1. The Draconians and the Paa Tal

  2. Humans Have the Ability to Create Without Technology

  3. The Hierarchy in Our Galaxy

  4. Time Travel Permits Altering Consciousness of a Race

  5. The Abduction of Humans

  6. The Rest of the Galactic Hierarchy

  7. The Andromedan Council

  8. The Negative Hierarchy: 932 to 3,700 Years Ahead

  9. Forbidden Planet: U.S. Military, Montauk and Altair

  10. Earth Humans: The Race That Kills Itself

  11. To Believe or Not to Believe: That Is The Question

  12. Space is the Place to Really See Your Face

  13. History: More of a Circle Than a Spiral

  14. Things Change, But They Remain the Same

  15. The NSA: Black Monks, Alpha 1&2 and MJ-12

  16. Project Blue Moon, Alpha 1 and Alpha 2

  17. Our Moon's Forbidden History

  18. Mars: Cultural Propaganda vs. Reality

  19. Tetrahedronal Geometry and Magnetic Frequency Generation

  20. Holographic Image Technology

  21. Life in the Cosmos: Bullets

  22. The UN Global Biosphere Program

  23. Flights Among the Stars: Spirit Journeys

  24. Intention, Following Instinct and Frequency Shift Effects

  25. Hale-Bopp: The Blue Star and the Empire Strikes Back

  1. The Future, Self-Responsibility and Self-Determinism

  2. The Andromedan Perspective on Human Biblical Matters

  3. The Andromedan Perspective: The Next Nine Years

  4. More on the In-Human UN Biodiversity Treaty

  5. Free-Thinking Humans Appear to Be the Enemy

  6. Humans Shackled By Lack of Vision

  7. If We Are Eternal, Then What's All the Fear About?

  8. Belief Systems and the Creation of Physical Reality

  9. Earth Evolution in Progress

  10. Planetary Oxygen Level Near Critical Level

  11. Earth Changes from the Andromedan Perspective

  12. Who's The Real Power Here?

  13. Sirius B Humanoids

  14. Our Solar System At Fifth Density: Transforms in Progress

  15. About the Space of Fear

  16. Withholding Love Creates Perpetual Disintegration

  17. Reincarnational Souls of Influential Planetary Personages

  18. About the Subject of Walk-ins

  19. The Concept of the Second Coming and Related Topics

  20. Nazi Scientists and Time-Traveling Greys in 1931

  21. The Paa-Tal Redoux

  22. Our Ancient Heritage in the Lyraen System

  23. The Draconians: A Beginning Dialogue

  24. On the Subject of Intention

  25. Intent as the Primal Force of Creation

  26. Questions and Answers

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