(Gene-Splicing the Reptilian Man)
from a 1993 reading


Gene-Splicing the Reptilian Man


At the time the aliens created the first human, and Enki introduced that gene that gives them compassion and the ability to move through other lifetimes and spiritually grow, was a rudimentary soul put into the entity at that time, or did this soul develop over eons of time?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that the activity of Enki was to genetically splice onto the brain stem of the Reptoid or reptilian man, the Adamic creature; it was to splice a mammalian or mammal type of being onto this brain stem, which would evolve as a more dominant part of the brain that later became what is known as the conscious mind of man.

This Awareness indicates that the soul developed separately from the physical body. Prior to its joining of the physical body, it was created in realms separate from earth and Terrestria and found its entry into human form as part of its ongoing evolution. The soul itself did not necessarily evolve the human body, but accompanied the human body as it evolved, and the soul evolved according to its own growth and interaction with experiences.

This Awareness indicates that neither Enki nor the Reptoids created the souls that attach themselves to the human bodies. These souls already existed at that time in higher frequency levels and came down into these frequency levels of physical matter and attached themselves to the new creation.

This Awareness indicates that there were also soul attachments prior to the creations of Enki and Enlil prototypes. These souls either roamed freely through out the universe in other dimensions or might attach them selves to various types of entities which they found suitable as housing.

The soul looks on the human body much the way the human looks on his or her home. It is a housing for the soul to operate through.


This Awareness indicates the soul is constantly in search of a better housing, but when it does accept a particular body, it tends to remain with that body, treating it as a temple, and giving its commitment or devotion to that body in its capacity to do so.

The soul does not tend to flit from body to body, abandoning a body, although this does on occasion occur, which is why walk-ins sometimes take over a deserted body after the soul has left. The walk-in of course being another soul that had been disincarnated until finding the abandoned housing.


Awareness indicated the soul was created separate from earth. Where was it created and by whom?

COSMIC Awareness:

This Awareness indicates that there have been numerous names for the area of soul creation.


This Awareness has referred to Celestria. The Christians refer to Heaven. There are those who speak of Sach Khan as the origin of the soul. The Divine Creator as the creator of the soul, all the souls of humans; that these souls were created in these causal planes, these higher creative levels by whatever name entities wish to use, and came down through the vibratory rates to find housing in physical forms.

This Awareness indicates that the selection of physical forms had to do with the discernment and taste of the soul as to whether it indeed selected a certain type of being for its housing.


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