1. The True Meaning of the term "Warrior"

  2. The Love You Withhold is the Pain You Carry

  3. Human Genetic Transfers and Reincarnation

  4. Human Evolutionary Stages of Development

  5. The Issue of "Fear" and the Changes Around Us

  6. What Makes a Human Being

  7. Most Humans Haven't a Clue What's Happening

  8. Human Children Being Taken Off the Planet Each Year

  9. The Implosion of the Government Begins in 1997

  10. The Andromedan Holographic Language

  11. More on the Upcoming Dimensional Changes

  12. Intervention Changes Reality for Everyone

  13. Effects Between Now and 2013 Are Long-Term

  14. The Human Concept of "Angels"

  15. More On What Will Happen in the Next Ten Years

  16. On the Meaning of the Use of Feathers By Native Americans

  17. Questions and Answers


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