From a CAC General Reading, May 20,1993


A question from C.L.:

"With changes happening so rapidly, what is the schedule for the release of information about aliens? Are the Reptoids still headed this way with an army? How has the presence of the Pleiadians recently changed this, if at all?"

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that the probable time schedule for Reptoid invasion of Earth now appears to be approximately 1999; that there will be continued build-up on earth from advanced landings. There are Reptoid build-ups already occurring, particularly in South America. That appears to be the focal point for the landings.

This Awareness indicates that the so-called "V" scenario is more likely to occur in full force in the latter half of this decade, particularly around 1999 is the current schedule. Many of these entities are already within the solar system, but are waiting for the right time.

It appears that prior to this there will be some other release of forces such as the half-breed, who will make themselves visible or apparent to humans.

This Awareness indicates the Pleiadians are willing to assist humans, but the laws of the Galactic Confederation to which they belong do not allow them to interfere with human destiny unless they are invited, and at this time, the governments of the earth have made treaties with the Zeta Reticuli Grays and are not leaning towards treaties with the Pleiadians.

This Awareness indicates however, this may soon change as the governments begin to realize more and more the full threat of the Reptilians and the realization that the Zeta Reticuli Grays are generally stooges or mercenaries for the Reptilian types.

This Awareness indicates that the Pleiadians are much more capable of defending the Earth than would be any technology available from the Zeta Reticuli Grays.

This Awareness indicates the Zeta Reticuli technology is far ahead of human technology, but far behind that of the Reptilians from Draco. Thus, even a treaty with the Grays would not protect humanity from those Reptilian invaders.


This Awareness indicates however, the Pleiadians would have technology more equal to that of the Reptoid types.

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