from a 1993 reading

This Awareness indicates that these prophetic Christian organizations generally look for the players to appear for the Book of Revelation to transpire in its prophecies and they tend to grab the pieces to fit the scenario of the Book of Revelation, and in so doing, tend to expose much of what is going on in the world. Thus, they are seen as a threat.

This Awareness indicates that these people, the so-called Christian evangelists, in particular, and the fact that there are 70 million registered firearms in the United States, are the two greatest threats to the New World Order and its agenda.


This Awareness indicates that this Awareness indicated "registered" owners of firearms. There are actually approximately 50 million more firearms carriers who do not have their guns registered.

There are approximately three million police and militia and military agents carrying guns to enforce the New World Order, thus, if one-tenth of those who carry guns were to turn against the enforcers, it would be totally overwhelming; an army of citizens that would overwhelm the enforcers.

Thus, the plan is to rid the country of its firearms before attempting to take over for the New World Order.


This Awareness indicates there is part of this plan to use the gang members, and by joining these Bloods and Crips and other gang members together, to work for the law enforcement agencies, these entities will be the ones who are hired by the agencies to enter into the homes and to take the patriots and their weapons, confiscate the weapons of gun owners and to kidnap the patriots, when the time comes for this event to occur.

By 1996 All Guns Will be Confiscated & Identi-Chips Implanted

This Awareness indicates this is seen as an undetermined time at the moment, but it could occur at any time when these planners believe it would be possible, more likely after a gun law is passed, designating the people turn in their weapons.


This Awareness indicates that it could be any time from later in 1993 to approximately 1996. By 1996, it is intended by these planners that this country be well under control with guns removed and masses branded and implanted with identi-chips.

This Awareness indicates that to take these guns, they realize that many of their agents will be killed in the process of raiding homes for weapons, and for this reason, they have selected to use the gang members as front-line cannon fodder, to use these entities to go into the homes while their paid agents of the SWAT teams wait outside. And these entities who enter into the homes have permission to shoot and kill, to loot, to steal, to take anything they wish from the home, as their payment for their job being done.

What these entities do not yet know is that as they round up the patriots and loot their homes, when all of these patriots have been rounded up, they themselves also have their name on the list of those entities to be exterminated, for these entities are also seen as undesirables in the New World Order and they are not seen as having a place in the New World Order, so when their usefulness has been completed and they have done their dirty deeds, then they too will be exterminated.

This Awareness indicates that this essentially is the nuts and bolts of the plan to round up patriots and to get rid of opinion leaders and anyone who might be in opposition to the New World Order.

Neighbors Will be Told It's a Drug Raid

In front of the home being raided, a helicopter will come down, pick up all persons in the family and take off, and go to one of the many prisons, or prison camps in the country, depositing these entities inside, and then returning again to the next town or city, where homes are being attacked.

This Awareness indicates the Waco situation was more or less a practice for this, a dry run for this operation. Considering it was a fortified building, it was perceived as being a good test, to see how well it could be carried out and how well it could be done without giving the appearance of something sinister or something illegal being perpetrated by the government.

The idea of the attack on the homes will be promoted as part of the drug enforcement program, and those patriots will be called drug dealers, and the neighbors will be told that it was a drug sweep in their community, whereby the entities were involved in drug dealing and thus, were taken away as part of the drug enforcement program.

Guillotines From France Going to U.S. Prison Camps

This Awareness indicates that some time back, a ship unloading cargo in San Francisco dropped a bundle of crates, and workers on the dock were shocked to see that those crates contained guillotines. The overseer of the unloading, when asked about the guillotines, simply replied, "Get out of here! Forget you ever saw that!"

This Awareness indicates that particular load of guillotines was heading to some of the many different prisons, concentration camps that have already been established. The state of Oregon having a concentration camp with guillotines in the areas of Christmas Valley.


This Awareness indicates that these guillotines were shipped from France as part of an extermination program for the future.

Closed Military Bases Being Converted to Prisons

This Awareness indicates that you are familiar with the recent closure of some hundred and seventy-nine military bases. Many are led to believe that this is intended to save money, and many of these bases were originally state-owned property, but the bases are being closed for military purposes and still held open by federal control and agencies. The purpose being to convert them into prisons and concentration camps.

Friends and Relatives May Also be Taken to Camps

This Awareness indicates that these will take a minimum of approximately four to six months to be converted, which will allow that much time before this operation could begin.


This Awareness indicates that it may be longer before such an operation of picking up the patriots of the country and taking them to the concentration camps actually occurs. When it does occur, the friends and relatives of the patriots are also likely to be taken so that no one is left to tell what happened.

This is patterned in part after the manner by which Russia was taken over during the Russian Revolution so that there were few who could or dared to speak of what really occurred in the Russian Revolution.

Identi-Chip to be Implanted by Needle

This Awareness indicates that the identi-chip that will be implanted in the hand or forehead of entities will be implanted with a syringe or needle. It is so small that it can pass through a needle used for injection into the hand or into the forehead. The reason for the right hand or forehead being used is not to match with the prophecies of the Book of Revelation, but because the right hand and the forehead are areas of the body that can be used with a scanner and also which have sufficient heat to keep the tiny lithium batteries of the identi-chip charged up.

This Awareness indicates these lithium batteries are activated with a certain heat level, which the hand and forehead can deliver.


This Awareness indicates that the identi-chip is capable of holding almost a half million bytes of information and will record and give back information on everything an entity does from birth through death, including whatever the entity buys, whatever the entity reads, or purchases to read, so that at any time, the identi-chip can be used to monitor the inner secrets of an individual

This Awareness indicates that this is not the same thing as the Mark of the Beast, although it well could be. The so-called Mark of the Beast will be a kind of product code symbol as used on products with the lines of code. This is a kind of brand on the people, wherein each will be individualized with just enough information to identify the entity, at any of the more common screening devices.

This Awareness indicates that this is the so-called Mark of the Beast and the identi-chip is a far more sophisticated device that can be used to give detailed information on all levels about the individual. This Awareness indicates that along with this, there is another consideration that entities need to be aware of.

Sinister Electronics Put in All Cars Since 1987

There will be an effort to get rid of all cars prior to 1987, because at that time, in some cases prior to 1987, the automobiles were being equipped with computers in their electronic systems that contained far more than is necessary for running the car.


This Awareness indicates if you notice, the earlier electronic ignition systems were quite small, approximately the size of an old battery, approximately one inch by four inches square, whereas the new electronic ignition systems have grown larger and larger as time has passed, and you will also realize that most electronic instruments tend to become smaller and smaller as time passes.

The reason the electronic ignitions system has grown larger over the years instead of smaller, is because more and more information, more and more components have been put into this, as material or technology, to read and control and be used for monitoring not only the car, but also who the owner is and to affect the automobile at some future time.

Satellites Can Stop All Automobiles Dead in Their Tracks

This is in reference to certain electronic devices that can be put along the highway to read these electronic components in your automobile, so as to know whose automobile is where at any particular or given time, its speed, and also this device can be used by satellite systems to shut off all automobiles in a particular area, so that they all cease to function at once in a particular area, simply by the satellite sending out a signal that corresponds to your electronic components in your automobile.

This Awareness indicates that in other words, whereas entities can be forced into poverty situations by having gasoline cut off, they can also be put into similar crisis levels, simply having their automobile made ineffective, and an entire economy of a city can be stifled instantaneously from the flip of a switch or signal to a satellite overhead, which in turn shuts off all of the automobiles down below.

This Awareness indicates that it is all part of the so called "All-Seeing Eye," wherein there is not only the seeing of the eye, but also the control of the masses by that all-seeing eye.


This Awareness indicates that most entities thinking of the all-seeing eye on the design of the pyramid on U.S. money think it represents God, but instead it represents the all-seeing eye of the organizational structure on earth, which has been called by many names, and which consists of many groups; everything from Masonry through the Illuminati, and is perceived by the Christians, the fundamentalist Christians in particular, as the Satanic hierarchy.

The Satanic Hierarchy Includes Many New Age Groups

This Awareness indicates that the Satanic hierarchy, of course, includes most New Age organizations, according to the Christian perception, and in some cases this is more or less correct, if you accept the labels used by these fundamentalist Christians. They tend to label everything that is not part of their own accepted or selected group as being Satanic, and in this sense, there is some flaws in the way they view things.


This Awareness indicates that essentially however, there is much which these entities see that can be recognized as having a basis of truth, if you do not get too caught up in terminology.


This Awareness indicates that the so-called Satanic hierarchy includes, for these entities, all of the organizations that have been linked with or tied in with the Rothschilds, the Masonic lodges and the Illuminati and its various sub-groups, and all of the Rothschild organizations or those that are controlled or influenced by the Rothschild organizations, and tend to include many of the metaphysical groups.

B'nai B'rith Rituals Work With Rothschilds

This Awareness indicates that one thing needs to be understood, that the B'nai B'rith, which has its offices very close to the Rothschild controlled bank in England, are influenced by the Rothschilds and the rituals for the various metaphysical organizations often come from the Masonic lodges and these are put together in the B'nai B'rith groups, in connection with the Rothschild influences.

This Awareness indicates that the idea being that if entities follow similar rituals, they are subconsciously controlled by those who control the rituals.


This Awareness indicates that these of course being seen by the fundamentalists as Satanic rituals, would imply that these lodges, these metaphysical groups are under the control of Satan.


This Awareness indicates that all of this may help entities to understand where the fundamentalist Christians are coming from and why they are perceived as a tremendous threat to the New World Order.

One Reason Bush Did Not Get Reelected

This Awareness indicates that the Rothschilds essentially have control over most of the political and monetary facets of the world.


This Awareness indicates that one reason why George Bush did not get reelected is because he offended the Rothschilds. He made a statement in September of '91 that he could wipe out the deficit easily, if he wanted to, and that he might do so. His means of doing it would be to stop all incoming oil products from outside the United States, thus, he would in effect, shut off British Petroleum and Arab oil and simply start using oil generated within the United States or as originating from United States sources of oil.

No doubt this would include the oil produced by Zapata Oil Company, which he once headed, and probably also his oil fields in Bahrain and the various oil fields in Texas that were shut down because it cost more than foreign oil to produce.


This Awareness indicates at any rate, the threat of cutting out British Petroleum, the BP stations, was enough to cause the Rothschilds to deny their support to Bush, and in fact, to prevent him from winning the election.

Clinton May Favor Rothschilds

This Awareness indicates that considering the entity Clinton, this entity as a Rhodes scholar and Rhodes as being promoted and backed by the Rothschilds, would suggest the entity was a person who would cooperate with the Rothschilds.


This Awareness indicates of course, the Rockefellers also have their influence on this entity, and while the Rockefellers have a kind of competition going with the Rothschilds, the Rockefeller empire is no real match for the Rothschilds.

This Awareness indicates if it comes down to a real conflict between the two, the Rothschilds have the assistance of not only those who among humans are tied in with them, they also have the Reptoids and the Greys to work with them, whereas the Rockefellers can count on some entities in the United States and also Russia and also the Nazis, to work with them.

This Awareness indicates that there may well come a time when these entities shall clash. The Rockefellers would prefer to keep the Constitution in effect, whereas the Rothschilds will attempt to destroy the United States Constitution in order to create regional governments, ten regional governments.

Coming Soon: A Bill To Spot the Traitors in Congress

This Awareness indicates that there will be in the near future, this appears to be approximately 90 percent likely, a movement or Bill to create an Amendment to the Constitution that fixes the boundaries of the states within the Constitution, so that the states, in the United States, will become part of the law, as they are presently defined, so that entities cannot change these boundaries and still abide by the Constitution, which is still the law of the land.

In doing this, it will smoke out those people in Congress and in the House of Representatives who are working toward the New World Order and the design or the effort of destroying the U.S. Constitution and creating a New States Constitution, which redefines the United States into ten regional districts.

This Awareness indicates that once it has smoked out or shown who is who in this conflict, those entities who vote for the Amendment to define the states' boundaries as part of the Constitution, will be seen as the true Americans as being loyal to their oath of office, and those who vote against this Amendment will be seen as traitors, and thus, by this kind of definition, there will come a separation of the two, so that the enemies of patriotism can be clearly defined.

This Awareness indicates it will also have the effect of causing many of those who are intimidated to support the New World Order and the New States Constitution, it will cause these entities to think twice about their loyalties to the New World Order and the New States Constitution, and many of them will change their allegiance and begin to work to restore the strength and power of the U.S. Constitution.

This Awareness indicates that the one major thing that keeps this country from being taken over, that keeps the New World Order from taking place immediately, is the fact that so many entities in the United States still carry weapons, and many of these entities are still aware of the concepts which this country has been based upon through the Constitution.

More "Crazed Gunman" Incidents To Be Staged

This Awareness indicates that there will be a concerted effort to re-educate the masses into giving less and less credibility to the U.S. Constitution and to persuade the ownership of guns is a bad thing and that the public should turn over their guns to make a more safe world.

This Awareness indicates in order to do this, they are likely to stage more situations in which entities are shot by mad and crazed gunmen. Most of those situations that have occurred have been staged by entities who were set up either through deep mind control programs or who were staged to commit these acts of violence simply because they were already susceptible to being mentally unbalanced and had someone who pushed them into that form of antisocial behavior.

By creating situations in which entities are killed by the use of guns, particularly guns with large ammunition clips that appear to be designed to accommodate the killing of many people, such as the semi-automatic handguns, the public is gradually turned away from thinking of guns as protective tools and more into thinking as violative tools and it becomes more and more desirable to rid everyone of guns, except of course for the police and for the various agencies; the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms groups and the IRS, and perhaps your state tax department, and perhaps the people who enforce welfare laws, and perhaps other agencies, as the government might see fit, when entities' arms have been taken, so that your bureaucrats carry weapons in order to enforce their positions and the tax collectors carry weapons in order to collect their taxes, and your police carry weapons in order to carry out their duties and you and your neighbors all comply, just as did the masses under Adolf Hitler.

This Awareness indicates that it might be thought-provoking to realize that one of the documents being promoted in favor of gun control which has had a popular effect in this country already, originated in the 1930s in Nazi Germany, and word for word, in translation was copied for these present times in the United States.

This Awareness indicates that you are living in very dangerous times.

This Awareness cannot tell you what you should do. It can only explain to you the circumstances and the situations in regard to what is going on, and you will need to make your own determinations.


This Awareness does wish to say however, that in regard to the identi-chip, when this begins to fail, and the lithium begins to leak out into your body, it will create boils and sores that will be extremely painful. This has been described in the Book of Revelation, wherein entities would cry out for the mountains to fall upon them.

How To Avoid the Mark of the Beast

This Awareness indicates that likewise, this Awareness wishes to point out that whereas in the Book of Revelation it speaks of those who take the Mark as losing their soul, but this Awareness suggests that the child, the individual who does not comprehend or understand or who is forced into taking the mark will not lose their soul. It becomes a matter of choice, but those who choose without understanding or those who are forced into the acceptance of this brand will still keep their soul, even though they may eventually undergo many hardships before being freed of it.

This Awareness indicates that entities may ask: "What is there for us to do to avoid all of this? How can we fight?"


This Awareness indicates obviously, you cannot buy enough weapons to defend yourself against these powerful forces, against this rule that is being forced upon the earth. There is no point in trying to fight it with weapons.

Such weapons are tools of the Dark Force.


This Awareness indicates there is one force that is more powerful than all of the weapons. That force is faith in the Divine, and as long as you hold your faith in the Divine, none of these lesser forces, the bullets, the helicopters, none of these things can truly touch you. They may rip your body, but they cannot touch you, your true self.

This Awareness indicates that it is very important for entities to develop faith and it is very important for entities to understand the power and the nature of faith.


This Awareness indicates that with proper faith you will be moved into areas of safety.


This Awareness suggests this is related to the concept of energizing. Entities are familiar with energizing something, wherein you put your faith or your energies into promoting something.


This Awareness indicates that as you pour your energies into this, you are essentially saying, "I have faith in the outcome of this."


This Awareness indicates that the more you put your energies into it, the more you demonstrate your faith in the outcome, in the purpose of your venture.

This Awareness indicates even when things become uncertain, unclear or difficult, you still pour your energies into it and you still express your faith in the outcome, knowing that the Higher Forces are looking toward this and knowing that when the Higher Forces want you to turn a different direction, you will know it is time to quit. You are not doing it out of sheer personal determination. You are doing it because you are attuned to the Higher Forces, to the Divine Forces, and in your attunement you are directed to pour your energies into it.

This Awareness indicates often there is the temptation to look at what is happening and to say, "I'm not going to hold my breath for this."


This Awareness indicates that is the time you should be saying: "I'm holding my breath that this will happen." The only reason entities say "I'm not holding my breath for this," is to let others know that they are not gullible or that they are not counting on something that seems to require a miracle, which would imply that they are above the need to have such help.

This Awareness indicates that there is nothing wrong with saying: "I'm counting on the Divine Forces. I'm holding my breath that this will happen." It is not less macho to hold your breath in anticipation for something to happen, nor is it more macho to state that you aren't holding your breath for this or that to happen.


This Awareness indicates that faith requires entities to assess and to give their trust to something higher than themselves, and if you cannot give your faith and your trust to something higher than yourself, then you have no faith other than faith in yourself, and anyone who is realistic knows that faith in yourself is limited, regardless of who you are and how great you are.

This Awareness indicates that faith in the Divine is limitless, for the Divine can create things that happen, can change things, can make things happen in nature or in circumstances that go beyond anything one can do on a personal level.

This Awareness indicates that further questions may now be asked for this reading.

How Indenti-Chips Will Be Implanted: Beast Implant Successfully Tested in New York


In order to implant the masses with these identi-chips, won't doctors have to be in on this scheme?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that this will be done in a way whereby entities perceive rewards and protection for these injections. They will be protected in that anyone who is lost or who is misidentified can prove themselves, can prove who they are with their identi-chip, and they must be made to see that this is extremely valuable.

This Awareness indicates that this would be, for example, extremely valuable if there were an invasion or a question of whether you have a right to be in this country or questions of who you really are and whether you really have any good identification or right to remain in this country.

There would also be a benefit if you could only receive payment by revealing your identi-chip. This Awareness indicates that in New York recently it was advertised that entities could receive this chip in their hand and be paid $25. This was promoted as part of a social program or social experiment.

There were only so many identi-chips to be given out at $25 each; the area by 9:00 in the morning at opening, was packed with several thousand entities ready to have the chip implanted, to get their $25.


This Awareness asks: "What would be the effect in an economic crisis if entities were told that they could receive the equivalent of a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars per person for getting this chip and that the payment would be electronically given to them through their bank and they could extract it by using this chip?"

This Awareness indicates that there are very few who would not accept this offer.

This Awareness indicates this has been mentioned in 1979 in reference to the Gathering Storm and readings related to that topic, but it is somewhat difficult in that the identi-chip will be easier to use than the credit or debit card as was previously discussed.

This Awareness indicates the debit card is likely to come first and the identi-chip to follow. It is likely that money will be taken from circulation, probably within 5 years, and the debit card introduced along with credit cards, and that after these have been accepted and entities have their various card numbers, it is likely that all cards will be merged into one card, so that entities do not have multiple credit cards, but will have only one card, and only one number, and later the argument will be: "People can steal your card! We have to have a way to mark you and your identification so that no one can steal your number and use of your good credit!", and then will be the time for the identi-chip to be made available.

Merchants will be instructed not to accept the cards after a certain date, to use only the identi-chip, and if entities do not have this, they will not be able to purchase.


This Awareness indicates that the intention of the New World Order is to have all entities in all countries using the number and all economics being centered around the number by the year 2000.

In order for this to occur, it would appear that those third-world countries would follow after the more technologically advanced countries, so it would appear that most of this effort will have been completed within three to four years before that year 2000 in those more technologically advanced countries.

How Many Will Avoid the Numbering System

This Awareness indicates that It has discussed the plan.


This Awareness indicates that It wishes also to add the practicality of this plan being carried out is much less likely and in greater likelihood you will witness two cultures: one in which the structure using this planned technology develops and grows and is implemented; at the same time a kind of sub-culture will develop in which entities come together, make things, produce things, and trade with each other without getting involved in the numbering system.

This Awareness indicates rather than entities being search out and arrested and killed for not taking the number, it is more likely that these entities will simply be ignored and treated like lepers or homeless people, treated like outcasts of society.


This Awareness indicates that whereas there may be laws that anyone not having the number is considered a criminal, and entities are intimidated into taking this number, it is also likely that instead of there being punishment inflicted on so many entities, they will look the other way and let the sub-culture develop along different lines.

This Awareness indicates this is not too unlike today's society in which there are those who are within the tax system and there are those that are outside the tax system, the so-called "underground economics."


This Awareness indicates that this is more likely to occur, so that entities are not intimidated by the threats that will be made in the early transition period.


This Awareness wanted entities to understand the more practical side, the more likely side of the situation.

This Awareness indicates it will be approximately 8 years before this entire system collapses and things move into a different direction so that the outcasts can then become part of a totally new and more free society.

Randy Weaver Acquittal and Waco Investigation: Will This Set Back the One World Planners Any? Many Patriots in Navy Know What's Going On


A number of surveys lately have shown that the average American is probably more frightened by the United States government than anything else. The other day a jury acquitted Randy Weaver of murder and stated that it was pretty obvious that he was set up by the FBI and these U.S. Marshals. Weaver's attorney Spence now wants to prosecute the Marshals and the FBI agents involved on murder charges, and he said he would do it for free!

Also, the country is demanding that this Congressional Committee that supposedly is going to investigate the Waco, Texas tragedy; they all seem to smell a rat; that there's even editorials stating the government has come down way too hard against its citizens, etc. My basic question is: Are these incidents going to set back some of the New World Order plotters, and will it raise consciousness in America high enough that people will be more aware of what these planners are doing to them?

George Bush's "Warning" and the Tailhook Scandal

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that last year, George Bush was taken by helicopter to a particular place in the Western United States, by Navy officials, and was warned to cease in his diabolical plans or he would be dealt with through impeachment proceedings as a traitor. The entity was told this with his back to the Grand Canyon, where he stood only a few feet from the cliff. He was told it in a way that was extremely intimidating to him. Upon return to the White House, the entity began weeding out various people in the Navy. This also was linked to the so-called Tailhook Scandal whereby it was used to get rid of certain individuals that the entity perceived as a threat. Within a matter of hours, many of the top officials of the Navy were removed from their offices.

This Awareness indicates that it was assumed that he had gotten rid of those who might threaten his efforts.


This Awareness indicates however, that this was only a removal of some of the entities in the higher echelons of the Navy and that there were many more in lower levels who know what is going on. The Navy, more than any other branch, is very much aware of what is occurring in the deeper conspiracy levels of government, and there are many in the Navy, through Naval intelligence, who are in communication with others in other military branches, so that if these events reach a certain point, where the Constitution is truly threatened, these military forces will not hesitate to act.

This Awareness indicates it appears that there will be many officials who change their position because they see the tide turning, and it appears that there is a considerable amount of fear among those who are promoting these traitorous efforts to subvert the Constitution, and it appears that as more people awaken and express themselves and become cognizant of what is really happening in this country, they will, rather than give up their guns, buy more guns and that the entire situation may turn around, whereby these plotters become trapped.

It appears that there are already many forces that are aware of what is occurring, who could bring out the truth publicly, but who are simply biding their time, holding back, waiting for the right time to expose the conspiracies.

"The Grail": The Most Secret of all Organizations

This Awareness indicates there is that which is the most secret of all secret organizations and is known as The Grail, and this organization is that which works closely with the Divine Forces to prevent these Dark forces from ever really reaching or holding their power on this earth.

This Awareness indicates that if you look at medieval Christianity and the interpretations or definitions given during those times, you are likely to recognize a similarity, whereby the Grey aliens in today's UFO phenomena equate to Medieval concepts of demons and demonology, and whereby the Reptoid aliens in today's UFO phenomena, correlate very closely to images and pictures and diagrams and descriptions of the so-called Devil.

This Awareness indicates that one might just as easily use these terms today to discuss these aliens in the UFO world, and they would not be too far off in having the same general philosophy as presented by the Medieval churches some 200 years ago or more.


This Awareness indicates that the introduction of certain diseases in those days by demons, creating the Black Plague, for example, could correlate very closely with the aliens of today who create AIDS and other demonic diseases.

The words change, the names change, the titles change, the places may change, but the activities remain very much the same. It is this that is meant by the old adage: "The more things change, the more things stay the same." The changes are in the names, in the places, in the faces. The same old thing occurs in the general way of events and methods of events.

This Awareness indicates for example, you hear today of people who are doubles for another person, and it all seems so new and unusual, but these things occurred far back in history, where kings and leaders had their twins, their duplicates, their doubles. It is not new, but the names for these things have changed and the faces have changed.

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