from a 1993 reading


Awareness mentioned that there was underground tunneling in London. Is this man or alien connection?


This Appears to be a joint venture between humans and alien technology. This appears to be something that connects entities to London through those underground tunnels to Europe and to areas within the British Isles and to certain, what have been termed "Dragon Holes", those holes that were drilled by aliens in ancient times that are artificially created and have been used to enter underground tunnels.

This Awareness indicates there is also seen a connection underground from the British Isle to the North American continent; particularly seen is one to Newfoundland, and there are others branching from there that go into the lower states.


Where would these Dragon Holes be found?


This Awareness indicates that these are found in various places in the English countryside. The "Alien Digest" also speaks of these and gives some information as to where these have been located.


This Awareness indicates it also ties in with Pendragon Society or that of Arthur Pendragon, who in his family history and the subsequent organizations relating to the Dragon Society, were aware of these Dragon Holes.

This Awareness indicates the entities Adams and Madison were part of that Dragon Society and had connections in England through their families with the Dragon Society. These entities in that Dragon Society were aware of these Dragon Holes. These are called Dragon Holes because in the early British period, the aliens of Reptilian origin, from Draco, came to those places, drilled holes approximately the size of a large open well, down into the surface and created underground bases.

This Awareness indicates that there have been reports in the last several years of Rothschild having communication with reptilian humanoids. These are references to what this Awareness calls the Reptoids. This Awareness indicates that these are the entities who have an historical background in the English folklore relating to those Dragon Holes.


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