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November 11, 2016

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The Soros plan mapped out.


This might be what he is doing. It is unfolding before us right now.

Soros has a history of toppling nations. He uses a five step "game-plan" to do this. The basics of the plan are explained and outlined here. Though all of the details might not end up being perfectly correct, the basic outline of the plan for "revolution" in the USA is starting to reveal itself.

Here is the basic outline of what a Soros plan would look like for the USA.

First lay the foundation:

  • Establish organizations (foundations and non-profits) within the US.


    Fill these organizations with believers (those that have the same goals as Soros and work directly with him), leaders (those that find his organizations and money useful to their own purposes) and followers (essentially paid employees.)


    The primary purpose of these organizations is to provide a network of people that will operate with and under Soros. The secondary purpose is to provide legal ways to transfer money to various individuals and groups (including corporations and governments).


    This was done over several years. Many books and websites describe the extensive reach and power of the Soros organizations. For instance, see here.

  • After the organizations are firmly established they are used to put the believers and leaders into positions in the federal government. This includes supporting campaigns, paid advertisements to influence elections, and so on.


    This is a process of infiltrating the government so that individuals reliant on Soros (both his organizations and money) are essentially wearing two hats: working in the government and working with Soros.


    Many books and articles connect the dots to reveal the influence Soros has had on individuals within our government. Start here if you want, but the search for connections to Soros seems to be endlessly productive.

  • The organizations are also used to purchase and influence media outlets. They are used to capture the media. This is done on every front possible (TV, radio, print, internet, social media, pop culture). One tiny example here.

  • The media is then used to form narratives and frame reality. The formation of narratives is attained by continually pounding a drum-beat of the same message in all mediums of communication. Basic narrative orders are defined by Soros and his core of believers. The formation of narratives is practiced and refined over several years.

  • Lastly, it is important to infiltrate the election process. The more it is infiltrated, the more it can be directly managed. Soros is directly link to voting machine use in several states.

With the establishment of the organizations and the control of media, George Soros moves onto the next steps in his plan.


The final steps to the plan intertwine and overlap. You will see how this occurs when it is described specifically.

  • Here are the "generic" steps 3, 4, and 5 that Soros uses in the overthrow process:

  • Weaken the foundations of the state by causing doubt regarding the integrity and validity of the legal structuresf. Additionally, cause everyone to doubt the integrity and validity of an election.

  • Orchestrate an election crisis.

  • Use the election crisis to implement revolutionary change.

Keep that generic "map" in mind as we walk through the plan Soros has put in place for the 2016 ELECTION CRISIS:

  • Work to have Hillary become the Democratic nominee.

    It is clear from Wikileaks that Hillary's team worked with both Soros and his many organizations, including his media organizations. Working with Hillary increases her trust in the Soros machine. In this she is depending on Soros and his organizations to help her be elected.


    Throughout the primary and the election Hillary and her team become convinced she will win with the Soros machine on her side.

    Strive to cause doubt and in the credibility of the democratic process. Stealing the vote and conniving to take the nomination with underhanded tactics achieves this magnificently. DNC alignment against Bernie was revealed by the DNC leaks and Podesta emails.


    These leaks only served to solidify the belief of many that the Democrat primary was not fair. And in this process many on the left become suspicious of the election process (critical feature to the plan as stated above).


    Were the leaks released by a Soros operative for these purposes?


  • Wait for Republicans, some of whom may or may not be working with Soros organizations, to decide their nominee. No need to interfere at this point. Trump ended up being the nominee.

    It is possible that Soros et al worked to get Trump elected, but I do not see or have evidence of this. More importantly, it doesn't matter to the plan who the Republican nominee was.


  • After Hillary and Trump are declared the candidates, craft the details of the future plan.


  • In the months leading up to the election, use Soros media and Soros politicians to promote a few main narratives.


    Repeat these narratives in every media form until they are "common knowledge":

    • "Hillary will win easily. It is impossible for Trump to win."

    • "Trump is evil, racist, and bigoted. He is dangerous. No one could like him and still be a sane or good person."

    • "Russia and Trump are working together. Russia will probably influence the election for Trump and maybe try to help him steal it in some way (hacking)."


  • Use every resource available to convince the public of these three simple narratives.

    This was achieved with mass media, news organizations, opinion polls, celebrities, politicians, and the Hillary campaign. These narratives are extremely obvious to any observer.


  • During the election period another plot was put in place, in addition to the narratives. This was the development of widespread distrust in government institutions. In particular create distrust of law enforcement, the legal system, and the voting system.

    Black lives matter: this was funded by Soros and driven by his operatives. The media backed it up with sensationalism and skewed perspective. The primary goal was to cause doubt in the legitimacy of police and the legal system.


    The primary target was left leaning people.

    Those not captured by the BLM "movement" are instead captured by the blatant lawbreaking of the Clintons. The email scandal and Wikileaks revealed many broken laws… and yet Clinton was not punished.


    This came to a defining peak when (James) Comey "inexplicably" went back and forth on the Weiner emails.


    It all seemed so strange, didn't it?


    But what was the ultimate result? A severe doubt in the rule of law at the federal level. This captured nearly all Americans. Those on the left suspected Comey was influencing the election for Trump and resent him for that; those on the right see clear lawbreaking and injustice when no indictment has appeared.


    In the end, the purpose was served: widespread doubt about the legal system in the US.

    The Democratic primary, and the subsequent DNC leaks that revealed how they were rigged, established for the left wing an extreme distrust of the election process.

    The covert and overt efforts of Soros organizations to use agitators in the election was evident in many cases.


    Project Veritas explicitly revealed their efforts to rig the election through several investigations. This campaign by agitators in the Soros groups caused those in the right wing to distrust the election process.

    Leading up to the election the groundwork was in place. The narratives were solid in the psyche of the public and the Hillary campaign.


    Additionally, distrust of government legal structures (enforcement and justice system) and distrust of election integrity was entrenched in the mind of the population. Now let's follow the plan through election day.


  • Make sure Trump wins the election.

    If it happens on its own, great. If not use the "compromised" Soros voting machines and voter fraud techniques to make sure it does happen.


  • The election results shock the public and shock Hillary and her team. The constant narrative of "It is impossible for Trump to win" leads to shock when he wins.

  • Keep in mind it is likely the Hillary campaign and the Soros media were expecting his resources to win this election.


    It was evident on election night that the Hillary campaign and the media were hesitant to call the election over, even though it seemed as it was to anyone looking at the reported returns.


    In particular there was significant delay in "calling" Pennsylvania and Michigan for Trump. It must be noted here that Soros voting machines were used in Pennsylvania and Michigan. I propose the media and the Hillary campaign were waiting for Soros to "save the day".


    But he didn't. This caused both of them shock.


  • The day after the election send out the agitators to stage protests. Have the media express shock and outrage. Use this to cause discomfort and anger in the public and media.

    This is where, as in BLM, the agitators of the Soros organizations come into play. Their job is to create mayhem and environments that allow the expression of feelings.


    The expression of feelings at protests and riots allows the media to move the story forward.


  • The media and public will then ask the question: How did this happen? Why is everyone so angry and upset?


    It is at this point that the narrative that was build over months comes into play. Everyone is led "logically" to the conclusion that the vote must have been rigged or stolen. For, here are the facts that we think we know: It was impossible for Trump to win and Trump is evil.


    Therefore, he must have stolen the election somehow.

    Mixed into this the media will propose a potential solution: the Electoral College is to blame. The argument will be put forward that the Electoral College structure caused this political mess.


    The left will lash out at the Electoral College.


  • It is at this point the third piece of the narrative will come into play.


    Someone will produce "evidence" that Trump stole the election and the Russians were behind it. This evidence can be manufactured using the Soros voting machines that infiltrated the voting process. The third narrative has now served its purpose (Trump and Russia are working together to influence the election).

    Consider that the presence of Soros owned voting machines might not be to win elections. Instead, consider that the primary goal of Soros in revolutions is to cause an ELECTION CRISIS. So, it is likely that he became infiltrated the voting process to undermine the voting process.


    Was the election rigged to have Trump win? I do not know.


    Did Trump win and could evidence be easily produced to accuse him of stealing the vote? Certainly. In this process Trump becomes trapped; he is the patsy.


  • Use this "evidence" of election theft to vilify Trump. Create extreme hate for Trump and "what he did." Lump Russia into it also; conveniently, this fits the narrative established in the lead up to the election.

    Wrapped up into this is Russia. As it turns out Russia and Soros are sort of arch-enemies.


    In one grand plan Soros is laying the groundwork to undermine the US and also disrupt US-Russia relations. Ideally, for him, this disruption leads to war with Putin and Russia.


  • Use the "evidence" and widespread hate/disgust with the entire event to convince the Electoral College electors to elect Hillary instead of Trump.

    The Electoral College meets in December to "vote" for the president. Legally, there is not a president-elect until this meeting in December occurs.

    This is where Hillary and the Soros media realize that Soros has played a master hand. She is indebted to him as she heads into office.


  • At this point the right is extremely angry and frustrated with what has happened to Trump. They suspect foul play; they suspect the federal government and the election process.

    Maybe they riot, maybe they do nothing. Their response does not matter, so long as they are outraged and feel like it is all a big mess.


  • The inevitable solution provided by the government. Leadership might be spearheaded by Obama, but it could also be led by a President Hillary in January.


    The goal will be to "clean up this election nonsense" for the good of the country. First will be the proposal that we must "fix the electoral college system so that this never happens again."


    This will be the alibi for dramatic change to the US structures of democracy and government.

    The Electoral College system will become the scapegoat for all parties involved. The left, the right, the government, and Soros will all call for a change to its structure. This will allow for a driving force to change the system.


  • Amazingly and predictably, a "cookbook" or "bill" or "proposal" will already be ready-to-go in government circles.


    In it will be changes to the Electoral College system. But, in addition to those changes, other structural changes will be pushed through as a "package".

    Again, the Electoral College system will be the scapegoat. But out of this process other initiatives and structural changes will be introduced into the American democracy. This is that same old stance: "Never let a crisis go to waste."


  • And it is here, in the new ideas that are adopted by the US that the revolution reaches its climax.


    The structural changes in the "cookbook" that are adopted will have been carefully crafted to lead to the fruition and reality of Soros' ideas for globalism and one world government.

That is how a Soros revolution unfolds.


These are the tactics and methods he uses.