from a 1994 reading


On Friday night of September 5th, there was an earthquake recorded at about 4.0 on the scale, here in Washington state, centered near Enumclaw, and Marc T. called me and said that he had heard on one of the stations, probably a radio station, that at that time, there were loud booms and lights in the sky reported all over Oregon, and the media explained this away as "asteroids breaking up." Does Awareness see any chance of that being that wayward asteroid loaded with Reptoids that was heading to earth?

ED's Note: Later, on Sept. 26, the TV said hundreds in Oregon reported loud booms and strange lights in the sky over a period of several hours; one reported a "space ship" and others reported "meteor-like lights streaking in the sky."

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that this appears to be in the affirmative; that it appears this as being the asteroid referred to by this Awareness as having occurred last week. It appears it was earlier than last week; that the earth days are so fast that this did not seem to be that far back in time.

This Awareness indicates that this apparently was several days earlier than this Awareness indicated. It appears it was not the entire asteroid, but a part that broke off from the larger asteroid when it was deflected from its course, and that this part also was blown into smaller parts.

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