- ¿Acaba la Federación Galáctica de lanzar su 'Directiva Principal'?


 -  Alien Mind - A Primer - The Verdants


 -  Alien Mind - The Thought and Behavior of Extraterrestrials


  A Message from the Galactic Federation of Worlds on the Israel-Iran Conflict


 -  An Ancient Astronaut Speaks - from The RA Material


 -  Ancient Space Arks activate with Arrival of Intergalactic Confederation Fleet


 -  Antiguas Arcas Espaciales se activan con la llegada de la Flota de la Confederación Intergaláctica


 -  A Short Overview of The Anchara Alliance and The Anunnaki


 -  'Cabal Leaders' go to Antarctica to Surrender to Extraterrestrials and Earth Alliance


 -  China gives 'Dark Fleet Antarctica Bases' to Earth Alliance to build Space Fleets


 -  Confederaciones Alienigenas - de 'Encuentro en Las Pleyades'



 -  Confederaciones y Consejos Galácticos


 -  Confederación SIOO y Corporación Annki - Marielalero


 -  Conflictos Terrestres y Celestiales - Main File


 -  Contact with Council of Nine and 24 ET Seeder Races


 -  Controversy over Israeli Scientist claims of U.S. Alien Agreement and Galactic Federation


 -  Did a 'Galactic Federation' ask Trump Not to Reveal Extraterrestrials?


 -  Did Bezos, Branson and Musk secretly Travel to Jupiter for Negotiations with the Galactic Federation?


 -  Did the Galactic Federation just Release its 'Prime Directive'?


 -  Does Webb Space Telescope image of Jupiter show rock debris where 'Giant ET Motherships' are parked?


 -  Earth Alliance Meetings on Ganymede with Intergalactic Confederation - Update


 -  Earth Alliance Mission to Ganymede to greet ET visitors and Inaugurate a Star Trek Future


 -  Earth and Celestial Conflicts - Main File


 -  Ea Staggering Revelations on Lahaina's Fire - Thor Han speaks about the Dew Satellites


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 -  El Concejo de Andrómeda - Main File


 -  ET Council - "We Will Increase UFOs, Address U.N. in 2014, Renew Ecology in 2015"


 -  First Contact' on October 14, 2008? - The Federation of Light and Blossom Goodchild


 -  Frank E. Stranges and Valiant Thor


 -  French Contactee confirms Intergalactic Confederation is 'Seeding Human Worlds'


 -  Galactic Federation attacks on Corporate Satellites and Mars Exodus - Update


 -  Galactic Federation is Helping Humanity build a 'Starfleet for Planetary Defense'


 -  Galactic Federation Members


 -  Galactic Federations and Councils



 -  Galactic History



 -  Has U.S. Space Command received Advanced Tech from Galactic Federation?


 -  Have 'Tall Gray Alien Leaders' just been Captured by the Galactic Federation?


 -  Incontri Segreti vicino a Giove decidono il Futuro del nostro Sistema Solare?


 -  In the Midst of Global Pain our 'Star Trek Future' is being Birthed


 -  Is Mars in the midst of a 'Planetary Liberation War'


 - 'Joint U.S. China Mission' to Giant ET Space Ark under Atlantic Ocean


 - 'Jupiter Meetings' with the Galactic Federation of Worlds - Update


 -  La Alianza de La Tierra - Divulgación Total y la Inminente Revolución Mundial


 -  La Federación Galáctica inició la Limpieza Planetaria


 -  La Guerra tra i Laan e gli Anunnaki


 -  La Misión de la Federación del Consejo Galáctico Pleyadiano de Taygeta en la Tierra


 -  Las Pleyades - Main File


 - 'Líderes de la Cábala' van a la Antarctica para Rendirse a los Extraterrestres y a la Alianza de la Tierra


 -  Mente Alienígena - Un Detonador - Los Verdants - Main File


 -  Messages from the Star Nations for 2023


 -  Misión de la 'Alianza de la Tierra' a Ganímedes para Saludar a Visitantes ET e Inaugurar un Futuro Star Trek


 -  Mission to Ganymede - Interview with U.S. Army Whistleblower


 -  Negumak vs. Ciakahrr - Is a Galactic War Brewing?


 -  On 'Brain Implants' in the Space Age


 -  Photo Reveals Star Trek-like Human-posing Extraterrestrials Who Visited U.S. Capital in 1957


 -  Remote Viewing confirms Ashtar Command Base hidden in Jupiter's Clouds


 -  Remote Viewing the Galactic Federation of Worlds


 -  Reuniones de la Alianza de la Tierra en Ganímedes con la Confederación Intergaláctica - Actualización


 - 'Reuniones en Júpiter' con la Federación Galáctica de Mundos - Actualización


 -  Secret Meetings near Jupiter decide the Future of our Solar System?


 -  Secret Underground War reaches its 'Final Countdown'


 -  Spiritual Hierarchy and The Galactic Federation - Update by Sheldan Nidle


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 -  The Ancient Draco vs. Negumak Conflict - Its Impact on Earth Joining the Galactic Federation


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 -  The Earth Alliance


 -  The Earth Alliance - Full Disclosure and the Coming Global Revolution


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 -  The War between the Laan and the Anunnaki


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 -  Thula - The Sirius Insurrection and the End of the Dominion


 -  Twenty Years as a 'Cyborg Supersoldier' on Mars and Kuiper Belt


 -  Una Conversación con Thor Han Eredyon - Sobre la Colonización de las Pléyades y la Liberación de la Tierra


 -  Valiant Thor's Visit to Earth


 -  Verdants - The Contact Has Begun - A Trilogy by Phillip Krapf


 -  Visualizando Remotamente a la Federación Galáctica de Mundos


 -  Welcome to the Future


 -  Were Facebook and Social Media Blackouts due to Capture of Tall Gray Aliens?


 -  Were 'Starlink Satellites' destroyed to prevent Emergence of Quantum Communications?


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Additional Information


 -  Across the 4D Bridge to the 5D World


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 -  A Human Approach to Galactic Politics - from 'Cosmic Voyage' by Courtney Brown


  Alex Collier on the Andromeda Council and Human Liberation


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 -  De Sheldan Nidle y La Federación Galáctica - 25 Enero 2011


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 -  Dreamland in The Rockies


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 -  El Cambio del Polo Magnético Que Viene en Este Otoño Como Parte del Proceso de Ascensión de La Tierra


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 -  El Concejo Extraterrestre Sembró al Homo Sapiens Como un Ser Inteligente Con el ADN de 12 Hebras


 -  El Efecto Mandela - Fusión de las Líneas de Tiempo y Alienígenas Ancestrales del Futuro


 -  ET Council Seeded Homo Sapiens as Intelligent Beings With 12-Strand DNA


 -  ET Disclosure being Planned Now at an Underground Blue Ridge Mountains Complex


 -  Extraterrestrial Contact as A Prelude to Universal Ascension



 -  Finding and Processing Cosmic Information - Ongoing Problems of Exopolitics


 -  From Sheldan Nidle and The Galactic Federation - January 25, 2011


 -  From Star Wars to Star Dreams


 -  Galactic History According to Alex Collier and The Andromedans


 -  Global Revolution and SSP/ET Disclosure - What's Coming in 2023...


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 -  Intergalactic Politics


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 -  La Separación Ha Comenzado


 -  Le Regole per lo Spazio - Il Contesto Giuridico per la Colonizzaziones dello Spazio


 -  Perché le Forze Positive non Intervengono?


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 - ¿Por qué las Fuerzas Positivas No Intervienen?


 -  Predicted Mass UFO Sighting - Will it Force Disclosure to Occur?


 -  Rapid Heating of Neptune linked to activating Space Arks


 -  Rules in Space - A Legal Framework for Space Colonization


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 -  Sobre Temas Universales y La Confederación Galáctica - Aclaraciones de Marielalero


 -  Socios Alienígenas le dicen a Putin, "No Te Preocupes, Te Cubriremos las Espaldas" - Guerra Secreta...


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 -  The Royal Quarters of the Anunnaki on the Nibiru Ship


 - "Threats to Human Freedom" - Prepared for All Terrestrial Earth Humanity


 -  Transmisiones que Contienen Muchos Detalles Sobre la Situación en la Que Está la Tierra


 -  Transmissions Containing Many Details About the situation Earth is In


 -  Universe Politics



 -  U.S. Grounds Virgin Galactic after Space Flight 'Mishap'


 -  U.S. Navy Attacking Earth’s Life Frequency - Destroying Dolphins and Whales


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 - 'We Will Never Let You Down' - Book Review


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Elena Danaan



 -  A Conversation with Thor Han Eredyon - Elena Danaan and Michael Salla:


      -  A Conversation with Thor Han Eredyon - Part One - On Colonization of Pleiades and Earth Liberation


      -  A Conversation with Thor Han Eredyon - Part Two - On Earth Alliance taking Control of our Solar System


 -  Analysis of Information provided by Elena Danaan - Emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds


 -  Elena Danaan removes Significant Negative Information on Anunnaki in her New Book


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 -  La Última Ola de Oscuridad - Actualización 26 Noviembre 2022 - Elena Danaan


 -  Pleiadian Contacts - Galactic Federation of Worlds - Elena Danaan


 -  The Last Wave of Darkness! - The Galactic Federation - Next 2 Months... - Elena Danaan


 -  The Return of The Seeders - Q&A


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 -  A Gift from The Stars - Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien races - by Elena Danaan

 -  Galactic Federation of Worlds - Interstellar contacts Transcripts - by Elena Danaan

 -  The Seeders - by Elena Danaan





 -  The Anunnaki, Maui and UFO Disclosure Initiatives - Update with Elena Danaan

 -  The Return of The Seeders






 -  Cosmic Explorers - Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind - by C. Brown


 -  Cosmic Voyage - A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth - by Courtney Brown


 -  La Sonda de Arcturo - Relatos e Informes de Una Investigación en Curso

 -  Stranger at the Pentagon - by Frank E. Stranges

 -  The Arcturus Probe - Tales and Reports of an Ongoing Investigation - by José Argüelles


 -  WARNING - The Alien Agenda Revealed - by Art Greenfield





 -  Aliens are HERE! - Exposing the illuminati Government

 -  Federación Galáctica


 -  Global Reset and Reptilian Overlords - Rise of the Resistance and Full Disclosure

 -  Great Awakening vs. Global Reset - How Full Disclosure trumps Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence

 -  History of the Extraterrestrial Agenda and the Coming Global Revolution

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