Conquered by the cross

The Christian Church is a farce founded on a fantasy. If anyone requires confirmation of how easy it is for the few to control the masses, they need look no further than the billions of people who have worshipped the fairy tales peddled these past 2,000 years by men in long frocks. And what goes for Christianity goes for the rest of them, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and all the rest.

These religions were created by the same force to achieve the same effect and, therefore, the saviour-god myths throughout the ancient world have an identical game plan:

1. You are born with original sin and so you are an unworthy piece of shit from the day you arrive on the planet.

2. You can only be saved by believing in the ‘Saviour’ and that means doing what the priesthood tell you to do.

3. If you don’t do that, you will be condemned to the bowels of hell forever.

What guilt and terror this has created over thousands of years. I have heard Roman Catholic mothers in anguish after their babies have died wondering what will have happened to them. The babies couldn’t believe in Jesus because they were only a few days old, so would they go to heaven or hell? I was watching a Roman Catholic television channel in the United States and the guy with the long frock was asked about that. He said it was a profound theological question. Oh really? He said that either the baby’s soul would go into limbo (until when one wonders?) or it would be judged on the behaviour of the parents. What staggering nonsense.


Thank goodness the baby won’t be judged on the behaviour of the priests. And if you can only be saved by believing in Jesus, what about all those billions of people throughout the period of Christianity who lived in vast areas of the world who had never heard of Jesus? Are they all condemned by lack of information to stoke the fires, too? Bit of an arsehole, this Christian God, eh? But of course it’s not true. It’s all make-believe, conjured up by the Babylonian Brotherhood initiates of the reptilians to control the minds of the masses.

When I was writing this section of the book and investigating where the Gospels came from, I was reaching to take a book from a high shelf in my office. As I pulled the book down, another smaller one fell to the floor. I don’t remember seeing it before, but the title immediately caught my attention. It was The True Authorship Of The New Testament by Abelard Reuchlin, first printed in the United States in 1979.1


It talked about an inner circle or inner ring, the most exclusive club in history, who knew the ‘Great Secret’. In this circle were those religious, political and literary leaders, who knew the truth about Jesus, but did not want anyone else to know. What struck me was that this book came to the same conclusions that I had. The Gospels are an invention designed to manufacture a new prison-religion.


The book doesn’t go into all the symbolism I have documented here, but it does name the family and others who wrote the New Testament and the codes they used to ‘sign’ their authorship. One of these codes, interestingly, is the number 40 I highlighted earlier. Forty was also represented by the letter M, as in Mary. The letter M is very significant to the Brotherhood still today and we see it everywhere in the symbol of the McDonalds fast food chain. We will see later how the big corporations use Brotherhood symbolism in their logos and names. M means Mary or Madonna, who means Semiramis.


The wealth of evidence in Reuchlin’s book, much of it complex and dealing with esoteric mathematical codes, is extremely compelling. I do recommend you try to get hold of a copy if you want the full details. The opening paragraph encapsulates its findings:

“The New Testament, the Church and Christianity, were all the creation of the Calpurnius Piso (pronounced Peso) family, who were Roman aristocrats. The New Testament and all the characters in it - Jesus, all the Josephs, all the Marys, all the disciples, apostles, Paul, John the Baptist - all are fictional. The Pisos created the story and the characters; they tied the story to a specific time and place in history; and they connected it with some peripheral actual people, such as the Herods, Gamaliel, the Roman procurators, etc. But Jesus and everyone involved with him were created (that is fictional!) characters.”2

The Pisos were a bloodline family descended from statesmen, consuls, poets and historians, and such people would definitely be initiates of the secret society network of the Roman Empire, a major stepping stone for the reptilian full-bloods and crossbreeds to the present day. This is why a Roman soldier is the logo of that Brotherhood operation, American Express. The Piso family claimed to descend from Calpus who, they said, was the son of Numa Pompilius, the successor to Romulus, the founder of Rome.


These were seriously connected people. Such Roman bloodlines are said to have come from Troy and we are looking at a family which goes back to the Caucasus and the Near East. After the destruction of Troy around 1,200 BC, the story goes that a guy called Aeneas of a ‘royal’ (that is reptilian) bloodline went with the remnants of his people and settled in Italy. There he married into the royal family of the Latins and through this bloodline later emerged the Roman Empire.


According to many traditions, the grandson of Aeneas, a man called Brutus, landed in Britain around 1,103 BC with a group of Trojans, including some from colonies in Spain, to become King of the Britons and found the city of New Troy - London.

Lucius Calpurnius Piso, the head of the family, was married to the great granddaughter of Herod the Great. According to Reuchlin’s research, Piso, who used many pseudonyms, produced his ‘Ur Marcus’, the first version of the Gospel of Mark, in about 60AD. One of the friends who encouraged him was the famous Roman writer, Annaeus Seneca, but it seems that both of them were killed by the Emperor Nero in the year 65.


With this, the name Piso disappears from Roman history and doesn’t reappear until 138 AD when Piso’s grandson, Antoninus, became emperor. But from this point the family are mostly known as the Antonines, not the Pisos. In the 73 years between the death of father Piso and the emergence of Antoninus, the foundations for Christianity were written and proclaimed under assumed names. After the death of his father at the hands of Nero, Piso’s son, Anus, who used a number of names, including Cestius Gallus, was made governor of Syria.


This gave him command over the Roman army in Judea. He was involved in the Judean revolt in 66 AD which Vespasian was sent to Judea to quell. Emperor Nero was assassinated in 68 AD by an agent of Piso according to Reuchlin. This certainly makes sense if Nero killed his father. With this, the Piso clan threw their power and manipulation behind Vespasian and he became Emperor of Rome in 69 AD. A year later the Romans destroyed Jerusalem, stole the temple treasures, including it is claimed the Ark of the Covenant, and apparently took them back to Rome where they entered the secret society underground. This underground was nothing less than the Babylonian Brotherhood.

Reuchlin says that Anus Calpurnius Piso then wrote three of the Gospels in the following order:

  • The Gospel of Matthew (70-75 AD)

  • The updated Mark (75-80)

  • With the help of the Roman writer and statesman, Pliny the Younger, the updated Luke (85-90)

  • The Gospel of John, the work of Anus’s son, Justus, followed in 105.3

As Reuchlin says, ‘Jesus’ was a composite figure and the stories include elements of the tales of Joseph in Egypt and other Old Testament characters, plus some Essene writings and characteristics of various Pagan gods. This is precisely what the evidence I have documented confirms. The several Josephs in the story are all the creation of Piso and part of the code. The letters in the name Piso translate in Hebrew as Yud, Vov; Samech, Fey, and they spell the name, Joseph. Another code Piso used for himself in the stories is the number 60.


Reuchlin points out the many similarities between the Jesus story and the one of the Old Testament character, Joseph, which Piso used as a foundation: Joseph had 12 brothers, Jesus 12 disciples; Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver, Jesus for 30 pieces of silver (inflation); brother Judah suggests the sale of Joseph, Judas sells Jesus; Joseph is in Egypt where the first born are killed, Jesus and family flee to Egypt to avoid the slaying of male children. Piso uses his four sons as the disciples, John (Julius), James (Justus), Simon-Peter (Proculus), and Alexander (Andrew).4 Julius, Justus and Proculus, would go on to write some later New Testament texts.


Piso makes Jesus fulfill a number of Old Testament prophecies, particularly those of Isaiah. Reuchlin says that the Pisos made changes and additions to some Old Testament texts also, and wrote most of the 14 Old Testament books known as the Apocrypha. These included Esdras, 1 Maccabbees, Judith, Tobit, Bel and the Dragon.5 The Pisos were Stoics (hence Stoical) and the Stoics believed that people were motivated by, and controllable through, the use of fear and hope6 (the very methods of the Babylonian Brotherhood). What better way of describing the religions which have been spawned by the Old and New Testaments?

Another manifestation of Anus Piso was Flavius Josephus, the writer I have quoted once or twice. The reason that Piso, as Josephus, and his granddaughter’s husband Pliny the Younger, do not mention Jesus in their official writings is because at the time it simply would not have been credible to do so. It was only with the passage of time as the true origin of ‘Jesus’ was lost that the stories became accepted as ‘fact’. The official history of Josephus is that he was a Judean descended from Hasmonean royalty.


He fought against the Romans and although his friends committed suicide when the revolt went pear-shaped, he gave himself up and was spared. More than that, we are told he was housed in Rome by the emperors for 30 years while he wrote books on Jewish ‘history’ and then married his granddaughter into the Roman aristocracy. Oh, do come on. Josephus was the Roman aristocrat, Anus Calpurnius Piso, and together with his sons and Pliny the Younger, they wrote the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament.

Pliny wrote a number of the epistles (letters) under the name St Ignatius, and this same group, under various names, were the early church ‘fathers’. And who was to turn this Roman invention into the vast prison-religion it was to become? A Roman emperor in the same Babylonian Brotherhood as the Pisos, called Constantine the Great. What was the vehicle for doing this? The Roman Church based in Rome! Geoffrey Higgins in his epic work, Anacalypsis, shows how Rome was created as a new Babylon. No wonder Christianity is so awash with Babylonian symbols.


The whole thing was a set up to create yet another religion to entrap the human mind, and the hierarchy of the Christian Church today know all this! The Church elite have always known this because they are part of the secret society stream which created the myth called Christianity. Cynical lies like the Turin Shroud, which has been connected with the Knights Templar secret society, have been invented to perpetuate the propaganda. The force which invented Jesus and Christianity is the same force which still controls the world today. For instance, the Roman College of Architects was a forerunner of today’s Freemasons, only the name has changed.


The Romans used the same symbols of the square and compass and so on. A temple used by this college in Pompeii was lost under the eruptions of Vesuvius in 71 AD and excavators have recovered from the temple a hexagram ‘Star of David’, a skull and a black and white tracing board first used by the Dionysian Artificers.7 All these symbols are used by today’s Freemasons.

The Judean battle against Rome continued until the final defeat of the Zealots in 74 AD at Masada, the flat-topped mountain stronghold overlooking the Dead Sea. It was the last bastion of the Essene community who had evacuated their base further down the coast. As the Judean Zealots were routed by the Romans, many members of the Nazarene secret society headed into Jordan, Mesopotamia, Syria and Turkey, as documented by Julius Africanus, who lived in Turkey around 200 AD.


Joseph of Arimathea, the biblical ‘uncle’ of Jesus, is said to have travelled to France to spread the word. The Vatican librarian, Cardinal Baronius, said that Joseph first arrived in Marseilles in 35 AD and later went on to Britain.8 ‘Mary Magdalene’ and offspring of ‘Jesus’ are also said to have headed for the South of France after the ‘crucifixion’.

This is the foundation of the Holy Grail story which claims that the Jesus bloodline became the Merovingians in France. Well that’s crap because these people didn’t exist and note the source of this story, the librarian of the Vatican Library of the Roman Church in Rome. So what was so special suddenly about Provence and the South of France? Guess where the Piso family had extensive estates? In Gaul and, more specifically, in... Provence! 9


No wonder the ‘vine’ (bloodline/knowledge) can be identified in this very part of France. Centuries later it became one version of the Holy Grail story of so much myth and legend. These are the symbolic stories of King Arthur (another ‘Sun’), and they can also be seen in the tarot cards and the music and art of Europe for centuries. The Grail has been portrayed as the cup or chalice which held the blood of Jesus at the crucifixion.


But this blood was merely symbolic of the blood which flowed in the ancient rituals in which lambs were sacrificed at the spring equinox and, for the more initiated, the bloodlines which go back to the reptilian ‘gods’. In the early manuscripts of the Grail stories, the ‘Holy Grail’ is called the Sangraal. How close this is to the Sang Raal, the Old French term meaning blood royal. This royal blood, as we shall establish, was the bloodlines of the reptilian-human crossbreeds and had nothing to do with ‘Jesus’.

The Sun god composite, symbolically known as Jesus, was transformed into a supernatural Son of God by the man we call St Paul, whose original name in the stories was Saul of Tarsus. Officially, St Paul was born to Judean parents and, like them, became a Roman citizen, despite being a Pharisee and a strict adherent to the Hebrew religion. Who else was supposed to be a Judean who became a Roman? Josephus, the pseudonym for Piso, who wrote the Gospels! St Paul, it is said, encouraged the persecution of the early Christians, but had a conversion on the road to Damascus when Jesus miraculously ‘appeared’ to him and asked: “Why do you persecute me?”


However, Paul had three versions of his story. In one he heard the voice of Jesus speak to him (Acts 9:7). In another he saw a great light, but without the voice (Acts 22:9). And in the third, he has Jesus giving him instructions about his future mission (Acts 26:13). Paul was the creation of Pliny the Younger (military name, Maximus) and Justus Piso.10 They introduced into Paul’s story many of their friends and associates, and characters from the family’s history.

For instance, the man called ‘Ananias’ in Acts who cures Paul of blindness was inspired by Annaeus Seneca who died with father Piso at the hands of Nero.11 And in Romans, you find the phrase: “Greet Herodion my kinsman”, a code for the Piso family’s connection with Herod the Great.12 Paul did not spread the Jesus message to Cyprus, Crete, Macedonia, Asia, Greece and Rome. Pliny and the Pisos did.


Between 100 and 105 Justus, his father, and Pliny, together with their family, friends and slaves, went to Asia Minor (now Turkey), the Greek cities and Alexandria, among many other places, to ‘encourage’ the poor and the slaves into joining their new faith.13 The first churches were created in Bithynia and Pontus by Pliny. He had visited these places a number of times from the year 85 AD and this is the origin of the first name of Pontius Pilate.


He was only called Pilate in Matthew and Mark, the first gospels written by the Pisos, but in Luke, the one Piso wrote with Pliny, Pilate suddenly acquires the name, Pontius. Luke was written in the very years that Pliny began to visit Pontus.14 Pliny’s letters, written under his own name, say that Justus Piso was in Bithynia in the years 96 and 98 using the name, Tullius Justus, and that the Pisos also located in Ephesus, the home of the cult and temple to the goddess Diana, another version of Isis, Semiramis, Barati, ad infinitum.


As they travelled they claimed to be apostles and bishops, the successors to their inventions, Peter and Paul. They claimed to be Ignatius (Pliny), Justinus (Justus), Clement of Rome (Julius), Polycarp (Proculus), and Papias (Julianus, son of Justus).15


By this time, a Piso, Pompeia Plotina (real name Claudia Phoebe), was the wife of the Roman Emperor, Trajan, and so they had tremendous support from the highest level for their manipulation.16 She also appears as ‘our sister Phoebe’ and as ‘Claudia’ and ‘Claudine’ in the texts called Romans, Timothy and Clement.17


The Pisos and Pliny introduced into their stories all the symbols of the Sun religion and Babylonian Brotherhood myths. They locate their Saul/Paul in Tarsus in Asia Minor (now Turkey), the chief city of the Cilicians. This just happens to be a major centre for the Mithra Sun religion and it was the Cilicians who had taken this cult to Rome, from where it spread throughout the empire. Asia Minor was also a region which followed the cult of Dionysus. Both were symbolic Sun gods, born on December 25th, who died so our sins could be forgiven.


Everything Christians believe about Jesus, the Romans and Persians believed about Mithra. Sunday was the sacred day for Mithraists because he was a Sun God and they called this The Lord’s Day. Dionysus was born to a virgin mother, and he was known as: the Vine, Our Lord, the Saviour, the Judge of the Dead, the Deliverer, the Born Again and the only begotten Son of God. Above the head of Dionysus were the words:

“I am Life, Death, and Resurrection, I hold the winged crown (the Sun).”18

The writer, H. G. Wells, pointed out that many of the phrases used by Paul for Jesus were the same as those used by the followers of Mithra. The Liturgy of Mithra is the Liturgy of Jesus. When Paul says: “They drank from the spiritual rock and that rock was Christ” (I Corinthians 10:4), he was using exactly the same words found in the scriptures of Mithra. Only the names were changed. In the Gospels, Peter became the Christian ‘rock’ on whom the new church would be built. The Vatican Hill in Rome was said to be sacred to Peter, but this place was also claimed, much earlier, to be sacred to Mithra and many Mithric remains have been found there! The Piso clan turned Mithra into Myth-ra - Christianity.

All the Popes have claimed to rule as the heirs to Peter, the first Pope. This claim derives from a sentence in the Bible which has Jesus saying: “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.”19 Only four verses after supposedly making Peter the ‘rock’ on which he would build his church, comes this demolition of him:

“But he (Jesus) turned, and said unto Peter, ‘Get thee behind me Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men’.”20

The ‘rock’ is classic mystery school symbolism, as is the ‘corner stone’ associated with Jesus and still used in Freemasonic symbolism today. Peter is supposed to be the custodian of the keys to Heaven, but this is just a rerun of the mystery school symbol of the two-faced Janus, custodian of the key to the Temple of Wisdom and the keys to heaven held by Mithra.

And Janus was Eannus, a title for Nimrod in Babylon. The gold and silver keys of St Peter’s alleged successor, the Pope, are more symbols of the secret doctrine. The Popes and those who control them know what all this stuff really means. Gold and silver are the precious metals used to symbolise the Sun and the Moon. Peter and Paul are both said to have been killed in Rome during the purge of Christians by the Emperor Nero, but there is no evidence to confirm this because it didn’t happen.


Two other people who were said to have been killed by Nero, however, were Lucius Calpurnius Piso, the head of the family, and his friend Annaeus Seneca! As the years passed, the Sun religion and the esoteric symbolism of the mystery schools, were transformed into a religion based on the literal translation of symbolic texts.

On this misunderstanding and deceit Christianity was built. We are led to believe that the Christian Church emerged as one unit, but this is simply not true. There were many factions across a wide spectrum of views arguing and battling for supremacy as the holders of ‘the truth’. The fiercest conflict ensued between the followers of the St Paul version of Jesus as the supernatural Son of God, and the Arians, who believed he was a man, not God.


The Arians were named after Anus, a churchman in Alexandria, Egypt, who questioned that Jesus could be the same as God. Had not Jehovah said that he was the only God? How then could God be in three parts as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? The ‘trinity’ is a Pagan concept and part of Babylonian and Egyptian belief. Now if we lived in a world full of mature adults, we would allow people the respect and freedom to believe anything they like so long as they don’t impose it on others. Just because we may think it is wrong or a nonsense should not matter.


My problem with Christianity and religion in general is not that anyone believes it, that is their right, what I challenge is the way it has been imposed upon people through the use of fear, guilt, violence and the suppression of alternative thought. Unfortunately, allowing people the right to believe something you don’t, has become a criminal offence and so the Paulines and the Arians insisted on crushing each other. At this point, enter Constantine the Great, who, together with the Pisos and Pliny, was the creator of what became known as Christianity.

Constantine was made Emperor of the Roman Empire in 312 AD. He won a reputation as a brave and ruthless soldier and served in Britain for a time before being elected as Caesar of the West. He then began to kill his rivals, including many of their children, as he sought to be emperor of all. In one of his battles for the Roman leadership, at Milvian Bridge near Rome, the Christian legend claims that he saw a vision of a cross in the sky with the words: “By this Conquer”.


The next night, so it is said, he had a vision of Jesus who told him to put the cross on his flag to guarantee victory over his enemies. Good story, but the word bollocks* is drifting across my mind.


* American readers, I understand, do not know the meaning of the British term, ‘bollocks’. How can I explain it? I guess ‘you must be joking’ is the cleanest translation I can think of.

Constantine was said to have been converted to Christianity by his visions, but there’s one tiny problem with that. He never did become a Christian, except perhaps on his deathbed as a bit of insurance. He worshipped the Greek god Apollo (the Sun), and the Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun), and he remained to his death the Pontifex Maximus of the Pagan Church! As a result, Jesus was given the Sun’s birthday of December 25th which has remained ever since.


Constantine is also responsible for the great Christian shrine in Jerusalem. His mother, Helena, was dispatched to the city to
track down the places and relics of the Christian story. It was she who claimed to have found the exact locations of the birth of Jesus, the crucifixion, his tomb and where he ascended into the sky. You can still find them all on the guided tour of Jerusalem!


Constantine built a basilica in 326 AD on the site his mother said the crucifixion took place and on the same spot today stands the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which attracts millions of Christians to see where ‘Jesus died on the cross’. Helena also claimed to have found the three wooden crosses around 300 years after the event. What a clever lady she must have been.

The truth went far deeper, however. Constantine was a member of the same Babylonian Brotherhood through which the Pisos and Pliny operated. The Basilica which Constantine built in Jerusalem is part of the sacred geometric pattern of this city according to some researchers. The Roman College of Architects were connected with the Order of Comacine Masters who expanded rapidly under the reigns of Constantine and Theodosius as Christianity was becoming the dominant religion of the Roman Empire.21 Both were important branches of the Brotherhood underground.


The Order of Comacine based themselves on the island of Comacini in Lake Como in northern Italy. Lake Como, which today is close to the Swiss drug money laundering centres like Lugano, is a very important centre for the Babylonian Brotherhood. Two of its modern British members, Prince Philip and his mentor, Lord Mountbatten, attended a meeting of the Brotherhood’s Bilderberg Group at Lake Como in 1965. The Order of Comacine was divided into lodges headed by Grand Masters and they wore white gloves and aprons and communicated through secret signs and handshakes.22


All this was happening more than a thousand years before the official creation of Freemasonry! They were given the patronage of the king of Lombardy and were made masters of all masons and architects in Italy.23 It was this secret order, the successors to the earlier Brotherhood architects, the Dionysian Artificers, who provided the bridge between those who built the ancient Pagan temples and their brethren, who would build the great Christian cathedrals of Europe. The same Brotherhood built both!


The ancient temples were shrines to the Pagan deities, and the Christian cathedrals were also shrines to the Pagan deities. The only difference was that, with the latter, the public thought they were built to worship ‘Jesus’. The famous Christian hero, St Bernard, defined God as ‘length, width, height and depth’ because he understood the effect of geometry and numbers on the energy fields. Pythagoras also stated that: “number is all”. The power of pattern, numbers, geometry and proportion, are some of the ‘great mysteries’ that have been denied the mass of the people.

Clearly Constantine, and the Brotherhood which controlled the emperors, saw political advantage in supporting the Christian movement. And the people would have had no problem encompassing Jesus into their belief system because the story matched that of the other Sun gods of the time, including Mithra.


Christianity picked up many followers of Mithra because to them it was no different to what they already believed except for the name. Constantine ended the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire by issuing his Edict of Milan, but this was not specific to Christianity, though it stopped the persecution against all one-God religions. Anyway, as one persecution ended another was soon to begin, as the Roman Church persecuted, burned and tortured anyone who refused to believe in the Christian faith, or even their version of the faith.


Tens of millions of people have died in the name of the so-called ‘Prince of Peace’. Appropriately, Constantine murdered his wife and elder son before making the journey in 325 AD to his palace at Nicaea (now Iznik in Turkey) to decide what Christians to this day must believe. He wanted to end the conflict between the Paulines and the Arians and install a single Christian creed. He called 318 bishops (another mystical number) together at Nicaea to tell them what their creed was going to be. Bitter arguments erupted between the factions on the burning issue for the future of the world: Was Jesus part of a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost? Holy shit.


Documents were torn up and blows were struck. If you are a Christian, this is how your faith was decided. The Arians lost the day and out of this mayhem and Roman dictatorship came the foundation belief of Christianity, the Nicene Creed. This dog’s breakfast was as follows. I hope you are concentrating, I’ll be asking questions later:

“We believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of all things, both visible and invisible; and in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the son of God, begotten of the Father, only begotten, that is to say, of the same substance of the Father, God of God and Light of Light, Very God of Very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the father, by whom all things were made, both things in heaven and things on earth; who, for us men and our salvation, came down and made flesh, made man, suffered and rose again on the third day, went up to the heavens, and is to come again to judge the quick and the dead; and in the holy ghost.”

Simple eh? It was decided that Jesus was the same substance as the father because in ancient Babylon it was said that Nimrod and his son, Tammuz, were the same person. His mother, Queen Semiramis, was titled the Holy Spirit. So the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, are in fact Nimrod-Tammuz and Semiramis. Christianity is the religion of Babylon and has been from the start. Today Rome and Italy remain a major Brotherhood centre, as I detail in .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free. The Vatican itself is wholly controlled by the Brotherhood and one of its most important bases.

Christianity, like Judaism and Islam, was designed to achieve another vital part of the reptilian Agenda: the suppression of the female energy, the intuitive connection to higher levels of our multidimensional consciousness. Once you suppress your feminine energy, your intuition, you switch off your higher consciousness and become dominated by your lower consciousness. You are isolated from your highest expression of love, wisdom and knowledge, and at the mercy of the manipulated ‘information’ bombarding your eyes and ears.


This is why the Brotherhood have sought to create a world in which the male energy has called the shots, on the surface at least. The state of being we know as ‘macho man’ is a person disconnected from his female energy and therefore deeply imbalanced. Note that there is no mention of women in Constantine’s Nicene Creed. It says that God became flesh as Jesus “for us men and our salvation”.


Christianity was a male bastion from its very foundation, created to suppress the balancing female energy. The early founders of the Church, like Quintus Tertullian, banned women from priestly office and even speaking in church. It was only at the Council of Trent in 1545 that the Roman Church officially agreed that women had souls and then only by a majority of three votes! The seeds of this anti-feminine dogma in the Christian Church can be seen in its mirror, Zoroasterism, the sect of the prophet (mythical Sun god), Zoroaster.


He and his religion emerged yet again from Persia, now Turkey, the home of the Taurus Mountains and St Paul’s abode, Tarsus. Zoroaster was vehemently anti-women and he said that “no women could enter Heaven except those ‘submissive to control, who had considered their husbands lords”’.


This whole philosophy is an almost word-for-word repeat of Brahmanism, the appalling Hindu creed which was introduced by the Aryans to India many centuries before. St Paul (the Pisos and Pliny) continued the antifeminine agenda in Christianity and set the scene for the horrific suppression of women over nearly two thousand years.


Among St Paul’s little gems are:

“Wives submit to your husbands for the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the Church. Now if the Church submits to Christ so should wives submit to their husbands in everything.”


“But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.”

The Christian Church was built to represent and perpetuate the extreme male vibration, the Sun energy, and to keep the ancient knowledge secret. The Christian Church became a crucial and highly effective vehicle to remove knowledge from circulation so it could be used secretly and malevolently from behind the scenes. The assault on the balancing female energy and the hoarding of knowledge resulted in the persecution of ‘witches’ channelers, mediums, psychics and seers of all kinds.


These communications with other realms had been an everyday part of pre-Christian life. Channelers were given names like prophets, oracles, vessels of God and such like. One of the leaders of this witch-hunt was Jerome, born in 341, who is credited with gathering the texts for the main Latin version of the ‘Holy Bible’. It was Jerome who persuaded the Pope to outlaw channelling (psychic communications with other dimensions). By this single papal decree, the vessels of God became vessels and witches of the Devil, terms still used by many Christians.


King James I, the first king of both England and Scotland, included a bitter condemnation of witches in his King James Bible in 1611 and he was true to his word as he had thousands of women tortured and executed for being witches. Jerome wanted the priests to be the middle men between humanity and God. He did not want people going direct, contradicting the official line, or circulating unapproved knowledge. As he said:

“We tell them (the channellers) that we do not so much reject prophecy, as refuse to receive prophets whose utterances fail to accord with the Scriptures old and new.“24

Yet at the same time the initiates of the Babylonian Brotherhood which created the Roman Church were using these same psychic powers and modes of inter-dimensional communication. OK, how else can we control and diminish the great unwashed? We’ve got them to believe a fantasy about Jesus and we’ve conned them to think that after one life on Earth, God decides if they go to heaven or hell.


We have also conned them to think that we, the men in frocks, know how God wants them to live and that anything to do with the esoteric is the Devil. Anything else? Hey, we need to be careful about that sexual energy, the creative force. Got to shut that down or their power source will still be there. I’ve got just the man. I say, Augustine, in my office, please.


Saint Augustine of Hippo, like most of the early Church heroes, was from North Africa. He couldn’t get enough sex earlier in his life, but after his alleged conversion to Christianity at the age of 31, he switched dramatically and decided that sex was horrid. You know what smokers are like when they stop. He would not allow a woman into his house unaccompanied, even his sister. He couldn’t think of another way of producing children, so unless the race was to die out, he was stuck with it. However, he insisted that on no account should you enjoy it.

I’ve tried that mate, and it doesn’t work. This was Augustine’s view of sexuality:

“Husbands love your wives, but love them chastely. Insist on the work of the flesh only in such measure as is necessary for the procreation of children. Since you cannot beget children in any other way, you must descend to it against your will, for it is the punishment of Adam.”

These attitudes led, in stages, to the imposition of celibacy on priests by Pope Gregory VII in 1074. Yes, we have celibate priests in the Roman Catholic Church today because of what one pope decided a thousand years ago and countless children, abused by sexually frustrated and messed up churchmen, have taken the consequences. Augustine connected sex with original sin, the idea that we are born sinners because of our link back to Adam and Eve.


Jesus, so this theory goes, was the only one born without original sin because he was conceived by a virgin birth. But what about his mother? She must have had original sin and so some of it must have been passed on to him. Eventually, the Roman Church could see the contradiction and they decreed that Mary, too, was a virgin birth. But what about her mother? Did she have original sin? If so, it must have been passed on to Mary.


My God, please stop me before I disappear up my own orifice. What garbage it all is. But billions of people have been controlled and manipulated in this way since the Christian creed sank its fangs of fear, guilt and violence, deep into the human spirit. Actually I believe-in original sin myself. Some of my ‘sins’ have been very original. If you are going to sin, make it original, that’s what I say.

Our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels of being are connected by vortices of energy known as chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning: wheels of light). It is through these chakra vortices that imbalances on one level are passed on to another (see Figure 18). Thus when we get very emotionally stressed, the first thing that happens is that we stop thinking straight. The imbalance on the emotional level is transmitted to the mental level. This is eventually passed onto the physical level if the imbalance is not corrected and this is how stress and emotional upset causes illness and disease or disease.

Figure 18:

The human ‘chakra’ or vortex system which interpenetrates our levels of being.

When they are open we connect with the cosmos and draw in limitless amounts of energy.

When they are closed we are disconnected from the cosmos

and operate on a fraction of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual potential.


These emotional imbalances manifest in the physical body as chemical reactions and it is these reactions that official medicine (the transnational drug corporations) seeks to ‘treat’ at unbelievable cost in both money and long term effects on the body. They treat the symptom, not the cause, because most doctors are so in-doctor-rinated that they have no idea how the body really works and what the human being really is. Those that control the drug corporations do know, however, and they use every means possible to suppress ‘alternative’ healing methods which treat the cause and not the symptom.

It is also the chakras which suck energy into our consciousness field and in a fully functioning state we take in vast amounts of energy, particularly through the base chakra at the bottom of the spine. From there it moves through the seven major chakras going up along the spine and out through the crown chakra at the top of the head. I explain all this in detail in other books like I Am Me I Am Free. For reasons I will go into in a later chapter, the more energy we suck into our energy field, the
Crown chakra more power we have to create and Third eye chakra control our own destiny. It is vital, therefore, that those who wish to diminish and dominate us find ways to limit the amount of energy we absorb.

This is where the manipulation of sex comes in. The three lowest chakras are the base, the sexual chakra just above that, and then the chakra connected to our emotional level in the solar plexus. It is this chakra which stimulates the ‘butterflies’ and ‘nervous stomachs’ when we are worried or stressed. So the Christian and ‘moral’ attitudes to sex close down the base chakra and what energy it does absorb is thrown into turmoil when it hits the sexual and emotional chakras because of all the fear and guilt surrounding the subject. This imbalances and diminishes the entire human energy consciousness field.


Most Christian clerics have no idea that this is so, but those who have controlled Christianity and the Roman Church certainly do, because they are in the knowledge stream that has been suppressed in the general population. Each generation has been conditioned to think the Christian way about sex, whether consciously or subconsciously, and they in turn have helped to condition the next generation to think the same. But sex is wonderful. It is to be enjoyed.


The ability to express your love physically for another human being is an incredible gift. I don’t care what your sexuality may be. Love is love is love. Let’s express it. If Augustine or the Pope want to tie a knot in theirs, fair enough, everyone to their own, as long as they don’t tell me how to live my life.

In the East, Asia and China, they have retained the understanding of the power of sexual energy over thousands of years and this knowledge has been practiced in the West in the secret societies and Satanic rituals. Once again the sexual energy is just that, energy, and can be used to create or destroy. In the Eastern religions, the conscious creation and stimulation of sexual energy is known as Tantra. Sexual intercourse is seen, quite rightly, as the union and balance of the male and female, the yang (male) and yin (female).


The idea of Tantric sex is to stimulate the sexual energy held in the base of the spine, the Kundalini energy as it has become known. This was symbolized as uncurling serpents and in Tantra the participants control and delay orgasm to transform the kundalini from its original state (ching) into the higher energy (ch’i) and finally its highest expression (shen). This is done by raising the energy up the spine and down again until it has reached a vibratory state that can reconnect the person with the cosmos. By the end of this book you will see the importance of this and its scientific basis.


When the kundalini explodes into your energy field as it did with me in 1990-91, it can blow you away mentally, emotionally and spiritually, sometimes physically too, until you have mastered its power. Stimulating the kundalini is described as ‘lighting the inner fire’. Mine wasn’t a fire, it was a nuclear strike! Tantra is designed to complete this process in a more controlled way, but sometimes the uncontrolled way offers a more extreme and enlightening experience. Once the Kundalini is awakened, you have a constant supply of enormously powerful energy with which to create whatever you choose.


The Satanists use sex as a fundamental part of their ritual so they can tap this sexual, kundalini force, for their horrendous purposes. But it can equally be used to set us free and hence the Christian obsession with making sex into a dirty, immoral, guilt-ridden experience which suppresses or imbalances the kundalini energy and delinks the person from their cosmic levels of self.

The compilation of the Bible was yet another farce. If you ask most people about the Gospel writers, they will usually tell you that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were the disciples of Jesus. That’s the impression people get and are encouraged to get, but it’s not true and not even the Church claims that officially. The Gospels and other books of the Bible are only those chosen by the hierarchy of the Christian Church from those written by the Pisos and Pliny and the many copies and offshoots which followed.


Many other texts were available that were just as valid, often very much more so, than those which made it into the ‘Holy Book’. Texts were rejected, destroyed or rewritten to fit the official line and the philosopher, Celsus, wrote of the church leaders in the third century:

“You utter fables, and you do not even possess the art of making them seem likely... You have altered three, four times and oftener, the texts of your own Gospels in order to deny objections to you.” 25

In 1958, a manuscript was discovered at a monastery at Mar Saba, east of Jerusalem, which shows how the Jesus story was rewritten by the Church whenever it suited them at the time. It was found by an American, Morton Smith,26 Professor of Ancient History at Columbia University, and it included the content of a letter by Bishop Clement of Alexandria, Egypt, an early Christian father, to a colleague called Theodore. It also revealed an unknown segment of Mark’s Gospel which had been suppressed.


It included in the ‘Jesus’ story some details of mystery school initiations and it was an account of the raising of Lazarus by Jesus, the famous raising from the dead. In this suppressed text Lazarus called to Jesus before any ‘raising’ took place, so proving that he was not supposed to be physically dead. There was also another devastating revelation for Christianity. The manuscript makes references to the effect that Jesus was understood to have engaged in possible homosexual practices involving the ‘rich young man’ mentioned in Mark’s Gospel.27


Let me stress that I am not condemning homosexuality here. Good luck to those who wish to live their lives in this way so long as it’s the choice of all concerned. I am making the point that the Christian hierarchy have been deceiving and lying to their followers right from the start. Bishop Clement’s letter was replying to a Christian who was very perturbed to be told the above story of ‘Jesus’ by the Gnostic group called the Carpocrates. It had apparently been leaked to them by an official in Alexandria. Clement’s advice, after confirming the story, was that anything which contradicts the official church view must be denied, even if it is true.

The letter says of those who question official orthodoxy:

“For even if they should say something true, one who loves the Truth should not, even so, agree with them... To them one must never give way; nor, when they put forward their falsifications, should one concede that the secret Gospel is by Mark - but should deny it on oath. For not all true things are to be said to all men.” 28

Clement was summing up the attitude of the Brotherhood and their religious fronts throughout history. Most members of the Church follow the party line because that is what they are conditioned to believe, but within these ‘religions’ are the secret sects which know the truth. They are organizations within organizations or an organization (the reptilian Brotherhood) within organizations. It was such people who created the religion in the first place and compiled and translated the Bible, the book that was to mind control the world for centuries and, to a very large extent, still does. Jerome became secretary to Pope Damascus in about 382 and he was commissioned to bring various texts together to produce the Bible in Latin, the official language of Rome.


Now we had another translation, the Hebrew and Greek into Latin, plus Jerome’s own prejudices. His version is known as the Vulgate, from the Latin Vulgata, meaning in common use. The English derivative, vulgar, meaning ‘in poor taste’, would have been a better description. Jerome edited the texts as he saw fit and rejected those which didn’t support the creed of Nicaea.


He worked with another church ‘father’, the sex bomb, Augustine. Jerome and Augustine both agreed that women were morally and spiritually inferior and that sex and earthly pleasures were a source of evil which kept men from their spiritual path. Poor sods. They examined 13 gospels, nine acts and teachings of the Apostles, plus 31 letters and other writings. They decided which were ‘orthodox’ and which were to be rejected.


Their choice was supported by the Council of Carthage in 397 and confirmed again by Pope Innocent I a hundred years later. Jerome’s Vulgate Bible became widely accepted as the version. The Council of Trent in 1545 decreed that it was the only acceptable one for Roman Catholics.

Most Christians could not understand what it said because they didn’t read Latin, but they could rely on the priests to tell them what it said they should do. People were condemned and killed for the crime of translating the Bible into English because doing so allowed millions to actually read the texts the priests were using to control and terrify them. In 553 AD, the belief in reincarnation was outlawed at the Second Synod Council of Constantinople under the influence of the Emperor Justinian. The council decided, without the attendance of the Pope, that:

“If anyone assert the fabulous preexistence of souls and shall submit to the monstrous doctrine that follows from it, let him be... excommunicated”.

The ‘monstrous doctrine’ was that we live forever on an eternal journey of evolution through experience and we are all responsible for our actions in this physical life or a future one. An acceptance of reincarnation took away the power of the heaven or hell mob to frighten people into doing as they, sorry, ‘God’, said. The knowledge continued to be sucked from the public domain. After Constantine the Great, came other emperors who influenced the course of the fast emerging Christian creed. Among them was Theodosius who made Christianity the official religion of the empire in 380.


The power of the men in frocks grew enormously as the Babylonian priesthood dropped anchor in Rome. Anyone who strayed even marginally from the official beliefs was brutally executed and their documents destroyed - exactly the Nimrod doctrine of Babylon. This is not just a bunch of power crazed psychopaths, ad-libbing their way through this grotesque slaughter, it was a coldly calculated plan to rule by terror and in doing so, take any other knowledge or versions of life out of public circulation. As reptilians and the puppets of reptilians, they wanted to create a mental and emotional prison cell, outside of which it was fatal to tread.

The marauding Visigoths, a Germanic (Aryan) people who occupied southern France, eventually sacked Rome in 410, but by then the Roman Church had such a grip on the minds of so many in the former Roman Empire, that where the Roman emperors left off, the Popes would take over. The Roman dictatorship became a papal dictatorship and in the centuries that followed, Europe became a landscape of untold slaughter. The Pope ruled and who ruled the Pope? The Babylonian Brotherhood, exactly as they do today.


The Hebrew and Christian religions are the inventions of those who controlled the underground stream of secret knowledge. Even the ritual garbs are the same in so many ways. What do Jewish people wear? Skull caps. What does the Pope wear? A skull cap. This is symbolic of the way priests in the mystery schools used to shave the backs of their heads. The more formal headgear and ritual of Judaism and Christianity are also very similar because they originate from the same source and the Pope’s mitre is the fish head symbol of Nimrod.

To complete the trio, along came the skull-cap-wearing Muslims and the creed of Islam, inspired by the ‘ProphetMahomet (Mohammed) when he had a ‘vision’ in the year 612. Once more we find that Islam’s roots are in Christianity and Judaism and therefore Babylon. Muslims see Islam as an updated continuation of the Judeo-Christian stream and they, too, trace their ancestry back to our old mate, Abraham, who is said to have emerged from the Sumerian city of Ur and headed for Egypt.


They believe that Abraham built the Kaaba, the sacred shrine at Mecca, and the focus of pilgrimage for Muslims all over the world. But it was in fact originally a Pagan temple of goddess (Semiramis) worship featuring the famous Black Stone. W. Wynn Westcott, founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, wrote in his work, The Magical Mason, that the Black Stone supposed to have been brought to Mecca by Abraham, was used originally for ancient Pagan ritual.29 Again you see Brotherhood symbolism in this ‘new’ religion.


The symbols of the crescent and the curved sword, the scimitar, are identified with the Moon and Venus, the Morning Star, the term used for Lucifer. Venus was also a title for Queen Semiramis. Muslims have bought the idea that Moses, King David and Jesus were divine prophets sent by the one All Mighty God, when in fact all three are Brotherhood inventions. Their holy book, the Koran, which was supposed to be inspired by God, mentions Jesus in 93 verses and treats him as a living person. Islam was created by the same Brotherhood networks as the Christian religions, to further imprison, divide and rule.


Mohammed was the last prophet and therefore, the Muslims reckon, the most valid. As such, all Christians and Jews should convert to Islam, the orthodox Muslims demand. The term, Jihad, is the ‘Holy War’ that Muslims are urged to wage against all who do not accept the creed of Mohammed. How fitting that Islam means ‘to submit or surrender’ and Muslim means ‘one who submits’. Some of the bloodiest conflict in history has resulted from the desire of Islam, Christianity and Judaism to impose their creed on each other, when they all come from the same source and the same manipulation! Excuse me, did I come in late and miss something? Beam me up Scotty, get me out of here...

The Islamic god Allah is the same ‘god’, the Muslims say, as the Judeo-Christian, Jehovah. The Koran is the Islamic holy book, but Muslims also give credence to the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament attributed to Moses. In truth they were written by the Levites after Babylon and not by ‘Moses’, which was a title in the Egyptian mystery schools. Is it really a coincidence that these three massive prisons of the mind, suppressors of the female, and creators of bloody conflict, should all come from the same part of the world? Or that people having visions and visitations should play such a crucial part in the formation and legend which created these monsters?


Mohammed said he had his vision near the cave where he used to go. Caves and dark places constantly recur in stories of religious superstars and Sun gods like Mithra and Jesus. Mohammed said his visitor claimed to be the Angel Gabriel of biblical fame and during the encounter Mohammed said he lost consciousness and entered a trance state. While Mohammed was in his trance or hypnotic state, ‘Gabriel’ gave him a message to remember and recite. Mohammed said that when he awoke the message was inscribed upon his heart.


What followed the encounter with ‘Gabriel’ was a bloodbath spanning the centuries to the present day, as Mohammed and his successors sought to impose their creed on the world. Islam is not the opposite of Christianity and Judaism, they are all ‘oppo-sames’: the same state of mind with a different name, ultimately controlled by the same people, the reptilians. Islam is another mystery school religion, its texts written in esoteric code for the masses to take literally.


There were times in later centuries when some of this secret knowledge was allowed into the public domain by more enlightened Muslim leaders and this was the inspiration for the advanced societies and science which came out of Muslim Spain and Baghdad. Today, part of the Brotherhood Agenda is to stimulate conflict with the Islamic nations by causing division between the Muslim and Christian-Jewish world.

The Mormon Church is another ‘vision’ religion which very powerfully locks into the Brotherhood network, as all religions do. The Mormon Church, or more formally, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was founded by Joseph Smith after he claimed an ‘angel’ called Moroni appeared to him in 1823. Moroni, he said, told him of the existence of a book of gold plates containing: “the fullness of the everlasting gospel” and “an account of the former inhabitants of this continent and the sources from which they sprang”.


The location was revealed to him, and in 1827 with help from two ‘magic stones’ called Urim and Thummim, he translated the plates into English. Urim and Thummim were, in fact, the names of knucklebones or dice used by Levite priests and the Kings of Israel were said to follow their prophecies. They were used in the mystery school holy place known as the Tabernacle. Here we have yet another religion originating from the same source and another perpetuation of the Jesus myth. The gold plates, Smith said, were written in ‘reformed Egyptian’.


From this came the Book of Mormon two years later and his followers became the Mormon Church in 1830. The pillars of the early church were Smith and another guy called Brigham Young. They were both high degree Freemasons from the key New York Lodge and the expansion of this church was funded by Kuhn, Loeb and Company, the Rothschild Bank in the United States30 which also helped to fund the Russian Revolution and both sides in the First World War. The Mormons were a Brotherhood creation. Mormons recognize the Bible, but claim that Smith’s writings are equally divine.


They set up communities called Stakes of Zion (Sion, the Sun) and eventually settled in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Mormon city from where its mind control programmes are orchestrated, as I shall document in a later chapter. Funny how all these religions are justified by a vision or visitation, followed by an extreme, dogmatic and autocratic religion which rules by fear, indoctrination and mind manipulation.


Another mind control sect which emerged from Christianity/Judaism is the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the worship of the Hebrew angry god, Jehovah, and one of their leading founders was the paedophile Charles Taze Russell, a high degree Freemason.

These religions were set up to control, to create conflict between people, and to divide and rule the masses. Visions of biblical characters like the Virgin Mary which have enhanced mainstream Christian beliefs over the centuries have followed a similar pattern. We have no idea what the Jesus ‘team’ looked like, but people always see them as their classic artistic depiction.


Those who have seen visions which relate to the Bible stories have had shrines built to them, but those who see visions which are not biblical are condemned as working with the Devil. William Cooper, a former operative with United States Naval Intelligence, said he had seen secret documents which claim that extraterrestrials had told the US authorities that they had manipulated the human race via religion, Satanism, witchcraft, magic and the occult.


Certainly, the human race has been manipulated and controlled through religion and Satanism. The only question is, are extraterrestrials (or inner-terrestrials) behind this? As Cooper asks:

“...were they indeed the source of our religions with which they had been manipulating us all along?” 31

The answer, I would suggest, is a very loud: “Yes”.



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