All of these old symbols are extremely old. Like this today in medicine, in healing and in everything to do with looking after people. Cainship.


So, lets look at it from the very beginning. And, letís look now, at why "Star Fire" was so important. Letís look at the principle and beneficial constitutions, which were eventually substituted, with by what became a chemical laboratory process. Weíve seen that, Adam and Eve, jointly called the, "Adama and Eva", the earthlings were created clinically by Enki.


Weíre told in the books of old Sumer, that this was done at a place called the "House of Shimsy". Shimsy, means breath, wind, life. "Cain", according to the Hebrew records, and according to the Sumerian records, was the son of Eve by Enki and not by Adam.

His inherent, "Anunnaki Blood", was very, very potent. His wife was Luluwa, and she was a senior heiress to the Matriarchal "House of the Dragons". The "Dragon Queen". Luluwa was of pure breed "Anunnaki" stock.


Her sons by "Cain" were Atun and Hennoc, better known as Etane and Enoch. Sumerian records relate that King Atun of Kish partook of the "Plant of Life", in order to father his son "King Bali". The "Plant of Life" was directly associated with longevity, and with "Cainship", kingship. The "Plant of Life" was "Star Fire".

"Star Fire", was associated with feeding the pineal gland and producing the hormonal secretions. The early "Star Fire", just to recap, was not anything to do with the High Priestesses. It was strictly "Anunnaki", the female essence, which they called the "Nectar of Supreme Excellence". The "Anunnaki Flower", or "Lily" was held to be the cup bearer.

The cup bearer in Grail Lore, became the bearer of the Grail. The Grail was the Rosicrusians, which represented the "Star Fire" of the womb. The "Cup of the Waters", the "Cup Bearer". The transmitter of the rich food, as they put it, was called the "Rose of Sharon". And, this comes from an old Sumerian word "Shar", which means, "Orbit" and "On", which related to light. The "Orbit of Light". She was the "Rose of the Orbit of Light".

This significance is, in fact, venerated even in the bible.


In Solomon, "Lilies" and "Roses" were the "Brides", for the "Messianic Kings". I am the "Rose of Sharon", I am the "Lily of the Valley". She is the "Bride" of the "Star Fire". The recipient "King" was considered to have become qualified for "Kingship", when he reached a predestined state of his life and achieved consciousness.


A state when his aptitude, to wisdom and leadership, have reached the enhanced realm of Kingship.

Only in recent time, 1968, quite recently, did the hormonal secretion of the pineal gland become totally isolated by the medical world. The product of this particular gland is called "Melatonin".


"Melatonin", comes from the Greek Melos and Tosos, which means; "Black, Labour, Night, Worker". Those with a high melatonin output actually react quite strongly against sunlight and are far better equipped to work at night. Exposure to excess sunlight actually makes the pineal gland smaller. It lessens "spiritual awareness".


Darkness and high, high level pineal gland activity enhance key intuition and knowledge of the subtle mind. They also reduce the stress factor.

Itís at this stage, that it is interesting to note how the "Rosicrucian Church" actually acknowledged, the true significance of the "Star Fire Ritual". Because, they moved it into a realm of Gothic Legend. The ultimate holders of the "Malcu", in the old tradition, were "the Dragon and Pen Dragons", were Draco, Their conditioning, including high supplementary levels of melatonin and other secretions, meant that they were people of the night.


They were people of the "Star Fire". They were, according to the "Christian Church", princes of darkness who thrived for the blood of virgins. Who were, "Vampires" (laughing). Draco, Dracular.

As we meet here tonight, on this very night there is taking place, maybe itís over now, I doubt it very much knowing these guys. Starting about midday, at Boston University, a symposium of authors and historians from all around the world, to which I was invited. The Chairman Prof. Raymond McNally had called the meeting, to commemorate the public occasion of Bram Stokerís famous book Dracula. 1897, it was published.


Itís not generally known, that Bram Stoker who wrote this book, was an officer in the "Imperial Court of the Dragons".


He is also prominent, as an "Officer in the Ordo Templi Orientas". The order of the eastern temple, the most sacred and scientific branch of any "Templar" organization in the world, who were originally with the "Essene" blood brotherhood of Qumran.


The Motto of this order, is "God is Man".

A lot will be discussed at the meeting today, tonight. But, the main reason for calling the meeting, was not just to celebrate the publication of a book. It was that Bram Stokerís own papers, on this centenary, are going to be published. These are the papers, which actually tell us finally, the ultimate codes beneath which this adventurous Gothic Romance, impart the secrets of alchemical, from the early "Mystery Schools". The book, Dracula, is a book of codes! And, I might have something more to say on that one, if I get back here again, and donít get bitten by a vampire (laughing).

So, there it is, created and manufactured by the pineal gland. Itís activated through a chemical messenger called serotonin. This transmits nerve impulses across chromosome pairs. Melatonin, enhances and boosts the bodyís immune system, those with this high pineal activity and secretions are less likely to develop cancerous diseases. High Melatonin increases energy, stamina, physical tolerance. Itís directly related to sleep patterns, and it has properties that act through the cardiovascular system, that keeps the body very regulated.


Those of you who have high melatonin production will know that you are the night workers. This Melatonin substance, is actually the body most efficient anti-oxidant. It has positive mental and physical anti-aging properties.

The traditional symbol of Kingship, was Gold. "Pinerism", from which we get Pineal, was what was used to make frankincence.


Frankincense, which meant Gold or Kingship, was the substance of the Priesthood. Along with a third substance, called Muir, which has become used as a medical sedative among other things, Muir is symbolic of death. In the ancient world, higher knowledge was identified as "Duff", from which comes the word death. The word womb and tomb were absolutely identical. They were considered interchangeable, and mutually supportive as roots to the higher knowledge. Womb and Tomb, birth and death. Roots to the higher knowledge.

We know, from the New Testament, that Jesus, in fact, in the tradition of the old kings was presented by the Magi with; Gold, Frankincense and Muir. This, in the tradition, cements him, for those of us that may have doubted it, absolutely as a, "Priest King of the Messianic Dragon" line.


The pineal gland is impregnated by eternal ideas. It gives us the possibility of formulating our own recognitions. It is the organ of thought, by which, we learn to "know", to change eternal ideas into preconceptions.

There are those, who believe, that the pineal gland actually, receives and sends vibrations, frequencies, thoughts, psychic phenomena, all traveling through the frequencies of the pineal gland. Itís been called the "Eye of Wisdom", the "Eye of Inner Vision". Itís the key, say the Yogaís to intuitive knowledge. The act of knowing, rather than simply learning.

Illuminists and Rosicrucians referred to the pineal gland as "Ayin". Know this word has a number of definitions. It is actually used, as a word to mean eye. The Illuministsí symbol was an eye, an eye within a circle, the Ayin, the eye. It also symbolizes Ayin. The root from which, knowledge can actually come. And, knowing is from absolutely nothing, from blackness, from darkness. It comes from the Ayin, it comes from the blackness, it comes from the eye.

Ayin, with the C or a K in front of it, was exactly how the name Cain was originally spelt. We just translated it to Cain, and got rid of the Y in today's translations. The name Cain means he of the "Blackness of the Eye". Itís from Cain from that we derive the work King, and interestingly, originally it was spelt with a Q.


Qayan, so King is synonymous with Queen, there is no difference at all. King and Queen, were simply the sovereign figure and the line was transferred through the female. It is said that spiritual people can actually perceive with this inner eye, an eye which is not confused with physical presenceís. It actually reacts to seeing truth and knowing things.

This is now new, this is the "Plane of Sharon". This, "Plane of Sharon", which so many people have thought to be a field or something, for 100ís of years. Turns out to be, the "Plane of the Orbit of the Light". It is the "Plane of Knowing". A dimension, which we can actually exist in, and those with higher pineal activity will exist more in that dimension, and this is why these people where fed the "Star Fire".

The Canaan Kings were the first Pen Dragons of history, they were also of high, high Anunnaki substance, because the Star Fire increased the perceptions and general awareness they were all like gods themselves. Their stamina levels, and immune systems were dramatically strengthened, there anti-aging properties were immense.


They had extraordinary life spans and Iíve read books and studied trying to find out what these life spans might had meant. People say there are codes in the numbers and all sorts of things, there is actually no secret or trick to them at all, they were real. Theyíre not the code for anything, they lived a long long time. In the bible weíre told that during the lifetime of Noah and his sons, Jehovah issued the edict against the Star Fire "thou shalt not take of the life blood".

This is what weíre told by the writers of the 6th Century BC, but actually once one looks at it historically, thereís something a little wrong here, because this Jehovah god, this Enlil would never ever at that moment in history, at about the time of Noah, had any such authority to issue such an edict. So it rather looks as if the bible writings have given us that story as if it happened at the time of Noah, but it happened a good deal later, after the family line has moved from Mesopotamia into Canaan.


When did they do that?


They did that at the time of Abraham, and remember what I said before, it was from the time of Abraham that suddenly the life spans diminish. From that moment in time, once they move out of the area, the life spans become pretty ordinary.

However in the line that they choose not to give us in the bible, in the direct Kingly succession from Cain, we can actually follow through Mesopotamian and Egyptian history records, these high levels of age continue. So itís at that moment with Abraham, our dear patriarch, that actually this diverse line suddenly got more and more normal.


By the time it gets to King David it suddenly becomes very special again, so itís terribly apparent that this line from Abrahamís time went somewhere else and comes back in, and it does exactly that, it moves into Egypt.

What happens is that the line that we follow from Abraham to David is not the line we should be following. When in this Kingly succession we should be following that moment in time the line of the Pharaohís in Egypt. And thatís where Davidís history comes straight back from. The lowly shepherd who with his sling slew Goliath, was actually born straight out of Pharaohnic Egypt.


Contemporary historical records tell us that at the time of Abraham at about 2000 BC, the whole of earth, the great capital Sumer was sacked by an invasion. That suddenly gives us a reason to why on earth it would be, that somebody like Abraham, the head of a very senior family line, would suddenly up and leave his own country with his father and the rest of his family.

In fact we can date it more precisely. Itís not around 2000 BC, these records are actually dated parallel along with other events at the time, and the year was absolutely precisely 1960BC, so we know exactly the era of Abraham. So what really happened, what really forced Abraham and Lot and the rest of the family to suddenly up and leave this great city which they were Kings of?


In 1960BC weíre told in the Sumerian and Arcadian records that people came in from Syria and hordes from Persia, and it said that quote "and they overthrew, and the orders they destroyed, they were like a deluge all things they consumed, when unto of Sumer did they change thee and the sacred dynasty of the temple they exiled". Itís as clear as a bell, the sacred dynasty from the Temple they were cast from. It was at this time in Sumerian history that the empire fell absolutely and totally.


Abraham was forced to flee northwards, he fled from Ur into the North, then into the country before moving into Canaan, the records continue "Ur is destroyed, bitter is itís lament, the countryís blood now fills its holes like a hot bronze in a mould, bodies dissolve like fat in the sun, the temple the dynasty is destroyed, smoke lies on our cities like a shroud, the Anunnaki have abandoned like migrating birds".

Historically this collapse of the Sumerian empire from the moment when the Anunnaki abandoned the place like migrating birds, immediately follows the historical ransacking of Babylon by Jehovah. The story of the Tower of Babel.


It fits the time frame absolutely. The story of Genesis relates to us, that the people who were there where said by Jehovah to be very good but were suddenly punished, because of a very strange transgression which actually had never previously been described at all.

This transgression was that they all spoke the same language weíre told, so god decides to confuse their language. In actual fact their language was of course Sumerian, the oldest written language on earth, their transgression wasnít however that they spoke the same language, in fact Genesis tells us that the transgression, and the transgression was that Jehovah had punished the people who had said, let us build a city and a tower so the top may reach the heavens and let us make a name for ourselves less we be scattered abroad. Now thatís not made too much sense to anybody.


Let us make a name for ourselves less we be scattered abroad. For that Babel and the tower was smashed and the people were overrun. What the text actually used was a different word, and the word it used was "Shem", from which comes Sumer.

Let us make a Shem less we be scattered abroad, and there we suddenly discover that the word Shem was translated to another name and there is a reason for that and weíll come back to that, because it does have a bearing on the word name. But in actual fact the word Shem came from the word Shaman which means heaven. It derives from a root word Shema which means "that which is highward" the Shem was in fact a monument, a highward monument in one of itís respects, a highward monument, and Shem was actually the monument from which we in English we call Church Spires and Steeples.

However the Shem was kind of more than that, because there werenít just big shems, there were little shems, and a shem was highward and the core name of the word was Shemana.


And Shemana meant the highward fire stone... the highward fire stone, fire stone is the Shemana bit that is Ana, Shem is highward, Fire Stone is Ana. And when fire stone isnít described at fire stone what is it, what does it mean, Ana is translated in Sumerian into a "Bright Shinning Metal".


So Shemama a highward fire stone, is a high bright shinning metal.


The use of the word Shem is apparent in the name of the people of the era, Shem always meant shinning when it was applied to people or metallic things, otherwise it meant highward. It meant something in a High state, something that gleamed, something that was powerful.

So back to Babylon, and theyíre about to build this Shem to save themselves from being scattered abroad, but what does the historical records tell us again, and what does the bible tell us about this bit of the story. What they tell us, weíve just heard that hordes of invaders came into the country, all of these people suddenly invaded and sacked the country at that time. God says in the Bible, Jehovah that god, "I shall come down and confound the language of all the earth" when in fact what the historical records tell us, is precisely that. After the destruction, the invaders came in from all sides, and we knew not our own language anymore.

The confusion of language is simply the influx of people that suddenly had never been there before, because the gates of the cities were open, because Jehovah, Enlil was for some reason was a bit put out. It is then said to us that the invasion was a direct result of friction amongst the Anunnaki Grand Council because Enlil Jehovah has decided to assume the presidency because his father Anu was about to retire.


The text continues:

Anu went up to heaven, Enlil made the earth his subjects, the seas enclosed with a loop were given to Enki.

Now Enki was not happy about this, because although he was the younger of the two sons.


His mother was the elder of the two sisters of their father.


And Enki said

"I know you have been born after him, but I am the son of the senior mother, therefore I hold the Kingship". The actual quote continues "I am Enki, the great brother of the Gods, I am he who has been born as the first son of Anu".

Well in the midst of all of this Enlil and Enki were battling this stuff out with the Council; and Enkiís son, a God called Marduk, decides to settle everything and he assumes control and the people, while the battles between the two brothers were going on, decide to support Marduk.


He seems to be on their side and rather than have Enlil scatter them abroad and banish them and kick them out of their country, they will raise a Shem, a monument to Marduk. Let us build a Shem unless we be scattered abroad.

So this is all too much for Jehovah, Enlil, he decides that having lost his own popularity to his own brother Enki that heís going to open up the gates of Sumer, let in the invaders from all sides and the scribes record that then the terrible storm came and the culture was annihilated, the temple fell, the dynasty fell and we saw a great confusion of tongues.


The high gates they said, the roads were piled with dead, the wide streets where the feasting crowds would gather, lay scattered with bodies, in the streets the bodies lay, in the roadways the bodies lay, in the fields the bodies lay, no more gardens... now there are bodies laying in heaps, because Enlil has let in the invaders.

So all the work that had been done by the Anunnaki over 1000ís of years to build up this amazing civilization, to build up a line of Kingship through Star Fire and the preservation of itís culture was destroyed in one foul swoop, and the dynasty barely managed to escape. Abraham took the family up North and eventually went into the land of Canaan. The Anunnaki at that stage, it said had departed like migrating birds.

So it appears that Enki and the others have gone. To where, no one knows, maybe weíll find out. Enlil as Jehovah appears to hang on for awhile, weíre told that Abraham communicated with Jehovah in Canaan. But the book of Jasher then tells us something quite interesting, and this is another book that is left out of the Bible.


In real terms, the God Jehovah, the Enlil God, last appears but the very final time in the Bible when heís there with Abraham trying to get him to slay his son Isaac. The Book of Jasher, a book written long before the Bible, we know that because actually the records of ancient Babylon refer to the Book of Jasher, even the bible refers to the importance of the book of Jasher, which means it was certainly written before it.

The bible tells us Moses asked the Lord, on the mountain, what he should call him, because he didnít know who he was, because he knew he couldnít be Enil or Enki.


The God who Moses met was not the God, he was the Lord, and the Book of Jasher tells us he was the great Lord Jethro, the man to whom Enkiís ancestors had given the tablets of destiny which he was to pass onto Moses. Enlil had gone, Enki had gone. From the moment of Abrahams time on this earthly plain, there isnít any further history of these deities, except in mythology and their veneration.


And what is perpetuated in this mythology is the word Lord, because in their deputy stations, the seniors of the Bloodline, and the seniors of the Priesthood, took on the definition of Lord, and whenever the Lord came up in any records, thatís where the Hebrews got it from, they decided that that was God. Since 1960 BC Jehovah, Enlil and Enki had gone. Departed it said like migrating birds.


Whatever that means.... we can guess! In a V formation, perhaps ?

So for all that occurred up to that point, a significant chance occurred in the Star Fire practice, there was no more Star Fire, the Anunnaki had departed. A substitute had to be found and here we move in suddenly to a whole new chapter with history and the records, because we are moving into the first drug company (laughing).


The substitute had to be found, but it appears that there is nowhere in the records that this appears to be a problem, itís all layed down, itís all predestined. There are a group of trained people, whom the Anunnaki had designated "Master Craftsmen".


The first of these trained Master Craftsman, was Cains, he was about a sixth generation descent, a guy called Tublecain. Tublecain was the first Master Craftsman, trained by Anunnaki and the bible tells us he was the greatest metallurgist. An art master in kinds of metals.

The principal of the Master Craftsman was absolutely straightforward. The records are in no way in any doubt about this. Their job was to manufacture Star Fire, gold of the gods. They had a rule, and the rule was simply this, to make gold, you must take gold.


They knew what it meant. Itís of particular interest therefore, when we move forward into the New Testament story, we discover that, despite what it says in our modern plain English translation, that Jesusí father Joseph, in the early Greek editions of the New Testament, tells us that he was a Master Craftsman. Jesusí father Joseph was a Master Craftsman!


What happens when it gets translated into English? Well they obviously thought, what the hell is a Craftsman, Carpenter or something I suppose, so now they make him a Carpenter. So Joseph becomes a Carpenter, when heís actually called a Master Craftsman. A great and skilled metallurgist. Not a wood worker at all.

In the Old Testament book of Exodus, if we revert there, we go back to the time of Moses, Jehovahís now gone, Enlilís gone, Enkiís gone, the great Lord is now in charge of everything he holds the tablets of destiny. These are the tablets of cosmic knowledge left by the Anunnaki. He appoints the son of the very Ben Hur, to build the tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant.


He was, it says, a Master Craftsman. He was in charge of constructing the Ark of the Covenant and the tabernacle. In detailing how he should manufacture various crowns and rings and bowls and candle sticks and golden things galore, it tells us also that amongst the constructions was the making of Shew Bread.

Without any explanation the deed is done. We have him making the bowl, and the candle stick, and the shew bread, and everything else; but nobody tells us what Shew Bread actually is. Itís actually said to be the shew bread of the covenant, thatís itís description, the Shew Bread of the Covenant. Itís identified with the word Covenant, the word covenant is identified these days with contractual agreements, with legal documents, but actually it meant "to eat bread with".


The Lords prayer which was established much about that time, and resurrection later on in Egyptian times, makes the point "give us this day, our daily bread".

It is taken to mean sustenance of one sort, but in actual fact it was very specifically related to the shew bread of the covenant. The shew bread which in fact was one of the constituent followers of Star Fire.


In the book of Liviticus takes us back again to Shew Bread and it was specified by name this time and it says,

"take the white flour and bake the cakes there of, put pure frankincense on each row".

Now the word flour that we have today is actually a misnomer, because later on in the book it actually used the word powder, and if ones goes back to the original text, the same word was used each time.


For some reason or another they decided to tell us flour, because weíre talking about making bread. In both occasions the word is Powder. So theyíre taking this powder, theyíre putting frankincense on it after theyíve made it, their making Star Fire substitute.

The Mystery School records tells us more precisely that this white powder was gold. So suddenly not only is red, black and red gold, but now white is gold. This is pretty significant because in the Book of Exodus it tells us that Moses took the Golden Calf which the Israelites had made, burnt it in the fire, ground it to a powder, cast it upon the water and gave it to the children of Israel to drink.


This is when the word powder is used correctly. But firing gold? You put it into the fire and produce white powder, firing gold does not produce powder, firing gold produces molten gold. So what was this magical powder that was feed to the Israelites? Is there a way of transforming metallic gold into a white powder, like Moses was said to have done?

Well in actual fact there is. Because to make gold it is said you must take gold, and white powder is what it said was gold, and the starting point for gold is gold. So to make the white powder you begin with gold and the story goes round in a circle and we move into a particular avenue of early alchemical practice. Gold is noble they said, gold is truth.


Through the regular use of the Anunnaki Star Fire, which in itself was called the gold of the gods. The recipients were said to have moved into the realms of heightened awareness, consciousness, because of the inherent melatonin and serotonin. This was the realm of the vast enlightenment which they called the Plane of Sharon, the plane of the orbit of light, and the Star Fire was said to be the root to the light.

So this mundane heavy darkness can be transferred into white, into gold, and this became the root of alchemical practice thereafter. Shew Bread, it was the food of the Egyptian Messiahís, and this is quite interesting to see this word coming up in Dragon Court records even the Egyptian Messiahís. We associate Messiahs with the Hebrew line, not with the Egyptian line, which in actual fact theyíre called them messasihs.


Because they were anointed with the Mesa, they were the Dragons. And so suddenly weíre beginning to see that the David line does come back out of Egypt. It doesnít come straight from Abraham in the line that we are told. We can forget just about everybody that the Bible tells us between Abraham and David. The line goes out and comes back in again.

So we have white powder, we have Shew Bread, what does that remind us of, it reminds us of something else in the Bible, another strange substance that suddenly appeared around the time of Moses.

"The People knew not what it was, they thought it was snowing, this divine and wonderful food, what was it they said, what was it".

It is Mana. If we read the antiquities of the Jews it actually explains that the part they called Man, from Mana, in the Jewish language means "what is it".


Mana means "what is it", this strange mysterious food, the secret, the hidden mana means "what is it." In actual fact the interesting thing about the word Mana is that if one looks back at the earliest documents, we find that "what is it" is an abbreviation of Shemana. Shemana was highward fire stone.


What is it, it is hightward fire stone. What is highward fire stone. When the children of Israel saw it, they said to one another,

"it is mana because they knew not what is was".

Moses said this is the bread. The mana is then described to be white, the mana is then said to be like snow, the manner is said to taste sweet, like honey, and they called it bread.

When the Ark of the Covenant was completed, Mosesí brother Aaron was said to have placed an Urn full of mana into the Ark, and the New Testament book of revelations continues the story: it says that,

"him that overcomes I will give to him mana. I will give the white stone, and in the stone will be a name, a new name which no one knoweth except he who receives it."

Much later in Grail Lore, in European Grail Lore, and weíre now moving forward to the 1200ís, comes this quote:

"around the end of the stone is the inscription in letters and it tells the name of the lineage of those, be they maids or boys, those are the names who make the journey to the Grail."

And nobody can read the inscription on the stone except those who it is for, and then it vanishes.


So thereís a direct parallel here between something from the book of Revelations and something from Grail Lore from the middle ages and it refers to a stone, and it refers to whiteness and it refers to a name.


And the word Shem as we remember was translated into Name:

"Let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad."

When in actual fact the Name equivalent, because of its use here, highward fire stone, Shemana and Mana, was associated with the name of the Royal lineage..., and the name was the Grail.

In Chartres cathedral in France, there is a statue of the great priest king, Melchizedek, who offered the bread of the wine to Abraham. Itís a very, very unique statue this. Because, all other statues of priests offering bread and wine, which was a communion custom, are shown offering bread and offering wine, but the Melchizedek statue, from the time of Abraham is immensely different.


Because, heís offering a chalice, and in the chalice, is the bread. It is called bread and it is called wine, but actually, all one sees there is bread. And, this is very interesting. And, the reason that itís interesting, is because the Templar records tell us that it depicts and describes the very moment when the wine, the redness, the "Star Fire", the blood of the chalice was substituted for the new bread.

Suddenly, it was "Star Fire" no more. It was mana. It was suddenly, NOT, the natural product, anymore. It was totally a manufactured product. And it was white gold. This bread it was said, was used to feed the light body, and the physical body, it makes the point of telling you that. As far back as 2200 BC, theyíre actually talking about the secretions of glands in the human body.

The Pharaohs, in their travels, as written in the Book of the Dead and in other European archives, keep telling us that at each stage of a Pharaohís journey, he is still asking "what it is"? What is it... "Shemana"?


It is the Mana, it is the Gold. It is the white food. In the alchemical tradition, something called the Philosophers Stone is said to be that which translates base elements into gold.


This is deemed to be the case, in the high metallurgical sense and also in the spiritual sense. And enlightenment, putting the mundane person into a higher state of being, transferring his blood into Gold.

So, the rule was to make gold, you must take gold. There are two distinctly different forms of Gold. There is the straightforward gold that we know. Gold, well we all know what that looks like. But, there is also a higher state of Gold. The gold that is in a different dimension, that perceives matter. White powder of gold that, suddenly doesnít look like metal anymore. Itís the hidden manna, itís become hidden because it doesnít look like what it is. Itís still gold and itís secret was known by the Master Craftsmen.

In the alchemical document, called the "Rosarian Philosopher", the hidden stone was described in terms of geometry. Make a round circle of the man and the woman, draw out of this a square, out of the square a triangle, make a round circle. You will have the stone of the philopshers, Weíd all recognize this as the drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci.

The square, the man, they say this is the Philosophers Stone. Itís not the Philosophers Stone, but geometrically this is a representation. I tried to find out from numerous people exactly what the Philosophers Stone represented. Was it really a Stone, or was this stone a symbol for something? Was it actually a stone, because it was metal, even though metal is not mineral.


And, I was once told a very strange answer. Perhaps Iíll learn more in time, but I was told that the concept of the Stone, is rather like the half cup of water. To some of us the cup is half empty, and to others the cup is half full.

So, is the Stone a pebble, or is the Stone a gem? And our own intuition will lock us straight into one of those things, and there will be those of us that are positive and those of us that will be negative. And the positive people will find the root of the stone Iím told.

In the realm of romance in Parcival, written in the middle ages again, it is said that the "Templar Knights" of the "Grail Castle", they lived by virtue out of a Stone most pure.


If you do not know itís name, now learn that it is called Labit, Exceles. By the power of this stone, the "Phoenix" is burned to ashes, but the ashes speedily restore itself to life. And, the Phoenix does there upon give out a brilliant light so that it is suddenly as beautiful as before.


Now, lots of people have wondered about Labit, Exceles. Because, it appears to be a play on words. It combines two things. It seems.


Labit Exceles means "Stone from the Heaven". Labit Exceles is likened very often to the Philosophers Stone itself. Either way, whichever we are looking at, when weíre talking about stones from Heaven, or Elixir stones, weíre talking about "Shamama". Weíre talking about the Heavenly stone, the Highward Fire Stone.


The "Mana", that was the substitute for "Star Fire".

So that, the Parcival allegory lies in the description, that the Phoenix is burned to ashes and appears again, in a light that is as bright and beautiful as every before. But, whatís a Phoenix? Itís a bird were told. NO. The word Phoenix is far far older than any mythology about birds. The word Phoenix is of the most ancient Phoenician. The word Phoenix means, "Red Gold", "Star Fire". This is the story of the "Star Fire", that will turn things no matter how theyíre destroyed, into something brighter and more beautiful than before.

The interesting thing about the "Star Fire" symbolism, is that there are within certain Orders, "Star Fire" rituals carried out today. They are of course wholly symbolic, a bit like Freemasonry is, and like many ceremonies they probably donít know what the hell it is that theyíre doing.


Because, they tell us that the secrets have been lost, and that one day if we keep performing the rituals, the secrets will be returned. And, once they are here, we at least have the ceremonies practiced and can get going again (laughing).

Well, one of these rituals in fact, used to represent "Star Fire", quite often itís the cross in the circle. But with one of them, and this is an interesting one, this is the 9th degree ceremony, from one of the "Templar Orders". And, itís "Star Fire" symbolism, and again this can be traced way way back - back beyond records of Hebrew Law.


And it is very much associated with Hebrew Law. Because, they have two triangles to represent "Star Fire".


One is a ordinary upright triangle, and they say that this is the triangle of Gold which will become light, and they also have another triangle which somebody else carries around, and this triangle is turned up the other way, and they say this triangle represents water. It represents blood, it represents matter. So this triangle here, represents spirit, it represents the light, it represents gold and this one represents the water, of the blood, it represents matter.


And when theyíve been through the ceremony, they interlock these triangles together and itís called the Gem, when itís finally interlocked together. The spirit of the matter is called the Gem.

Now, what other degrees here are used Iím not actually sure. But I was told before, a stone can be a pebble, or a stone can be a gem. So, clearly this ceremony of "Star Fire" symbolism is very much locked into early Philosophers Stone heritage. Old Alexandrine text call it the Stone of Paradise. It is interesting stuff because it carries on with something that gets more and more stunning, once we learn about modern metallurgy and aspects of alchemy.


Because, we are now in Alexandrine text that goes back to BC years, and it says "that the Philosophers Stone, the white stone of paradise, the stone of the name, when placed on the scales can outweigh itís quantity. But, when made to dust even a feather will tip the scales against it. Itís interesting stuff isnít it.

We have something that can outweigh itself on the scales, but when coveted to dust into a powder, even a feather can be heavier than it. Those of you who have seen the David Hudson video, will get an idea of where this appears to be going now. Is there a formula for this, I said, and the answer was yes, of course there were formulas? They were mathematical formulas. There were recipes and all sorts of things.


But the formula from which the whole of this process is based on, is this. Very simple. 0 = + 1 + - 1. Now thatís very straightforward isnít it, because, 1 + -1 does actually equal 0.


Very straightforward and I thought that this is pretty good stuff from the cleverest people in the world to have worked that out. (laughing). But, they then said think about it, this is a sum that can only work when it is a sum, it can never work when its applied to reality.


If you have a + something, a +1 of these, you canít add a - 1 of these to it and turn out nothing. Because, itís still there.


You could actually minus it, and put it behind your back, and pretend itís nothing, but actually its still something. So, that the sum suddenly becomes daunting, this easy sum becomes something quite impossible. You can not add -1 to something, to a plus of itself, and still end up with nothing. And they smiled and said, "canít you" (laughing)?


Well, it seems that you can.


And in fact, they then begin talking once again about the "Plane of Sharon", the "Plane of the Orbit of Light". Because, something which is actually truly and absolutely nothing to us, is very simply something that we canít see. It doesnít actually mean it doesnít exist. Itís hidden, its put somewhere else. We canít see it, therefore it is nothing. Well, actually, weíre surrounded all the time by a lot of something that is nothing.


We are simply not aware of it. We do not perceive it, we can not see it or touch it, doesnít mean itís not there, just means itís in a different dimension. This they say to us is nothing. We can add +ís, and then add -ís, and we can move it into another dimension. When it is in that other dimension, even a feather will tip the scales against it.


Because, not only can we make it weigh less than itself, we can actually make it physically disappear.

Well, this is interesting again, and it would have meant little to me unless Iíd seen the David Hudson video. Because, once again weíre straight back into exactly what these experiments showed us.


That, in fact, one can take metal. One can turn metal into white powder. One can, actually, make it weight a lot more than itself, like it said in the Alexandrine text. Or, one can make it so that even a feather, tips the scales against it. Or, it can actually disappear totally from sight.


Doesnít mean itís gone, because you can bring it back. It is simply moved into the "Plane of Sharon". The metal that we commonly know as white gold, suddenly becomes a bit more important in this now. Because, when you go back to the early text, not only are we talking about "Star Fire" and "Red Gold", but weíre suddenly talking about "White Gold". Not just white powder, but "White Gold".

Now, "White Gold" today is something which we use in jewelry, and generally its made by taking a metal called Platinum and mixing it with ordinary gold.


Platinum is a very hard, white, non-tarnishing metal, and it fits into the platinum group. It was first discovered in Brazil, and California in 1803. And, because of their ultimate strength these hard white metals are used in all sorts of provisions in industry.


They are used to make machine bearings, theyíre used in surgical and optical instruments, and all manner of things. Platinum is said to be discovered in 1803. But, according to the old Sumerian records, these records are actually wrong, because they knew about these metals then. What we have in all of our encyclopedias are the dates of "re-discovery".

Like many secrets of old, they can disappear for 100ís, maybe 1000ís of years, because somebody has decided to contrive history against them. They actually comprise the very metallic group, which in looking at the word, because they believed it couldnít be anything else, historical writers have termed it tin. Because, the Sumerian writers described the shinning white hard metal of the "Shamana", the "highward fire stone of the white gold".


When learning about the things that they used to do with this, it is quite apparent is wasnít tin. Because, tin would never be strong enough to make of tons of stuff they were using this for.


They were actually doing, actually doing the equivalent of hip joint replacements with hardened "Fire Stone". From these "Fire Stones", they achieved the state called Highward. Suddenly, weíre beginning to learn that it doesnít just mean something that goes up, doesnít just mean something thatís shaped highward. Itís actually, it now being referred to in the "Master Craftsmen" documents, as the highward state.


What is the highward state? What is it? It is "Mana". What is it?


It is the metal in the highward state.


Today, it falls into a category that we call high spin metallurgy. Only by understanding the science of high spin metallurgy, can one take something and add to it the equivalent of nothing and apply the principal of 0 = +1 + -1.

This is the point that one can branch right off and go for hours and hours about alchemy and turning metals into gold. The important thing to recognize here is not that this is not a lesson on medieval alchemy. Itís for us to appreciate that there were metals, used at the time that they were maneuvering the "Master Craftsmen", into a highward state.


A high spin state. A state at which the electrons react differently to what they do in the normal metallic state. And itís at that point, that we are, actually moving the metal into another direction, into a highward state, into a high spin state.


The "Highward Fire Stone", "Fire Stone Ana", "Shem Ana", it is hard, it is shining. It is probably a metal of the platinum group.


Through sequences of heating and cooling, it has been proved now, that one can actually take these metals and cause them to rise and fall hundreds of times there optimum weight and weigh down to less than nothing. Weíre moving them then into the "Plane of Sharon".

So, this is the story really, of the succession, not from Adam to David to Jesus, but the succession from Cain to David and Jesus. An unfortunately poor old Adam wasnít part of that program, but Eve was. Cain was the Cain, it wasnít a name, it was "THE" Cain, the King. The blood relative. The blood relative of who?


The bible tells us that Eve says that, I have,

"I have gotten him from the Lord".

And, the Lord was Enki.


Enki means Archetype. That is very interesting.


There are many words, many names historically given to people, because we knew what they became. At the time this was happening, they were calling Enki the Archetype. It wasnít something that people 1000ís of years later suddenly decided to label him. "They", called him the Archetype.


We have the beginning of the succession which created, not only the Kingly line of Judea, but the original Kingdom of Egypt - in both of which countries, they carried out the "Star Fire" practice - the only difference with Egypt, was that they took it onto a mundane level and introduced the "Scarlet Women", the "Harlot" the "Whore", & "the dearly beloved ones".


And eventually, even the Egyptian metallurgists moved, because in fact, the "Star Fire" of the dearly beloved didnít match that of the "Anunnaki".


When it finally, came to playing the Kingly game. What they did was to work out the most logical thing in the world. Instead of feeding you these secretions directly, to give you more of them, instead of giving you a hormone replacement or a hormone supplement, they thought, why donít we do something far more clever - why donít we feed them with something that will make your own personal gland produce far more of this hormone secretion?


That way youíre producing it for yourself. You donít have to be taking a supplement, from somewhere else.

There are today chemical companies in the organic therapy industry, who can and will supply melatonin and serotonin, and these sort of hormone supplements. There is an immense difference between these, which are made from the glands of dead animals, to that which comes from the human live animal. Even if they came from live ordinary animals, it would be better.


These melatonin and serotonin supplements are taken from dead animals, at which point the secretions have failed from the moment of death. It begins to die pretty well immediately, and by the time you get it, it is pretty well reduced to taking a chocolate biscuit. Youíve actually got to take quite a lot of it (laughing).


It is not live melatonin, it is dead melatonin. So, instead of taking the stuff they produced, the first manufactured supplement, it actually charged your glands, to make them produce more of these hormones. And what was that made out of? It was made out of metal, it was "Mana", it was "Shemana", it was "Shew Bread".


But, it was made out of gold, and it was made out of Platinum. And, tests have now proved the difference between the two.


There is no doubt whatsoever, that the old records were correct. Because, when they tell us what the white gold did, against what the red gold did, itís been proven scientifically that the Red Gold, the Gold that effects the pineal gland, absolutely that the white gold effects the pituitary gland.


By taking substances from both, you will be producing both Melatonin and Serotonin. Serotonin feeds the pineal gland, and produces more Melatonin. So, by taking both of them, you are going to end up taking from the "Plant Of Life".


And, just as it said in Genesis, ... "BEHOLD HE IS BECOMING LIKE ONE OF US."