. The statement remains meaningless.

The incident preceded multi-nation November 14 talks in Vienna on Syria and the November 15-16 G-20 meeting. Washington and key NATO allies likely want so-called war on terror escalated, not resolved.

Resolution defeats America's imperial agenda. Israel is suspect. Netanyahu wants justification to keep reigning terror on a defenseless Palestinian population.

France and other European countries need justification to close their borders to the human refugee flood caused by US-led imperial wars. They now have it.

Hollande's low 12% approval rating needed something to boost it. Following the January Charlie Hebdo/kosher market attacks, his popularity increased by 21%.

On 9/10/01, George Bush's approval rating hovered around 50%. A day later, it shot up to 90%. Expect Hollande to get a similar boost, especially after vowing "pitiless war" on ISIS.

The world community now rallies around France the way it did for America post-9/11. Landmark structures were lit in the French blue, white and red tricolors.

The 408-foot One World Trade Center spire, built on the 9/11 attack site, was illuminated Friday night.


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio called it "a very painful night."

"(O)ur hearts and our prayers are with the people of Paris. (Y)ou know, we know all about this feeling because of what we experienced on 9/11."

De Blasio stopped short of explaining state-sponsored terrorism behind the fateful attacks.

Brazil's Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue was lit in France's tricolors. So was London's Wembley Stadium, New Zealand's Memorial Museum and Sky Tower, Sydney, Australia's Opera House, Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur Tower, San Francisco's City Hall, Washington, DC's Verizon Center, and numerous other sites.

Paris, called "The City of Light," went dark. Its signature Eiffel Tower turned off its lights. So did New York's Empire State Building, as well as Chicago's Sears Tower and John Hancock Center.

The world community clearly supports whatever response France intends - complicit with Washington, Britain, likely Israel and other rogue allies.

Expect the worst ahead, including,

  • greater police state erosion of fundamental freedoms

  • endless wars of aggression, likely escalating

  • perhaps new ones initiated

  • more mass slaughter and destruction

  • greater numbers of refugees desperate to find safe havens,

... now likely shunned by Europe.

There was nothing ordinary about Friday's Paris attacks. False flags are planned for a reason.


Expect nothing good following what happened...