1. Male-Female Relationships in Andromedan Society

  2. More on the History of the Zentaen Civilization

  3. General Queries on Submitted Questions

  4. Giza Triangular Ratios Related to the Orion Group

  5. More on the Nature of the Draconian Civilization

  6. Hale-Bopp Draconians Might Visit the USA First

  7. Who's Staffing the Hale-Bopp Complex?

  8. The Hale-Bopp Complex as Potential Control Scenario

  9. Hale-Bopp Draconians Possibly a Rogue Group

  10. Our Main Sun Is Already Beginning a Pole Shift

  11. The Hale-Bopp Companion

  12. Potential Hale-Bopp Tail Debris Impacting Earth

  13. An Andromedan View of the Nature of the Soul

  14. The Nature of Nibiru

  15. Getting Down to Brass Tacks

  16. Control Factions to Synthesize Racial Problems as Distraction

  17. The Year of the Turning Point: 1998

  18. Prejudice and Racism Learned from Extraterrestrial Source

  19. Attempts to Use Our Own Free Will Against Our Interests

  20. Opening A Can of Worms: Analysis of "Requests for Help"

  21. Andromedan Council Will Intervene: Collective Intent Vital

  22. Concept of the "Rapture" is Psychologically Dysfunctional

  23. Hypothetical Events Changing Planetary Consciousness

  24. Most Probable Order of Transformative Events to Come

  25. Transnational Corporations Now Stuck in Own Mess

  26. Vissaeus: Creating A New Reality and Different Way of Life

  27. An Andromedan View of the "Astral Plane"

  28. An Andromedan View of "Truth" On Earth At This Time

  29. More on Civilizations in Various Star Systems

  30. The Nature of Andromedan Music and Composition

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