(Are TV Programs About Aliens Designed to Alert the Public?)
CAC Reading, May 4, 1994


A question from G.K., Gresham, Oregon. She writes:

"In practically every newsletter and magazine that deals with the Pleiadians I have received this year, it is being said that the Pleiadians are planning to land in 1994. The most recent was in "Connecting Link"; that they have met with the major nations' governments and the result of that contact was that a meeting has been approved between them and will take place during 1994.

If this is true, it could explain why mass consciousness is being bombarded right now with media-hype and television movies concerning UFOs and extraterrestrials, to prepare the masses. If true, it could also upset the apple cart, so to speak, in the plans for the false rapture and invasion. I feel the Light Forces have been working toward this for quite some time. Now it hopes to do just exactly that! Is this true, and just what exactly does Cosmic Awareness see as the outcome?"

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that there are many things happening at this time, where the Light Forces have suddenly begun to express themselves. This is happening not only in relation to extraterrestrials, but also on earth as has been given in the last several weeks.

This Awareness indicates that it is a time in which the Forces of Darkness are being put on the spot, under the spotlight and will have to account for their behavior and actions.


This Awareness indicates that in regard to the Pleiadians, Vegans, Arcturans and Sirius forces, all of which are allies with each other; these entities have long held back and watched for fear that they might interfere with the Prime Directive which they follow and which has been stated in the Star Trek series as interfering with a planet's own culture and evolutionary interests.

They do not wish to interfere with the wishes of a people on a planet. They have held back because the leaders on earth have up to this time not been open or receptive to speaking with or holding discussions about aligning with the Pleiadians and their allies.

The Greys and the Reptoids had their own agenda for earth and made certain contacts and contracts with earth leaders. lt was only in the past few months that the forces from the allied groups became aware of the discrepancy between the leaders of the world's nations and the people of the world, where they realized that the leaders of many of these nations were working not as representatives of the people but as manipulators of their own people, and that they were working to manipulate on behalf of the Greys and the Reptoids.

This allowed them to take a new look at the rules to which they adhere in regard to that which is called the Prime Directive of non-interference. They realized that they not only had a right to interfere, but an obligation when the leaders of countries are manipulating the masses rather than representing the masses.

This Awareness indicates that it is for this reason that these entities are making strong moves at this time, to make their presence known and to give the people of the world great choice, a greater chance for throwing off the yoke of oppression.

The Light groups in general are outspoken about wanting these Light Beings to intervene in earth affairs and this has served to further substantiate the recent realizations that the leaders have not been working on behalf of the people, but have been trying to manipulate the people for an alien power.

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