(A Private Nightmare For Those Left on Earth)

from a 1995 reading


So, essentially, this information about the people from Sirius...

COSMIC Awareness:

This information is correct.


This Awareness indicates that this is one reason why these entities do not become excessively alarmed at the plight which humans are moving toward.

They do not become excessively concerned at the efforts of the Greys and the Reptoids to enslave humanity, for they recognize that there is a greater change following soon that will put all of this to nothing, and that the controls that the Reptoids and Greys so dearly seek on the earth will be meaningless.

This Awareness indicates that those who cooperate with the Reptoids and the Greys on these efforts to enslave humanity will be moving also into this Photon Belt, and will be caught in a kind of mental warp that puts them into their own private hell or private prison within that mindscape or consciousness-scape that replaces the landscape of earth, for as these entities move into their dream world, or dream state, it becomes like their own private nightmare. It is also a dream-state for those that they have captured, but for them it is more like a nightmare than a pleasant dream.


This Awareness indicates the entities who cling to the higher spirit and vibration of Light, and that which is more wholesome, will move into this dream-state in a way that allows them to enjoy a blissful existence from the co-creative actions of others like themselves. It is in this manner that a dimensional shift occurs -- one group of dark negative forces begins to move away from the light group.


This Awareness indicates that when these forces eventually pass out of this Photon Belt, it will he as though there are two different worlds that have been born. One will be of a very negative nature, having to start over on the spiritual evolutionary scale; the other will be highly evolved spiritually and able to enjoy the higher relationships with others of similar kind.

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