(More on the Underground Deros as Demented Greys)
from a 1994 reading


Was the so-called "Black Death" in particular caused by aliens?

COSMIC Awareness:

This is in the affirmative.


This Awareness indicates that what in Medieval times were termed demons, and what many of the Christian faith considered to be demons, are in fact what entities refer today to as extraterrestrial aliens. The Greys from Zeta Reticuli today are not precisely the same invaders as those of the Medieval times. The Medieval aliens were both Reptoid and also of the Grey community that now is underground and known as the Deros. The Deros underground are demented forms of Zeta Greys, which have been here for many thousands of years, living underground to avoid sunlight and to avoid communication with humans except on those occasions where they seek to make contact for one reason or another.

Demons, Trolls, Leprechauns, Gnomes, and Fairies

These entities were also referred to in past literature as trolls, sometimes as gnomes and sometimes as demons or devils.


This Awareness indicates the Reptoids generally also kept out of sight. They were seen more often in areas of Europe than in other parts of the world. They lived in Dragon Holes, which were essentially well-like holes in the ground, going down into the ground, and from there into tunnels.

This Awareness indicates the next question be asked.


Awareness just answered it. "Could Awareness identify the kinds of aliens responsible for those plagues?" His next one is:


"Could Awareness give us the real reasons behind their acts of spreading the plague?"

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that this was basically to keep the population down to a level which would allow them to feel secure in terms of their livelihood on earth, where they would be able to regulate the population for their future agenda.


This Awareness indicates that there is a certain timing where the Reptoids' base or planet returns to the earth on a regular basis, and if mankind overpopulated the earth beyond a level that could be conquered, these entities would have failed their mission.

The idea was that they would return and then eventually destroy most of the population and gather much of the population for their own purposes and also set up "God's Kingdom" on earth. These entities seeing themselves as gods, thought that they could set up their own kingdom on earth. They believe themselves to be the creators of mankind, and therefore, its owner.

This Awareness indicates that much of this is reflected in the Sitchin books, particularly "The Twelfth Planet."


This Awareness indicates the Bramley book, "The Gods of Eden" is essentially correct in its evaluation of these entities during the time of the great plague.




The reference where the phenomenon he referred to of "frightening humanoid figures dressed in black, often seen on the outskirts of the town or village, which would signal the outbreak of an epidemic almost immediately": Were these the aliens wearing civilian clothes?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative, that this also as an earlier version of the so-called Men in Black. These were entities who were able to transport themselves across time and investigate and relate to humans through the appearance of being human.

They could hold a particular shape and form for a limited amount of time before going back into their true shape.


This Awareness indicates that this relates to alternate vibratory rates, or Delta and Theta consciousness levels, where these entities come out of certain dimensions into your human dimension, and they will take on the human form long enough to relate to humans.

Then they flip back into their other dimension. These are the higher or more developed beings, or in UFOlogy terms, these are the Men in Black.

This Awareness indicates that the Bible has a language reflective of a different culture than your present culture, and it describes things in different words than would currently describe the same thing.


This Awareness indicates that in Biblical terminology, and in some churches which still use the same language, there is talk of "demons."

In modern terminology, these demons are what entities would refer to as aliens. In other cultures, they might be called by other names such as trolls, leprechauns, or the various names that different cultures assign to those beings that appear to be supernatural. The Indians have seen them. The Orientals have their own words for these entities.

The British Isles were particularly aware of these different entities. They would refer to some as fairies or as gnomes or trolls or by other names.


This Awareness indicates all cultures and countries have their stories of the little people, the strange people -- the people who are not the same as humans.

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