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One last question on this. We've received a lot of questions on this. This one from J.A., Fayetteville, Arkansas, based on previous information we've published. He asks:

"In regard to the Jupiter scenario, it seems the obvious question that nobody seems to have asked is: If the government has sent the Galileo full of plutonium to wipe out the Reptoid space ships when they get to Jupiter, wouldn't the Reptoids know about it and have a defense prepared? These Reptoids are supposed to be super-intelligent and ultra-high tech. Wouldn't they be quite capable of detecting the plan and taking measures to prevent it?"

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates again, the planetoid was filled with frozen or what you may call "cryonic" type entities who were being prepared to thaw, while circling Jupiter prior to the continuance toward earth, but because there was the interference with the guidance system caused by certain help from those friendly Greys who work with the U.S. government, the craft crashed into Jupiter along with the following crafts, so that instead of circling the planet and thawing, they simply followed each other into the planet and crashed.

This Awareness indicates that during their stupor, sleep or slow thawing process, they were not able to think about what to do. They were simply being guided mechanically and electronically by devices aboard the ships, particularly the leading ship.


So these 40 million Reptoid soldiers were destroyed and this lessens the chance that the earth will be invaded. Is that correct?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that these Reptoids crashed into the gaseous fields of Jupiter and much of the gas appears to have created light reflections, not necessarily flame, and swallowed up the ships.


This Awareness does not see that all the entities within these ships were destroyed as yet, but rather that the ships are entrapped in the gases of Jupiter, and the Reptoids inside are still in some cases alive, in other cases dead, but It does not see any possibility of these entities escaping from the ships because the ships are heavier than the gases and therefore, will not surface, and the entities within the ships are not seen as capable of surviving outside of the ships. Therefore, it appears that these entities are either dead or will eventually die within the ships and will not escape from the Jupiter gases.


This Awareness indicates in this sense, the potential of an alien Reptoid takeover of the earth is greatly diminished, though there are still many here on earth. The main force that was to have been a deciding factor did not show and those who are the forerunners may find themselves stranded and without any help. The potential for future control is 95% lost to them.


This Awareness indicates that this is a great setback for the New World Order, for the New World Order was a plan by and for the Reptoids, and it would have benefited greatly had the Reptoids made their invasion on earth. It would have led to the need for a New World Order.

This Awareness indicates it is seen that a faction in the military countered the intentions and plans of the New World Order in stopping the Reptoids in their invasion plans.


This Awareness indicates that Element 115 was used in the craft that approached Jupiter and caused the guidance system to fail, and it appears to have been piloted by several small Greys who have determined that humans are easier to work with than Reptoids and who wanted to have their security aligned with humans on earth rather than with Reptoids, for whom they have previously worked as subjugated mercenaries.

Thus Awareness indicates the Reptoids on earth presently are individually powerful, but do not have great numbers to be able to conquer humanity, and therefore, their threat is highly diminished.

ED's Note: For more on the Reptoid scenario, please refer to issues 91-14, Meteor Heading for Earth Guided by UFO Invaders: the Coming of the Reptoids; 92-04, The Coming of Nemesis the Dark Star and the 40 Million Reptoid Army with their Plan to Invade and Conquer the Earth; $3.00 each from CAC.

ED's comment: The information just given in this reading should have many far-reaching effects. Those who have been beseeching the Pleiadians and others in the galaxy to intercede on behalf of earth and those who have been whining and bemoaning why this has not occurred, can now find more constructive things to do; perhaps like doing something to clean up the miserable conditions here on earth, cleaning out those traitors in government, getting organized into some kind of movement with the clout to get something done.


As Awareness just indicated, this happening on Jupiter is a tremendous setback for the New World Order. Perhaps the earth has been delivered from the Beast. And let's hear it for that secret branch of our military who has brought off this incredible victory! Now, if they can remove a threat like the Reptoid invasion of earth, let's energize them creating a coup in our government, taking it over long enough to kick all the traitors out, letting the public know the full story and record of their treasonous acts, including Bill Clinton, George Bush and Ronald Reagan and put them all on public trial and let the people decide what to do with them.


Perhaps then a new breed of enlightened people will become stewards of our country and lead us out of the quagmire of darkness it has become and into the light of the New Age and the New Dimension.

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