(Where Did 50,000 Sets of Testicles Go?)
from a 1993 reading


Someone by the name of Angela Douglas, out of Ormond Beach, Florida, who has a business called Artistic Creations sent a couple of unsolicited statements which have a ring of truth, but I suspect there's something here that could be fantasy also. Anyway, I'm going to run this by Awareness before I throw it out. It's called "Reptoids Involved With Sex-Change Operations." And it reads:

"Reptoid aliens were associated with sex-change surgeons in California and New York as part of an experiment by them to learn how to control the behavior of humans and are believed to have taken the testicles of the thousands of men who underwent sex-change surgery to female for unknown reasons. Over 50,000 men in America have undergone sex-change operations. Most also receive silicon implants to create artificial breasts and others had implants of silicon placed in other parts of their bodies. These could also be Reptoid implant devices. One transsexual has disclosed that one of the Reptoid aliens revealed itself to her. The Reptoid had some means to disguise itself completely as another human transsexual and was associated with the human transsexual for four years. The Reptoid had been associated with a sex change surgeon in California for many years. In addition, there is now growing suspicion that Reptoids are immune to AIDS and released AIDS to kill off most of humanity by the year 2100. At present experts say around 50 million people world wide by the year 2000 will be dead or dying from AIDS and up to a billion will have the incurable disease by 2100."

Does Awareness see any of this information as being factual?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that it appears there is some factual information in this; that it is presented in a way that makes it sound as though the Reptoids are everywhere in hospitals, however, that is simply the way the questioner has implied the information and that is totally in error.

The Reptoids generally stay out of the public sector and only work within areas that are prescribed for them as in underground laboratories and with medical personnel who are sponsored by government or corporate authority to be involved in experiments that include Reptoid participation.

This Awareness indicates that in reference to the use of the thousands of testicles; that this does appear to be an area which would be used by Reptoids in their experiments.

In reference to the concept of AIDS killing off a billion people within one or two decades; this does not appear to be of any real accuracy or correctness.

AIDS and TB to Increase

It appears rather that the number would be greater, for within one or two decades, a billion or more people will be added to the population, so that even if one billion were killed off by AIDS, the population would remain basically the same or grow even more.


This Awareness indicates that it appears that if the plan is to kill off one billion people through AIDS then it appears there would be some other program to kill even more through some different disease. Perhaps through the TB or through a different kind of AIDS.

This Awareness indicates there are seen projects that would use tuberculosis, whereby the TB could be spread through breath, with a greater and more difficult strain that is nearly incurable to create an epidemic.


This Awareness indicates that recently, there was a case of bubonic plague in Arizona, that there has been reportedly a new strain of AIDS coming out of Hong Kong that is spread by breath through airborne germs.


This Awareness indicates that these may be new attempts to increase the death rates to bring down the population, even faster than anticipated with the present AIDS project of the Global 2000 program.

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