by David Icke

March 04, 2011

from DavidIcke Website

The wonder is that they don't choke on the words they speak, but then they are such seasoned liars I guess that the choking would come if they ever told the truth.

I have been watching for weeks now as a succession of sanctimonious hypocrites and supporters, even orchestrators, of mass murder and human carnage step to the microphone to condemn violence by Middle East dictators against peaceful protesters.

And the mainstream media - who bravely refer to themselves as ‘journalists’ - never call them out on this blatant contradiction and deceit because some are knowingly working for the same force that controls the politicians while most of the rest, the overwhelming majority, are just bloody gutless or useless, often both.

That is how the professional liars, called political leaders, get away with it.


Other professional liars, called ‘journalists’, keep schtum.

Take Hillary Clinton - yes, please do - the cold and vicious US Secretary of State who supported and now oversees the slaughter of the innocent in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere while demanding that the Middle Eastern bully boys, which she and her kind have propped up for so long, stop using violence against their people. I suppose she thinks that's her job.

Clinton’s words somehow make it through what must be the tortuous process of being delivered with monumental fake morality without the lady falling off the stage in hysterical laughter.


‘We believe in 'freedom', 'peace' and 'self-determination' for all people…’


‘…Haaahhhhhhh… fooled yah - only kidding…’