by David Icke

18 February 2011

from DavidIcke Website


I have highlighted in several previous newsletters the line of target countries from North Africa across to the border with China and up into the Caspian Sea region with its massive supplies of oil and gas.

We have seen protests in Egypt and to the left just off this map in Tunisia, Algeria and Libya, and if you go to the right of Egypt you can see the other countries the Rothschild cabal want to destabilize with a view to replacing their current leadership with their ‘new generation’ of Illuminati stooges.

From Egypt we go to Israel, the Rothschild fiefdom in which the population are just cannon fodder for the plans of the Rothschild-owned leadership, and on we go to the target countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the already-occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, and between them is the massive land mass and 'big prize' of Iran (anyone still wonder now why Iran is being constantly targeted?).


Finally, we reach Pakistan which is being systematically destabilized and bombed by US aircraft on the pretext of ‘fighting terrorism’.

That takes us to the borders of China and India and I have long said that a Third World War is planned at some point involving China, Russia, Europe and North America with the trigger coming out of the Middle East through conflict involving Israel and Arab states.

This is what Kissinger really meant when he talked about Egypt being,

‘only the first scene of the first act of a drama that is to be played out...’

None of the Arab ‘royal’ dictatorships are safe from the manipulation of genuine anger by oppressed and poverty-stricken peoples to change regimes that suit the game-plan.


The ‘royal-oil’ dynasties and others, including those in the Arabian Peninsula, must be cancelling the laxative order as I speak.

Watch also, the way the two factions of Islam, Sunni and Shiite, are played off against each other to divide and rule and stoke the chaos.