(Did the Reptoids Create the AIDS Virus?)
from a 1993 reading


She enclosed something else I'd like to check out. She says:


"A Reptoid who has rebelled against his Reptoid masters has revealed that many Reptoids are disguised as humans and is exposing the Reptoid plot to kill off as many humans by AIDS as well as reduce the number of humans born by promoting homosexuality, lesbianism and abortion in hopes that fewer humans would be born, but resistance to homosexuality, lesbianism and abortion by most humans forced the Reptoids to create the AIDS virus and release it to kill as many humans as possible and also scare humans from having sex. That's helping to lower the birth rate as well."

Does Awareness see any truth at all to that statement?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that this appears to be based on some kind of presumption on the part of entities who are involved in research without real data. It appears that much of the basis for this has no substance, but that the entity has gotten her information from elsewhere and did not make up the information herself, and it appears also that there Is a certain degree of truth, though it was not based on evidence or factual data obtained from any source. It is more like speculation that happens to be relatively accurate.

This Awareness indicates that the questionable area as that which relates to the Reptoids creating the AIDS virus, if that was the implication, for it does not appear that this was created by the Reptoids. It appears in fact that the AIDS virus was created by humans and that the Reptoids could actually be harmed by the AIDS virus in the event they were to participate in the ingestion of contaminated blood.



In relation to abortion, is there any connection with Reptoids and the promotion of abortion?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that this appears to be in the negative.


This Awareness suggests that the Reptoids, working with their Grey counterparts, the Zeta Reticuli, have their own programs and agenda for gathering fetuses and children, as has been discussed before, through the abduction process and the breeders.


This Awareness indicates the term "breeder" is a term the aliens use to describe women who are used for breeding children. These women do not actually give birth, as the children are taken after three months in the womb and are then raised outside the womb in a kind of incubator.


This Awareness indicates that these aliens use different women for this, and the woman can produce many children each year for them. The child simply disappearing after two or three months in the womb. There have been cases wherein the woman, being pregnant, would go to her doctor and discover that she was no longer pregnant; that the fetus was totally gone from her.

These programs for bringing children into the world for alien use as being conducted in part by a kind of joint venture between the Zeta Reticuli and their Reptoid masters. The purpose being to produce half-breeds or mutants. These mutants will eventually be brought to the surface of the Earth to mix with humans, but this could be many years away.

It would be likened unto a time when the Neanderthal and the Homo-Erectus walked the Earth together, or the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal worked together until the New Being took its full place on the Earth as the New Creation.

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