From a lecture presented by

Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt St Gm, KCD
























In essence we will be looking strictly at history, but history viewed from a position thatís different from the norm.


History is not the event, history is the record of the event. History is written for all sorts of reasons, but itís generally written by itís winners. And as with all things, the story of yesterday as today, we are told what weíre supposed to know and we learn it in the way that weíre supposed to learn it.

Itís written for political reasons itís written for reasons of vested interests, they may be parliamentary or church interests or whatever. Well, itís been a year since "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" was published.


Those of you who did hear my earlier talks will know that the book is about the Messianic Bloodline, which descended from Jesus Christ to the present day. It was concerned with, and IS concerned with, comparing the new Testament Gospels, with the original first hand accounts of the period, whether they be the Jewish records or the Roman chronicles as well.


So this is the first lesson to learn in history, that for the most part the people who knew more about what they were talking about, were the people who were there at the time, not those who decided to interpret it 1500 years later!

So, what we did in Bloodline, and the talks we did early on in this year, was to just look at how the Christian Church had established itself.


How it had molded itself around a certain field of vested interest, most of which was to suppress the female in the church establishment so that the Church reigned supreme for so many 100ís of years, also in society as a whole. What we find when we look at the original text of the era, is quite a different story from what we know today. Doctrines such as Jesus was born of a virgin, that he was the one and only son of God, such things as these do not feature at all in the documents of the era.

The New Testament actually gives details of Jesusí descendant lineage from King David of Israel, and this had lead to the one question that Iíve been asked more than any other in the last year.


And that is,

"O.K., this is an important bloodline, this is a bloodline from Jesus. It has a big story to tell in the western world, and in the middle eastern world, but WHY on earth was it so special to begin with?".

It canít be special simply because it came from King David. It clearly isnít special because it came from Jesus, because before that, it did come from King David. The new testament tells us that it did.

History tells us that it did, and actually the Roman archives tell us that it did, because it was they that purloined under edict from the Emperor to collect all documentation concerning the messianic line in AD 70.


Most of these records are still held, they werenít destroyed as they were supposed to be. So the question is simply, what was so important about the bloodline, what made King David so important in the first place? And it was this trail I was lead on. For in the next book, Iím probably about half way through it now. Iím not going to start the story from the very beginning of it because, what Iím here to talk to you today, is just that one aspect of it.

The Bible explains that the line that moved through the Old Testament to King David was exceptionally important because it began with Adam and Eve, the first people.


From whose third son, Seth, evolved a line which progressed through to Noah. It relates to Abraham, who became the great Patriarch of the Hebrew nation. It relates to Abraham who brought his family out of Mesopotamia, into Canaan, and the descendants then moved into Egypt, whose descendants stayed there for awhile, then came back to the land of Canaan, and so the story progresses.

And if we view it as weíre told it, itís in fact quite a fascinating saga, but there is nothing anywhere in it to explain to us why this line was so special. Quite the reverse in fact. The ancestors are portrayed really as a sort of wandering nomadic band of territory seekers. Who appear to be of no real significance whatever, apart from the fact that somebody decided to write up their story. They bare no comparison to the great Pharaohs of Egypt at the time. The only consolation lies in the fact that at the time of Abraham, weíre told that these were Godís chosen people.

Thatís a contrary sort of situation, because according to the Scriptures the God who chose them, lead them through nothing but a whole series of successions of famines and wars, hardships, and on the face of it, the line not only doesnít look special, it doesnít actually look to have been too bright either (laughing). So weíre faced with a couple of possibilities here, either David was not from Abrahamís succession at all, or the story weíve been presented with is quite corrupted from the original tale.


The version that we have, maybe just like the Christian story was adapted to suit the Jewish faith, rather than to suit historical fact. So, in consideration of this, I was reminded of exactly what had happened with my previous book, with the New Testament story, the gospels that had been in the public domain for centuries bare little relation to the first hand accounts of the period.

The New Testament was concocted by the 4th century bishops, to support the newly contrived Christian belief. What if the Jews had done exactly the same with the Old Testament, contrived it to suit the Jewish belief?


So in this regard itís interesting to note that although the New Testament was put together only 1600 years ago, the Old Testament, the one that tells the stories from before, is actually 400 years younger than that. With what little that we know, itís based on Hebrew texts from the 10th Century, just a 150 years before William the Conqueror invaded England. So this is hardly first hand accounts of anything. So, I had to get back to the old writings once again, and this time weíre really looking at "old" writings.


The problem was that even if they proved to be available, the original Hebrew text that were rehashed centuries later were themselves only written between the 6th and the 1st century BC. So it wasnít actually likely, that even "they" were going to be that authentic in their telling of history of thousand and thousands of years before.

The first group of books for the Old Testament were written while the Jews were held captive in Babylon in 6th century BC, in Mesopotamia.


So, it was apparent that Babylon in the 6th century BC were where the records will be held that gave the writers the information from which to put together the Old Testament. From the time of Abraham, back to Adam we have nineteen generations in the Bible, and it will appear that the whole of the story of those nineteen generations were all Mesopotamian. It was all Iraqi history.


The interesting thing that I found, was that when getting facts in old Babylonian records, there was a great track of Southern Iraq bordering the Persian gulf in a land that they called Sumer, which actually, in the old documents, is referred to as "the eden", not the garden of eden, simply the eden, and the Eden meant in the language of the day, pasture land, a grazing country.

I found, when researching for "Bloodline of the Holy Grail", good sources of information were from the texts that were not selected for the New Testament, not the ones that are, but the ones that werenít. Why werenít they, what did they say that we werenít supposed to know? Perhaps I thought, the same might apply to the Old Testament, perhaps the Secret here is that the books that were written down at the time of the Babylon records, but were never put into print for our eyes in later times.


So I looked for the books that were there but were never included, it was pretty easy to find.


The Books of Enoch and, most books and text are available, theyíre just not in the bible. A further book which Iíd known about for some time, because I found in Bloodline, was the book of Jasher. Another very important book, it was so important that twice in the Old Testament our attention is drawn to the great importance of the book of Jasher. Itís not there... Itís very important but they missed it out! That book is still readily available today.

So there wasnít too many big secrets there... there are a few, it tells a very good story about the time of the Israelites in Egypt and their return with Moses to the land of Canaan and that part of the story, but it tells us nothing at all of any consequence about the early line. The early, early line from Adam or from wherever were going to go.

My attention was suddenly drawn, as I plowed through the Old Testament to two other books. Which in speaking to people, not many people had ever heard of before. They didnít even know they were in the Bible. It says in the book of Numbers, "where for it is said in the book of the Wars of Jehovah". Subsequently, in the book of Isaiah was read "seek yee out the Book of the Lord". Nobody had even heard of these books, the Wars of Jehovah, the Book of the Lord.


What on earth were they, did they exist?


Well in fact, remnants of them do exist. What transpired upon pursuing remnants of these books and indeed the very substance of the Babylonian and Mesopotamian records that were put together for the Old Testament, was that the answer, to one question became very clear indeed.

It is said enough many many times by many people, who on earth is it that this God of the Hebrews who chose these people, led them their trails, tribulations, floods and famines. Where from time to time was quite a contrary personality, he appears to have done some pretty nice and merciful things. There is a conflict there, a conflict of personalities, which has never really ever been understood.


Well looking at the old records, looking at the remnants of these two books that were mentioned, we suddenly discover why they werenít included in the Old Testament.

Because they make it absolutely and abundantly clear that there was a distinct difference between the figures of Jehovah and the Lord. There were, in fact, quite separate deities. The God referred to as Jehovah, turns out to be a "Storm God", a god of wrath, a god of vengeance. The other God is referred to, through the original text, as always The Lord. He was different, he was a "Fertility God", a god of wisdom. So, we begin to see from these texts, how the different personalities are answering the question on how he is one thing on the one hand, and something quite different on the other.

Weíre detailing with two different characters here in terms of history written down at the time. So, who was "the Lord", in fact, what was the word he was called by at the time? In time, that would be turned into Lord, in the English language. Well, the word in Hebrew was Adoni. In the old text, he is always referred to, by the Hebrews, by the name Adoni.

The other god is referred to as Jehovah. The strange thing is that the name Jehovah does not appear at all, once one begins to get back to the sort of terms that were used in that millennium. Into the BC years, the further we go back and we donít have to go back too far before the name Jehovah disappears altogether. The name we begin to see, is the name that Abraham referred to as the God figure in the book of Exodus.


He calls him El Shaddai. Suddenly, Jehovah has disappeared, and we have this other person. El Shaddai actually refers to and means "Lofty Mountain", maybe "Lord of the Mountain", or "Ruler of the Mountain". Whatever the words... a Mountain God.

What about the name Jehovah, where does that come from? It came, as weíre told in the Bible, in a quotation, it means "I Am, That I Am". That was a statement said to be said to Moses, by God on the Mountain, "I Am That I Am".


That was when Moses actually asked him who he was. Now, that leads one to wonder, because why would Moses have had to ask him who he was? It would have been pretty clear that God was God, but Moses wasnít sure. He was really saying, really saying (laughing), which one have I got here (laughing)? So, not wishing to give the game away, he didnít really admit to too much. He simply said "I Am That I Am" and anyone of us can say that it means very little.

Jehovah is not a name at all, the name to Abraham and the people at the time was El Shaddai. His opposition, the one that was called the Lord in the old text, was called Adoni. Respectively, in the land of Canaan we find identical stories coming up. They follow exactly the same pattern, they take us through the same sequence of events, that tell the same sagas and they are called Elyon and Baal.


They mean exactly the same thing. Elyon means "Mountain Lord", and Baal means "Lord", means "Adoni".


Two characters still, the definitions of God and Lord has ended up in the Old Testament being mixed together throughout, as if weíve got one character in this story... and it turns out to be totally wrong. It is a complete concoction of two completely different characters merged into one figure. Hence, the different personalities. One was a vengeful god and people hater, the records are very clear in this regard. The other, was a social god, a people supporter. They each had wives, they each had sons and daughters.

The writings tell us that throughout the era, the Israelites endeavored to support the Adoni, the Lord.


All of the early stories tell of them trying to support the Adoni, the Lord. And in every step and turn of the way, the Jehovah, the storm god, retaliated with floods, and famines, and destruction, and just about everything that could be put in the way of these people, who were trying to follow the other God. Even at the very last, at about 600 BC, the Bible explains that Jerusalem was overturned by invasion, strictly at Jehovahís bidding.


And Jews in their 10ís of 1000ís were taken into captivity, simply because, and it is the only reason given for all of that, the Israelites had erected a Temple to the Lord Baal. What we have is vengeance once again.

Now itís during this time of captivity, that all of the decay in Babylon, as the generations lived and died and the new ones grew up, that the Jews finally decided that all of these generations of trials and torments, wasnít really a great scene. Maybe, we should get on this other Gods side. So, it was then and only then, suddenly we discover that Jehovah is taken on board as the God. Itís at that time, it is said that he chose us to be his people.

This is only about 500 years or so before the time of Jesus Christ. So, the true story of the Jews and Jehovah, and the chosen people is really quite young. It doesnít go way way back to the times of Adam and Eve, not even to the times of Abraham. They were actually following a different God. So, the Jews take Jehovah on board as their main God, they decide out of shear fear for the peril of everything, that this is the God that theyíre now going to follow.


The Christians, then in a vague replication of that, eventually take on the epitome of the same god. It doesnít call him Jehovah, it simply calls him God, which is pretty inspirational (laughing). And itís at that time, that we suddenly find that Baal and Adoni and these other names disappear. Theyíre not being followed anymore. What we now have, from that moment in time, weíve now moved forward into the current common era, to faiths of fear.

So, where does that leave us, it leaves us knowing that within a general pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, of which many are named in the Bible, that there were actually two predominant male god figures who in different cultures have been called many different names. But, we know that by whatever names these Gods are called, weíre dealing all the time with two different characters.


We canít mix up, in the old books, the name Jehovah with the name Lord. If one now reads the Old Testament with that in mind, not the English version, the Jewish translated version of the Old Testament, then just supplements the names each time. We suddenly find, that every time that something nasty happens its Jehovah, and every time something nice happens itís this guy they call the Lord. Itís not the same fellow. So who were they?

They had all of these names, but these names all mean the same thing, one way or another. They mean, "ruler of a mountain" or "Lord". Do they actually have names? Well, to find that out, we have to look back a little further and again we have to stay in Babylon. Perhaps, more generally in Mesopatamia, to follow the story back, because these same gods were followed from country to country as the Adamite family progressed.


We can find the first clue in documents that were discovered in 1929, in Syria, and these documents actually tell us that the two gods have their joint seat in Southern Iraq. Weíre in the land that was then called Sumer. What did these people call the same gods, can we find replications of the stories? So that we know weíre actually talking about the same gods, and can we find the stories turning up in exactly the same way, with the same gods?

They tell us that the God we know, and got to know as Jehovah, was called Ilu-kur-gal. It means "Ruler of the Mountain". He was also called, as a sort of abbreviation Enlil. He had a brother, and his brother had probably the most important name we can find in the history of deities, because itís really where the whole thing began. In English, his brothers name was Enki, it means Archetype.


A very important word. The text informs us that it was Enlil that brought the flood, that it was Enlil that destroyed Babylon, that it was Enlil who constantly opposed the education and enlightenment of humankind.

The Syrian text tells us that it was Enlil who obliterated the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in later times, on the Dead Sea, because it said they were great centers of wisdom and learning. But what we get told is that it was a den of debauchery. When in fact, one only has to look at how the church is run today, to discover that anybody who thinks something different to the dogma is running a den of debauchery, and you get called all sorts of names, heretics.

So, itís Enki we discover on the other hand that is doing the other stuff. He, despite this wrath and vengeance of the brother figure, is granting the Sumerians access to the "Tree of Knowledge" and to the "Tree of Life".


He sets up the escape strategy during the great flood. He passed over the time honored "Tablets of Destiny" and the "Tablets of Scientific Law", the bedrock of the early mystery schools. So, this establishes a scene, it is somewhere for us begin. What we know is that history, isnít always history as we perceive it.


We have to get back to the oldest records and generally it doesnít matter what century. When we look at the original story, written down by the people closest to the event, it is different and probably stands more chance of being correct. Without being a time traveler with a video recorder, we canít prove anything, but we can trust their writings, better than we can trust the 10th Century Interpretation of them.

The early mystery schools, and it becomes very very apparent that outside of pure historical records, that the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Mesopotamia, & Canaan hold more of the secrets that we had to get and come to grips with.


As far as I could determine, and Iím looking for a route to a specialty in the bloodline here, it seems very, very, apparent that everything that we had read in the text at that point, that whenever one was talking about this particular bloodline, the bloodline that came down to David, and eventually to Jesus. It had something rather strange and rather different about itís dietary structure, there was clearly a line being built up. A line being purposefully contrived for some reason or purpose, whatever.

And itís diet was different. There were bodily supplements being used, that the words meant nothing in the text. I havenít got a clue what they are. And so, I was talking about this with someone about this, and she said fear not, because you will very soon meet the people who might have some of the answers. Well, I thought, thatís pretty good (laughing). And I thought she was going to take me into the dinning room and introduce me to somebody (laughing), but it wasnít quite like that. Within a week and a half of getting back to Britain, low and behold quite out of the blue, contact was made.

Iím affiliated, for those of you who donít know too much about me, to an organization called the "European Council of Princes". Itís a constitutional body who comprises 33 sovereign houses. And it really operates as a sort of Parliamentary buffer, between dictates and what people will or will not be subjected to. I was approached simply because of that, nothing to do with my new book, by an organization that Iíd never heard of before.


Considering all my years of involvement, Iíd never heard of them, and they were called "The Imperial Court of the Dragon Sovereignty".


The only thing that I knew about them, was that they had existed a few 100 years ago and I knew that they were said to be in Hungary.

What I discovered, was that they were still very operative now, and are still centered in Hungary. Their story, however, is much much older and this became so intriguing. Those of you who are reading books about ancient law, mystery schools, freemasonry, and all this sort of thing, will know about "Hermetic Schools".


The early schools in ancient Egypt from the time of 1450 BC, and we know then, that there were scientific academies, that had apparently great secrets. What weíre not told, is that the mystery schools, were actually schools founded by the priests of Ra in about 2200 BC. And the senior of these mystery schools, was called "The Sovereign Court of the Dragon". We actually have here, the oldest single scientific mystery school in the world.

What were the earliest aims and ambitions of the orders? See here they said, this is what we were set up to do, and this comes from 2000 BC to perpetuate and advance the scientific strength of the Royal Family. Now, weíre looking here, apparently, at the Royal Family in Egypt. But once one gets into the genealogy, we can find that that same family, was the family of the great Kings in Iraq. So, there we are.

The picture begins to emerge, yes there is something special here. Thereís something so special here that they set up Royal Courts and Orders, to look after the formulation of this family. Nothing was said to me then about diets, or bodily supplements, or things like this from Iraq. But, the thing is beginning to emerge into a picture. Suddenly, this line that was so important that for 2000 years after Christ, and for 2000 years before Christ, for 4000 years this same order has been operative. And its aims and ambitions, are the same today as they were then, to support and perpetuate the Royal Bloodline.

The Kings, of the early successions of Kings, who became the Pharaohs of Egypt and the Kings of Israel, and the High Kings of Judea were originally the Kings of Mesopotamia! We then look for traditions, and we find the anointing ceremonies were identical. For Kings, upon coronation, were anointed with the fat of the Sacred Dragon, the Crocodile. Referred to, in Egypt, as the holy mesa. From which derived the Hebrew word "to anoint". And the early Kings of the period, were always called Dragons, or Mesasí or Messiahs.


Thatís where Messiah comes from, it comes from the ancient holy crocodile. So, when one talks about Jesus the Messiah, we actually have a lot of anomaly there. Because heís not "THE" Messiah, heís one of a whole succession of Messiahís. These are pretty important people, that have been looked after by a Court of High Priests, people looking after the Bloodline.

In times of battle, we are told that different Kingdoms are brought together to form an overall army.


They appointed a head Dragon, a head Messiah, the King of Kings, and the name in Celtic terms became, "Pen Dragon". So, weíre beginning to see the names creeping in here, of all the stuff we know about in Arthurian Lore, and the Royal Kingdoms. This started way way back. Weíre suddenly in 2000 BC. Weíre now going to move back into 3000 and 4000 BC, when we find these same titles being used: Dragons & Messiahs, all the time.

One of the things I learnt from the Order, was actually the root of the word Kingship.


Not many of us think about it, do we? Kings are Kings, Queens are Queens, and it doesnít mean a lot, thatís what they are. The name goes back to the very, very, earliest time. The records show that the central "G" in the word Kingship, or the G on the end of King, is just a latterly western addition, for the sake of making it easier to say, for the sake of another word. Because the word Kingship is absolutely identical with the word Kinship. It means, blood relative.


A King is a blood relative and thatís all it means. In itís original form, however, itís spelt differently. We havenít got Kingship or Kinship we have "CAINSHIP". And the first King of the Dragon Messianic succession is recorded in the documents of the order, from 2200 BC, to be the "Biblical Cain". Well, he isnít actually terribly important in the story is he? Apart from killing his brother Able and disappearing from sight, he turns out to be the founder of the greatest Sovereign line in History.

We can now begin to see the anomaly in the Book of Genesis.


The line from Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve, turned out not to be the important person in this aspect at all. The important person is the guy that gets shunned and pushed aside, the first son of Eve. Whose name weíre told is Cain, in fact the records tell us that he was "The Cain", "The King".


He was the first earthly High King of an area called Kish, which sits pretty near Babylon in Iraq. So, two more things suddenly come to light, The more you start looking the more it begins to leap out from pages, just as it did with the New Testament stuff. Because the stories that we know, that weíre taught in our school rooms and our pulpits are about Cain and Able, The two sons of Adam and Eve, and Cain slew Able.

Actually, when you look at the bible, and all the other texts of that period there are not two sons of Adam and Eve at all. They are both sons of Eve, but only Able turns out to be a son of Adam. Even the book of Genesis explains to us that Eve said "I have gotten me a man from the Lord", who was the Lord, the Lord was Enki. If we now begin to look at old Jewish literature again, we discover that there is nothing outside of our pulpit teachings that tells us that Adam was the father of Cain. We, suddenly learn that Enki was the father of Cain.

We have a situation that begins to repeat the Jesus type of experience. We actually have an original son of a God !!! We can then look at the other jargon of the era. With the way that the story gets told to us, we are told that, Cain was a tiller of the ground.


Did the original text say that, that he was a tiller of the ground? Well, not quite, what they actually say, is that Cain had dominion over the "Earth" (laughing). Well, itís not quite the same is it? In fact, the bible translating seems to have continually had a problem in translating the effective word for "Earth". They translated it to ground, to clay, to soil, to dust, into all sorts of things. Except, what they should have translated it to "The Earth", not that earth, "The Earth".


Everytime the word is mentioned to be translated, they are referring to "The Earth". Even in the case of Adam and Eve, the translators get it wrong. The Bible says "Male and Female, he created them and he called them Adam". The older records use the term Adama, which means "of Earth". It did not mean they were made of dirt or clay or dust. It says, exactly as the Hebrew Bible says, clearly for us to understand, they were of "The Earth". They were "Earthlings".

So, weíre suddenly discovering there is a bit of a difference here between the gods and the earthlings. And we know that earthlings, if somethingís not called that, itís not quite like the average person. Because thereís lots of other people around, and theyíre not called earthlings, there is a difference. See, here are people that for some reason they are, not just gods, theyíre not just ordinary people either.


There is a hell of a lot, and people here have probably read Sitchin and others, there has been a lot written about the sort of genetic engineering that went on at that time.


About how characters of that era may have ended up being called Adam and Eve, or whatever. Or clinically cloned in some regard. Iím not actually going to dwell on that tonight, itís a part of my book. And I actually go much more fully into it than Sitchin and others. What I really want to do, is cut to the chase and get onto the story of the Bloodline.


So, we need to take that as read, that the "Adam & Eve" figures were the first of something. We know they were the first of something, it tells us they were. The Sumerian records itself tells us that they were the first of something which they called the "Branches". And the word branches, the word for Branches is clones. Spelt just like it is today, it means branches. So, Adamís not the first man on earth. Heís the first kind of a specifically devised strain of being. And his surrogate mother is actually named in the records of Iraq, and sheís called Ninkhursag. It means "Lady of Life", and "Lady of the Embryo".

She was the surrogate mother, mother of Adam, and we find Adam actually recorded by the name Adam, Adama, various forms of the name as the very, very first King. So, we find that the bloodline is now beginning to have a little more significance. Theyíre not just wandering nomads, picking fruit on the trees and things.


Weíre building up a Kingly line here right from the start. It was because of Ninkhursag, the "Lady of Life", that Eve or Ava was subsequently given the same name by the Hebrews. "Lady of Life", it said in the text that Eve actually means "life", so thatís where the title comes from. It comes from the Goddess who was the "Lady of Life".

When, in fact, we know that Cain got into an argument with Jehovah, this is the way the story goes. Over allegiance problems, venerations, there was a dispute over who should offer venerations to Jehovah, and who shouldnít. It was not Cainís prerogative to offer venerations to Jehovah, because he was the son of Jehovahís brother. It then tells us that the Lord placed a mark about Cain, to save him from his enemies, a seven fold vengeance. But who was the Lord? The Lord was not Jehovah, The Lord was his brother Enki.

So, we find, in fact, what the "Dragon Court" has recorded for all time. Something called the first grants of arms in sovereign, when Lord Enki granted his son the Grail. The mark of Cain. What is the mark of Cain?


It is the most simple of all sovereign devices. It is simply, and the early Hebrew records tell us this, the Mesopotamian records tell us this, and they all tell us the same symbol. It is very simply an upright red cross within a circle. A very familiar image. A red cross in a circle, itís called the Grail.

Why was it called the Grail, because we know the Grail to be something else?


The Grail is a Chalice or a bloodline, or whatever we spoke about in our previous talks. Well, itís rather odd because this emblem, although its a cross within a circle, is defined as the "Dew Cup". The "Cup of the Waters". This is rather interesting, because when one gets into grail lore in medieval times, we always have "Ladies of the Waters", "Ladies of the Fountains". Waterís terribly important here in this early sovereign history.


The "Mark of Cain" is the "Dew Cup", the "Cup of the Waters", which in the roman language was called Rosecruxious, Rose Dew, Cruxious Cup, Rosecruxions, from whence comes Roseicruxions, the dew cup.

An upright red cross, even today the "Dragon Court" uses the same symbol, a little more advanced, a little more pretty, but itís the identical emblem to what they had then. So, Cain is now King. Cain has a grant of arms. What do we do to perpetuate his bloodline? What do we do to make his successors even more special? We now have to marry him back into the godly line. He marries a woman, the records tell us, called Luluwa.

The bible doesnít give us this name. It tells us about his offspring, but it doesnít give us her name, as some records do, Luluwa.


It names his son in the bible, Enoch. Other records, name his son Atun. The Sumerian records tell us that Atun was the successor of Cain. Thatís the reason why heís not mentioned in the bible, only, Enoch. Atun was the successor. Atun was the next High King of Kish. So, weíre now beginning not only a royal bloodline, but weíre beginning to see the very first kingly dynasty on earth. Kings, earthly Adamas, highly bred people, meant to be leaders among human kind.


We keep seeing them being referred to as the fruit and the branches of the vine. But there is something even more strange here, because Eve is also called the "Lady of the Rib" as well. We kept getting told how Adamsí rib was taken from his side, and she was made from his "Rib". Well, thatís an odd one, because the "Lady of Life" in Sumerian, the word "Lady of Life" was Ninti. There is nothing in the ancient records that tells us anything about Adamsí "Rib", or anything of this sort of stuff.

So, we now have Enki and Enlil, and we discover that this Ninkhursag lady is their sister. And theyíre both married to the same sister. It is the rule of matriarchal Kingship, as applied at the time. The same rule that, subsequently, got made the rule on earth. Kings married their first, second cousins, and it seems to suddenly have become apparent that this is being done to perpetuate something quite specific in the bloodline.


Those who have read books about ancient Sumer and the gods at the time, will know that the great pantheon of the era were called the Anunnaki. These were the gods at the time. In Canan they called them, "Eloheim". In fact, the "Court of the Elohim", the "Court of the Anunnaki" and the "Grand Assembly", is actually mentioned in the bible. It was looking at Psalm 82, we discover Jehovah actually making an appearance in "Court" before the other gods, and trying to claim supremacy. So, even the bible tells us that he wasnít the only one.

Cain was important, we discover, because he was actually the son, not of Adam and Eve, but of Enki and Eve. We actually have here, if we use the word they use, the word clone, the branch. We have the second stage in the cloning fertilization process. We have now not only a partly contrived Eve, who was 50% "Anunnaki", we now have Eve and Enki who is wholly Anunnaki.


And a son thatís turns out to be, according to the records, at least "3/4 Anunnaki", the other man who is very much approaching a god figure himself. The records actually say that Cainís blood was so advanced, that his brother Abelís blood was earthbound by comparison. Thatís what the records say!!!


His blood was so advanced. What does our Bible say? Cain rose up against Able, and spilled his blood on the ground (laughing). It actually comes from the translation of "rose up", Cain rose so high above Able weíre told. So, weíre told he rose up against Able and spilled his blood on the ground. This is not what the records say at all. There is no story anywhere, outside of our bible teaching, that indicates that, whatsoever.

So, weíre moving into sovereign history. We have a bloodline that is being contrived, itís being contrived for leadership among men. In a very special way, the gods at the time, are actually trying to implant, whatever it is that they have thatís so special, into this nuclear race here, the new leaders, the "Cains", the "Kings". So, we can now progress our story to what now becomes, and this is something in the records in the Dragon Court, the very, very first grant of "Royal Arms" in sovereign history.


The grant of arms, which denoted the messianic bloodline for all time. Today as then. The Sumerians refer to this insignia as the Gra-al, familiar isnít it, Grail when you put it together, "The Holy Grail", The bible calls it the "Mark of Cain". The mark has been portrayed to us, by the church, as if it was some sort of a curse. The Lord thrust the mark upon Cain, but why did he do it? It said, he did it to save him being killed by his enemies. At that moment in time, weíre supposed to believe that Cain had killed Able, and apart from his mother thereís nobody else on earth anyway.


But, Cain has a mark on his head to protect him from his enemies... "What Enemies???"

In latterly times, the Holy Grail is often referred to as the vine, the vine of grapes. The word keeps coming up. These people are Cains, these people are clones! Now, today we use the word cloning in quite a different form, but it almost means the same thing.


Special, contrived to be of a particular kind. KLONE in the old spelling. So, by virtue of this contrived breeding, what we have is a specifically modeled succession beginning to buildup in history. A succession which judging by their military prose, judging by their political influence, judging by their leadership of the great assemblies, seem to have had a much more heightened awareness to it all.

The Bible is filled with poetic symbolism. Jezebel translates not as the name of an adulteress, but "pile of dung" in Old Hebrew.

In terms of culture, wisdom and general intuition there is no doubt that these people were advanced. "His blood was so advanced that he rose above his brother", this seems to be the story throughout generations. The senior people in this line are really beginning to look quite special, and this is the line that is finally going to end up with King David and eventually with Jesus.


It was recognized at the time however, that there was more to it than just producing a line and dealing with its diet and itís general health. What they do seem to know about, and they make a very deep thing about it. They donít call it the same thing, but it would be what we call today DNA.

And they record, very, very specifically, that the important gene, that moved through from generation to generation was strictly a female gene. The DNA structure that gives the ability to Kingship, comes through the mother, always. The best that latterly Judaism managed to do, to hang onto this tradition, was to claim that being a Jew was something that happened, that was due to your mother. It didnít matter too much if your father wasnít a Jew. If your motherís a Jew, youíre a Jew.

This was set up in the Kingly line, the mother had to be part of the Kingly line, if the son was to succeed as a King. So, at whatever stage the King was, whether it was Cain or if it was his son Atun, or whoever following, that they were always married back into a princely line that was pretty much strictly and wholly "Anunnaki". Not Adamaís and earthlings at all, but straight back into the godly race.


So, in fact every time, the line got stronger and stronger and stronger. Through kingship it was maintained, that "Cainship" was inherited through the mother.

So, we can now begin to see why it was, just like it was with the New Testament, history gets contrived in a different way: because just like the Roman Church, built up a religion, which was to keep women out of positions of authority, out of the Church. The Jews had early done exactly the same thing. They had built up a male dominated religion, and they had lost all traits of its real importance, of this Kingly inheritance that comes through the women, in the early days.

We discover, getting back to my original findings, about the possibilities of something dietary going on here. From this point, from the time Cain's son Etana, we suddenly discover something called the "Plant of Life". These people are being fed from the "Plant of Life". Itís from the "Plant of Life", that this word Branches and Vines keeps getting mentioned from which we get the quote. The "Plant of Life" is the root of this, this is whatís going to turn out to be what was so special about the bloodline.

Why was it then that the Jews decided to knock that on the head, and to forget it, and to tell us a tale about wandering? Territory seeking nomads, when what they had to tell was the greatest story in the whole of history. Being born, of "Earthlings", from the "gods". Weíre told that the line came from Seth, the line came down to Noah, the line came down to Abraham.


What happened I wonder, along the way, what happened to change the course of events? What happened in "Jewish Law" or in Jewish custom to make them have to knock this early part of history on the head?

There had to be a reason for it. They wouldnít have done it to get rid of something important. They would have done it to get rid of something that was a problem to them. "Something", must have happened, maybe, "something" happened around the time of Noah. Itís actually quite surprising, how often when you come up with an idea like that, and you think that this is the era weíre looking at, this is the era of Noah. So, what happened then to make them make this change? Was there "something"? Is there "something" in the bible. And we actually find that there is.

What happened that at the time of Noah? Jehovah, who theyíd taken onboard to worship, wholly and solely, some centuries later, apparently said to the sons of Noah, "the life blood of the flesh thereof ye shall not eat, the blood ye shall not eat".


This edict becomes expressly important to "Jewish Law" and the Jewish way of life. Why does Jehovah suddenly become, in that moment in time, obsessed with what to us seems to us like the intaking of blood in some form or other? Whatís the problem here? Itís a customary Jewish practice now, to hang meant for bloodletting, before cooking and consuming it. Whatís odd, is that in the Christian religion, something quite different happens.

In the Christian religion, in contrast, itís actually customary to take, in what we know of as the Mass, which takes us through a ritual of pretending to be drinking blood. We drink blood from a chalice. Why a chalice??? This is "Grail Lore" coming into play. This is the old cup of the Jew, the "Holy Waters". Jews canít and will not eat blood, if theyíre observing the faith.


The Christians pretend to, the blood, the messianic line, this is my blood, the blood of Jesus, the drinking of the wine. So, could it be, one wonders, that this Christian tradition was actually more right than the Jewish tradition in terms of old law. Maybe, the Christian tradition of pretending to drink blood is a throw back, a real throw back, to some really ancient custom. Before the days of Noah. Could that be?

Well, as it turns out it is. It is exactly that. The other interesting thing, is that we discover that every time, what we might think of as blood drinking or blood eating as referred to in the early days, in the deity stories, the sign that always gets presented to us is the red cross in the circle. Now, crosses in circles mean a lot of things.


But, red crosses in circles were always tied up with this particular ritual, the "Cup of the Water", the "Rosicrucians". However, itís always a cup, itís always a chalice thatís involved. And from Bloodline of the Holy Grail, what we learnt through our investigations, was that the "Chalice" was the ultimate, ultimate, symbol of the female.

One can go back 3000, 4000 BC, and find the female symbol is a cup or a "Chalice". In itís simplest form, it is simply a red circle with a red cross in it. Could it be, that this blood that weíre talking about, that caused suddenly such a problem?


That is linked to the fact that Kingship is only obtainable, through the gene of the female, had something to do with menstrual blood? Is this the important factor here? Well, thatís a bit hard to take when you think about it first off. But, the more you look, the more you find,. And you only have to look at the "Dragon Court" records, from 2200BC, and you find yes, this is exactly what weíre looking at.

Weíre looking at early stages of bodily supplements, weíre looking at stages before the drug companies came in. Weíre looking at times before alchemy. Weíre simply looking at things that could be done with natural products. We begin to find an old ritual in Egypt, in Canaan, in Babylon, in Mesopotamia, & Sumer. The same ritual. Itís called the "Ritual of the Star Fire". Star Fire is the ritual, which weíre told began with Enkiís sister Ninkhursag. Ninkhursag was the "Lady of the Embryo", was the "Lady of Life".

The Lady who we are told fed her offspring with her Star Fire. Weíre looking at a ritual of menstrual blood. This is stunning stuff, because it seems a little unsavory, doesnít it, to start with (laughing)? I started to ask a few friends of mine, and people who I knew who were doctors and scientists. And I said, can you tell me what some of these medicines, that we take today are made of?


Can you, actually, tell me what the ingredients are for this or for this? And they told me a few of these things, and suddenly, "Star Fire" seemed a pretty good bet. It was not so frightening after all. We are actually in the habit of taking some very, very, strange stuff, without knowing it, because it looks like a little white pill.

The divine Star Fire, suddenly, the more you look for it, the more you find it. And everytime you find it you find the circle with the red cross. The Cup of the Dew, the Cup of the Holy Waters, the cup that overflows. We keep finding as well, the importance of the female line. We find all sorts of strange words being used.


But, all the time weíre talking about genes, genetic construction, & DNA. They tell us that Enkersake, the "Lady of Life" was also known in Egypt as "Isis", the great mother. The model for the virgin mother with the child, the child Horus. "Isis", is the great mother.

"Isis", is the woman of the gene. "Isis" is Enkersake. "Isis", is the "Lady of Gene", "Isis" ... "Genesis".


The Greeks called it Genisis. It was originally a split word. And in the earliest versions, that I can find, it is "Gene Isis". The word for in the beginning, in Jewish, was quite different. The bible begins with it. Itís not Genesis, itís quite a different word. So, before looking for this "Star Fire" practice in detail, which we shall, we must now remind ourselves that it was actually Jehovah, Enlil, that gave the instruction that blood must not be taken. And he gave it to Noah, and the sons of Noah, who were members of this Kingly line.

It was Jehovah that gave them this edict, it was not his brother Enki, who fathered this line. It would appear that for a good while, they actually didnít take too much notice at all. If, Jehovah didnít like it, he could bring a flood or something. But, they didnít actually have to obey. It wasnít till much "Later", that they decided to obey this guy all the time. The "Star Fire" practice seemed to continue for quite a long time. And it is this, that begins to make the line important. Noah, Abraham, and the others. These were all products of "Clone" and "Star Fire". Kings of very, very, high repute, in a line not from Seth, but from Cain.

Why? Now, we can understand why we have a contrived line from Seth, and not the line from Cain. Because, of contriving a line down from Seth, down to Noah, we got rid of it being Cainship. "Star Fire"-ship, we knocked it out of the ball game completely. Because, all of a sudden, we were taking blood. But if this was an edict from Jehovah, then probably, it wasnít for their benefit. "Star Fire", was called the "Great Lunar Essence of the Goddess".

Actually, even in everyday modern environments, I discovered, now this "Star Fire" stuff is pretty potent. I decided to ask some friends of mine, at a hospital, what was really here? Is this important stuff? They said if it was food, it is the most potent life force on earth. And clearly, we know that. Because it happened, because of bringing life onto earth.

Producers of Star Fire, the goddesses who held themselves in this position, for this particular function of the Kingly Line were designated the "Flow-ers". Which is exactly where our English name flower comes from. And, the flower was always the "Lily". And, the "Lily", was the key to the name of just about everybody in that line. What, actually, I asked my doctor friends, was really so special about "Star Fire"?


Whatís so special about this food that is not used, & ends up being menstrual blood. It holds, they said, the greatest of all bodily secretions from certain glands. The pineal gland, the pituitary gland.


Certain parts of our brain functions, that gives us specific levels of awareness and intellect.


All of the things that the kingly line needed. What was actually happening, was that instead of them relying solely on their own glandular productions, of secretions and hormones, they were being fed with an enhancement for this. Just like we take other bodily supplements today, but they were taking them at a very, very, advanced level. Because this was not earthly stuff, this was, "Anunnaki". "Star Fire", straight from the Goddesses.

What we suddenly find, is that because of the impact that this has on glands like the pineal, weíre not only feeding the body more substances like serotonin and melatonin. Weíre actually causing the glands within those kingly people, themselves, to begin to produce more of these hormones. They are punching this stuff out like crazy! And, they are living for "Very, Very, Long Times". All of a sudden, the great ages of this patriarchal line in the Bible, begin to not look so strange, after all.

Because, when one looks at the historical records of exactly the same family, these same numbers of years keep appearing. They lived for 100ís of years and it was said, that this was exactly, because of this practice. There is no secret. Actually, it hadnít occurred to me before, but when one studies the importance of glands like the pineal and meletonone, even today we know that there are within these secretions keys to anti-aging.


They have anti-aging properties. Well, they were actually using this, and they were "really making good use" of it. They were making sure that the Kings lived for a very, very long time.

The interesting thing is that once one steps outside of this line, and looks at parallel families, these ages arenít there at all. Their ages are as normal as anybody elseís.


The great ages in the line, continue way past Noah, for a few generations. And, not until we get to the time of Abraham, and beyond that, suddenly the life patterns begin to change in the line. The ages begin to become more normal. Isaac lived for 110 years, and weíre gradually coming down the tree. And, soon to the people living 70 years and 80 years, pretty ordinary sort of life spans.


So, what we can judge by this, that we have actually hit it on the head, that itís around Abrahamís time, not Noahís time that they became to take notice of "thou shalt not take the life blood".

They were beginning to pull off of it. So, we have a situation, that we have a line now coming down. And, it supposedly goes from Abraham down to David, but actually it is ceasing to become very special.


So, why is it still special when it gets to David? Well, perhaps it went somewhere else and then came back. And, it actually did! It transpires that from exactly that strain from Noah, before the time of Abraham, the line had already branched out. To become the early Kings and Pharaohs of Egypt. When one looks at their life spans again, they seem to go on for a very, very long time. In fact, some of them go on for so long that there are no records of deaths. And, certainly no evidence of any tombs. Goodness knows what happened to them, they simply disappeared. Vampires in the Bible ?

Flowers and Flowers, the Plant of Life.... the Flower, it was said was a "Lily", who gave us the nectar of supreme excellence. Which the Greeks called later "Soma", and "Soma" is related to life, to longevity. So, why "Dragons"? We know that the "Messiah" was a "Dragon". We know that the crocodile was the root of "Dragon". We know that the "Dragon", was founded in 2200 BC. We know that the word "Dragon" and "Pen Dragons", actually comes from way back about 3800 BC. Why isnít the Symbol a Dragon? Why is the symbol this red cross? When, in actual fact, one discovers it is a "Dragon". The "Red Cross", the "Dew Cup" is a "Dragon". The Circle it transpires is a serpent, clutching his own tail. Creating everlasting, the unity.

So, suddenly the "Dragon" is linked with the "Dew Cup", is linked with the "Holy Grail". And is why, the Grail Kings were still called in the middle ages, "Pen Dragons". The symbol was the same, as one progresses through history, and follows the "Red Cross" symbol. It gradually emerges that this is actually a "Dragon". It was always a "Dragon". And the "Dragon" was called "Draco". "Draco the Dragon". It was the emblem of the Egyptian Pharaohs. In Qumran, in the time of Jesus, it was Bistea Neptunis.


The great sea serpent of the "Merovingians", of the Fisher Kings in France, and it is the emblem of most of the Royal families today.


Somewhere on their coats of Arms, the "Dragon", "Draco". "Draco" is identical, as a "Dragon" was a serpent because there is little relation between these fire breathing dragons that we see in nursery rhymes. The "Dragon" was originally more like a crocodile. It was a four legged rather large snouted serpent. "Serpent" and "Dragon" were absolutely identical. And, it didnít really matter which word was used, it meant the same thing.


The "Dragon", the "Holy Crocodile", the "Mesa", the "Messiah".

The word serpent is used many many times in the bible. It starts off with the story of Adam and Eve, and the serpent in the "Garden". "Dragon" in the "Garden"... 


Everytime we see the word "Serpent" in the bible, when we look back at the original Hebrew writings to see what it was translated from, it was translated from something like Nhsh. The word meant to decipher, it meant to find, to meant to find out. It had nothing whatever to do with snakes. The "Dragon" was always "thee", who held the knowledge. He, whom from which one found out. He, whom could divine. And, that is the root of why we call gods and deities, "Divine".

Because, they held the roots of the serpent. They had the knowledge. They had the knowing. They were the Kings. And the "Serpent of the Garden", we are told was Enki.


Serpents, from that time on, until today, are always, always associated with wisdom and knowledge. Theyíre not evil. Theyíve never been evil in any law, except Christian and latter day Jewish law. They were wisdom. They were healing. They were knowledge. Itís interesting to discover, once one starts to look, how often serpents and dragons appear in mottos of healing institutions today. The American Medical Associationís emblem, is actually the "Plant of Life", the "Tree". The "Staff" with a winding "Serpent" around it.


Once one looks a little further into that, it gets more interesting to see that there are more complex medical devices using serpents. The one that we actually know, perhaps, is the "Winged Producers of Hermes", with the two coiling serpents around it. This, actually, is not just the emblem of medical associations world wide today. It was, actually, one of the earliest symbols of the early "Dragon Court". It was the emblem of the Essene therapeutic centre at Qumram, at the time of Jesus. And the records tell us exactly what it is.

The records tell us that the "Staff", that stands centrally is the spinal column. The nervous system is the coiling serpents that go around it. The two wings at the top, are the ventricles of the brain, left and right. And, that little spot in between is the pineal gland. The gland, the wings, the top of the stem, are referred to in the oldest, oldest, of law, are called the "Swan".


This was the order of the "Swan", that great "Grail Knights" belong to. And, it is still a flourishing knightly order today. It is a Knightly order for those still partaking of the equivalent, in todayís terms, of "Star Fire".

I donít have to tell you too much about things like Pineal glands, and things like that, but for the benefit of a few who might not have read to much.


The gland is small, itís tiny. It sits between the two left and right sides of the brain, it doesnít form part of the brain matter, but itís part of it, itís central. itís called the third eye sometimes. What it does, is to produce the hormones, the secretion that gives many of the qualities that weíre, actually & purposely, fed back into this bloodline. Melatonine produces serotonin, all important for longevity. All important for intuition. Important for awareness. Important for just about every aspect of supreme and superior leadership. They were called, even then, people of the "Swan". They were also "Serpents", they were also "Dragons", they were called "Kings of the Gra-il", & "Grail Dew Cup".


And itís why this mythology creeps on, even to modern times. We can get into the middle ages, we can get into Arthurian Lore. All the time we have "Chalices", we have "Ladies of the Fountain", "Ladies of the Waters". We have "Dragons", we have "Pen Dragons". All of these names crop up. And, these names exist in one form or another, going back for 5000 years.

In the days of ancient Sumer, we can find records. And, there are 10ís of 1000s of records from that era now available, that have been translated in the last 50 years.


They actually explain that the priests of Anu, who was the father of "Enki and Enlil", the priests of Anu perfected and elaborated, medical science of living substances. And, it tells us that the most important of these, for the treatment of just about anything, was menstrual "Star Fire" from the "Anunnaki" goddess. They called it the "Gold of the Gods".


It was used as medicine, but it was fed daily and regularly to the kings of the succession. In Egypt and Mediterranean times, we discover that the ritual progresses. This is beyond the days of "Anunnaki" now.

"Star Fire", becomes a priestly activity. There are bred, for the purpose within the temples, virgin priestesses. Who exist only for the purpose for producing this "Star Fire". And, they are called "Scarlet Women". They are granted always the names of "Lily", and the other names, the temple names, just as it used to be in Sumer. But, theyíre now earthly priestesses, and were very highly bred, specifically for the purpose. The red of the cross now becomes given a name, and the red of the cross is called "Ritu".


Not an Egyptian name, it was an Asian name. But, it was called "Ritu". "Ritu" was the "Gold of the Gods". "Ritu" is the word from which we actually get red, and ritual and indeed root. And, red "Ritu", was defined as "Red Gold of the Golden Star Fire". So, suddenly weíre beginning to get something new happening here.

Weíre beginning to get the words Red and Gold tied up together. They donít mean the same thing at all. But, now Red is now Gold, and Gold is now Red. And, the "Red" is the "Gold of the Gods". And, the "Ritu" practice becomes the ritual. Once, moving into this realm, of learning that ritual comes from the collecting of the "Ritu, the Star Fire", we begin to find a whole sequence of events that lead to many of the words that we have today.


One of the first things that we see, is that Red is also synonymous with Black. Iím not quire sure why, but whenever Black is mentioned it means the same as Red. And, whenever Red is mentioned, it means the same as Black.

Even in India, the goddess "Kali" is said to be both red and black. And, still is in various traditions. And "Kalimath", who was the original model for the Indian goddess "Kali". "Kalimath" was the sister of "Luluwa", the wife of "Cain". "Kalimath" was strictly "Anunnaki". And, "Kalimath", we are told was Black. "Kalimath", we are told was Red. "Kalimath", we are told was a scarlet woman and "Kalimath" becomes not too strangely, "Kali" the goddess of times and season and periods and cycles.

In the early days, therefore, weíre looking at "something" that is going to evolve into an area. A specific area, of what we later became to call alchemy. Itís not the whole of alchemy, its just a little part of it. But, we can now see where itís going. We now see that weíre dealing with a natural substance, that eventually has to become a purposely contrived drug, for want of a better word, "something else". Because actually, this Anunnaki stuff was not going to be around forever, which it wasnít.

What does Star Fire do?


It produces hormonal secretions. Who were the people who knew about these secretions? They were the people who knew the "secret-tions". Thatís where the word "Secret" comes from. It comes from the early priests, the "Temples of the Dragon Courts", who kept the Secret. The secretions, and this was one of the key secrets really of the early mystery schools, was the upholding of the upholding of the "Star Fire" ritual. It is one of the secrets that Freemasonry says has been lost.

They know thereís a secret somewhere back in ancient Egypt and Summeria, but theyíre not quite sure what it is. Well, this is one of the secrets. The secret of the secretion ritual. Are there any other words we wonder (laughing). There actually are, in fact, thereís no end to them once you start looking. We can suddenly find that this English language of ours, that we thought came from bits of Latin and bits of Greek. And, of course does, but where did they come from?

They came from ancient Egypt and ancient Summer, and, all of these other countries. And, the words just keep piling in, not just rituals, secret, but other words as well. Coal... coal is black. Coal comes from Bath-Kol. Who was Bath-Kol? Bath-Kol was what the Jews called Kali.... Kali, Coal... Coal.. black. The women, who were the scarlet women, the priestesses, were said to be the women of the voice. They were actually producing the wisdom of tomorrow. They had the voice, they produced the "Star Fire". The womb was therefore the utterer of the word, the utterer, the uterus.

It goes on and on, in fact, you would not believe how many words come out of this stuff. Scarlet women. We all know what they are, donít we? Or, at least we thought we did until just now (laughing). The Greeks called the scarlet women, these great priestesses of the "Star Fire". Which actually, got shortened, by medieval French, into the word "Harlot".


The Germans, as did other Saxton countries, had a word "Hores". Who was actually turned into "Whores". All the same things, and every one of those words translated back to the same thing "dearly beloved one" (laughing).... There is no connection whatever, and really, the good dictionary, still tells us this. If, we take a look, there is no, not even the slightest vestige of similarity between the word "Whore" and "Harlot", and say, prostitutes. They are not linked in any way. All words tell us what they mean. And, the words mean, "Dear Beloved One". "Scarlet Women", sacred priestesses of the "Star Fire".

So, when did it go? When did we suddenly forget all this stuff? Why was it so important. And why did we, just have people who bleed their meat and werenít of much consequence really, until later days. It actually happened when their latter day descendants, whether in the Jewish traditions or in the Christian tradition, decided to actually start forging history. Not just translating it, but interpreting it to suit the vested interest of the moment.


The one thing in the Jewish faith, as in the Christian faith, that was absolutely predominant was that anything of importance, with the female had to go. Got to go... this is male stuff now. So, it gets lost. Not because itís necessary, has to go because suddenly history has become Religion. Not just religion, but a faith of fear. A religion based on venerating a guy who will bring floods and famine and destruction, if you donít do as youíre told, or so they thought.


The "Rosicrucians" the "Dew Cup", the mark of the later "Rosicrucians", is all based upon the "Star Fire Ritual". It is why the Christian church without knowing it, takes us through a ceremony that it doesnít understand when it pretends to drink blood from the "Chalice" (laughing). There are all sorts of names, it was "Nectars of the Gods". It was "Gold of the Gods". It was also called, the "Ceremony of the Light".

Now weíre moving into areas that we begin to understand. The ways of the light, following the light, we suddenly look at the Essene records, and the records from the Dead Sea Scrolls, and whatever, and suddenly, weíre into a whole new scheme of operations. Which is, pursuing the route to the light. The light when we look back into the old records, actually was the "Star Fire".


The "Star Fire", is about the acquisition of ability to have special knowledge and wisdom. This is the light, this is the "Star Fire", this is the roots of it. And, this has gone, it has been taken away. We are looking for it. The light, it is said, exists in everybody. You simply have to be awakened. There are various ways of awakening it. But, the natural way, we are told, in the oldest records that I can find, is simply by will. Self will is the route to the light. A thought free consciousness. A plane of pure being. And, they called this plain of pure being "the Plane of Sharon". It was, actually, this very concept of being, being through the "Star Fire", being "I am that I am", that became the problem for Jehovah, when the edit against blood was issued.

Even after Adam was said to have taken from the tree and eaten the fruit, God in the bible, says look here guys. The man has become one of us. Those are the words nearly. Behold actually... behold.... (laughing). Thatís the sort of stuff God said, behold. He has become one of us, he has taken from the "Plant of Life". He has taken the "Star Fire" He has taken the fruit. The teachings of the early "Dragons", were very, very, specific about being or self completeness. It was the key to everything that the succession was built up on. Itís actually not too far adrift from what you guys are about today. Youíre doing it though a very different means.


But, in actual fact, what you are doing, through the kind of training you are going through, the type of processes that you put your own minds through, you are actually in your own way creating higher productions of these hormones. Pineal secretions, which are enabling you to move into the higher realms than would be normal, in terms of cultural thinking. Behold, said Jehovah, the man is one of us. This is an interesting quote, and I think weíll have a little break after this, just to get ourselves comfortable. But, this quotation comes from 2200 BC, and itís not too far adrift from the sorts of things weíre talking about here, today.

Nothing, itís said, is achieved by wanting. Nothing is achieved by relinquishing responsibility to a "higher authority". Belief is an act of the living, for to be alive is to be in belief. Belief is believing, "WILL IS THE ULTIMATE MEDIUM OF THE SELF".


This is at the roots of the knowledge, itís said, this is the route to the personal God. Because, the personal God is within, and the Self is God, the absolute consciousness, "I am that I am".