(They Enjoy Experiencing Human Passions and Emotions)
from a 1993 reading


Another question from D.C.

"Awareness stated these insectoid and Reptoid space aliens do not believe in souls or a Higher Self because they have a shriveled subconscious which disconnects any connection with the Higher Self. Then how is it that they know so much about souls that they are able to create Robotoids or synthetics or walk-ins, as mentioned in issue 90-13? They must know a great deal about souls to do all this stuff. If these aliens can dematerialize their physical bodies and then move themselves into someone else's body it surprises me that they don't believe in souls or higher levels in the astral world. Don't these aliens explore the astral world when they are out of their bodies and if so, what do they see or think they see?" (There are a number of questions here).

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that it is not that the entities do not believe in souls, it is more that they do not believe in the Divinity of souls or of entities, and they see the etheric body and the astral bodies as being substances that can be manipulated.


Humans refer to these etheric bodies as souls, the astral body being connected in some way to the soul, and these entities see these as but electric frequencies that are part of the physical body, and they themselves, having long ago forced, through genetics and through their experiences and evolution, have had their astral bodies atrophied, their etheric bodies also lacking. It is that they themselves do not believe in or understand the soul because they do not have it in their own genetic cloning.


This Awareness indicates that the entities are aware of the actions of transplanting energies of one being to another through the aspects of soul transplant or whatever it may be termed; the electric body transplants; they are aware of humans having a certain quality that they lack and therefore, when it becomes possible for them to themselves enter into a human body, it is as a walk-in for example.

Reptoids Do Have Emotions and Astral Bodies, Greys Do Not

It is an experience for them unlike that of their own experience and they enjoy it. They enjoy having emotion and passions which are totally alien to them in their own form.


This Awareness did not discuss this aspect in regard to Reptoids. Reptoids have emotions and have astral bodies. It is only the clones, the Greys that this Awareness was referring to, that was limited in this regard. It is that they do not believe in the soul for themselves as being able to reincarnate and carry on an identity, although they have, through their experimentation with humans, discovered many new things. It is an intriguing factor for them to experiment with humans and to research the human concept of spirituality.

This whole area being unique to them because they have in the past evolved and, through genetic engineering, eliminated these qualities from their own species, only to discover that in attempting to make themselves purely intellectual, they have wiped out the part of themselves that would allow the species to continue.

As has been indicated, they are a dying race because they have wiped out the reproductive abilities, passion and emotions, which accompany reproduction, and which are necessary for reproduction, to the point where their own reproductive organs have atrophied and disappeared and are no longer available except for a few very odd or very rare instances in terms of the Reticuli.

This Awareness indicates that the effort of the Reticuli at first was to see whether they could, by using human experiments in terms of sex, in terms of sperms, eggs and so forth, and in terms of emotional, glandular substances, re-instill within themselves those qualities, passions, feelings, emotions, that had been genetically removed from them some half billion years ago, but they have found it is not working and therefore, they have focused on the project of the half-breeds, using human eggs and mixing this with Reptilian sperm.

This Awareness indicates that this has become their main focus in the past 15 years. They still carry on some experiments in regard to cloning and genetic engineering in an effort to keep their own species going using glandular substances from humans.

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