from a 1994 reading


In regard to the Reptoid ships that are now trapped in Jupiter, what is the chance, if any, that the Reptoids, or some other ally of these entities, will mount a rescue effort and somehow retrieve those 40 million Reptoid soldiers trapped within Jupiter, and then continue on toward earth as planned?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that this is not impossible, but it is relatively unlikely.


This Awareness indicates that they are not that compassionate toward their own to risk too much in order to save them, and the operation could not occur in a short time. It would require enormous effort to duplicate, or to bring about a structure large enough to remove these entities.

This Awareness indicates that the ship carrying these entities, having been broken apart in its maneuvering, is not an ordinary type of cryogenics, for these entities were preserved in a kind of frozen plasma, much like the plasma that makes up Jupiter in its chemical compound or gases.

This Awareness indicates that it would therefore be possible for some highly evolved technical forces to enter into that Jovian gas to help rescue the entities, if those entities remain in a kind of suspended animation without suffering from the effects of their present environment.


This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that too many of these entities can survive for very long, and it does not appear that there is another craft close enough to rescue these entities before they have expired.

This Awareness indicates it is seen as an extremely ill-conceived plan put together, too far away to be practical, and they did not consider the many potential effects that might disrupt this plan. The best laid plans of Reptoids and men can easily go astray. In this case, the Reptoids made the plan years ago, set their course from Draco and did not prepare for interference from other influences that might interrupt the plans

This Awareness indicates that it appears the interrupting force that threw these entities off course -- it is not clear if this was with the help of Greys or with the help of some other extraterrestrial force such as the Pleiadians, Lyraians, Vegans or Arcturians.


This Awareness previously saw this as Greys helping to stop these entities, but it appears it may have well been one of the other groups who are officially at war with the Draconians, the Reptoids.


How big a dent would the loss of 40 million soldiers put in the Draconian military plans?

COSMIC Awareness:

Enough to forestall any future efforts by at least 50 years, and more likely, at least a hundred years, if they indeed put forth the will and desire to proceed again.

This Awareness indicates that this particular planet in this area of the galaxy is located and situated in such a position as to be somewhat strategic for war purposes. The Arcturians, Vegans, Pleiadians and those from Lyra all recognize this area as strategic for control of this sector of the galaxy because there are not many planets in this particular area that are as rich in minerals and water as is the earth.

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