(Don't Ask a Dinoid or Reptoid for a Lift)
from a 1995 reading


Another question from this entity T.S.


"Is it possible that since Sheldon is predicting the simultaneous landing of 15.5 million ships to be boarded by God-knows-how-many-humans; could this whole scenario possibly be a subtle but carefully orchestrated and complex set-up for the False Rapture Awareness has spoken of?"

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that this does not appear to be the plan. It is not seen that these entities are to take humans off this plane. It is seen rather that they are to come and prepare humans on earth for the movement into the Photon Belt, and that they would remain on earth as it moved through the null zone and into the Photon Belt.

This Awareness indicates that if, indeed, it should change to where they are offering to take people off the planet, then entities would need to be cautious and thoughtful about whether to go or stay, particularly if the entities piloting or directing the ships were non-human.

It is not to say that humans are so trustworthy, but they are more trustworthy than Reptoids or Dinoids or other non-human beings when it comes to taking humans for a ride.


The last of this entity's questions:


"Nidle's fascination with space first began with an intense interest with the Comet Wilson. He never says what the Comet Wilson is however. Can Awareness comment?"

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that it appears the entity was concerned quite a number of years ago about a comet, and when he began to read and study about the comet he came into some other information relating to Sirius-B in the Sirius constellation, the Sirian constellation.

This led him into other studies and the entity eventually lost interest in astronomy for a period of time, only to have it rekindled later. Near that time he began to pick up messages from Sirian diplomats, and began to get information from them which has fascinated him since.

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