The Most Holy Maitreya
& His Beloved Barker, Brother Benjamin
(Spanish version)

"All Eyes Shall See Him!"


Note: We of the B:.B:. take Great Pride in announcing the Emergence of the Most Holy Maitreyaİ -- the Sole Object of our Heartfelt Worship and Adoration. For verily, His Holy Coming hath been announced by all the Holy Prophets and it is for This Reason that we look forward with Great Joy, Much Exaltation and Buckets of Love and Light unto the Unfoldment of this Grand and Glorious New Aeon of Maitreyaİ. Drink deeply of His Wonderful Presence, my Brethren, for that Holy Hour of Unfoldment hath now arrived! "Love is the law, love under Maitreyaİ."
--Brother Blue, Grand Master, B:.B:.

The Divine Unfoldment of this Most Holy Mystery

Some months back we received an odd invitation in the mail. It came from the "Tara Center" group and was announcing a bizarre conference in Santa Monica, CA on July 17, 1995 hosted by a Benjamin Creme from the UK of all places. It appears that our Holy United States do not have an uncontested monopoly on such types.

The conference was to be centered on, and we quote, "The Emergence of Maitreyaİ the Christ." We perused the document, chuckling silently to ourselves then promptly set it aside.

Yet the name Maitreyaİ was now no longer foreign to us and, as is generally the synchronistic case, we began to notice it popping up with greater frequency in our various travels.

Those who have any exposure to various new age or light-worker lists or publications may have also noted the prolific appearance of one "AM Maitreyaİ" in those venues (AM being new age technobabble for "Ascended Master").

In any event, here is a copy of the conference announcement:

The 'Spiritual Revolution' - who will be its leader?

Whether it is due to millennial expectations or a desperate and heartfelt search for meaning in life -- and fueled by an unprecedented display of 'miraculous' phenomena -- it is clear that a 'spiritual revolution' is in progress. We read about it in the top news magazines and hear it daily on talk radio and television. Books dealing with other dimensions head the best-seller lists, and angel paraphernalia flood the marketplace.

From billboards to bumper stickers, the message goes forth -- a positive sign in what otherwise might be considered a political, economic and environmental 'end time.'

But does all this heightened interest in things spiritual guarantee a rosy future for humanity, or will new threats to peaceful co-existence arise as various factions, encouraged by swelling ranks and coffers, become bolder in trying to impose their beliefs on others? Judging from the numerous ideological and religious conflicts still raging around the globe, it seems unlikely that humanity is capable of entering a new age of enlightenment without a strong spiritual leader. Is there any individual today who possesses the credentials to bring together the many conflicting religious factions, galvanize world goodwill, and inspire sweeping political, social, economic and environmental reform?

According to British author and international lecturer, Benjamin Creme, just such a leader is already among us, working mainly from behind the scenes to prepare humanity for an evolutionary giant step. Maitreyaİ's unique qualification, says Creme, is that, in His role as 'World Teacher,' he will represent not one but all religious groups, as well as people with no religious affiliation. An ancient body of spiritual teachings, known as the Ageless Wisdom, states that Maitreyaİ will be recognized by Christians as the Christ, by Jews as the Messiah, Muslims as the Imam Mahdi, Buddhists as the 5th Buddha, etc.

In this way, each group can continue to follow its own traditions, but, under Maitreyaİ's guidance, religious fervor will be transmuted into spiritual aspiration; authority and dogma will be replaced by direct experience of 'God within'; and inter-group relations will be characterized by respect and tolerance.

Recently, Creme announced that Maitreyaİ has accepted an invitation to be interviewed on a major US network. And, on May 13, during his Tokyo lecture, Creme further revealed that...

"The timing of Maitreyaİ's emergence has been determined. The world will see Him shortly."

In his upcoming lecture, Monday, July 17, Benjamin Creme will explain Maitreyaİ's role in the spiritual revolution, how one man can inspire the entire human family, and when we may expect to see Him.

Additional information may also be found in the Internet gopher: 7004, or on Compuserve's Newage Forum, library 18, Modern Spirituality. Search on the keyword 'Maitreyaİ'.

Is There a Spiritual Revolution going on?

It's not hard to see that something profound is happening in our world. We are, on the one hand, filled with hope by increasing miraculous phenomena and by the dramatic and positive changes in South Africa, the Middle East, Ireland and elsewhere. Yet we are stunned by the rising tide of terrorism and violence so close to home.

Feeling both inspired and discouraged, we know that changes must be made, and yet many of us feel powerless to do anything. We are searching for answers.

British author Benjamin Creme has an unusual message that speaks directly to the matter of re-establishing meaning in our lives as we face this global crisis. He asserts that we are going through a worldwide transformation, at the heart of which is a great spiritual force -- a 'World Teacher' with the credentials to galvanize universal goodwill, to heal a society in pain, and to inspire sweeping social, economic, environmental and political change.

History has proven that great leaders always appear in times of crisis!

Hear Benjamin Creme's extraordinary message of hope:

"The Emergence of Maitreyaİ The Christ; World Teacher for All Humanity. The timing of Maitreyaİ's emergence has been determined. The world will see Him shortly."

Then, from out of the BLUE, comes this COSCON excerpt from one of the recent "Branton" files currently making the rounds:


From COSCON #21

by "Branton"


One caller who phoned in to KTKK (K-Talk) radio in Salt Lake City, in August of 1991, made some rather startling claims concerning high-tech 'Philadelphia' type experiments that had allegedly been conducted at the Top Secret Labs in or below the Nevada Military Complex.

The caller referred to a 'Shawn Morton' who had allegedly visited 'Area 51' and talked to a man who said that most of the technology depicted in the first 'Star Trek' series of the 1960's is now in the possession of the 'Secret Government'.

Morton also was told that (possibly prior to the 'Philadelphia Experiments') top scientists who were tied-in with the secret government succeeded in 'teleporting' a china plate and that they were surprised that the object materialized in 'reverse image', including the lettering! After some time they reportedly worked out the bugs and attempted to teleport a human being.

The first human being to be teleported (apparently after several successful experiments with animals, etc.) was the man known among some New Age groups -- and several conventional/secret government go-betweens such as Bush and Gorbachev who met with him at the 'Malta' conference -- as 'Maitreyaİ'. This guy, if we are to believe Morton, was eventually 'teleported' and made to materialize in front of a stunned African tribe as an 'experiment' to determine how successful they (the Secret Government) could be in future attempts to pass-off 'Maitreyaİ' OR OTHERS LIKE HIM as gods or divine entities in order to manipulate the religious passions of the unknowing masses towards their (the secret government's) own ends.

[end Branton quote]


As for this Maitreyaİ series we are now posting, some will note the many references to "space brother" technology, electromagnetics, teleportation, simultaneous global "telepathy," "moving stars" which appear to follow him, and other techno-oddities of this new-fangled quasi-religion.

Some will be fascinated by his worldwide, cross-cultural, cross-religious appeal and unique religio-cultural metaprogramming platform with the myriad sociological, religious and mythological implications and ramifications thereof.

Some will undoubtedly be drawn to this man and his cross-cultural message of worldwide peace, love, equality, self-empowerment and personal divinity in these all-too troubled times.

Those of us who have done our eschatological homework, however, will recognize custodial metaprogramming at it's very finest.

-Brother Blue


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