(It Has Asked the Greys and Reptoids to Cease Memory Blocking)
from a 1994 reading


R.R. in Colorado, the entity whose questions started this reading, has one other subject. I'll read his statement as there are several questions in it, and then go back if Awareness requests. He writes:

"My other question concerns CSETI, an organization started by Dr. Steven Greer, an emergency room physician from Asheville, North Carolina. Some of the precepts of Greer and CSETI are enclosed in the material accompanying this letter. Basically, we do not assume hostility on the part of any alien visitors. We take a position of citizen diplomats and encourage communication. We see these visitors, irrespective of their apparent agenda, as being created by the Great Creator -- All-That-Is --just like we were originally. We don't want to be prejudiced or xenophobic as we see too much of that within humanity as it is.


Yet some of the scary information that Awareness has published in the past years seems to want to create just these kinds of problems. After reading some of the Cosmic Awareness alien information, one wants to take a gun into the field when we see a UFO. This is the opposite of the CSETI approach even though many of our members are contacteés and abductees and have had "bad things" done to us. The opportunity to overcome our feats and embrace the unknown (intelligently) and say "hello" to these visitors seems to me to have a nobility of purpose lacking in so many of the UFO and abductee groups. It is from this position that I would ask Awareness to remove from public view the fear-raising advertisement that CAC runs in so many publications. I have mentioned this to Avaton before. I feel that it's right to be made aware and alert to the visitors, but to promote fear around an issue that could be tremendously mind-expanding and help to integrate us into the larger universe, is not quite right.

So my questions to Awareness are:

  • Is CSETI on the right track in our efforts and our understanding?

  • Do you see the organization growing into a large movement that is beneficial to humanity?

  • Do you see that our genuine communication efforts with ET will have any effect on the way the visitors are treating us? We have asked the general ET community to stop using mind control and memory blocking mechanisms so that we who think we're ready can remember and integrate the experiences, not be haunted by strange fears and neuroses.

  • So far the secret government agencies that are involved in this know about CSETI but have a 'hands off' policy. Could we be helping them in some way like possibly positive publicity? I suspect some sort of disinformation to come out publicly to counter CSETI's positive citizen-activist-diplomat approach, but so far there have only been petty and minor disputes from the established UFO-abduction fear-based people we suspect of being on some secret payroll.

Ed's Note: The CAC ad that the entity is referring to concerns an illustration of a Reptoid swallowing a struggling human, with this caption "Learn the Real Truth About the Aliens!" We run the ad because too many people, like this entity asking these questions, believe that the aliens abducting all these citizens are just "good little guys" and that the abduction experience is something blessed and "spiritual" -- remarkable bull put out by many of the "space brothers" followers, but unfortunately something that is believed by many entities. (We will be glad to change the ad if the entity can come up with something better.)

And that basically is his statement. Would Awareness comment on that please?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that it would appear this entity has not been around long enough to remember that for approximately 30 years or more, everyone in the UFO community assumed that these UFO beings were benevolent "Space Brothers," here to help humans in their spiritual development.

It appears that the entity was not around when almost every UFO group was trying to get other people to recognize the wonder of the new era in which space brothers would come to earth to rescue mankind from his own annihilation.

It appears this entity was not around when everyone assumed that space brothers were a form of Angelic beings sent here by God to help raise the spiritual evolution of humanity and to prevent nuclear annihilation.

This Awareness indicates that it was only in the last decade that entities began to question whether these space beings were friendly or hostile creatures. It was only in the last decade that the government discovered that these space beings were actually not only mutilating cattle but also humans.

This Awareness indicates it was only in the last few years that entities began to remember some of the horrors they had witnessed after being abducted by space beings. Therefore, this entity is assuming that he is presenting some kind of new approach to the aliens that has not been thought of yet.

This Awareness indicates that to do so is to ignore the facts that have recently been uncovered in regard to these aliens who have been mutilating humans and who have implanted them with tracking devices and other forms of implants, who have created genetic hybrids in the laboratories of parts from humans, animals, and have a menagerie of monstrous creatures in the underground bases from the genetic experiments on humans.

The entities who are finally coming forward to talk about having been picked up, having eggs taken on a monthly basis, having witnessed the purpose and reasons for their abductions, the entities who have been taken to those underground prisons where humans are held in cages for the various breeders' experiments, and for body parts to use in genetic operations; these entities, having recently come forward, are finally leaving information to humans about the visitors and their purpose and agenda.

This entity would ask that maybe we should simply be nice to them, in the same way that the Indians were nice to Cortez, when he came to South America, and treat him like a god, and maybe they will in turn be nice to us.


This Awareness indicates there is a certain naiveté in this entity's approach that is rather cute.


This Awareness wishes this entity lots of luck if he ever gets the opportunity to meet face to face with a Reptoid, or a hostile Grey. Maybe he can place a kiss on the entity's mouth and become good friends.

Most U.S. Government Agencies Are Under Alien Control

This Awareness wishes, however, that other entities who are more realistic to be careful.


This Awareness indicates the reason that government agencies are taking a "hands off" policy toward this organization is because most of the government agencies are under the ultimate control of these aliens and want to cooperate with them in leading the masses of people into a world that is dominated by the aliens, where they hope they themselves can be part of the establishment that is set up on this earth by these aliens.

This Awareness indicates that the MJ-12 group that seeks to cooperate with the aliens in their takeover of the planet earth will be most pleased about the organization that promotes the aliens as being wonderful space brethren who are here for the purpose of serving humanity.


This Awareness indicates the part of MJ-12 that would like to warn the masses of the dangers will be most concerned at such teachings, and will perhaps wonder if the organization is somehow created by MJ-12 majorities to mislead the masses into an attitude of welcoming the invaders as was depicted in the "V" miniseries on television in the early '80s.

This Awareness indicates that there are many entities, who, down through history, have assumed that they can simply walk up to a beast, a tyrant, a killer, or an army of savages or Mongols or ruthless creatures, and by petting the kitty or petting the beast or feeding the savage, or giving a smile to the barbarian, tame the creature, and thus become friends, and perhaps even learn to play checkers or chess together with the creature.

But history is filled with these entities having good intentions and belief in stroking the beast, who have been devoured, slain, burned at the stake, put into the pot of hot water, served as a meal, or otherwise destroyed for being such naive and innocent creatures.

This Awareness wishes entities to be realistic, to be gentle when they can be gentle, to work toward peace, but to be realistic, and not walk into a gun battle or a battle between tanks or battles between barbarians, thinking that you can simply lift your hands and say "Peace be among you," for these things are not practical and are not likely to work.

This Awareness indicates that this is true even moreso in these times when the barbarian type of consciousness would as soon flatten you as look at you, as if you were nothing more than a bug.

This Awareness indicates the entity Gandhi would never have been known or recognized as a peacemaker or as a pacifist had his territory been that of Nazi Germany. He was only successful in his methods in India, because he dealt with British and American influences. The American influences being the press, and the British having a conscience in regard to how they were perceived by the world.

Had he been in Nazi Germany, he would never have gotten started before being eliminated. There would have been no room for the American press to present his position to the world. He would have simply been eliminated without any record.


This Awareness indicates that entities need to be realistic in regard to who and what they are dealing with.

This Awareness indicates that some of the Zeta Greys are less dangerous to humans than are others, but this Awareness suggests that the Reptoids as a general rule are nearly all extremely dangerous to humans, and anyone who wants to try to negotiate a peace with these entities is quite likely to end up in pieces, perhaps being chopped up for a meal, or just chopped up and discarded.

This Awareness indicates these entities do not have any respect for friendly humans. They are not the least bit frightened by humans, so they do not feel relieved when a human smiles at them, any more than you would feel relieved if a mouse smiled at you.

The entity assumes apparently that these aliens are afraid of people and that if you are loving toward them, they will be loving in return. That may be true, if they are indeed afraid of people, but this Awareness indicates this does not fit into the premise of reality.

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