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Excerpt from...
Masquerade of Angels

by Karla Turner, Ph.D.


And then, as if he were standing a few feet away from the table, Teddy could see his body lying there motionless. "Am I dead?" he wondered. Something cloudy and formless began to rise up from the small body. Teddy was amazed as he watched this mass slowly coalesce into a beautiful image of himself, and he saw that it was attached by a bottom tendril to drops of the green liquid on his face. "It's my soul!" he thought in amazement.
The woman went to the counter for a black, rectangular box, which she carried back over to the table where Teddy's body lay. With a single motion, she turned his body over and placed the black box on the shoulder area. Wires were then attached to the box, and the woman somehow activated it. The little spirit image was slowly sucked into the box, which the woman then removed and replaced on the counter.




Following is an excerpt from a hypnotic regression in which hypnotherapist Barbara Bartholic regressed abductee Ted Rice to an event he experienced at the tender young age of eight.


The account comes from the book "Masquerade of Angels" by Karla Turner, Ph.D.

The day was cloudy and overcast, but little Teddy didn't mind. He loved playing alone, roaming through the cottonfields and chasing the small animals he flushed from cover. His bare feet scuffling along, raising dusty clouds behind him. The sky grew darker, and Teddy wondered if a storm might be coming. Maybe he should get back home, he thought, turning away from the open fields and heading for the faded gray house beyond the farmland.

As he walked along, something made him look up.


A light high above him shone down, and Teddy had to shield his eyes from blinding radiance.

"That's not the sun, is it?" he wondered.

But before he could go further, he felt himself rising from the ground, unable to move, floating up toward the source of the strange light.

An image began to emerge from the white brilliance, the image of a grating or grillwork. As he approached it, Teddy felt himself pass right through, like smoke through a picketfence, and his mind blanked out.

When he was once again aware of his surroundings, Teddy saw that he was in a strange room, and he was not alone.

"I just saw an ugly face," Ted told Barbara in a whisper. "It looked chalky white. The head almost looked like it was plastic, a mask. It had kind of an angular chin, coming down in a V-shape, and curved slightly. There are two dark holes for the eyes. They look more like holes than anything else, like it's just a void."

Two small, gray beings stood watching Teddy.

"Who are you?" he asked, looking around in confusion. "Where am I?"

The beings made no sound in response, but then he began to hear them in his mind. They told him not to speak aloud, that it was not necessary.

"Talk to us mentally," they communicated, but they would not answer his questions.

The beings guided him over to a small sitting area and placed him beside a window.


Looking through it, Teddy became very alarmed. He could see his grandmother's house below him, but then whatever he was inside began to turn and move upward rapidly, away from the farm below.

Bright, multicolored lights flashed by, and he felt as if he were moving at great speed. The lights disappeared, and all Teddy could see out the window was total darkness. Fascinated, he watched for a while, and then he spotted something in the distance. It was a round, pea-shaped thing that appeared to be getting larger. Before long, he realized that the round thing was not really growing, but that he was approaching closer to it.


It was a dark, gray-green metallic orb, with spikes protruding from various angles.

"Do you remember watching old World War II movies and those great big explosive mines that were in the ocean. Ted asked. "I keep seeing something that looks like that, only huge, kind of a dark color, and I don't see any windows. But there are little things sticking out on it."

"Where is this located?" Barbara asked.

"I don't know," Ted replied.

Inside the moving craft, Teddy watched the approach to the spiky orb, which he could now tell was of enormous size.


He noticed tiny objects around the sphere, flying in and out of the tips of the spikes. Teddy drew nearer until at last he could discern what these objects were: metallic ships entering the projections. And he saw that the craft he was in was now maneuvering to enter one of those openings.

Once inside the huge sphere, the craft carrying Teddy came to rest on a gigantic platform. He was led out by the two gray beings into what seemed to be the central part of the strange environment. The top of the structure was so far above him that he couldn't even see it. Beams of light stretched from point to point, and he watched as other creatures like the ones with him traversed the light beams as if they were walkways.

Propelled forward by his companions, Teddy walked down long a hall, noticing the luxuriantly plush carpeting beneath his bare feet.


They came to a door or opening, and he was led inside. Everything was so quiet that Teddy felt frightened. The stillness was sepulchral, and as he looked around he sensed that there was no love, no emotion there, only the deathly silence. The gray beings were cold, unsmiling, and uncommunicative.

The little room reminded Teddy of a doctor's office, filled with cabinets, counters, and strange machinery. In the middle of the room stood a shiny metallic plate, taller than he was, suspended a few inches above the floor. It had a small shelf or foot support upon which the beings placed him, with his back against the cold metal plate. It was hard for him to see clearly in this room, for it was lit only by a soft, hazy, bluish ambience that had no discernible source.

Someone else entered the room, a woman with burgundy red hair, bluntly cut, with bangs. Her face was rouged and her lips darkly painted.


She wore a white lab coat, as if she were a doctor's assistant.

"Remove your clothes," she told him mentally.

"No," Teddy thought back at her. "I don't want to."

Ignoring his protests, the woman and the gray beings forcibly undressed him, and then she walked over to a counter top area where many lights pulsated.


Teddy saw large screens above the counter and other devices he couldn't identify.


The woman pushed some buttons or switches or something, Teddy wasn't really sure, and then the metal plate against which he was standing began to change colors.

"The wall's kind of lit up behind me," Ted told Barbara. "I've got the feeling they're across the room looking at me. It looks like an X-ray and they can see through me. Or maybe what's on the wall behind me is telling them something. The wall is funny behind me, and these eyes are watching from across the room. They're looking at me, they're talking about what they're seeing on the wall. It has to do with me."

He paused, concentrating on his interior images.

"They've done something to me," he resumed, "and they're seeing, they're looking to see how it is."

What had seemed solid metal behind him now seemed more like a window through which colored lights shone.


Teddy saw that on the screens above the counter a series of images appeared. At first he recognized images of his bone structure, and then the image changed to show blood vessels. Next he could make out what appeared to be his internal organs, and as each image changed, it seemed this device was recording absolutely everything about his body. It was even counting the number of hairs on his head.

Teddy was startled when the plate against which he stood suddenly moved, tilting slowly back until it was horizontal, like a table. He raised his head and saw the gray beings approach. They carried a strange device that reminded him of headphones, which they positioned on his head so that it covered his ears. Noise came from the device, puzzling at first but growing painful as it continued. He didn't like this noise, he wanted the headphones off his head, and he wanted to get out of that office and away from these beings.

The woman returned from the counter area with a glass in her hand.


It was filled with a green liquid, and Teddy was amazed by the way the liquid glowed in the dimly lit room.

"Drink it," she communicated, holding out the glass.

"No," Teddy shook his head. "I want to go home."

"Drink it now," she insisted, "or you cannot go home. If you want to go home, you must mind me as you do your mother."

"You're not my mother," he thought back at her, but she was unmoved.

"After you drink this," she continued, "you can go home."

No emotion came from the woman, but Teddy was scared into submission.


Without another word, he took the glass and drank the glowing liquid. Immediately he became sick, nauseated, and pain flared up as if his insides were on fire. He lay back on the table growing sicker, until he vomited. Tendrils of green liquid dribbled down his mouth and chin, still glowing, but at least he no longer felt ill.

And then, as if he were standing a few feet away from the table, Teddy could see his body lying there motionless. "Am I dead?" he wondered.

Something cloudy and formless began to rise up from the small body.


Teddy was amazed as he watched this mass slowly coalesce into a beautiful image of himself, and he saw that it was attached by a bottom tendril to drops of the green liquid on his face.

"It's my soul!" he thought in amazement.

The miniature image turned toward the red-headed woman and looked at her.


Teddy could feel great emotion coming from this form. He felt it was showing pure love and total, instant forgiveness toward her, although he didn't understand why.

The woman went to the counter for a black, rectangular box, which she carried back over to the table where Teddy's body lay. With a single motion, she turned his body over and placed the black box on the shoulder area. Wires were then attached to the box, and the woman somehow activated it. The little spirit image was slowly sucked into the box, which the woman then removed and replaced on the counter.

Next, she pulled down an instrument from the ceiling and turned it on.

"I see what looks like a dentist's drill," Ted described for Barbara, "kind of on a hook, expanding. They're using something like this, working on my head, the lower neck."

"Can you describe this action?" Barbara asked.

"They do something on both sides of the back of my neck, the lower part," Ted exclaimed. "I don't like them doing that. That's when things started happening in my mind, when I see them doing that."

"What was happening in your head?"

"What I didn't like was forgetting things," Ted groped for the words to explain the sensation. "I wasn't remembering very well."

Teddy saw a thin beam of light at the tip of the instrument, watching as the woman moved it down to the back of his neck.


With the light-beam she swiftly severed the head from the body and placed it in a basket-sized container on the floor. The table tilted again slightly, allowing the blood from the body to flow into a vat.


Teddy's mind went completely blank. When he was next aware, he could hear a noise like a large resuscitator in the distance.


And he was looking down on row after row of short tubs or containers.

"Give me all the impressions of where you are now," Barbara directed.

"This room's a lot bigger," Ted said, "and I can see lockers, like in a gymnasium. There seem to be lockers all the way around the walls, everywhere."

The tubs pulsated to the rhythm of the noise, and he could see that they were filled with dark red liquid in which chunks of fleshy tissue floated.


The sides of the tubs appeared to be made of cowhide. At the end of each tub, he saw something that reminded him of the genitals of a cow, and as he watched, one of these areas opened, releasing a placenta-like bubble of dark red substance.

The gray beings picked up this mass and carried it over to a sink-type receptacle. They turned on a water outlet and gently washed the bubble.


When they turned back around, Teddy could see that they held a tiny baby.

"Describe these lockers, please, Ted," Barbara requested.

"They're not lockers," he replied, becoming more agitated with each word. "They're compartments, they'll open, and there's something in all of those."

"What's in there?" Barbara asked.

"I can't look," he whispered, breathing rapidly. "Oh! Oh! No! I want up!"

Ted fought to escape from the couch, panicked by the vision of the compartments.


It was all Barbara could do to keep him subdued as she worked to soothe his terror and return him to more control.

"Lie down, Ted," she murmured, "and relax. Relax. It's okay, you can cry. It's all right."

One of the beings went over to a short cabinet in a locker area and opened the door, placing the baby inside.


The other being activated a control on the locker, and a few minutes later opened the door again. It rolled out what looked like a small wind-tunnel contraption. Within it was a tray, and on the tray Teddy saw a body identical to his, completely naked.

The beings moved this body over to the tilted table, which now stood empty, and placed it on the metal surface. Then the woman brought back the black box and set it on the body's chest. Teddy could not see exactly what was done at that point, but he could see the naked body suddenly begin to jerk in short spasms. After that, the chest started to rise and fall, as if the body was now breathing.

The woman removed the black box, replacing it on the counter.


She and her gray helpers next inserted long, needle-like instruments into the bottom of each foot, the chest, and the back and top of the head.

"They do a lot of things," Ted told Barbara, as he regained his composure. "They stuck something in my feet, up closer to the toes."

"What was put in there?" she asked.

"I don't know," he replied, 'but I'm being told it will make me big and strong. And they put some kind of drops in my eyes."

"What was the purpose for that?"

"I don't know. My eyes were hurting like they're real dry and irritated. Somebody keeps telling me that I'll be all right, they'll be finished in a minute and that I can go home."

One of the grays then brought the woman the headphone device. She placed it on the body and activated the counter equipment once again.

"I have remembrance!" Teddy thought, "I have feelings again!"

A moment before he had felt nothing and known nothing, but now he was aware of who he was.


He remembered everything he had thought and felt when he was in his original body, and with a surge of emotion he mentally cried out that he wanted to go home.

But there was more for him to endure. The grays helped him up from the table- he was now clearly back in a body, the body they had created and activated, and led him out to another room. Waitingfor him there was a different person, a man dressed in a purple suit and long cape, tall and skinny, more human-looking than the others.


His skin was almost an orangish-white, a melon color, and his eyes looked strange because there were no eyebrows above them. His dark hair, which made a sharp widow's peak on his forehead, looked unnatural, as if it were painted on his head.

The tall man jerked Teddy up impatiently and seemed to have a nasty disposition that made the boy very uncomfortable. But before anything else could happen, another man entered the room. This one looked totally human, with kind eyes and short, blond hair. He wore blousy, old-fashioned clothes of emerald green trimmed in gold and white.

The blond man said something to the bad-tempered man that Teddy could not understand, but he got the impression they were arguing about him. Then the dark-haired man angrily stomped his foot, whirled around, and left the room. The blond man squatted down beside Teddy and put his arm around the little boy's shoulder. His gentle, soothing, almost sensual actions calmed Teddy's fears.

The man began to explain what had been going on, telling Teddy about the lockers and the procedures that had been performed. Speaking as if the child were an adult, the man told him that he would be able instantly to absorb this information.


He explained that there were periodic changes in the evolutionary process of the original Teddy, and that from time to time, for different reasons, such a switching-out procedure would be necessary for Teddy to fulfill his purpose here. He told the boy that he would be visited occasionally to make sure everything was progressing as it should, for the man was studying the beginnings of a new approach to something Teddy couldn't really comprehend.

He also told Teddy that something had been done to his mother, and that the genealogical structure of both his parents had been used along with something else. Teddy understood that he was part of an experiment for the continuity of life, in some way involved with the final stages of growth.


When the explanation was finished, the blond man took Teddy's hand and led him through a doorway into a large auditorium area.

They stood together on a stage, and as Teddy looked out at the crowd of beings in the room, he saw many more of the gray people. There were also numerous animals present among them, including some creatures he had never seen before. They were all gathered there as an audience, waiting and watching, Teddy thought, with their attention focused on him.

From the opposite side of the stage, Teddy saw the dark-haired man walk out leading two other young children, a boy and a girl, who were also naked. The red-headed woman also arrived, and she took the two children from the man and brought them over to where Teddy and his companion stood.

The blond man picked up Teddy in his arms and held him out for the audience to observe, and then he did the same thing with the other two children.

"Everybody, this group of people that was watching," Ted said, "it's like they approve it. I don't know what that means, They were pleased with us for some reason."

"What did you say this area looks like?" Barbara asked.

"It's an auditorium," he repeated. "There's a bunch of people there, and a lot of animals. I don't know what some of these things are. I see some tall, hairy creatures like a Bigfoot, and some horrible things that look like they're half-human, half- ant or half-cockroach. Those praying-mantis type things are big and have some almost human features. Strange reddish-brown, worm-like creatures, and some furry brown fat ones, even some that look like a mix of human and monkey. And all of them have their eyes on us."

The blond man began to address the audience, talking about future generations.


On a screen behind them, images flashed showing the "before" and the "after" products of the procedure Teddy had endured.

"See," the man said proudly, "these are just like the original children."

He explained to the audience that these children were the beginnings of products of future generations on earth.

Ted's chest began heaving again, and his agitation increased.

"What is coming into your mind now?" Barbara asked.

"The things he's saying, something about our creation," Ted managed to speak. "Oooh!" he suddenly wailed, in long, mournful cries of fear and anger. Barbara tried to calm him again, but he was too frightened to listen.

"I saw that locker door again!" he cried in anguish, shaking uncontrollably.

"It's okay, don't be afraid now," Barbara encouraged soothingly, while Ted gripped at the couch and fought against the spasms wracking his body.

"I know what's in there," he whispered, trembling. "I know what's in there. And that's what I don't like. There's another one of me in there. Oh! Oh! I don't want to do it any more! I want to stop!"

His eyes flew open and he stared around in panic. No matter how much he wanted to block the memories, they kept coming.

"They put me in there and took it out," he whimpered, "they changed it. There's another one of me in there."

Tears streamed down his face, and the spasms gradually ebbed away.

"It's fine, it's okay," Barbara repeated. "You let that out, you're fine now. You'll feel better now that you've faced it."

"I wasn't produced in my mother," Ted said, crying again. "I know. I saw it. There's more than one of me, looks just like me."

"Did they all have your kindness and your generous spirit?" Barbara asked. "Did they have your kind of soul?"

"I don't know, I don't know," Ted cried out, suddenly loud and even more terrified. "I want to get up!"

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