USS Cacapon (AO-52)

 Western Group
Capt. R.A. Mitchell, USN


2 DEC 46

Departed San Pedro, California

12 DEC 46

Rendezvoused with U.S.S. Currituck and U.S.S. Henderson near Marquesas Islands.

24 DEC 46

Reached pack-ice northeast of Balleny Islands and served as weather station for Western Group.

6 JAN 47

Operating off of George V Coast.

16 JAN 47

Proceeded to Scott Island to rendezvous with U.S.S. Philippine Sea.

21 JAN 47

Picked up outgoing mail from U.S.S. Henderson.

22 JAN 47

Picked up outgoing mail from U.S.S. Currituck.

25 JAN 47

Rendezvoused with U.S.S. Philippine Sea and transferred mail to and from this vessel.

8 FEB 47

Rendezvoused with the U.S.S. Henderson and U.S.S. Currituck after returning from Ross Sea; refueled both ships and transferred mail.

3 MAR 47

Ended Antarctic operations and proceeded to Sydney, Australia in company of the U.S.S. Henderson and U.S.S. Currituck.

11 MAR 47

Entered Bass Strait

14 MAR 47

Arrived Sydney, Australia.

20 MAR 47

Departed Sydney, Australia.

8 APR 47

Arrived San Pedro, California.

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The USS CACAPON seems to have used only the double-circle general purpose hand cancel to cancel mail during OPERATION HIGHJUMP (figure 1) and almost 100% of the cancels are dated 30 JAN 1947. A few other dates are known, i.e. 2 DEC 1946 and 23 APR 1947 of this type cancel.

However, one cover is known with a relative date but with a new type single-circle cancel. This appears to be a back-dated cancel at the request of W.G. Crosby as no Crosby covers managed to reach this ship before departure for the Antarctic (figures 2 and 3).

No rubber-stamp return addresses or specific cachets related to this ship are known to this writer.