The Underworld Empire

Part 3

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Some years ago a woman by the name of Joan Howard, at the time living in eastern Canada although originally from Britain, wrote a manuscript in which she described her own paranormal experiences with small "alien" entities. Joan had experienced several UFO-type ’abduction-encounters’ while at a very young age when she still lived in Britain, and claimed to have had ’psychic’ contact with beings that claimed to be of extraterrestrial origin. These experiences were accompanied by a great deal of occultic manifestations such as poltergeist phenomena, psychic dreams, encounters with invisible entities, etc. Joan even admitted that she often doubted the claims of these ’beings’, that their actions were manipulative and just didn’t seem to coincide with their claims that they were here as some kind of group of cosmic saviors to lead humanity into a New Age of enlightenment.


She also warned other researchers to retain a "keen, analytical mind" when dealing with alien entities so as not to fall under possible deception or manipulation. Perhaps, as she suggested to others, they might actually be here to prepare for a future invasion of this planet and were merely using her for various purposes to help prepare the way, and that all of their ’benevolence’ talk was just that... talk!

She DID describe vivid "dreams" in which she saw alien craft hovering over major cities blasting frightened and terrified people in the streets with powerful beam weapons, dreams which she suggested might be somewhat prophetic in nature. She described the entities as being small or dwarfish, yet was unsure whether they were human or not, although they DID attempt to pass themselves off as some type of evolved human species, something which the ’grays’ have apparently done in order to break down any natural enmity which might prevent their ’contactees’ or ’abductees’ from receiving the lies which they intentionally fed them as part of their program of conquest and control.

Joan Howard, incidentally, wrote a privately published book, titled "THE SPACE - OR SOMETHING - CONNECTION". We refer to it here because it dealt with some experiences which she, or rather her husband, had shortly after she came to America. In fact she devoted an entire chapter to her husbands account, which involved some incidents that took place while he was doing some field work for a certain company, which required a great deal of activity in the out- of-doors. During his employment with this company, ’they’ (he and his co-workers) had to travel through some relatively unpopulated terrain in West Virginia, particularly in the regions between Newville in Braxton county, and Helvetia in Randolph county, or rather the general region in and around the northern part of Webster county.

During their travels through the forests and wilderness, and the rolling hills-mountains of West Virginia, he had encountered some very strange things, and heard accounts of strange cave-related incidents from the locals. At one point, he claimed, their group ran across what appeared to be a pipe sticking up from the ground far from the nearest town. There was no other sign of civilization or anything manmade for miles on either side, yet here was this large pipe or tube sticking straight up from the ground. But the most remarkable thing was that a flame was shooting out of the pipe as if it were burning some type of gas. They never found out just what it was. Also, in this same general area, they explored caverns which contained some very strange things. One of the caverns had strange hieroglyphic-like writing on it’s walls, and others claimed that they heard what sounded like faint voices and sounds like machines moving underground coming as if from beyond the walls of the caverns, or from their unexplored depths.


Two men, he claimed, bedded down one night in front of a certain cave which contained a very deep, unexplored chasm some ways inside. The next morning one of the men woke up and found that his partner had disappeared, and no trace was ever found of him. This particular cave by the way had been known as a place of unusual happenings, and a place to stay away from. Some even went so far as to call it ’Satan’s Lair’. Whatever the case may be, it may provide an answer to the man’s disappearance. One of the most remarkable accounts that Joan’s husband heard involved a man who claimed that, while exploring the labyrinthine depths of a particular cavern in the area, he had suddenly come face to face with a woman. She was attractive yet completely void of hair (such as someone who might have been subjected to radiation poisoning?). The woman, who spoke a language completely foreign to the man, tried for some time to communicate. After they found that they were not getting anywhere, they departed and went their separate ways.

According to an item which appeared in THE LEADING EDGE Magazine, a well-known Los Angeles talk show host by the name of Ken Hudnell announced over the air on November 3rd, 1989, his intention to take a group to visit one of the ancient underground cities, which he says has an entrance 60 miles from Anaheim, California.

In 1962, a researcher by the name of Chuck Edwards released some of his own discoveries concerning the ’Western Subsurface Drainage Network’ which seems to cover parts of Utah, Nevada, and Southern California, where are located many drainage systems which do not ultimately flow into the Pacific ocean (via surface rivers, that is), but instead made their way underground into a vast subterranean drainage system. His letter appeared in issue A-8 of ’THE HIDDEN WORLD’, one of the few specialized publications which grew out of the Palmer-Shaver controversy of the late 1940’s. We quote Mr. Edwards’ comments here in part (Note; These comments are addressed in a letter to Richard S. Shaver):

"This letter is in reply to your January 31 letter. Please forgive me for not answering sooner. Enclosed is some material I hope that you can glean something of value (from). Please be as candid as you have been in the past and if I am far off base don’t hesitate to tell me...

"Our foundation has located a vast system of underground passages in the Mother Lode country of California. They were first discovered in 1936, ignored by all even with our best efforts to reveal them. Recently a road crew blasted out an opening verifying our claims. ONE (of the chambers is) 200 feet long, 70 feet wide and 50 feet high. We have disclosed what we believe to be a vast subterranean drainage system (probably traversing the Great American Desert country for a distance of more than 600 miles). We believe this system extends out like five fingers of your hand to such landmarks as Zion Canyon in Utah, the Grand Canyon, another runs south from the Carson Sink in Nevada and yet another follows (below) the western slope of the same range, joining it’s counterpart and ending somewhere in the Mojave Desert. We believe, contrary to orthodox geologists, that the existence of this underground system drains all surface waters running into Nevada (none, with the exception of the Armagosa runs out) and accounts for the fact that it is a Great American Desert. The hairy creatures that you have written about have been seen in several of these areas. Certainly there has been much ’saucer’ activity in these parts. For two years I have collected material pertinent to these creatures and if you have any opinions along these lines I would appreciate hearing them.

"So much for now. I hope that I am still your friend. Much of my time has been devoted (to) helping a farmer near Portland who has made a fantastic discovery of incredible stone artifacts. He has several tons of them. They predate anything yet found (or accepted) let us say that for now. We are making slow but steady progress in getting through the wall of orthodoxy.

- Chuck Edwards."

Still another possible area in the Mojave Desert region which may connect to this subsurface network involved ’Iron Mountain’, one of the peaks in the El Paso Mountains northeast of Mojave, California. There are many bizarre accounts connected with this mountain, which apparently got it’s name in part from the many old mines which can be found there, along with numerous natural cavities which open out to the surface in many different areas. The area has allegedly been the site of certain activity concerning native American Indian occult practices, as well as the site of alleged secret government activity, some of which reportedly involves the observation and monitoring of strange creatures and/or automatons which are said to emerge from the area on certain occasions. Just exactly what these ’creatures’ are is uncertain, but some accounts indicate that they are dangerous! Could it also be a ’magnetic’ zone due to the high iron content?

Following the Sierra Nevada range from here into the northern territories, one arrives at the Cascade Range, consisting mostly of dormant or extinct volcanic mountains which rise at intervals through northern California, Oregon and Washington and into southwestern Canada.

The Cascade Range is not without it’s own peculiar accounts of subterranean recesses occupied by unknown beings, both human and non-human, who apparently re-discovered what apparently are parts of ancient antediluvian subsurface networks, which were at one time inhabited by a race of highly technological (through extremely violent and warlike) beings, perhaps both human AND reptilian!? There are many unanswered questions as to just how the subsurface world was used, or exactly what part it played, in relation to these ancient subterranean races, but the following account may explain some of these mysteries and help us to see the entire ’picture’ more clearly.

Some years ago a man by the name of Ralph B. Fields submitted the following account to AMAZING STORIES Magazine (Dec. 1946 issue, pp. 155-157), with the assurance that it was true and actually happened. However, we must be cautious of every tale of this type which might be presented yet at the same time not deny the possibility of it happening as well. We will leave the reader to draw their own conclusions concerning the account, which we quote as follows:

"In beginning this narrative and the unexplained events that befell my friend and myself, I offer no explanation, nor do I even profess to offer any reason. In fact, I have yet to find a clue that will, even in part, offer any explanation whatever. Yet as it did happen, there must be some rhyme or reason to the whole thing. It may be that someone can offer some helpful information to a problem that just should not exist in these times of enlightenment.

"To begin with, if we had not been reading an article in a magazine telling us about the great value of guano (i.e. bat droppings in old caves, which are said to be extremely effective as a fertilizer - Branton) that have accumulated over a great number of years, we would have continued to wend our merry way through life without ever having a thing to worry about.

"But having read the article as we were at the time living near a small town called Manten in Tehama County, California, we thought that that would be a good country to explore for a possible find to this kind. After talking it over for some time and as we had plenty of time just then, we decided to take a little trip up the country just back of us. As we were almost at the foot of Mount Lassen, that seemed the best place to conduct our little prospecting tour.

"So collecting a light camping outfit, together with a couple of tents to sleep in, we started out on what we expected to be a three- or four-day jaunt up the mountain.

"I guess we covered about ten or twelve miles on the third day and it was fast approaching time to begin to look for a place to spend the night and the thought was not very amusing as it had turned a little colder and we were well over 7,000 feet above sea level.

"We soon found a sheltered place beneath a large outcrop of rock and set about making a camp. As I was always the cook and Joe the chore boy, I began getting things ready to fix us some grub and Joe began digging around for some dead scrub brush to burn. I had things all ready and looked around for Joe and his firewood. But I could see no signs of him. I began calling for him and he soon came into sight from around the very rock where we were making our camp. And I knew he was laboring under some great excitement and his face was lit up like a Christmas tree.

"He had found a cave. The entrance was on the other side of that very rock. He was all for exploration right away. But I argued that we had better wait till morning. But he argued that in a cave it was always night and we would have to use flashlights anyway, so what would be the difference? Well, we finally decided that we would give it at least a once-over after we had a bite to eat.

"It wasn’t much to call a cave at first as it had a very small entrance, but back about 20 feet it widened out to about 10 feet wide and around eight feet high. And it did reach back a considerable distance as we would see at least 100 yards and it appeared to bend off to the left. The floor sloped slightly down.

"We followed to the bend and again we could see a long way ahead and down.

"At this point we became a little afraid as we were some way into the mountain. The idea of being inside so far seemed to make us a little afraid. But we reasoned that inasmuch as there were no branches or connecting caves we could not get lost and therefore had nothing to be afraid of. So we went on.

"We found no sign of anything that we could imagine to be our much sought guano nor signs of any animals being inside the cave.

"I don’t know how far we went, but it must have been a mile or two, as we kept on walking and the cave never changed it’s contour or size. Noticing this I mentioned it to Joe. And we discovered an amazing thing. The floor seemed to be worn smooth as though it had been used for a long time as a path or road. The walls and ceiling of the cave seemed to be cut like a tunnel. It was solid rock and we knew that no one would cut a tunnel there out of rock as there had been no sign of mining operations (tailings). And the rock in the walls and ceiling was run together like it had been melted. Or fused from a great heat.

"While we were busy examining the cave in general, Joe swore he saw a light way down in the cave. We started down the cave once more and found a light. Or should I say the light found us as it was suddenly flashed into our faces. We stood there blinded by it for a minute until I flashed my light at it’s source and saw we were confronted by three men.

"These men looked to be about 50 or a little younger. They were dressed in ordinary clothing such as is worn by most working men in the locality. Levi type pants and flannel shirts and wool coats. They wore no hats. But THEIR SHOES LOOKED STRANGE AS THEIR SOLES WERE SO THICK that they gave the impression of being made of wood. (John Keel’s book ’THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES’ describes men who were seen wearing THICK-SOLED shoes in connection to MIB reports - Branton)

"We just stood there for a minute or two and looked at them. We had no idea there was anybody within miles of us and there stood three men looking at us in a cave a mile or so in the depths of old Mount Lassen.

"I was scared. We were unarmed. And we knew nothing about these men. One of them spoke to us. He asked what we were looking for. I told him, but I could see he didn’t believe it. We both tried to convince him, but he just smiled. We had a little argument with him, but fearing they might be some criminal gang in hiding, we came to the conclusion that we had better retreat. Turning to go we were confronted by two more of them.

"I can’t find any words to express the fear and utter helplessness I felt in finding our retreat cut off. I do remember having remarked to Joe, ’Well, it looks like we are behind the well-known eight-ball.’ I sure didn’t feel as jovial as I spoke either. One of the strangers told us, ’I think maybe you had better come with us.’

"We were in no position to argue, though we both would have liked to do a little of that right there, but we had no way of enforcing our arguments. Where could a hero gain any credit in a place like that? So we permitted the five to escort us deeper into the depths of old Lassen.

"They had led us farther down and I guess we had gone a couple more miles when we came to the first thing that really amazed us.

"We came to a place where the cavern widened out a little and we saw some kind of machine, if it can be called that. Though I had no chance to examine it closely at the time, I did later and it was a very strange contrivance. It had a very flat bottom, but the front was curved upward something like a toboggan. The bottom plate was about eight inches thick and it was the color of pure copper. But it was very hard tempered. Although I have had a lot of experience in metals and alloys, I had no opportunity to examine it closely enough to determine just what it was. I doubt very much if I could. It had a seat in the front directly behind a heavy dashboard affair and there was a dial shaped in a semi-circle with figures or markings on it. I had not the slightest idea what they stood for, but they were very simple to remember. If there was a motor, it was in the rear. All I could see was two horseshoe or magnet-shaped objects that faced each other with the round parts to the outside. When this thing was in operation, a brilliant green arc seemed to leap between the two and to continue to glow as it was in operation. The only sound it gave off was a hum or buzz that sounded like a battery charger in operation.

"The seat in the front was very wide. The only method of operation was a black tear-shaped object which hung from the panel by a chain. One of these men sitting in the middle took this thing and touched the sharp end to the first figure on the left side of the dial.

"When he touched the first figure, the contraption seemed to move almost out from under us. But it was the smoothest and quietest take-off I ever experienced. We seemed to float. Not the slightest sound or vibration. And after we had traveled for a minute he touched the next figure on the dial and our speed increased at an alarming rate. But when he had advanced the black object over past the center of the dial, our speed increased until I could hardly breathe. I can’t begin to estimate the distance we had traveled or our speed, but it was terrific. The two horseshoe objects in the rear created a green light that somehow shone far ahead of us, lighting up the cavern for a long way. I soon noticed a black line running down the center of the cavern and our inner-mountain taxi seemed to follow that.

"I don’t know how long we continued our mad ride, but it was long enough for us to become used to the terrific speed and we had just about overcome our fear of some kind of wreck when we were thrown into another spasm of fear.

"Another machine of the same type was approaching us head on. I could see that our captors were very nervous, but our speed continued. As the other machine became closer our speed slowed down very fast and we came to a smooth stop about two feet from the front of the other machine.

"Our machine had no sooner stopped than our captors leaped from the machine and started to dash away. A fine blue light leaped from the other machine in a fine pencil beam and it’s sweep caught them and they fell to the cavern and lay still.

"The figures dismounted from the other machine and came close to us. Then I noticed they carried a strange object in their hands. It resembled a fountain pen flashlight with a large, round, bulb-like affair on the back end and a grip something like a German luger. They pointed them at us.

"After seeing what had happened to our erstwhile captors I thought that our turn was next, whatever it was. But one spoke to us.

"’Are you surface people?’

"’I guess we are, as this is where we came from very recently.’

"’Where did the horlocks find you?’

"’If you mean those guys there,’ I pointed to the five motionless figures, ’back there a few hundred miles.’ I pointed toward the way we had come in our wild ride.

"’You are very fortunate that we came this way,’ he told us. ’You would have also become horlocks and then we would have had to kill you also.’ That was the first time I had realized that the others were dead.

"They put their strange weapons away and seemed friendly enough, so I ventured to ask them the who and why and everything we had run into. I told them of our search for guano and how we had encountered the five horlocks - as he called them. And also asked him about the machines and their operation and could we get out again? He smiled and told us.

"’I could not tell you too much as you would not understand. There are so many things to explain and you could not grasp enough of what I could myself tell you. The people on the surface are not ready to have the things that the ancients have left. Neither I nor any one in any of the caverns know why these things work, but we do know how to operate some of them. However, there are a great many evil people here who create many unpleasant things for both us and the surface people. They are safe because no one on the surface believes us or them. That is why I am telling you this. No one would believe that we exist. We would not care, but there are many things here that the outer world must not have until they are ready to receive them, as they would completely destroy themselves, so we must be sure that they do not find them. As for the machine, I don’t know how it works. But I know some of the principles of it. It works simply by gravity. And it is capable of reverse. The bottom plate of it always is raised about four inches from the surface of the floor. That is why there is no friction and has such a smooth operation. This object suspended from this chain is pure carbon. It is the key to the entire operation. As I told you before, I cannot explain why it runs, but it does. We want you two to return to where you came and forget about us. We will show you how to operate the sled and we want you never again to enter the cave. If you do and you do not encounter the horlocks, we will have to do something about you ourselves so it would not be advisable to not try to return at all events. One thing I can tell you. We never could permit you to leave another time.’

"He explained to us the operation of the machine and in some way reversed it’s direction. So thanking them, we seated ourselves in the sled, as he had called it, and were soon on our way back.

"Our return trip was really something we enjoyed, as I was sure not to advance the carbon far enough on the dial to give us such terrific speed, but we soon found ourselves where we started from. The sled slid to a smooth stop and we jumped out and started up the cave afoot.

"We must have walked a long way coming in, for we thought we never would come to the surface. But at last we did. And it was late afternoon when we emerged.

"We lost no time in making our way down the mountain, and Joe tells me that he isn’t even curious about what is in that cave.

"But I am. What is the answer to the whole thing? I would like to know. We had been told enough for me to believe that down there somewhere there are things that might baffle the greatest minds of this Earth. Sometimes I’m tempted to go back into that cave if I could find it again, which I doubt, but, then I know the warning I heard in there might be too true, so I guess I had better be of the same mind as Joy. He says: "’What we don’t know don’t hurt us.’"