Those Reptoids

Trapped inside Jupiter
from a 1994 reading


This Awareness indicates that in regard to the Reptoids that were destined for earth, these have been accepted by the planet Jupiter as previously indicated. Those who remain there are more or less entrapped. They are still living and are not suffering from their experience there. They have undergone a mutation to allow them to adapt to the environment of Jupiter. It does not appear that they will be a threat to this galaxy, at least for several centuries.


This Awareness indicates more likely, at least a millennium.

This Awareness indicates that this will allow many of the alien Greys to free themselves from the control of the Draconian Reptoids so that they can pursue a new direction and purpose, not under the influence of the Draconian Reptoids.

Future On Earth Looks Much Brighter

This Awareness indicates that this essentially is the information this Awareness wished to give in regard to the updates on several situations.

This Awareness indicates that the future looks much brighter for entities on earth now than it has for many years. The year of 1995 appears to be one of great changes, but the changes appear to be for the better.

There will continue to be exposes of corruption, and these exposes will help to bring about an improvement in the situation on earth. It appears that there will be a continued diminishing of crime. The crime rates actually have been reduced considerably.

There will still be efforts to take guns from people so that people can be more easily controlled, but there is also a growing recognition that the efforts to move this country toward a U.N.-controlled nation are not as much for the good of humanity as for the ambitions of the world rulers, and therefore, there will be continued growing of the resistance to the New World Order, and those who stand by the New World Order and its programs will find themselves becoming more and more alienated from the masses of humanity.

This Awareness indicates that in general, greater exposes -- and more resistance to these forces that would subjugate humanity under the powers of the super wealthy -- are to be expected in the coming years. Gradually, the people awakening to these negative forces, will overcome and defuse them.

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