(The Three-Quarter Breed Being Created is Looking Better)
from a 1995 reading


It has no effect on the Greys and Reptoids, the fact that humans have sex?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates the Greys are more concerned about acquiring some form of sexual quality for themselves that they might rekindle their use of sex in their own race, since they are involved in reproducing themselves through the cloning action and have bred all sexual energies from themselves through countless years of cloning and re-cloning, and their sexual organs have totally atrophied over the countless generations of cloned Greys.

They do not have any real sexual qualities and they do not have any astral body which is created by the emotion and sexual energies, and therefore, they do not have souls, and spiritual life is not understood in their vocabulary or experience, and therefore, they are lacking certain qualities which make them better thinkers in some ways, and more obedient to their superiors and dedications than are humans who are often distracted by sexual or emotional lures and attachments.

This Awareness indicates that these entities have reached a point wherein they have almost wiped themselves out of existence because they cannot reproduce normally, and because their cloning repetitions have weakened them to a point of not being hardy and strong in physical qualities.

The Reason Greys Are Abducting Humans

This Awareness indicates that their reason for studying humans and for abducting humans and trying to get certain sexual activities from humans and sexual energies from humans is an effort to better understand the human sexual qualities to find something that will re-invigorate their own sexual abilities, because they know they are doomed if they do not find some way to change themselves and get back to their earlier reproductive methods.

This Awareness indicates that the Greys, of course, have turned to trying to create mutants -- half-human and half-Grey -- in an effort to re-instill sexual qualities in these mutants and that is part of their attempt. There are many different effects that they have. Many of these mutants cannot survive well because they have human emotional needs but do not have the human contact, affection and emotions that is so important to young children who are emotionally attached to family, to mother and father, and often these entities cannot survive for many years without that kind of human warmth.

This Awareness indicates, therefore, many of these half-breeds do not live to adulthood and this has been a problem for the Greys.

Three Quarters Human and One-Quarter Grey Creations

This Awareness indicates likewise, they have worked with creating three-quarter breeds wherein they are three-quarters human and one-quarter Grey. These entities are more capable of surviving, but they are also more cold and calculating in their thinking and relating. They can be quite cold-blooded and heartless and cruel, moreso than most people.

The one-quarter Grey aspect of their being gives them the capacity for being very cold and calculating and the three-quarters human gives them the ability to look like and blend with humans -- and they do not consider the humans as being ugly as do some of the half-breeds.

Many of the half-breeds look at their human parents as though they were some kind of monkey or ape in appearance and are embarrassed at seeing them.

The three-quarters human does not have this problem of feeling alienation toward his fellow human in appearance, but their consciousness is different. They would be more antisocial in the psychological term use of the word than would be the average person.

This Awareness indicates the Greys have not yet settled on a suitable form for themselves in their future culture; they are still re-cloning themselves and trying to find some kind of way by which they can bring back sexuality to their race, either through hybrid technology or through some kind of cloning or artificial intelligence by use of biogenetics and cloning methods in combination.

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