from a 1994 reading


A question from T.H. in Wisconsin. He writes:

"A story that appeared in the Weekly World News of October 12th, 1993, tells of a comic book that Adolf Hitler drew in 1909 which featured a lizard man. The story also says that some historians say that Hitler’s failure to interest publishers in his comic book caused him to switch gears and jump into politics. Please ask Awareness if this is evidence of Hitler’s contact with the Reptoids from Draco as far back as 1909, and were they in fact the ones who influenced him to enter politics?"


This Awareness indicates that the entity known as Adolf Hitler as having been the reincarnation of the Atlantean god known as Bael, that the entity Bael was one who was of Draconian descent. The entity Bael, from Draco, had contact with those lizard men of old, and Adolf Hitler was attuning subconsciously to a past life and ancient genetic memories that he experienced without realizing the source of his memory when he indulged in the artistic work of his comic book.

This Awareness indicates that it does not appear the entity met the extraterrestrials which he later wrote of when he spoke of the supermen, until some time later through the Thule society. This Awareness indicates that the entity later spoke of: "I have seen the Super Man and his eyes are terrible. And I was frightened."

This entity was referring to having been taken underground to meet extraterrestrial beings who influenced him in his rise to power and in his conquest which he believed to be a sacred mission of conquering the world in behalf of German super powers linked with the extraterrestrials.

(General Shalikashvili’s Nomination as Joint Chiefs of Staff)
(Jan. 14, 1994)


Another question from T.H. He writes:

"President Clinton’s new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Shalikashvili’s father fought in a unit commanded by Adolf Hitler’s most trusted branch of his army, the Waffen SS, some units of which committed the worst atrocities of the war. According to Defense Secretary Les Aspin, "Allegations about his father’s history are not relevant to General Shalikashvili’s nomination to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff." Does Awareness see this as being true or is this an attempt by the Nazi movement to take direct control of our armed forces?"


This Awareness indicates that it is a way by which, depending on the entity’s loyalties, he could be used to take control of the military if his loyalties are more toward that of a foreign power. This Awareness indicates that it appears there is some degree of mixed loyalties involved in this entity. It does not appear that the entity Clinton believes there is a problem in this regard.

The entity sees the man as being a son of one who worked for Nazi Germany, but sees him now as an American citizen, and believes that past affiliations in terms of family should not affect his loyalties to his own nation: the United States. His record indicates a loyal person, but this Awareness sees there is some area within the entity’s psyche that is not publicly presented and there may be mixed loyalties involved.

This Awareness suggests the entity as one who should be watched. It is presumed that entities are honorable and noble and innocent until proven guilty, but it is also suggested that entities be watchful and vigilant in protecting their freedoms.

This Awareness suggests therefore, if this entity’s future actions are such that his position begins to be used in a way that is not to the benefit of your country’s highest ideals, then one could very justifiably have reason to doubt the entity’s loyalties.



Awareness has previously indicated that there is a considerable number of Nazis inside the government and various agencies, this was under Bush and Reagan, and now that Clinton has come in and has been talking about cutting down these agencies and merging them, does Awareness see this is going to help reduce the number of Nazis?


This Awareness indicates that It does not see that a great change in this regard will take place; there may be some reduction, but It does not see this as being highly effected in reducing the number of Nazis involved. This Awareness indicates it appears there will be some reduction however, and that also some of the power will be reduced for the duration of the Clinton administration, this in reference to the power of the Nazis in government, but it is rather insignificant in terms of the amount of reduction. This Awareness suggests perhaps five or ten percent reduction of power.


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