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from a 1993 reading


In the July, 1990, Nevada Aerial Research Group Newsletter, there's an article called "A Close Encounter of the Unpleasant Kind," that took place June 24th and 25th in California in 1988. It says: "Note, part of this is actually paraphrased from the regression video," and it reads:
"We recently had the opportunity to review a regression session of a fellow who was abducted in June 1988 by some Greys and was evidently rescued by some other aliens. He had a lot to say, and will probably have more to say as time goes on. During the session he referred to the Tehachapi Mountain area, near Bakersfield, California. Apparently, our other data, insofar as the trade of technology with the Greys, is essentially correct, and that one of the items is a weapon of some sort that has awesome power, and there are people (and non-people) that are trying to head off the use of this weapon by folks in the government.

There is much thought that we aren't ready for power of this magnitude. There is an area near the Tehachapi Mountains called the Kern River Project. The upper river area is being used by the government for hydroelectric power to power the underground facility at Tehachapi Ranch. The mountain next to the power facility is being hollowed out; there is mud all around and it's so obvious, but apparently people aren't looking. All the power is being used for the Ranch, which is the site of the underground "skunk works," where highly technical aircraft, space craft and all kinds of stuff are being dealt with. It is a huge underground base, probably close to the size of the one under 29 Palms marine base. It has huge hanger, and very large elevators, as well as technical laboratories. There is a whole city under there, large passageways; the whole valley is full of tunnels. You can drive from one end to the other underground. You can drive to Palmdale, site of the Northrop, Lockheed and "Black Project" areas, to California City -- all underground. There are tunnels all the way to George Air Force Base.

Aliens apparently have access; they've been seen all over the place. According to the witness, they're inside our government, and our government lets them do whatever they want, experimenting with us. They're probing the human brain trying to find weaknesses and learning how to control us. They dissect humans. I can't describe the dissections because they're not humane. Really morbid. The government knows it. They're taking humans and they're taking them apart, piece by piece as you would a robot. The government knows too, but they just turn their heads. Some people in the government want to stop this but they don't know how to stop it. Those that try get brainwashed, controlled -- they're walking along happy as a lark. Apparently, this fellow was rescued from the one species by a colonel in another force. How they are enriching their life form, I don't know. They don't live very long, but I don't know how long. Something is sending these little Grey things here. Who is sending them, I don't know -- the Dark Side..." (Awareness interrupts)

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness wishes to comment briefly here and there as this is read, if this will be permitted.


This Awareness indicates that in the previous reference that the government was involved with these entities, it must be understood that in some cases these entities have duplicated government officials as has been described in the Dr. Beter tapes, those tapes of Dr. Beter, and in earlier messages from this Awareness, approximately ten years back.

This Awareness indicates that in many cases, the heads of corporations have also been duplicated and that these aliens have more or less fingers into some of the more sensitive areas of control within your country.

This Awareness indicates that this does not mean that all entities in the government are thus cooperative with the aliens. There is a major group of government beings who are quite aware of the alien threat and are working to counter this threat. There is a great caution and need for care in this effort.


This Awareness suggests that the last sentence be reread.


Okay. "How are they enriching their life form?" (Apparently this entity is talking from a regression).

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates the entity as referring to the Greys being sent here by others, not understanding who it is that has sent them. This has been given as those entities known as the Reptoids, this from Draco.


This Awareness reminds entities that in the "Book of Revelation," it is referred to as the Dragon. Draco itself, a constellation, was called the Dragon, prior to 1923. In some of the old astronomy books it will still be seen as the Dragon, the name being cut down in more recent times in order to save space; it then being altered and referred to as Draco, this being another form for "dragon."

This Awareness indicates that these entities being the basis for dragon mythologies in the Orient as well as certain reptilian references in ancient Western civilization.


This Awareness suggests the letter continue...


There was just a little more. I think this was the editor's comment. The entity under hypnosis said: "I don't know -- the Dark Side. I take that as people who are on the negative side. Negative side coming from people who don't care or believe, have lost all values and have gone to the minus side of life."

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness wishes to make one comment in this regard. That there are many of those aliens from Draco who have reincarnated in physical bodies of earthly parents and who represent that which this entity refers to as the Dark Side, these being of a negative nature. It is this element in the human factor that has been behind much of the more diabolical sinister expressions on earth among humans toward their own kind.

This Awareness suggests the reading continue.


Well, the editor sums this up by saying:

"Well, folks, there's a lot to this, and maybe we'll find out more later. The details about the stuff going on in California is interesting and a lot of it seems to be supported by other information we've run across. Eventually we may sort this matter out, but you can be sure there is something very serious happening and that the plan is to keep people ignorant and to keep them supporting these fantastically negative government operations with their tax dollars. Are YOU paying taxes only to be abducted and have your brain or your children's brain put into a jar? Or to have your family consumed by EBE's somewhere? Who knows? Somebody does, and at the rate this information is leaking out all over the place, accountability might come sooner than we think. What do you think? Do you have any information that would support any allegations that have been set forth? Confidentiality will be preserved."

That was the end of the article.

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness suggests that you give the address of the article so that entities reading this can contact the entity, giving any information they have along similar lines if available.

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