"The Grail":

The Most Secret of all Organizations
from a 1993 reading

This Awareness indicates there is that which is the most secret of all secret organizations and is known as The Grail, and this organization is that which works closely with the Divine Forces to prevent these Dark forces from ever really reaching or holding their power on this earth.

This Awareness indicates that if you look at medieval Christianity and the interpretations or definitions given during those times, you are likely to recognize a similarity, whereby the Grey aliens in today's UFO phenomena equate to Medieval concepts of demons and demonology, and whereby the Reptoid aliens in today's UFO phenomena, correlate very closely to images and pictures and diagrams and descriptions of the so-called Devil.

This Awareness indicates that one might just as easily use these terms today to discuss these aliens in the UFO world, and they would not be too far off in having the same general philosophy as presented by the Medieval churches some 200 years ago or more. This Awareness indicates that the introduction of certain diseases in those days by demons, creating the Black Plague, for example, could correlate very closely with the aliens of today who create AIDS and other demonic diseases.

The words change, the names change, the titles change, the places may change, but the activities remain very much the same. It is this that is meant by the old adage: "The more things change, the more things stay the same." The changes are in the names, in the places, in the faces. The same old thing occurs in the general way of events and methods of events.

This Awareness indicates for example, you hear today of people who are doubles for another person, and it all seems so new and unusual, but these things occurred far back in history, where kings and leaders had their twins, their duplicates, their doubles. It is not new, but the names for these things have changed and the faces have changed.


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