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These amazing books explain many of the hidden political agendas of the world's elite in the 1970s and 1980s.


Learn about:

  • how the Soviet Union almost took over the United States in a bloodless coup

  • how the global battle between the Left and Right almost destroyed the world with nuclear war that was averted at the last moment

  • the secret military missions of the Space Shuttle

  • the accidental plutonium poisoning of Americans and the cancer it is causing

  • remote-controlled dirty nuclear bombs planted around the United States and their exact coordinates

  • the theft of the United States' gold reserves from Fort Knox;

...and many more behind-the-scenes intrigues that will make all of the strange newspaper headlines of the day make sense - when you understand the reasons behind them.

Dr. Peter David Beter was General Counsel for the Export-Import Bank of Washington; a candidate for governor for the state of West Virginia; cofounded a mineral exploration company in Zaire called SODESMIR; represented American gas utilities while they built a pipeline the length of Argentina; represented mining interests in underwater manganese nodule exploration in the Pacific; and was a featured speaker at financial seminars in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Geneva, and other international financial centers. Dr. Beter practiced general law in Washington, D.C., from 1951 to 1961, becoming a member of the U.S. Court of Military Appeals in 1952 and the U.S. Supreme Court in 1964.

Many of his cases were against the federal government, all of which he won - including one case in which he caught none other than the U.S. Department of Justice burning records in an attempt to defeat him. The resulting decision (Farley vs. U.S., 131 C. Cls. 776 [1955], 127 F Supp. 562) made new law.
In 1961, President John F. Kennedy appointed Dr. Beter Counsel to the U.S. Export-Import Bank, the largest government-owned bank in the Western world, where he served until 1967. After leaving the Export-Import Bank, he became an international financial and legal consultant, as well as one of the chief developers of private international business in the Republic of Zaire.

He was a member of the Judicature Society, the Bankers' Club of America, the Royal Commonwealth Society of London and the United States Naval Institute. He was listed in biographical reference works such as Who's Who in the East, the Blue Book of London and 2000 Men of Achievement (London). As a political and economic commentator, Dr. Beter worked with many international business luminaries where he learned the inner secrets of the elite world controllers.
He wrote prolifically, including his masterwork Conspiracy Against the Dollar. In 1975, he began releasing his Audio Letters, which are transcribed in this book, and continued until 1982, producing a total of 80 one-hour Audio Letters that show the inner workings of those who would attempt to control the earth.


Dr. Beter died on March 14, 1987.


An open license for reproduction of these Audio letters was granted after his death.









Audio Letter Nş 1

(1) An important matter concerning evidence in the Fort Knox Gold Scandal
(2) Recent indications from President Ford that the plans for economic depression and dictatorship in America are still on track
(3) An introduction to our next president and would-be dictator, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller

Audio Letter Nş 2

(1) First signs that the four Rockefeller brothers are beginning to lose their grip on events
(2) Super-secret domestic military preparations for massive unemployment riots
(3) The secret central core gold vault that the Fort Knox visitors did not see in September, 1974, and how it was used in the theft of America’s gold

Audio Letter Nş 3

(1) The truth about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy
(2) Some little known examples of economic power held by the Rockefellers, and how they hold that power
(3) How the Rockefeller plans for World War III are being altered by Indira Gandhi’s crackdown on the CIA in India

Audio Letter Nş 4

(1) The International Monetary Fund gold sale agreement and the dethroning of the United States dollar
(2) Assassination politics and subtle maneuverings in the countdown toward dictatorship
(3) The rapidly merging outlines of the planned 1977 war in Asia

Audio Letter Nş 5

(1) The CIA, Fort Knox, and the poisoning of America

(2) How the Rockefeller brothers are preparing to sacrifice New York City to trigger general economic collapse
(3) The continuing buildup to a new United States constitution and war in Asia

Audio Letter Nş 6

(1) The Ford depression, Asian war, and the impending doom of the OPEC nations
(2) Fort Knox plutonium and our sellout by Congress
(3) Gerald Ford’s last days as president

Audio Letter Nş 7

(1) How political control produces cover-ups and paralysis instead of truth and action
(2) How economic control produces deepening artificial depression and monetary chaos instead of real prosperity
(3) How the alliance between Rockefeller corporate socialism and Soviet state socialism is taking us into nuclear war

Audio Letter Nş 8

(1) Our charges for a citizen’s indictment on the Fort Knox twin scandal/cover-up
(2) Rockefeller progress and problems in their drive to drag our economy down to the Soviet level
(3) So-called detente, and the ignored prophetic warnings of George

Audio Letter Nş 9

(1) How you are a target in the secret Rockefeller takeover of the United States Postal Service
(2) How the coming wars will affect you and your family
(3) How you are to be a pawn in the game to make Nelson Rockefeller our first dictator

Audio Letter Nş 10

(1) World government and the destruction of family life
(2) World monetary chaos and the coming crash here in America
(3) World War III and the planned declaration of national emergency

Audio Letter Nş 11

(1) How individuals are being reduced to sacrificial pawns in the Rockefeller program to protect and advance their own interests
(2) How nations are being maneuvered into war and destruction as part of the Rockefeller scheme of progress
(3) How we are being pushed and tricked into discarding our heritage of freedom to accept Rockefeller dictatorship

Audio Letter Nş 12

(1) Enslavement through monopoly and the destruction of competitive free enterprise
(2) Enslavement through inflation and the destruction of an economy
(3) The commitment to enslavement through one-world government and nuclear destruction

Audio Letter Nş 13

(1) Conspiracy for economic destruction
(2) Conspiracy for political destruction
(3) Conspiracy to achieve destruction of human lives

Audio Letter Nş 14

(1) The Soviet Missile Crisis of 1976
(2) Hitler’s pattern for America’s bicentennial era
(3) The plans for America’s future under occupation and dictatorship

Audio Letter Nş 15

(1) The Rockefeller sellout of America to the Soviet Union
(2) The Soviet strategy for surprise naval attack in Nuclear War I
(3) The world-wide locations of Soviet underwater missiles and bombs

Audio Letter Nş 16

(1) The August Missile Crisis of 1976
(2) The United States intelligence gap and a new round of Soviet under-water missiles
(3) The undeclared submarine war now underway

Audio Letter Nş 17

(1) Red Friday and the campaign to destroy General George S. Brown
(2) The swine flu cover-up for chemical warfare now underway
(3) The phantom election of 1976

Audio Letter Nş 18

(1) The mushrooming debate over Soviet military power
(2) Why the Soviet Union wants nuclear war
(3) How governmental and press secrecy are destroying our chances for peace

Audio Letter Nş 19

(1) Why the United States was not first to launch an earth satellite
(2) Why most Americans cannot believe nuclear war is imminent
(3) How the major tax-exempt foundations have cleared the way for Soviet nuclear attack

Audio Letter Nş 20

(1) Henry Ford’s parting criticism of the largest foundation in the world
(2) The current pre-war hostilities that are leading up to Nuclear War I
(3) The great secret race in super weapons

Audio Letter Nş 21

(1) How our national security was really lost
(2) Pre-war America: 1977
(3) The end of an era

Audio Letter Nş 22

(1) How circumstances are proving the Rockefeller-Soviet plans to destroy America
(2) President Carter’s efforts to hurry up Nuclear War I
(3) How the church is being used

Audio Letter Nş 23

(1) The pre-war sabotage of America
(2) The coming naval battle for the United States and the world
(3) The untold personal sacrifice of General George S. Brown

Audio Letter Nş 24

(1) The fall of Babylon revisited
(2) The handwriting on the wall for America
(3) Water, the ultimate weapon

Audio Letter Nş 25

(1) The Panama Canal trap for war
(2) The Second Battle of Britain
(3) Man-made earthquakes to set the stage for Nuclear War I

Audio Letter Nş 26

(1) War in space: The Battle of the Harvest Moon-September 27, 1977
(2) The last days of the Rockefeller empire
(3) The American Dream...In Memoriam

Audio Letter Nş 27

(1) The Soviet particle beam and killer satellites
(2) The spreading atomic plague called Legionnaire’s Disease
(3) The enforced disarming of America now underway

Audio Letter Nş 28

(1) A house divided against itself over SALT
(2) The exchange of Soviet and American threats
(3) The Sadat trip to Israel and Nuclear War I

Audio Letter Nş 29

(1) Cyclones, air quakes, and Soviet intimidation of America
(2) The dismantling of the NATO alliance
(3) America’s betrayal into a new Bolshevik Revolution

Audio Letter Nş 30

(1) The one-world plan of our secret rulers gone awry
(2) The aggressive new policies of the Kremlin
(3) The Soviet readiness to police the world

Audio Letter Nş 31

(1) The dawning of Soviet cosmostrategy and cosmopolitics
(2) The accelerating buildup to a national emergency
(3) Growing casualties in the secret war over SALT

Audio Letter Nş 32

(1) Cosmospheres, cosmostrategy, and the ignored warnings of General Thomas Power
(2) Soviet preparations to invade the United States
(3) How events are converging toward nuclear holocaust

Audio Letter Nş 33

(1) Inflation, gold, and the stock market bear trap
(2) Korean Airlines Flight 902: the flying Lusitania
(3) The twilight of the United States republic

Audio Letter Nş 34

(1) The Battle of Midway repeated in space
(2) Earthquakes, weather control, and hunger in America
(3) The public confession of Dr. Beter

Audio Letter Nş 35

(1) The breakdown and disintegration of Western Civilization
(2) The kamikaze plans of America’s secret rulers
(3) The Kremlin plans for the Interplanetary Russian Empire

Audio Letter Nş 36

(1) The legacy of the late John D. Rockefeller III
(2) The new American strategy for a first strike
(3) The aftermath of Nuclear War I

Audio Letter Nş 37

(1) The Middle East road to an American first strike
(2) Russian-Asian counter-strategy for a first strike
(3) The era of the American refugee


Audio Letter Nş 38

(1) Russia’s holy war to wipe out Bolshevism
(2) Russia’s blueprint for domination of the earth
(3) Russia’s program to launch mankind into space


Audio Letter Nş 39

(1) Russia’s hot pursuit of her Bolshevik enemies
(2) America’s panic rearmament leading to national suicide
(3) The public signs of war to come


Audio Letter Nş 40

(1) The military purpose of the Jonestown tragedy
(2) The Battle of Guyana—Thanksgiving Day, 1978
(3) The opening scenes of Nuclear War I


Audio Letter Nş 41

(1) The economic countdown toward Nuclear War I
(2) Spiritual warfare and the collapse of trust
(3) Bolshevik maneuvering to buy time to rearm

Audio Letter Nş 42

(1) The decline of the House of Rockefeller
(2) The Bolshevik plot for a Pope’s Revolution
(3) UFOs, IFOs, and Russia’s master secret weapon

Audio Letter Nş 43

(1) The mysterious disappearance of Dr. Henry Kissinger
(2) The plundering of the Rockefeller family empire
(3) Our last chance to save Western Civilization

Audio Letter Nş 44

(1) The hoax reappearance of Dr. Henry Kissinger
(2) The impending collapse of the Chase Manhattan Bank
(3) The Egyptian-Israeli Treaty for nuclear war

Audio Letter Nş 45

(1) The domestic Guyana at Three Mile Island
(2) The secret intelligence war of doubles
(3) Last call for a Pilgrimage for Peace

Audio Letter Nş 46

(1) Nelson Rockefeller’s revenge from the grave
(2) The cosmosphere shuttles to prevent nuclear war
(3) The modern rebirth of the Holy Alliance

Audio Letter Nş 47

(1) The scientific background of the Russian robotoids
(2) The Russian strategy to dismantle Bolshevik power
(3) The shifting currents between war and peace

Audio Letter Nş 48

(1) The final chapter in The Great Skylab Cover-Up
(2) The secret war of the walking dead
(3) How America will relearn the fear of God

Audio Letter Nş 49

(1) Russia’s transformation of America’s Middle East policy
(2) The domestic fallout of the Andrew Young affair
(3) Russia’s two-front war against Rothschild world power

Audio Letter Nş 50

(1) Runaway inflation and the collapsing American economy
(2) The Cuban Crisis to destroy SALT II
(3) The thousand-year war between Russia and the Khazars

Audio Letter Nş 51

(1) The crash of the United States dollar
(2) The Russian program to sell SALT II
(3) The surprise Bolshevik deployment of synthetic automatons

Audio Letter Nş 52

(1) Strategic Iran and the Islamic Khomeini Revolution
(2) The Bolshevik Iran strategy for thermonuclear war
(3) American hostages and the Battle of Tehran

Audio Letter Nş 53

(1) War tensions and the late Shah of Iran
(2) The surprise takeover by the Kremlin hardliners
(3) The nuclear strike operations now in progress

Audio Letter Nş 54

(1) The secret American defeat of January, 1980
(2) Weather modification as a weapon of retaliation
(3) Russia’s accelerating preparations to survive nuclear war

Audio Letter Nş 55

(1) The public signs of nuclear war fever
(2) Multiplying disasters in the expanding secret war
(3) Battle to the death in the Kremlin

Audio Letter Nş 56

(1) Ian Fleming and the Fort Knox Gold Scandal
(2) Narrowing options in the Bolshevik plan for nuclear war
(3) Step One in what you can do

Audio Letter Nş 57

(1) America’s nuclear first strike plans in the news
(2) Hurricane Allen and Russia’s expanding weather warfare
(3) Step Two in what you can do

Audio Letter Nş 58

(1) American gold and the Iraq-Iran War
(2) Russia’s first strike against a Titan II missile
(3) Step Three in what you can do

Audio Letter Nş 59

(1) The Iran hostage-release plan for war
(2) Senator William Proxmire and Action Step Four
(3) Action Step Five on a new battle front

Audio Letter Nş 60

(1) The Great Election Surprise of 1980
(2) The planned collapse of America’s banking system
(3) The new age of warfare by stealth

Audio Letter Nş 61

(1) The legal sabotage of the Reagan transition
(2) The forfeited opportunity of Senator William Proxmire
(3) The golden swindle of the Federal Reserve Banks

Audio Letter Nş 62

(1) The secret military mission of the Space Shuttle Columbia
(2) The new ferment of growing war tensions
(3) Gold swindles by the modern-day moneychangers

Audio Letter Nş 63

(1) First-strike planning by America and Russia
(2) The economic road to dictatorship in America
(3) Your decision to flee or to fight

Audio Letter Nş 64

(1) The advance preparations for the Space Shuttle mission
(2) The aborted flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia
(3) The NASA cover-up of the Columbia disaster

Audio Letter Nş 65

(1) The Pope, the President, and assassination politics
(2) The aftermath of the Shuttle Columbia disaster
(3) Mounting world crises and accidental nuclear war

Audio Letter Nş 66

(1) The Israeli practice raid for nuclear Armageddon
(2) America’s launch-on-warning plan for nuclear suicide
(3) What you can do during America’s final days

Audio Letter Nş 67

(1) The unexpected rebirth of an American gold standard
(2) The emergence of the Jewish Question in America
(3) The Libyan dogfight and hidden naval war games

Audio Letter Nş 68

(1) The Reagan-Begin Axis and expanding world crises
(2) Deliberate delays in the Space Shuttle launch
(3) The Reagan Budget and corrupt economic plans

Audio Letter Nş 69

(1) The Sadat assassination for Nuclear War I
(2) The Reagan Administration program to Polandize America
(3) The MX decision and America’s first-strike posture

Audio Letter Nş 70

(1) The Christmas Crises for Nuclear War I
(2) The American Space Shuttle Failure Number Two
(3) A new scandal over America’s disappearing gold

Audio Letter Nş 71

(1) The Siberian Express and renewed Russian geophysical warfare
(2) Russia’s secret economic coup in dollar assets
(3) The shifting alliances for Nuclear War I

Audio Letter Nş 72

(1) Nuclear war fever and expanding secret warfare
(2) The third Space Shuttle challenge to Russia
(3) The shortening timetable for Nuclear War I

Audio Letter Nş 73

(1) The new Phantom war planes of the United States
(2) Project Z - the three-phase strategy for Nuclear War I
(3) The first military success of the Space Shuttle

Audio Letter Nş 74

(1) The military secret of South Georgia Island
(2) The secret naval war of the Southern Hemisphere
(3) The Rockefeller fear campaign against nuclear war

Audio Letter Nş 75

(1) The Pentagon countdown toward Nuclear War I
(2) The economic attack on the United States Constitution
(3) Billy Graham vs. the Bolshevik war lobby

Audio Letter Nş 76

(1) The collapse of the Haig anti-war coup de etat
(2) The final crises to ignite nuclear war
(3) The final Space Shuttle mission for war

Audio Letter Nş 77

(1) The growing momentum toward Nuclear War I
(2) America’s domestic shift onto a war footing
(3) The rising pitch of Russian anti-war warnings

Audio Letter Nş 78

(1) The surprise halt to the Beirut holocaust
(2) Final Pentagon plans for surprise nuclear war
(3) The Russian surprise weapon for nuclear defense

Audio Letter Nş 79

(1) The aborted plan for surprise nuclear war
(2) The Beirut Massacre for war to come
(3) The return of the Siberian Express weather war

Audio Letter Nş 80

(1) America’s economic decline into a new Dark Ages
(2) War countdown toward the Israeli Year of Doom
(3) Changing of the guard in the new Kremlin



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