Our Solar System and Earth's Future

- A 1995 Lecture by Alex Collier

[Editor Note: For this lecture series, an attempt was made to only include material and narrative that is not included elsewhere in this book. Some duplicated data is included in order to preserve continuity.]





This is an interesting lecture, if I say so myself. There is some very specific information in it. I am not going to pretend that I understand all of the things that are happening that I am going to be telling you about. I am learning, just like you about all of these things.


Let me read you something:

"All of life strives to discover itself, and stretch its boundaries of self-awareness. Conscious life forms make decisions regarding their motivations. They also, at some point, create a vision of what will best serve their personal agendas or journey of growth."

Tonight, I am going to share with you a probability of our solar system's future, which also includes us here on earth. The universe is changing, evolving and creating right in front of us. Some of the changes have already occurred on our ninth, tenth, eleventh and our new twelfth density. According to the Andromedans.

"We and our level are just beginning to experience the feelings of change. We have not yet experienced the real movement and display of change in our galaxy, as of yet."


What will the changes be? How will we experience them? When will they happen?


These are all good questions. No one has all the answers yet.


There is, however, one answer to consider, and that is by the end of October 2013, according to the Andromedan Council, all consciousness in this universe will be 4th density that is now 3rd density. Some of us, by that time, will actually be carrying 5th density light-bodies with us. We will also have experienced a natural pole shift of the planet of 17 degrees, putting the new north pole near Saudi Arabia. So, start looking for your alternative sources.

We are about to discover the real power and love of creation. Is-ness, God, generator of dimensions, whatever you want to call it. The essence that created our universe, or the essence that creates energy that we use to create and manifest, is both inside and outside our universe.


This is apparently the first time that it has been actually discovered by dimensional beings. The Andromedans and other races are aware of other dimensional universes within our universe, as well as other completely physical universes and dimensional time continuums. They are also aware of their vibratory rate and other basic elements which differ from those in our own universe.

On March 23, 1994, nineteen suns in our galaxy went through pole shifts. The north and south poles experienced either a 90 degree or 180 degree slip. The Andromedans feel that this is just the beginning. Now, this is the first time this has ever happened, and it all happened at once. It's a very significant thing in the universe. It doesn't mean a lot here, yet, but out there it means a tremendous amount.


Changes are occurring in all the stars that are 8 billion years old or older, and there is something going on here. This phenomena occurred simultaneously with the emanation of the sound and color (aquamarine) frequency being carried into the universe from all the black holes. Nothing before has ever come out of black holes before since this initial creation of our universe, 23 trillion years ago.



This Type of Universe Change Also Gave Birth to Our Universe


The big bang. How the Andromedans explain this is that apparently much of the energy and matter that we have in our universe, including us as energy sources, as souls, as consciousness, came from someplace else.


In that other place, as it was evolving, there were certain energies that simply could not evolve with it, or they chose not to. Whatever the reasons were, pockets of "resistance" were formed, and as that universe went through its shift, these "pockets" grew until they burst. When they burst, matter just exploded and went everywhere.


Almost every galaxy has a black hole at its center, because it is a "portal" to somewhere else. Now, what is happening now is that our universe is starting to shift, and "pockets" of resistance are starting to form in our universe containing negativity.


What is on the other side of the black holes is unknown. It's an absolute "don't go" area, even for projected consciousness - no information comes back. Yet, now this sound and color frequency is now emanating from all of them as of March 23, 1994. What is even more interesting is that this frequency is CODED with programmed data that is affecting all the energy frequencies and dimensions in our universe.

Now, according to the Andromedans, there are 11 prime creational densities, each containing within itself evolutionary densities. This new 12th creational density that has appeared is connecting all of the other densities all the way down. Now, instead of you having to change your physical form to evolve into a different form for a specific density.


My understanding is that based on their preliminary findings, certain souls will literally be able to walk into the next densities, instead of having to change physical form and makeup. This frequency carries the color of aquamarine on our third density level, and another color on the other dimensional levels, even though the totality is only one color and one sound. According to the Andromedans, we should prepare for a huge leap in consciousness, whether we are ready or not. We will start to see this color in our rainbows.

What will this consciousness leap be like? According to Vissaeus, it will be sudden to some and complete in its effect for some individuals. A lifting of the "veil" will occur, and you will remember your true essence. You will suddenly know everything. To others, it might be slower process, but it will involve a growing awareness of the nature of ones environment.

Now, the essence of what is happening is that it is a reintegration of our present dimensional levels into a new frequency pattern. It will also add a new color to each dimension. As this energy continues to form and build its polarity, it is drawing the existing primary creational densities upward to it.


The single frequency at the 12th is drawing everything up to it. This frequency, according to the Andromedans, contains profound awareness, which has already changed the 11th, 10th and 9th density awareness levels already.



New Type of Souls Appearing in the Universe


New souls have also appeared that have an awareness beyond anything known in our universe. My understanding is that a lot of this information comes from beings in higher dimensions that are talking with the Andromedans about what they are going through.


These new souls have not made contact with any being yet, but according to the Andromedans these new souls are in an observational mode. There is no name given to them yet. Because nobody knows what they are.



Consciousness Evolvement Rate Increased Tenfold


Because of this new frequency, evolvement of consciousness has been sped up almost tenfold from its normal rate of evolution.


A lot of you, I'm sure, are experiencing things moving very quickly on all kinds of consciousness levels.



New Frequency Has Purpose and Direction


This new frequency does not carry a balance of positive and negative polarity, which also implies a specific purpose and direction. What that is at present unknown.



Four Other Universes Are Experiencing The Same Thing


This frequency and density shifting is also happening in four other universes at the same time it is happening here.


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Current Moon Bases & Their History

- A 1995 Lecture By Alex Collier

[Editor Note: We have tried not to duplicate other information given elsewhere in this book in this lecture, other than material included for continuity. Consult the different Index for further data. The other material on the moon starts on previous pages]



More on Early Moon History


We're going to talk about the moon, and we're going to focus on the far side that we don't see. As I said in other lectures, the moon originally came from Ursa Minor and is 6.2 billion years old. It was one of four moons around the 17th planet of the system referred to in the Orion tongue as "Chowta". It was an outpost for members of the Orion Group and was at one time, according to the Andromedans, inhabited by as many as 5 million military members from the Orion Group.

The moon was purposely put into the tail of a planetary asteroid, which brought it across the galaxy to our solar system, more than 11,000 years ago. The origin of the moon was not from the earth, which is the theory that is taught in schools. The moon is older than the earth. This same asteroid which dragged the moon here circles our galaxy every 25,156 earth years. The moon has been inhabited periodically in its history for 1.8 million years. Now it's being inhabited again, and many of the original structures on the surface were destroyed during the Black League wars, which was a battle fought by humans against the Orion Empire.

The true military complex was underground. Entrances were at both poles, the Taurus mountains and Jules Verne crater (far side) and Archemedes (near side); all these were the original entrances when the Orion Group was there. However, the secret government has created more openings and is currently expanding the underground complexes. The expansion is for the operation of private scientific and military agendas for the New World Order.

Many of the craters on the moon were used as spacecraft hangars. Large craters were capable of housing 200 or more craft. Some of the craters are as much as 170 miles wide. The personnel consisted of half human-half Grey, and half human-half reptilian. The surface bases consisted of nine domed cities. The vegetation was grown inside these domed structures. Small lakes were scattered around the surface. The remains of these domed structures were discovered by NSA astronauts, the Russians and the Apollo astronauts.



The National Security Agency Goes to the Moon


The NSA astronauts were there in 1958. They have been there ever since, as has a secret portion of the Russian government called the "Black Guard". Upon arriving on the surface of the moon, the NSA astronauts (with their Grey "tour guides"), were taken to the underground facilities where the remains and skeletons of reptilian-like beings and human beings, as well as Orion technology, were located.

This location has been identified by the Andromedans as underneath the crater designated "Jules Verne" on the far side of the moon in the southern hemisphere, and this underground facility is approximately the size of New York State. These underground facilities contain huge lakes, transplanted earth planet life, and alien manufacturing equipment that was abandoned and left there from the previous occupants of the facility a long time ago.


There are also food storage facilities and spacecraft hangars, which are also now being used and operated by human beings from Earth. Alien writing and script is evident on the walls of hallways connected some of the areas of the facility. Also discovered were eight sealed vaults. Information regarding the contents of the vaults has not yet been disclosed to me.

Artificial environments are being created all the time to house hand-picked personnel by the world government. The Andromedans project a potential population on the moon of 600,000 based on the amount of expansion work currently in progress. Much contact between world order faction and non-friendly alien factions is occurring on the moon.


The operation of these facilities was managed by the NSA and the Russian Black Guard (1947), although the British were later brought on into the operation, primarily for reasons of financial funding. As mentioned before, the NSA currently has 53 earth-built gravity craft stationed on the moon, fulltime.



Planetary Defense Weapons Built on the Moon


Weapons are being built on the moon, such as particle beam weapons, nuclear bomb-satellites, anti-matter weapon systems and plasma beam weapons. The reason these weapons are being built on the moon is because if there was an invasion of Earth, the moon is considered our first line of defense.

How did everything get up there? Outside of using anti-gravity technology which the Greys had given the NSA, anti-gravity anomaly areas were also used.


[Editor note: see references in index to Diego Garcia and Pine Gap].


Alien technology is being used to create an atmosphere on the moon to permit extended habitation, and this process is taking a great many years to accomplish. In the meantime, food is being grown underground. There is a military base on the far side of the moon.

The first manned mission and landing on the moon was in 1958 by the Russians and the NSA, as was previously stated, and it became an official "colony" in 1961. I'm talking about the facility that was as large as New York State. The structures that were built on the surface were designed by JPL. These domed structures were built first on the moon, to test them, and then on Mars.

One of the other corporations that was very important in this effort, and who actually did do the construction, was the Bechtel Corporation, who has a covert construction team that works with the NSA.

Now, the reason we only see one side of the moon is by design. The "dark side" of the moon truly represents the dark secret of how long extraterrestrials have been watching the Earth. Large mass structures, functioning as weights, have been designed into the structure of the moon to keep it from rotating on a normal basis, and they are located at both poles. These are magnetic in nature.

When the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, we had already been there for some time. The NSA had already established a colony there eight years earlier, and the technology involved was not shared with the lower echelons in NASA or even the military. NASA was used as a "blind" to keep the people of the United States ignorant of what was really happening in space, and is still fulfilling that function.

Some of the greatest scientific minds on our planet who have vanished without a trace were taken to the moon and to Mars in an attempt to start a brand new society. Engineers, architects and people from every walk of life went there.



Alternative 4: Stage a Controlled Pole Shift

Q: I know what Alternative 1, 2 and 3 were. What was Alternative 4?

A: Remember that at one time the world government was colonizing Mars. They built a huge base there that at one time held 300,000 people. In March of 1989 it was invaded by the Orion Group, who destroyed the base. The Orion Group is not friendly to us. Since the world government realized there was now no place to go, they had to come back here.


According to the perception of the world government, population is a "problem", and the corporations have polluted the environment. The fourth alternative is to stage a controlled pole shift while they are safe in their underground facilities, in order to eliminate most of the planetary population and artificially "cleanse" the environment.


Right now (1995), the earth is tilting, and the wobble is 72-85 feet every 14 months and its getting wider


[Editor note: This is referred to as the Chandler Wobble in geophysics].


The implementation of Alternative 4 involves the placement of strategic nuclear weapons underneath the South polar ice cap and detonate them, they could cause the cap to slip, which would cause the planet to rotate 90 degrees on its axis. Within 24 hours, 83-85% of the population of the planet would drown.


The Andromedans, who have technology 4,700 years ahead of us, have said they would not allow this to happen. This might indicate why the world order is spending so much time arming itself on the moon, because they think they are going to be able to "deal" with things when help comes. They won't be able to.


The moon will simply be pulled out of orbit, moved away from earth and dealt with by the Council.



[ Moon bases #1 ]


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Clones and Creation of Ourselves

This evening, the lecture will be on clones, weather modification and the creation of ourselves. It's nice of you to come. It's going to be, as Ed Sullivan would say, an action-packed evening.



Operation Deep Freeze: Planetary Manipulation Program


Now, we've all heard of a world government.


It's not just a group of bankers and politicians. In order to have some teeth and to make the governments do want they want, and to be able to control and manipulate governments and world events, they have to have another organization. This organization, from what I have been told by Morenae, started originally in the CIA, shortly after it became the CIA in the 1950's.


This operation, which exists today, is called Operation Deep Freeze. The way it works is that members of the CIA, FBI, NSA, KGB and Mossad are "declared dead", given false identities and put into active service in the capacity that they can go to any country, having total anonymity, do what they want and they can't be touched. They are outside all laws. In 1988, according to Morenae, there were 12,310 of these people. Today, there are over 26,000 of them.

What brought this whole thing up is that the lecture I did last Saturday, a gentleman brought up something about a mark on the palm of the hand. So, I took that information and went to Morenae. I said, "Well, what about this?". Well, I opened up a can of worms. I had no idea. Anyway, this group is called Deep Freeze.


It's called that because they're all supposed to be "dead" but they're not, and it is these individuals that basically run messages back and forth between world governments. In other words, messages on what to do, when to start a war, when not to start a war, when to bomb, when to kidnap, etc. It is also this same group that is in charge of the doubles and clones.

Now, folks, some of this might be really hard for you to understand, or to even relate to. I'm just here to offer the information. I don't have a problem with this information. I'm just telling you where I'm coming from. Now, I'll start and I'm going to have to give you specific times, dates and background information so that you can go back and try to prove it wrong. Okay?


I asked for specific information because I know that on the "believability scale" this is pretty tough. Again, this information is what the Zenetaens (race from Andromeda) have provided me with.



Regarding Henry...


Okay. On January 26, 1979, Nelson Rockefeller, the ex-Vice President of the United States, was murdered. He did not die of a heart attack "making love to his secretary", as most of us have been told. When he passed away, or was killed, his next in command was Henry Kissinger, who was apparently a Rockefeller devotee, and Kissinger thought he could take Nelson's place as far as helping to run the Rockefeller Empire.


On February 4, 1979 Kissinger left for London from Washington. Now, this is just after the funeral for Nelson Rockefeller. From London he went to two secret destinations in France, then back to London. At 11pm, he left Heathrow Airport in a private jet back to Washington, D.C. He was accompanied by his wife, now his ex-wife, Nancy.

According to Morenae, there were 26 Earth-built spacecraft watching the plane. At 7:12 pm, Eastern Standard time on February 5, 1979, all contact with Kissinger's plane was lost. Now, I'm giving you the specific information so that you can go back in time and try to disprove this or validate it, whatever the case may be. The plane never arrived in Washington. Several days later, his aides claimed that he was "on vacation" somewhere. According to Morenae, the real human being Henry Kissinger has never been seen or heard from again. He was cloned.

On March 9, 1979, film clips of Henry Kissinger were put together for it to appear that he was doing a real interview on a newscast. The same thing occurred on March 25, 1979, for a hoax television interview on Meet the Press. According to Morenae, if you listen carefully, questions put to "Kissinger" are not answered but he says something else.


They didn't know where Kissinger was when they created these mock broadcasts, and they didn't want to create a panic within the structure of the government, because Kissinger had been carrying vital intelligence information back and forth.



Maldekian Redoux: A Shadow of Your Smile


Now, the Rothschild family, and those close to it, are the souls of the leaders of the former Maldek, a planet that was destroyed in the past and now remains as the asteroid belt. They have continued to be reborn in the same family in order to retain their control.


Many members of the shadow government in the United States and many individuals in Russia are also souls who were conscious of themselves and originated on Maldek at one time. Most of these Maldekian souls who were physically incarnate in Russia have been removed, and according to Morenae this was done by a group of Pleiadians, who apparently have a huge base in Russia and are actively involved on that end.


There are still a large group of these souls having their origin with Maldek that are incarnating in human form, and conscious of who they are. They're all into war, hate, greed, power and control. That's what they're all about. Unfortunately, most of those who are incarnating and are still in physical form are in the United States, underneath us in the underground cities and facilities.



Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun...


There is in our world today an intelligence war of sorts going on between doubles and clones. The nations on our planet today that can literally create doubles and clones are the United States, Russia, Britain and Israel.

We're Not Talking Peanuts, Here

During April of 1979, for the period of a week and a half, President Carter and Vice President Mondale were out of public view. Now, if you will remember, Carter was looking very sick and apparently he was. He was dying of leukemia and cancer, as a result of material injected into his food by the CIA.


He went to Georgia with his family for a ten-day scheduled vacation. Walter Mondale supposedly went to Iceland, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. In other words, they had a double for him. The real Walter Mondale was executed by Operation Deep Freeze on the evening of April 20, 1979 in New Richmond, Wisconsin. On April 21, 1979, President Carter and his family were executed. I know this sounds hard and unbelievable.


[Editor note: Actually, Dr. Peter Beter, a man with a list of impressive credentials a mile long, maintained this fact adamantly, before he was killed. I have seen the material, and the documentation was impressive].

They've all been replaced by clones. Jimmy Carter has had at least 18 clones since he was killed in 1979. The person we see, and the person who recently went to Korea in 1996, is not a real human being. He is what they call a synthetic. I am sure you're all asking, "how could this be?" There's no way I would have talked about this unless I could give you some, you know, "nuts and bolts".



Never Clone When Home Alone


What is the difference between doubles and clones? A double is more or less a person acting like another person, who has been cosmetically changed to look like that person. A clone is a synthetic biological organism with a holographically imposed memory complex.

In 1953, scientists named Watson and Crick discovered the double-helix molecular structure of DNA. During the 25 years following that, many developments have come about, including test tube babies, artificial microbes, artificially produced clones and exact duplicates of various creatures. These duplicates are created in underground laboratories in Mount Hood, Oregon, Sandia Laboratories in New Mexico and at Fort Meade, Maryland, amongst other places, with the cooperation of regressive extraterrestrials.


An organic clone can be created and can be programmed to do whatever desired. They are not human, but a kind of "computerized animal" that looks and acts like a human. Like any man-made thing, a copy is never perfect, and small discrepancies do exist.



Merrily We Clone Along ...


The first successful clone was put into "action" in June 1975. Okay. A biological computer modeled after the brain is what is grown inside clones.

[Editor note: I became aware of the existence of biological computers a long time ago. Such computers were said to have been brought to Vietnam in 1968 for some kind of testing. I was there in 1970].

The Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation has been very instrumental in creating this technology. Computers exist today that can do virtually everything that you, as a human being, can do.

[Editor note: It has been estimated that computer technology is at least a century ahead of what you see around you, and technology in general has advanced about 40 years for every year that has gone by since World War II].



Achieving the Ultra-Sonic Cerebral Hologram


Man-made biological computers even contain a "plasma"-like material which circulates through a viscera-like envelope that allows them to be totally self-healing. In other words, they can to a great extent repair themselves. The key to simulating a "human being", however, is the clone's ability to simulate their behavior, and this ability depends on the programming in the brain. This programming is done using three-dimensional holographs.


This process was evidently discovered at Novosibirsk, a "science city" in Russia, where they discovered exactly how the brain works. This discovery was the key to achieving believable clones.

Now, a ultra-sonic cerebral hologram must be obtained of the person who is to be simulated. This procedure is painless to the person, and most people who are to be simulated don't even know this is being done to them when it is happening. The biological computer, the cloned "brain", is then caused to form according to the recorded data in the holographic cerebral hologram obtained from the original source subject.


In other words, they take the image, project it into a clone and allow the brain inside the clone to grow exactly like the original source model. The body is already there and the grow the brain inside it. The Greys gave us this technology. They can accomplish this whole process within 90 days, creating a believable clone of an adult human being. All they need to grow the body in which the brain is later to be grown is three cells from the original body.

Now, although the cerebral hologram automatically duplicates the memory of the original person, portions of the brain of the clone may be made to deviate from the entire holographic print. So, they can put information in there that did not exist in the original person's brain.

The result of all of this is a programmable biological computerized brain, and a clone that knows essentially everything which the original person knew. They can be programmed for suicide missions, or missions too dangerous for normal humans such as specialized missions into space or time, or they can be used as they are often used now - for insolent invasion of world planetary governments.

Here's just a few of the people who have been cloned. Carter, Mondale, David and Lawrence Rockefeller, and Defense Secretary Brown (cloned April 6, 1979). On July 5, 1979 Carter was supposed to give an energy speech. It was canceled and the home-cloned family of the Carters were sent to Camp David. The original Carter clone was "burning out'. Camp David appears to be the place where many people in government are replaced with clones, so if you get a personal invitation to go to Camp David, I would decline if I were you.

Is Clinton a clone? Rumor has it. They should have cloned Hillary, that's what they should have done. She's the "master mind." Anyway, on July 11, 1979 the Wall Street Journal reported that President Carter had a "nervous breakdown". Clone's do not have nervous breakdowns, per se, but they may become unstable in certain ways.


On July 15, a Sunday, Carter gave his energy speech, and two days later on July 17th, the entire presidential cabinet and senior White House staff members resigned, all at once. This is coming from Morenae, who is asking us to remember this. In other countries, it would have meant that the government has fallen, but not in the United States.

The Carter clones had some trouble in the beginning because of real instabilities in the brain of the human being we knew as Carter. A new type of clone has also been created recently. It's called a genetic synthetic.




Genetic Synthetics: Neo-Darwinism at its Worst


The programs involving genetic synthetics started in November 1980, by the CIA and Greys operating within the National Security Agency. They are generated using transmutation of certain tissues extracted from cattle.


This process grew out of experiments which began in 1959. Now, what's the first thing that comes into your mind? Cattle mutilations. [Editor note: Contemplate that, will you?]



The "Right Stuff"


Astronauts Young and Crippen are clones. The real humans were killed on the space shuttle Columbia on November 24, 1979. The training shuttle Enterprise was given a new name and these clones landed for public viewing at Edwards AFB.


[Editor note: Dr. Peter Beter also maintained that Young and Crippen were synthetics, in a very detailed review in his audio letters. Ref: Audio Letters Transcripts, page 106. Thanks to Biaggio Conte for supplying this data]



Clone Questions and Answers

Q: Can clones be differentiated from real people in any measurable way?

A: On a physical scale, the real way to tell a real human from a clone is that the clone does not have an aura energy field.

[Editor note: To be perfectly accurate, there is a slight field around the head, which contains the biological processors, but it is not like the field around the head of a normal human].

Q: Do they realize that they are clones?

A: I don't know. I don't think they would realize it. If they are essentially living computers, they're programmed to believe whatever it is that has been programmed into them. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Q: Was the reason Carter had 18 clones because they were trying to perfect something, or just because his neurological structure had so much instability?

A: I think it was a combination of both.

Q: Back in 1978 and 1979, they were launching some really strange military satellites...

A: Many satellites put in orbit, one in particular by Young and Crippen (which is why apparently they had some trouble or were killed and duplicated), were developed by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). They were spy satellites, but were also equipped with tungsten shields and powerful dynamic gas lasers weapons, and designed to defend themselves against alien aggressors.

Q: Are their other areas where cloning facilities are maintained?

A: Other areas in Russia are at the space facility at Semipalatinsk, and at Area 51 in the United States, where they are also building gravity craft, which the Andromedans called ISV's or inner-planetary space vehicles. They're building the same things at the two Russian cities I mentioned.

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