by Dr. Georgi Stankov
October 9, 2011

from StankovUniversalLaw Website



The Psychological Drama of the New Age Charlatan

The essay below was written as an email on February 01, 2011 to Suzan Caroll ( and published in my book "The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction" in Part II.


Prospectively, the analysis I have forwarded eight months ago is still brand new and I cannot help, but have some "dejà-vus".


I have decided to publish this essay once again in a separate form with this new introduction because I want to address one major issue that is in the core of all human transformation. At present, there is a great danger that this key issue may get lost in the excitement about the coming Ascension.

Yes, it is a cosmic certainty that most of my readers will ascend in this fall.


The doubts are only in the minds of those, who know deeply in their hearts that they are not that much evolved to participate in the first wave. And there is nothing wrong about this. It is all part of the Divine Plan for the End Times, which was already known to Origenes, the father of Christian exegesis,1800 years ago.

However, the spiritual self-esteem of the alleged laggards drives them into irrational "substitution behavioral patterns".


Freud speaks in this context about "Ersatzhandlungen" (replacement actions). This behavior is the last rebellion of the ego, before it must surrender to the soul as a prerequisite for Ascension.


All candidates for First Ascension have had this experience long time ago. Otherwise they will not belong to this wave.

This is the red line that currently runs throughout the light worker community - the small group of way-showers without an ego as the spear head of the Ascension process and the much larger group of light workers behind them, who still struggle with numerous manifestations of their ego, such as false projections and unfounded accusations.


I assume that many of my readers have experienced similar situations in the past. I am only furnishing the adequate deep-psychological (tiefenpsychologische, Freud) explanation for the irrational behavior of many light workers, which is about to peak very soon, before their ego can be ultimately eliminated.

When you know that you have no chance to ascend in the first wave, but you want to continue to be a guru in the esoteric Vanity Fair, what do you do? You invent a scenario that suits your inner knowledge that you will not be among the first to ascend.


Of course, you have to hide this treacherous knowledge from your daily consciousness, even when it devours your heart.


You may now begin to invent a scenario that fits your interests and covers up your unspoken lies and call it the "2012 scenario", leaning yourself heavily on an empty and outdated calendar, or you may interview anonymous sources and predict a mechanistic intervention of highly evolved, obscure galactic civilizations on behalf of humanity in the End Times. It is all in Internet. I am not fabricating anything.

All these approaches to the End Times have one thing in common - they heavily rely upon an external Savior because the inner way to Redemption is closed for these people. Their tragedy is that they are not able to perceive or reflect on this elementary fact.


This leads to a highly schizophrenic behavior that becomes more and more obvious in the last days prior to First Ascension.

As the high frequency energies are exponentially growing these days, the great cleansing of Gaia's and Humanity's dross is in full sway. Humanity has entered in an invisible, though powerful manner a new era, where there is no longer a place to hide negative attitudes and cheap lies anymore, as this was a routine in the past.

But the vast majority of human beings are still not used to this state of total transparency and blissful experience.


They stick to their old, dark habits and, as these exacerbate, the level of irrational behavior is rapidly increasing. This and next month will be the hell on earth for those, who do not discern this psychological drama that is unfolding on earth. Currently, there is virtually no information or adequate explanation of these underlying processes from the higher realms that determine human reality.

The destiny of mankind is the collective product of the expressed free will and determination of all human beings, or at least, the best of them - the way-showers, the readers of this website.


But these outstanding representatives of the human race must first stand up and say,

"Yes. We have decided to ascend and so it will be".

This is precisely what most of my readers are doing in these days and their reports can be read on this website.

Now imagine what will happen when all humanity stands up and says:

"We want to ascend now!".

You can forget the Mayan calendar and all the 2012 scenarios.


The very moment, this claim is uttered, the whole mankind will ascend immediately. You doubt it - try it first!

The fact of the matter is that currently only very few - the most courageous ones - say this. Therefore, only these few will ascend. The rest will have to put up with the role of the indignant virgin, who has missed her last chance to taste the forbidden fruit, and is now condemning the others for their lasciviousness. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Let me be clear about one elementary fact, which is reiterated in numerous channeled messages, but the most light workers still don't get it: From now on, everybody creates his own destiny, independently from the others and nobody else should be made responsible if one fails.


This is not anarchy - it is the ultimate triumph of human free will.


Why America and the World Need a True Revolution

This is also the time when the great revolutions of humanity take place.


Think for a moment about this fact: Most of you, who read this message, will ascend very soon. But what about the rest of humanity? It must still live on this planet and first change the society for the better, before a second mass ascension wave can take place in December 2012.

But how shall the society change in the meantime as to prepare for this dramatic leap to the higher dimensions?


You cannot expect that some highly evolved aliens will come and provide the human race with new technology without any dramatic changes and reforms of the political and social structure of this rotten society. And who is responsible for these changes - only this same human race and nobody else.

When the East German Republic was incorporated after the fall of the Berlin Wall over night into the West German capitalist system, the first radical act was to expropriate the whole communist planned economy of this country and to put it under the total control of a powerful central state authority. For almost five years all East German citizens were totally expropriated - they were, figuratively speaking, slaves of the West German Government.


This fact may not have leaked beyond the boundaries of this culturally rather closed country, but this is exactly what happened during the post Cold War period.

Similar reforms, but on a much broader scale, must now take place immediately, after the Shift of earth and the First Ascension Wave have taken place, while the energetic structure on this planet will alter for ever. None of these reforms, can be implemented on a broad scale, before the masses arise and oust their current oppressors in power.


Especially in the USA, the whole political establishment in Washington, the Fed, the Wall Street banksters, FEMA, all the numerous secret services must be wiped out from the surface of this planet. But not by helpful aliens, but by the American people.

This means that the world needs a TRUE REVOLUTION in the biggest citadel of the dark forces on this planet.


There is no other way to transform mankind, but through a sweeping revolution - a bloodless revolution, but not less effective. Not a single person currently on power should stay there after 11,11,11 and should continue to determine the social life of human beings. All humans must become sovereign beings.

To achieve this level of absolute freedom, humanity must go first through a period of total anarchy, because the anarchy is the mother of all revolutions. This is the basics not only of all revolutions, but also of all evolution leaps of human society. And this all you can read in your books on history.


But who cares nowadays about history in the light workers' circus? Only after that can humanity begin to implement new social and structural reforms and to introduce new advanced technologies that will carry these reforms.


The will of the masses to liberate themselves from the present shackles must be first expressed, before any constructive changes can take place and relieve the plight of the human population. And there will be a lot of plight after the Shift and the total collapse of the old order, I can assure you.

And now I would like to urge all my readers to present me a single text or article from the New Age movement that discusses this or similar issues or even presents a plausible revolutionary concept how to transform humanity. There are none.

All current self-proclaimed esoteric gurus in the New Age Vanity Fair are involuntary helpers of the current repressive system - they are convenient idiots, which the dark forces have always manipulated in the past.

I agree that the dark forces from the Orion Empire will be gone immediately after the stargate 11.11.11.will be opened.

  • But what comes next?

  • Where should one find the new responsible, ethical, highly evolved leaders to create the New Age?

  • Could it be that the New Age will soon end in the ditch?

Definitely, if the current spiritual charlatans of the New Age are allowed to continue their deceptive work on a broader scale after they have replaced the old dark ones in their warm chairs, as this has been the case in all past human revolutions.


That is why they have all failed.

In other words, you cannot run a successful brothel with the old whores - you need new young harlots. This is the quintessence of any true revolution. If there should be one. But without a true revolution in the USA there will be no chance for mass Ascension in December 2012. This is the famous "catch 22".

The danger that a large portion of humanity may not ascend is imminent, and there is nobody in sight, who is even able to grasp the problem from an intellectual and spiritual point of view. The masses are in a deep slumber.


The "enlightened" gurus dwell in even greater slumber, because on the one hand they deceive themselves to be spiritually superior to the masses and on the other they do not even rely on their own power, but expect that some advanced aliens will come and save them.

With this kind of irresponsible, immature mentality humanity has been an easy prey to all kinds of dark influences from the 4th astral level during the last 10 000 years. Unless the self-proclaimed New Age elite begin to develop new ideas how to transform humanity in a radical way after 11.11.11., there will be no way that this mankind will achieve maturity until the end of 2012.


They will continue to carry their shackles, and Ascension will be a chimera to them.


The Prophecy of the Revolutionary Spirit

In the following essay, written at the beginning of this year, I was guided by these thoughts when I explained to Sue my dynamic vision on how humanity and in particular the American nation should begin to change in order to acquire their certificate of maturity and become a member of the enlightened civilizations of All-That-Is.

I cannot hide my pride how prophetic this essay was with respect to the current total confusion of most New Age charlatans, who are completely unaware of what is ongoing on earth, while the anonymous way-showers and readers of this website are busy connecting throughout the globe, building their energy network around Gaia in preparation for her Ascension in the 4th dimension in only a couple of weeks.


At the same time they will be the first Ascended Human Masters of the New Age.

If you do not believe me, read what Wilcock and Co. are writing these days and what you are writing on the Ascension Report on this website and discern the cognitive and spiritual superiority of your ideas and knowledge.


You are no longer the anonymous hard workers in the dark, who look up to the New Age charlatans for guidance, but the true way-showers.


You do not even need my writings. You are already Ascended Masters in a physical vessel. It is very important that you realize this basic fact to the full extent as to appreciate your pivotal role in this most dramatic event in the whole galaxy - Ascension of Gaia and Humanity. You are the true emissaries of Light. You are the birth helpers of the New Age and nobody else!

None of these spiritual Cinderellas have ever grasped the simple truth - Ascension is first and foremost the individual portal to unconditional truth and sincerity - not love.


It will take much more time for the earthans to learn what true, unconditional love of All-That-Is is. First they must learn what truth, righteousness and sincerity is, and only then can true love flourish. Because unconditional love has never been a human emotion - it is only an empty shell for the eternal synchronicity and blissful harmony of All-That-Is.


The Whole is utterly sincere - what you think, is what you experience.


And now comes my essay from the beginning of this year.


Dear Sue, here is my next update. The next several months, up to the end of this year, can be titled:

Revolutions - Revelations - Evolution - Ascension

This is what I have already predicted for 2011 at the end of 2010.


In fact, the events are ahead of my forecast, as I expected a calmer January, which is a clear indication that the speed of change is gaining momentum.

Unfortunately, I predicted that the American people will be the laggards of the world revolution. They will only awake and revolt after many other Arab and third world countries have already revolted and ousted their dictators. This will offset the plans of the American and English Elite to establish the New World Order and will trigger their demise. This is the sad reality about the American people.

In my books I have extensively explained why the American nation is the classical young soul nation and exhibits in a paradigmatic way all the negative characteristics, which a young soul population exhibits throughout the 3d-reality of the solar universes. The concept of the soul age is not truly understood by most light workers and it is not considered at all in all the messages that I have read so far, except for one German channel.


But it is an excellent working model in order to understand what is now happening on earth. It is true Gnostic knowledge and the key to an understanding of the current events.

Change will not come through sporadic UFO sightings and the chatting about them in Internet, but through revolution. Are you prepared for it - mentally, of course, I would not recommend you to participate in a revolution, then it is not your destiny as a highly evolved soul.


This is the experience which young souls as the Americans ought to make in order to evolve.


Believe me, I am an expert on revolutions.


What you may not know is that I was in my previous social life, before I began with my true spiritual evolution, a professional revolutionary and have probably more experience with revolutions than anybody else on this planet.

I was a dissident in the early 70s in Bulgaria, when the country was a brutal dictatorship and established the first "flying universities", according to the Polish model, used by the dissidents in this country. In 1968, I was associated with the Czechoslovakian dissidents that unleashed the Prague Spring and the greatest revolution against the communist regime after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.

Later on, when I emigrated to Germany, I was in close contact with COR, a dissident Polish organization, which later evolved to Solidarnosc.


If you have read the press in the 70s and early 80s, you must be well acquainted with these terms, as they were discussed for years in the mass media. Solidarnosc triggered the next revolution that ultimately toppled the communist system and abolished the Iron Curtain. The Germans would not have united without Solidarnosc winning the power in late summer 1989.

I was present in Kosovo in the spring of 1989, when the first revolt of the Albanian people against the Milosevic regime began.


Later on, I was a close witness of the five subsequent wars in former Yugoslavia, which I visited on many occasions. In 1985, I worked for one year as news editor for Radio Free Europe in Munich, at a time when its building was hit by a bomb attack organized by the secret KGB forces and many of us received death warnings.

I was the first politically active emigrant to return back to Bulgaria in December 1989, when the long standing dictator Todor Zhivkov was ousted and became one of the founders of the new democratic opposition party, which several years later, after another revolution in 1996, which I also attended, replaced the communist regime.


In 1992, shortly after the coup d’état in Moscow against Gorbachev had failed and Yeltsin came to power and dissolved the Soviet Union, I was in Moscow performing clinical trials at the Russian Academy Hospitals and witnessed the dramatic events that followed the collapse of this huge communist empire.

These are the kinds of experience that mankind will go through in the next several months before the situation is cleared and the dark forces are finally defeated. None of this experience belongs to the American history. The only experience, the Americans have had with revolutions so far, has been to suppress them brutally - either directly or through proxies.

Now you see how huge the experience deficits of the American people are and how unprepared they are for the upcoming events. This was also a central theme of my email to Steve Beckow. It is ridiculous to believe in earnest that you can write and talk about UFO sightings, and the Galactic Federation will come one day and save you on board of their space ships.


This is dangerous naivety.

Now back to the Egyptian revolution. I am watching daily Al Jazeera, being the best channel reporting on Egypt, and then I compare it with the statements made on BBC, CNN and NBC, which are the channels of the Elite, and you can immediately discern the difference in approach and their hidden agenda.


On this occasion, I would like to comment that Al Jazeera, the best and most objective international channel worldwide to my assessment, was forbidden in the USA as a terrorist channel and was only allowed last year in your country on a limited basis.


This should suffice to prove the manipulation and enslavement of the American people, being my central theme and critic point in my letter to Steve, who seems to be completely ignorant on human history. Ignorance is dangerous.

What we will observe in the next days and weeks, is the creeping terror and horror of the Elite with respect to their approaching dismantling and exposure.


To understand their current behavior, one must take into consideration the fact that they know better than the masses and most light workers what will happen this and next year and are paralyzed by this dire perspective.

The Elite and the dark forces from the Orion Empire have for so long time dominated this planet and their slaves - the humans - that they cannot comprehend what is currently happening on earth: The humans are beginning to surpass their masters and leave them alone without any slaves on a catastrophic earth B.

This is the actual dynamics behind all revolutions that will take place this year.


You should listen to the defiance of the Egyptians with respect to Mubarak, a classical Reptilian, and to the USA as his ally in the many interviews given only on Al Jazeera, to understand the true spiritual shift of collective consciousness. I can only hope that the American people will learn something from the Egyptian people, if they are able to learn anything from abroad, while overcoming their inherent arrogance.

But they will have to - at the latest when the financial system begins to crash this year and First Ascension has taken place.