The Story of Alex Collier and his lifetime personal contact with

the Zenetaen culture from Andromeda

(Spanish version)




Produced by Letters From Andromeda and Diversified Enterprises
Edited by
Val Valerian, January 1997, Revised July 1998
In cooperation with Moraney and Vasais of Andromeda



Maintaining Impeccability

This whole project involving the work of Alex Collier has been more than a year in the planning, and has taken literally hundreds of hours to accomplish.

Every effort has been made to capture the essence of the message that is being brought to us, in that we may make use of it for self-empowerment and for planetary evolution. In order to preserve that message, with its commentary, in an intact form, we have now copyrighted the material in this book.

The release of this book in 1997, it is hoped, will assist the process of planetary change in a positive and progressive way. You are encouraged to buy this book, and not to copy it, as a significant portion of the profit goes to support 'Letters from Andromeda.'

For those who are impeccable in this way, we thank you for your support and encouragement.






 -  Transcript 1996


 -  Introduction


 -  Our Universe is a Hologram



 -  Chapter 1 - The Extraterrestrial Global Connection



 -  Chapter 2 - An Andromedan Update - The Alex Collier at 1996 Global Sciences


 -  Chapter 3 - Alex Collier Lectures at 'The American Gnostic School' - November 1996


 -  Chapter 4 - Leading Edge Research Interviews Alex Collier



 -  Chapter 5 - Leading Edge Followup Interview with Alex Collier - May 1996


 -  Chapter 6 - Leading Edge Followup Interview with Alex Collier - January 12, 1997


 -  Chapter 7 - Ancillary Reference Materials, Lectures and Information


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