Liber XIII

Novus Ordo Draconis

Nothing in This Liber is True
But It's Exactly How Things Are


  1. Adolf Hitler's Reptoid Comic Book

  2. Mr. Rothschild Of England Introduces a Reptoid

  3. The New World Order: The Alien Connection

  4. Will Earth Be Controlled by Draconians?

  5. Those Who Receive Orders From Aliens

  6. Tunnels And Dragon Holes In England

  7. "The Grail": The Most Secret Of All Organizations

  8. A Brief History Of The Evil Draconians

  9. Christian Evangelists Pose A Real Threat To New World Order

  10. Pope John's Diary Reveals Knowledge Of Aliens

  11. What The Aliens Are Doing In The Sexual Area

  12. Reptoid Sex-change Surgeons Are Implanting?

  13. Do Reptoids Promote Homosexuality?

  14. How The Greys Experiment With Human Bodies

  15. Why Didn't Reptoids Have A Defense Prepared?

  16. Those Reptoids Trapped Inside Jupiter

  17. Is The Organization CSETI On The Right Track?

  18. What Was The Purpose Of Spreading Diseases?

  19. Those Reptoids Trapped In Jupiter

  20. Now That The So-Called "Asteroids" Have Hit Jupiter

  21. Did Reptoid "Asteroid" Blow Up Over Oregon?

  22. Did Reptoids Cause 737 Jetliner To Crash?

  23. Are Pleiadians Due To Land On Earth This Year?

  24. Could Alien Landings Be the "False Rapture?"

  25. Are Some Humans Incarnated As Greys Or Reptoids?

  26. The Information On The Sirians Is Correct

  27. Should We Still Work To Save Environment?

  28. An Alien Update: How Close Are The Reptoids?

  29. Greys, Reptoids And Duplicates: The Spread Of The Alien Presence

  30. The Role Of Enki In Creating Humans