9D Head of the Nibiruan Council from Pelegai
Patriarch, Husband, Brother, Son, Friend

Devin is the reigning patriarch of the Royal House of Avyon. He took on this role when our father, Shimbala died during the first Great War on our home planet of Avyon, in the Vega star system of Lyra.

As such, this makes him the 9th dimensional head of the Nibiruan Council, taking over that post from our father as well. In this capacity, he resides as head of the council that oversees the intergalactic Nibiruan Council’s activities in regards to Earth’s ascension plan, as well as the evolutionary plans of other planetary schools in our galaxy and universe.

Devin is a member of other federations beyond our Galactic Federation. You could liken him to a kindly king of a powerful country who is involved in the affairs of other countries, offering leadership skills and assistance of all kinds.

Devin has many soul fragments (multidimensional selves) on other dimensions and lifetimes. A few of these lifetimes have been on Earth. One in particular was during the time of Camelot and Avalon, the lifetime that many say was not real, but we know differently.

Devin is a warm, caring and jovial Being. He repeatedly advises me on his pet peeves of which one is the importance of attention to details and the other is in the use of Analogies. He is a master at using analogies to explain higher dimensional (multidimensional) information and he encourages me to do the same. I often tell people when I am channeling him,

“Just a moment, Devin is looking through his book 1001 Earth Analogies to find one to explain what he is trying to get across to you.”

Devin feels that it is extremely important that the people of earth are given the means to understand the higher dimensions. He knows that they need to be prepared to become members of the galactic community and, therefore, takes it upon himself to provide analogies to help them understand universal information. And, in case you are wondering, he nags other members of our council here on earth to do the same.

His other pet peeve, Details, is what he feels creates much pain on earth due to the fact that earthlings tend to not pay enough attention to them in communicating with each other. He harps on details because, he says,

“The lack of details in communication helped bring on the first Great War that killed my father, Shimbala.”

Devin is my brother on the 9th dimension, and while I am on earth, he is my Guide. Devin and I made this arrangement before I left to come to earth in 1992. He chose to stay home and assist me from that end; therefore, he is not incarnate on earth, though some of his multidimensional selves are, and I have met one of them. More on this later.

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