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He also asks:


"Are some of us even incarnated as Greys and Reptoids now, helping to "bust their systems" to transform consciousness there?"

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that this not in the case of Greys, in reference to the Reticuli Greys.


This Awareness indicates that it appears there may be some influence from the half-breed entities who are part Grey and part human, where the human part may have some effect on the Grey part to help bust the system, but this does not even appear to be a strong force in operation.

This Awareness indicates that likewise, It does not see the incarnation of humans into reptile bodies as being a factor in the equation.


This Awareness indicates that there are half-human, half-Reptoid hybrids which may have some effect on the Reptoid population at some future time, as the human blood and spiritual energies permeates and influences the Reptoid descendants.

This Awareness indicates that this is a minor influence in comparison to the overall picture.

(Religious Growth vs. Spiritual Growth)

This Awareness indicates in general, the Light Workers' major role is that of alerting other people to become more aware of "Who, In Fact, They Really Are" in terms of their spiritual essences.

Most entities have a spiritual body, but there is very little teaching about this spiritual aspect of humans, and those religions that are set up do not stress the spiritual qualities of humans so much as garnering their beliefs toward the religion they are promoting.

They want devotion, rather than to give information to entities regarding their own spiritual worth. The exchange of devotion between religion and an individual is generally a one-way path, where the religion is not devoted so much to the enhancement of an entity's spiritual growth as it is devoted toward trying to get the entity to adhere to the religion's growth.

This Awareness indicates, therefore, the Light Worker is a different breed than the person promoting religion. The Light Worker seeks to inform the masses of their own Divinity, or the Divinity available to them through their recognition of the spiritual energy within, for as entities discover they have a spiritual energy, they begin to discover also a connection of that spiritual energy to the Divine Force that permeates all things in the universe, and as entities discover this, they begin to recognize "Who In Fact, They Really Are," and to merge with that higher Divine Self so that they then become self-educating and self-perpetuating spiritual explorers.

They explore the realm of the spiritual world simply because they know that is part of themselves, and as they discover more about the spiritual world they also discover more about themselves, and this becomes a factor in the growth of entities so that eventually these entities growing in spirit begin to recognize each other as also part of that spirit, and as they grow more and more toward the greater spirit and let go of their own lesser aspects of self, they begin to recognize each other being is an aspect of their spiritual self, and thus discover all are one in spirit.

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