by Erich Von Daniken

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GOLD OF THE GODS marks the culmination of an arduous world-wide expedition taking the author 76,000 miles through Ceylon, Singapore, Malaysia, Guam, Polynesia, Easter Island, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, San Salvador and various States of North America.

Wherever he went, startling evidence emerged to bolster his main contention that long ago planet earth hosted extraterrestrial beings.

As his expedition gained momentum von Daniken’s suspicions of a sensational Battle of the Gods way back before the dawn of recorded history were given fresh credibility.

Within the framework of the beliefs and ideas of the last thousand years many improbable treasures, and fantastic ruins would appear inexplicable.

But when we look at them in the light of the most up-to date technology then these important and startling discoveries are explicable... then we can recall and acknowledge the incredible Era of the Gods.





  1. The Gold of The Gods

  2. The War of The Gods

  3. Traces of The Gods in China, Too

  4. Temuen - The Island They Call Nan Madol

  5. On The Trail of The Indians

  6. Rarities, Curiosities and Speculations

  7. "It"