by Benjamin Fulford
November 22, 2010

from ForumHegnar Website


Once again this week, a lot is happening in the world and a lot more is about to happen including:

  • the nationalization of Toyota’s North American operations

  • a total regime change in Japan

  • Russia allying itself with NATO

  • the ongoing release of forbidden technology

  • top secret negotiations involving the White Dragon Society and the Dragon family

Above all, there are signs of major chaos starting in late January as financial power brokers try to settle accounts by a January 30th deadline in a system that is mathematically impossible to fix.


In other words, the old regime continues to crumble while the new waits in the background. As usual, the United States continued to be the heart of global darkness.


In an effort to keep the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate going, President Obama tried very hard during his hectic travels to Europe and Asia to promote the Amero but was firmly rejected. The simple fact of the matter is that the Amero he proposes would just be paper backed by nothing.


Even the promise to put control in the hands of the Treasury Department was seen as just a ruse by the powers behind the Federal Reserve Board to remain in charge. This means the plan to replace the US dollars owned by non-Americans with a new currency (probably the Hong Kong dollar) is likely to go ahead.


There will be a meeting soon between a representative of the White Dragon Society and the Dragon family to discuss this.

A senior Rothschild family source also insists the Euro will not survive past June of next year because of similar mathematical problems with the underlying assets that are supposed to back it.

Obama last week asked a senior Chinese power-broker for protection from the Khazarians who have vowed to have him killed. He has also asked senior Muslim leaders for protection. It is not clear what answer he got.

The general consensus is that the United States is headed for severe chaos unless the Pentagon steps in and sets up an interim government. This is exactly what is going to happen according to a Pentagon Nazi source.

The Pentagon has already begun playing its hand by forcing NATO to end its policy of hostility to Russia. By including Russia in the NATO missile shield, the US and Europe have made it clear they will do everything they can to oppose the birth of a one-China world.

The military and many world governments are also paying close attention to the impending $1 trillion lawsuit against Daniele Dal Bosco, the Davos World Forum, the UN and others, according to a source involved in the lawsuit.

It now appears that elements of the Italian government, including Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and members of the Freemason P2 lodge were planning to buy a bank and use it to cash many stolen financial instruments, including the $134.5 billion in bonds illegally seized in 2009, as well as,

  • Dragon Family assets

  • German government bonds

  • Austrian government bonds

Perhaps that is why there was little Italian presence at the just ended NATO summit.

Former Fed Chief Alan Greenspan was also contacted by lawyers preparing the lawsuit and given a copy of a fax allegedly sent from his office that implicates him in a $22 billion fraud.


Greenspan said,

“I have been guilty of many things but not this.”

As soon as he was given a copy of the document he called the FBI and reported it as fraudulent.


The lawsuit could be filed as early as this week and it may lead to major changes in the world power structure. However, it is likely some sort of agreement will be reached behind the scenes before the lawsuit proceeds too far.

Big changes have also come to Japan.


The arrest of the Kiyoshi Takayama, the number two man in the Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza gang was part of a major campaign by the police to destroy that organization. Many Japanese Yakuza are very upset that the sub-group he heads, the Kodo Kai, was murdering Japanese politicians, financiers and journalists for Khazarian Satanists.

There exists a real danger of a major gang war erupting as a result. The offices of one of the major Yamaguchi Gumi sub-groups, the Yamaken Gumi, was attacked with a hand-grenade in what gang sources say was a conflict within that group.

In any case, the police do have the means to destroy the Yamaguchi Gumi because Japanese anti-gang laws allow a gang boss to be put in jail for a crime committed by a junior gang member.


They arrested Takayama on such a charge and any trial he has will be meaningless because the decision to jail him has already been made. When Shinobu Tsukasa, the boss of the Yamaguchi gumi comes out of jail next spring, he will be forced to come to some sort of agreement with the Japanese government.

The White Dragon Society and the Black Dragon Society will invite a Yamaguchi Gumi representative to negotiations this week to try to convert the Yamaguchi Gumi into a different type of organization.

In a related move, the Toyota Motor corporation is under severe attack. According to the president of a major Nagoya-based corporation and a top American billionaire, a decision has been made to nationalize Toyota’s North American operations. They will do this by bankrupting Toyota US through product liability lawsuits.

Apparently Toyota misappropriated about 400 trillion yen in Dragon Family assets back in the 1980’s and used them to set up 17 banks around the world instead of building factories as they promised. There is also a major lawsuit against Toyota in Japan that will be settled on November 26th.

Toyota was involved in the take-over of the Misawa Home corporation during the rule of Junichiro Koizumi and Heizo Takenaka. Misawa founder Chiyoji Misawa insists the take-over was illegal.


Takenaka’s brother is a senior executive in the now Toyota-owned Misawa Home.

Both Toyota and the Yamaguchi gumi Kodo kai are based in Nagoya and prosecutors are investigating if and how these two organizations are linked.

In any case, the secret balance of power in Japan has now changed and the most fundamental regime change the country has seen since the end of World War 2 will begin in January, according to a Japanese secret government source.

In a final note, it is now clear the gradual release of forbidden technology has begun.


All it takes to confirm this is to look at the hydrogen and electric vehicles being displayed at auto shows.