The Underworld Empire

Part 6

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"Still another explorer named D.O. visited this same tunnel near Gaspar, Santa Catarina, and behind a wonderful fruit orchard saw a subterranean woman with a child in her arms reading to it aloud from a huge book written in an unknown language... After she read each sentence the child repeated the same and in this way was taught how to read. All of these subterranean cities are illuminated by strange light...'"

In relation to the apparent connection between subterranean civilizations and unidentified flying objects (Bernard and de Souza, incidentally, believed 'flying saucers' to be of subterranean origin), we will here quote from Paris Flammonde, author of 'THE AGE OF FLYING SAUCERS' (Hawthorne Books, Inc., N.Y.), who tends to confirm this hypothesis. He in turn quoted Raymond A. Palmer as a major proponent of this belief:

"...The new decade was not without a new theory, or, at least, a variation of an old one--that not only were Flying Saucers not originating from beyond the farthest reaches of our planet, they were expelled from within it... Ray Palmer wrote a lengthy article elaborating his interesting and imaginative thesis, and prefaced it with the assertion that he was prepared 'to prove that flying saucers are native to planet earth; that the governments of more than one nation (if not all of them) know this to be the fact; that a concerted effort is being made to learn all about them, and to explore their native land; and that facts already known are considered so important that they are the world's top secret...' The continuation of his contention reads:

' there any area on Earth which can be regarded as a possible origin for flying saucers? There are... four... the two major, in order of importance, are Antarctica and the Arctic... the two minor areas are South America's Motto Grosso and Asia's Tibetan Highlands.'"

Raymond Bernard (actual name 'Walter Seigmeister'), writing in the Oct. 1959 issue of SEARCH Magazine, p. 48, described yet another alleged encounter with a subterranean race. What are we to make of all these stories? Are we to assume that some of the individuals who told Bernard such accounts actually made them up, as some suggest, in order to receive the 'reward' Bernard was known to offer on documentable accounts of ancient tunnels? Or, are we to accept these accounts for just what their sources claim them to be, actual encounters with a subterranean world? Bernard stated the following:

"...Last week my investigators returned and said they visited their city (i.e. the 'city' of a race of dwarf-humans whom Bernard referred to as the 'Niebelungs', who live in a subterranean region with it's own system of illumination - Branton) and are able to bring any of my American friends to visit it, but I require one condition: absolute secrecy, as I don't want governments to send armies into the tunnel to disturb these peaceful people.

"To reach them requires a 3-day journey of about 40 miles through a tunnel. This entire distance is through a tunnel carefully lined with cut stone blocks below, above and on the sides. That was quite an engineering feat. I think the tunnel was made long to keep out curiosity seekers, and only the most determined will travel that distance.

"Here is the report of my investigations: (They are two ranchers, father and son, who discovered the tunnel accidentally):

"'We left our house 5 A.M. for the tunnel on top of a mountain and reached it 3 P.M. We were tired and camped near the entrance of the tunnel. For three days we proceeded through the tunnel. We told time by our watches, as we could not tell when it was day or night. We went to sleep at 10 P.M. and awoke at 3 A.M. and continued walking. By the third day the tunnel started to go downward by steps. It was built of stone blocks on all sides. By the night of the third day the tunnel suddenly opened into a great space covered with what appeared as a sky with a yellow light that made everything luminous, like daylight. We saw a city with many houses and saw many people in the distance. They were dwarfs with long white beards and long hair and we saw women and children, and heard them crying. The third member of our party got frightened so we had to return.'

"These men found three such tunnels. They entered another for three days, but after hearing voices further in, got scared and returned. Now they are entering the third..."

In his book 'THE UNDERPEOPLE' (1969. Award Books., N.Y.), author Eric Norman relates an interesting account of the possible fate of the Inca Indians. In chapter 2 - 'Strange Caverns and Terrifying Tunnels', he relates:

"Conquest in South America was natives hacked to death by Spanish swords, arrogant priests absolving Conquistadors for their murderous atrocities, sharp Toledo steel lances running through children and, pervading it all, a dark lust for native gold.

"In the autumn of 1582, Francisco Pizarro hid his 168 Spanish horse soldiers behind the doorways and walls of the Incan town of Cajamarca. Atahualpa, the absolute emperor of the sun-worshipping Inca's empire, had agreed to meet Pizarro in the village plaza. Atahualpa's procession entered the village with a flair of pageantry. Incan warriors and the emperor's litter bearers were dressed in the finest cloth. The Royal Guard were armed with spiked helmets, feathered war clubs, poison-tipped lances and dazzling gold-inlaid swords. Thick gold bracelets encircled their bronze wrists and rich silver discs dangled from their pierced ear lobes.

"Pizarro and his Conquistadors remained hidden behind their guns and cannons as Atahualpa and his entourage entered the main plaza. 'It is like leading hogs to the killing pen,' Pizarro sneered. The bandy-legged Spaniard knew hogs; prior to his service for Spain's king, Pizarro had been a swineherd in the province of Estremadura. He lived by a harsh personal code that equated kindness with weakness; deceit was the trick of a clever man and lying, duplicity and thievery were proper.

"Atahualpa's group stirred nervously when they found no sign of the visitors to their land. Spanish fingers twitched on gun triggers and a hawk-faced soldier stood ready to torch the cannon. Suddenly, a solitary figure left a building and walked into the plaza. He was dressed in the faded robe of a Dominican friar. His bald head glistened contemptuously toward the Incan emperor.

"Friar Vincente Valverde announced that all of South America now belonged to the king of Spain. He stared coldly at the emperor and snapped, 'The Papal Bull of 1493 provides this right...'

"Proud and regal, Atahualpa glared at the haughty friar before him. 'Your Pope must be crazy to give away land that does not belong to him,' he said...

"The friar was stunned momentarily, then he turned and ran toward the safety of a building, shouting: 'Pizarro, attack, attack! Kill all of them! I will absolve you!'

"With hoarse cries of 'Santiago!', the Spaniards slaughtered the unsuspecting Inca warriors. In a few minutes the battle was over; the emperor's royal guard was dead, or dying, in the bloodstained dust of the plaza and Atahualpa was a prisoner of Pizarro. Greedy Spanish hands ripped the emerald necklace from his body. A wild gleam entered Pizarro's eyes when the emperor handed over his exquisitely carved bracelets of thick gold.

"'I want my freedom,' Atahualpa informed Pizarro. 'I will fill this room with gold for ransom.' The room was 17 feet wide and 22 feet long! The emperor's subjects delivered $8,443,456 in gold to Pizarro and, afterward, Pizarro and Friar Vincente Valverde condemned Atahualpa to be burned alive at the stake.

"While the Spaniards were burning the emperor, a pack train of 11,000 llamas was headed toward the Spanish encampment. Each beast was burdened by a heavy load of gold. Native messengers brought news of the Inca king's death--and the fantastic caravan disappeared! During the past centuries, thousands of gold-greedy adventurers have searched for the 'loot of the 11,000 llamas.' None has discovered a single clue to the treasure's site.

"Believers in the Under-People theory are firm in their contention that the Incan llamas disappeared into a gigantic tunnel that led to the inner earth kingdoms. 'Even the population figures show that these conquered people outwitted their bestial conquerors,' according to one South American researcher. 'Incan census figures reveal that there was 10,000,000 subjects when the Spaniards arrived. Forty years later, in 1571, the Spaniards took a census. There was approximately 1,000,000 Indians. I admit that the Spanish method of slave labor took a tremendous toll. But could 9,000,000 Incas have died in Spanish mines?'"

Eric Norman relates the words of one correspondent who described the ancient subterranean tunnels believed by many to exist beneath the Andes:

"' first I scoffed at such stories about mysterious tunnels and an alien civilization beneath the surface... I joined an inner earth group for the simple enjoyment of discussing outlandish ideas in a humorless, serious manner. Gradually, I became interested by the considerable volume of circumstantial evidence. I now believe the earth is absolutely honeycombed by a web of tunnels that run beneath the continents, under the oceans, and these passageways link the subterranean cities of the inner world.

"'...There are many reports concerning a vast tunnel called the 'Roadway of the Incas' which has an entrance somewhere in Peru. It runs south more than a thousand miles. There is another entrance to this fabulous tunnel in the Desert of Atacama in Chile. The 'Highway of the Incas' passes under Cuzco, the legendary city of Peru. There is another, smaller, but very well hidden entrance to the tunnel in the mountains near Machu Picchu, which is the capital city of the first and last Inca emperor. It is called 'The Lost City of the Incas' and was not discovered until 1911 by an American, Hiram Bringham. It is considered the 'Eighth Wonder of the World.'

"'...Everything at Machu Picchu is an excellent preservation...there are more than two hundred buildings constructed from white granite...fountains...shrines...and gigantic stairways carved from a single massive boulder.

"'...This was a thriving city. It is intact except for the thatched roofs of the houses having deteriorated over the centuries...and, the doors are is as if the inhabitants selected a single day and mysteriously vanished. Did they enter the 'Highway of the Incas' and migrate to the inner earth?'

"Was this correspondent brainwashed by his colleagues to believe in the subterranean world? Or, was he a skeptical man who changed his mind in the face of a tremendous amount of information? His mention of the 'Highway of the Incas' strikes a familiar note... A physician in Argentina has devoted his spare time to an investigation of this legendary inter-continental tunnel of the Under-People. He commented:

"'...I have always been intrigued by the unknown and please convey my thanks to Dr. H--- for providing the opportunity to publish my views... I started to investigate the 'Highway of the Incas' when I was a young, curious youth and I have hundreds of witnessed, notarized statements. These documents and tape recordings fill one room of my home. The Incas knew of the tunnel and, although gold was of little value to them, they hid their treasures in these caverns to keep it from the greedy Spanish conquerors. No one had provided a satisfactory explanation for their mysterious disappearance. There was an empire of several million people that vanished from the surface of the earth. They entered the tunnel and left the Quechua Indians behind. As few Incas have been seen since then, they possibly took up residence in a cavern city or followed the tunnel to the interior of the earth.

"'...The 'Highway' is the largest of the tunnels and it connects all continents. In addition to the openings in South America, there are entrances in Canada, in British Columbia; in America, you should investigate Mt. Shasta in California and Mt. St. Helena in Oregon. The tunnel is connected with Tibet and another opening in Central Asia. I believe the African entrance is in the Atlas mountains in the north of that continent.

"'...I also suggest that you explore the 'highways' which have been found in the oceans. These ancient underworld civilizations may be mining our seas!'"

In previous files we referred to the alleged inhabitants of a subterranean city below Mt. Shasta in California, which is believed to be one of the largest, if not THE largest, subterranean community in North America, and which allegedly has ties with the Asian empire of "Agharti" and the South American subterranean colonies. The following are some excepts from an article written by William Ferguson Hamilton (whose other publications can be obtained via 7327 Bothwell Rd., Reseda, CA 91335), who we have mentioned in earlier writings. Bill Hamilton has been in Data Processing for 22 years and is now a Sr. Programmer-Analyst. He is a writer, investigator and researcher. He has been involved in UFO research and investigations since 1953.

  • Bill is a past member of:

    • The Foundation for Research in Parapsychology

    • The Spacecraft Research Foundation

    • The World Federation of Science and Engineering

    • MENSA, the high IQ society

  • He has been a member of Understanding, Inc., and served on it's Board

  • He founded Nexus and Nexus News, an info center for alternative energy and alternative life-styles

  • He founded The UFORUM, a monthly forum on the UFO phenomena

  • He is a UFO investigator with MUFON, an Associate Director of UFOCCI, and founder of UFORCES

Bill is the author of the following books:

He has written numerous articles for publications such as 'Search,' 'Energy Unlimited,' 'New Age Science,' 'The New Atlantean Journal,' 'California UFO,' and 'UFO Universe'. The following article originally appeared in the 'New Atlantean Journal':

"...I run across some fascinating people in the course of my investigations who tell me many unusual stories. While on the trail of reports of UFO base locations, I met a young, very pretty blonde girl with almond-shaped eyes and small perfect teeth, whose name is Bonnie. Bonnie has told me an incredible story and has related a volume of interesting information... Bonnie is sincere, cheerful, and rational and says she (was born) in 1951 in a city called TELOS that was built inside an artificial dome-shaped cavern in the Earth a mile or so beneath Mt. Shasta, California.

"Bonnie, her mother (Rana Mu), her father Ra(Mu), her sister Judy, her cousins Lorae and Matox, live and move in our society, returning frequently to TELOS for rest and recuperation. Bonnie relates that her people use boring machines to bore tunnels in the Earth. These boring machines heat the rock to incandescence, then vitrify it, thus eliminating the need for beams and supports. A tube transit tunnel is used to connect the... cities that exist in various subterranean regions in our hemisphere. The tube trains are propelled by electromagnetic impulses up to speeds of 2500 mph. One tube connects with one of their cities in the Matto Grosso jungle of Brazil. (They) have developed space travel and some flying saucers come from their subterranean bases...

"They grow food hydroponically under full-spectrum lights with their gardens attended by automatons. The food and resources of Telos are distributed in plenty to the million-and-a-half population that thrives on a no-money economy. Bonnie talks about history, of the Uighers, Naga-Mayas, and Quetzals, of which she is a descendant

(Note: Many people have mistakenly identified the inhabitants of 'Telos' as being directly descended from the 'Lemurians', however Bonnie here seems to refute this by indicating that her ancestrage was other than this, possibly Meso-American and/or East-Indian? As in the case of the ancient 'antediluvian' cities of the eastern seaboard which were re-established after being abandoned by the lost 'Atlanteans', the 'Lemurians', if they existed, also seem to have been devastated in a world-wide cataclysm and their cities re-established by the Uighers, Naga-Mayas, and Quetzals and probably scattered members of other societies. As we've said earlier, the name 'Telos' is a Grecian word meaning 'uttermost', suggesting a 'possible' connection with the grecian-like Hav-musuvs of the Panamint mountains of California - Branton).

"I met Bonnie's cousin, Matox, who, like her, is a strict vegetarian and holds the same attitudes concerning the motives of government. They constantly guard against discovery or intrusion. Their advanced awareness and technology helps them remain vigilant...

"Science Fiction? Bonnie is a real person. Many have met her. Is she perpetrating a hoax? For what motive? She does not seek publicity and I have a devil of a time getting her to meetings to talk with others, but she has done so. There has been little variation in her story and her answers in the past three years. She has given me excellent technical insight on the construction of a crystal-powered generator that extracts ambient energy... Bonnie's father, the Ramu, is 300 years old and a member of the ruling council of Telos.

"Many tunnels are unsafe and closed off. All tube transit tunnels are protected and are designed to eject uninvited guests. Does Bonnie have the answers that we are looking for? I don't know... Bonnie says she would like to satisfy our need for proof and will work with me on a satisfactory answer to that problem, but she is unconcerned with whether people accept her or not. Bonnie is humorous and easy-going and well-poised, yet sometimes she becomes brooding and mysterious. She says her people are busy planning survival centers for refugees. One of these is to be near Prescott, Arizona..."

(Note: or rather below the Groom Creek area just south of Prescott, to be exact. Another 'survival center' for refugees of the world-wide cataclysms which the Telosians believe will eventually devastate the surface of the earth, is said to be below the general area of Jenny Lake, Wyoming, near the Tetons. The Tetons themselves have been the alleged home of a mysterious race, according to different sources, and extremely ancient stone 'buildings' have reportedly been found high atop these peaks - Branton).


When Bill Hamilton asked "Bonnie" to elaborate about the power- sources which her people utilize to propel the so-called "flying saucer" craft, she replied:

"...A lot of it is crystals (i.e. crystal-induced electromagnetism? - Branton), particularly the atmospheric vehicles. The planet-to-planet vehicles are driven by an Ion-Mercury engine. Spaceships can reach speeds way beyond light-- they can enter hyperspace--you generate into the fourth dimension--this is controlled by an on-board computer that takes you into and out of hyperspace. I know this is a simplification. When your on a ship going into hyperspace, you will hear this vibration, and a loud screaming sound when you enter, then you will hear nothing..."

Bill concludes:

"I have had many correlations on this data and am researching it further toward a comprehensive theory of space travel..."

The account given below appeared in 'INNER LIGHT' Magazine, Summer, 1991. Written by 'Antara', the article, entitled: 'INTRODUCING THE WOMAN FROM TELOS, THE CITY BENEATH MOUNT SHASTA', is an alleged interview with this same resident of a subterranean city now living and working on the surface, under the name of 'Bonnie' or 'Sharula', along with her husband 'Shield'. We quote portions of the interview as follows:

"The following interview with Sharula took place on July 23, 1990, and is reprinted from 'INSIGHTS FOR POSITIVE LIVING.' She shares with us some wonderful information about the 'Atlantean' and 'Lemurian' cities (i.e. cities originally 'built' by antediluvian 'Atlanteans' and 'Lemurians'? - Branton) that exist beneath the earth's surface.

"She speaks of her home, Telos, a city built a mile or so beneath Mt. Shasta, California. During a recent trip to Mt. Shasta, I encountered several local townspeople who have personally seen mysterious fires and lights on the slopes of Mt. Shasta, and have heard otherworldly chants and music late at night, emanating from the mountain. And of course, there have been sightings of mysterious robed people walking into the side of the mountain. Even the local visitor's guide mentions the 'Lemurian' connection to Mt. Shasta.

"This interview may really stretch your perceptions of reality. I hope it does. It's meant to...

"INSIGHTS: Let's start off with some basic questions of who you are and where you come from."

"SHARULA: My name is Sharula and I come from a city underneath Mt. Shasta, called Telos. This city was constructed... at the termination of the Lemurian continent. When the scientists and priests of Lemuria realized the continent was about to sink, they petitioned a group called the Agharta Network, which controlled all the subterranean cities, to build our own city underneath Mt. Shasta. There was an original set of caves there. We chose to enlarge these caverns to make them bigger and more livable..."

(Note: Although most accounts seem to suggest that 'Atlantis' was destroyed in a cataclysm equivalent to a universal flood or deluge such as is described in the traditions of several races as well as in the writings of the Greek Plato, 'Lemuria' may be a different story. 'Lemuria' seems to be the name that surface humans have attributed to this alleged lost continent of the Pacific, but whether it was actually named that by the ancient inhabitants is uncertain. The major area of confusion seems to be whether 'Lemuria' or 'Mu' was an antediluvian OR post-deluvian society like 'Agharti'. James Churchward seems to place 'Mu' somewhere in the Indian ocean, whereas others place it in the Pacific. Some of the old Indian tribes of the northeast and the California area have ancient legends of an island-continent called 'Elam-Mu' which was said to be connected to ancient California or separate from it, out in the Pacific Ocean. Could the Hawaiian islands be remnants of such an island-continent? The native American legends of California seem to place 'MU' shortly AFTER the deluge, which was believed to have occurred a few thousand years B.C. or 5000 years previous to the close of the 20th Century. The exact history of the 'Telosians' still needs to be investigated, even with the present information available, as it seems to be a complex history possibly involving several races - the Uighers, Naga-Mayas, Quetzal's, 'Lemurians' or 'Muvians', Aghartians, and possibly Greeks, East Indians, and others!? - Branton).

"INSIGHTS: How many people live in Telos?"

"SHARULA: A million and a half."

"INSIGHTS: Tell us about your ecosystem; your water, food, air, environment--what is it like to live in Telos?"

"SHARULA: We have perpetual light through a process of energizing stones to create full spectrum lighting. We process them with the forces that make them small suns. The five levels are garden levels where we produce all the food we need with hydroponic gardens. There are plants on all five levels that continue to circulate the air. We work off the same system the earth does - the plants produce oxygen (i.e. a subterranean 'biosphere' - Branton). Plus, we have air shafts that come through the surface that sends air. Since that air is polluted, we use them less and less."

(Note: Several years ago a man wrote into SEARCH Magazine stating that he was an Incan descendant who was "searching for" his own people, as he was convinced that they had escaped en masse into underground cities via ancient tunnels which they knew of, when the conquistadors invaded their land. He claimed that one day while by a river in a certain region near Matto Grosso, Brazil, he thought he heard a voice shouting from the top of a mountain. He began to climb the peak and a few hours later found himself beside a mountain-top shaft. He later managed to descend the shaft and discovered a tunnel which led horizontally to a point where a type of "door" existed. He heard what sounded like an "elevator" coming up from deep below and a well-built man who claimed to be part "Incan" appeared and introduced himself through a transparent screen. He was told that anyone entering this particular subterranean region had to undergo a physical "purification" process to remove the radioactive poisons from their bodies, which were resident in the atmosphere of the outer world. Could this explain why the lifespan of some of the under-people has reportedly increased dramatically?


The Old Testament 'Torah' states that previous to the deluge a transparent 'canopy' of water vapor permeated the upper atmosphere, and some suggest that before this canopy fell in the form of the deluge the life-span of the antediluvians was dramatically increased because this "canopy" sealed-out most of the harmful and degenerating radiations of the sun. They suggest that this was why the antediluvians lived to an average of 500 years of age, while some like Methuselah lived upwards of 900 years! It appears as if the 'Telosians' have taken precautions not only from the atmospheric solar radioactive pollution resulting from a decaying atmospheric 'shield', as is evidenced by an increase in skin-cancer world-wide, etc., but also from the man-made radioactive and industrial pollutants - Branton)

"INSIGHTS: What form of government do you have?"

"SHARULA: We have a system where the government is run by the council of twelve plus one. They are twelve masters, six male and six female. If anyone has a disagreement, they go to an arbitrator, rather than fight it out among themselves. All arbitrators report to the council and they change constantly. They are appointed to that position based on their natural affinity for it."

"INSIGHTS: Who appoints them to that position?"

"SHARULA: The temple of Melchizedek... All through the cosmos (i.e. human colonizers and explorers sent out from the earth since the deluge? - Branton) there is an order called Melchizedek..."

At this point we will, before continuing with the Sharula interview, deal with the history of 'Melchizedek', which began on Earth in ancient times. Melchizedek was the ancient High Priest of Salem (now Jerusalem). We believe that this subject is important enough to deserve a fairly extensive explanation. There are basically two divergent views concerning the Priesthood of Melchizedek. The first is held by the various ancient and neo-masonic religions, which basically state that there are NUMEROUS members of the order who have been 'initiated' into the priesthood through a process of religious devotion, etc., while the other view is held by the various groups of Judeo-Christian believers who claim that there is only one Melchizedek Priest, the God-Man Jesus, and since only one High Priest was allowed to serve before Almighty God at any one time in ancient Israel--to be replaced by another when he had passed on--these claim that since Jesus ascended from the grave and now lives forever without the possibility of every dying, this singular Priesthood will be His alone eternally. Both sides no doubt sincerely believe that they have 'the truth', but, of course, both cannot be correct.

Many believe that the ancient Melchizedek was none other than the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, or was in essence a 'thiophene' or an Old Testament appearance of Jesus-Jehovah. They make the following connections and similarities between Melchizedek and Jesus as evidence of their beliefs:


"...Melchizedek King of Salem." "Unto us a child is born... and
- Gen. 14:18 (the Hebrew word his name shall be called... The
for 'Salem' is 'Shalem' which Prince of Peace." - Isaiah 9:6
literally means: "PEACEFUL; "...When they heard that
SHALEM, an early name for Jer- Jesus was coming to Jerusalem..
us.:Salem." - From: STRONG'S (they) cried, Hosanna: Blessed
CONCORDANCE) is the King of Israel..." (or,
King of Peace, King of Salem) -
John 12:12-13

"And Melchizedek... brought "...Jesus took bread, and
forth bread and wine." (i.e. blessed, and broke it... and he
the fruit of the vine, or the took the cup, and... gave it
fruit of the grape) - Genesis unto them." - Mark 14:22-23

"Melchizedek... was the Priest "...Seeing then that we have a
of the most high God." - great high priest, that is pas-
Genesis 14:18 sed unto the heavens, Jesus..."

"Melchizedek... abideth a - Hebrews 4:14
priest continually." - Hebrews "But into the second went
7:1,3 the high priest alone once

"And they truly were many every year... But Christ being
priests, because they were not come an high Priest... by his
suffered to continue by rea- own blood he entered in once
son of death." - Hebrews into the holy place, having
7:23 obtained eternal redemption for
us." - Hebrews 9:7,11-12
"But this man (Jesus), be-
cause he continueth ever, hath
an unchangeable priesthood."
- Hebrews 7:24

"Melchizedek... to whom also "And all the tithe of the land
Abraham gave a tenth part of the Lord's: it is holy
all." (i.e. tithes) - Hebrews unto the Lord... the tenth
7:1-2 (also see: Genesis 14: shall be holy unto the Lord."
18-20) - Leviticus 27:30,32
"Jesus Christ is Lord..."
- Philippians 2:11

"Melchizedek... King of right- "In those days... I will cause
eousness..." - Hebrews 7:1,2 the Branch of Righteousness to
grow up unto David, and he
shall execute judgement in the
land." - Jeremiah 33:15

"Melchizedek... having neither "I am Alpha and Omega, the be-
beginning of days, nor end of ginning and the ending.. the
life..." - Hebrews 7:1,3 Almighty... the first and the
last... I am he that liveth,
and was dead; and, behold, I am
alive for ever more." - Reve-
lation 1:8,11,18

We continue now with the interview with 'Sharula':

"INSIGHTS: Earlier, you mentioned... you had to petition the Aghartha, the ones in charge of the inner earth cities. Are there other cities in existence?"

"SHARULA: Oh, yes. There are many. There are over one hundred inner earth cities. Some of them are very similar..."

"INSIGHTS: How does one travel from city to city or from surface to inner city?"

"SHARULA: Probably the most common method is what we call the 'tubes.' It is a series of underground trains. We've bored tunnels that run underneath all the oceans and all the continents and connect all the cities and several of the retreats. The trains, which look very much like a subway train, are run on a cushion of air, an electromagnetic cushion, so they never actually touch the sides of the tunnel. This cushion creates a force field without friction and therefore they can achieve very high speeds. The trains are capable of running over 3,000 mph."

"INSIGHTS: Between the surface and the inner cities, how does one travel?"

"SHARULA: There are several entrances that open to the surface. We'll use that method or we'll use a ship which is run by the silver fleet."

"INSIGHTS: The silver fleet...explain that please."

"SHARULA: ...The silver fleet is made up of beings from the Agharthean cities. Many of the ships that people see in the air are silver fleets' ships, except for the 'nasties.'"

"INSIGHTS: How can you identify a silver fleet ship as opposed to the 'nasties,' as you call them?"

"SHARULA: ...all the Confederation ships run off of 'divine' geometrics (or rather, 'cosmic' geometrics - Branton). The ships will be either cylinder (cigar?) or they will be saucer shaped or they will be round. There are NOT a lot of protrusions and angles; they have a tendency to be smooth. The ships that come in boomerang shapes and other weird configurations are usually not Confederation ships."

(Note: although this may be true to some extent, in recent years according to some reports the saurian grays have begun to use the 'disk' or 'saucer' shape also more frequently. The 'triangular' craft seen en masse in Belgium, etc. are apparently 'gray' craft according to abductees there, which would tend to confirm some of what Bonnie or Sharula is saying. Also, these 'boomerang' craft have often been seen in connection with the Archuleta sub-base network of the southwestern U.S., which would seem to indicate from what Sharula has said that the "Dulce" network is largely under the control of the 'nasties', or the draconian powers, as many other sources allege that it is. - Branton)

"INSIGHTS: Let's talk about the people themselves, the Telosians. What would a typical Telosian look like?"

"SHARULA: The typical Telosian has a slightly golden tone to their skin and have a tendency toward high cheek bones and slightly almond shaped eyes. Most Telosians run toward light hair and we have all eye colors. The men are generally 7' to 7'6" in height and the women are generally 6'6" to 7'1" in height. When we come to the surface we have a process of altering the molecules of our bodies so that we are able to appear the same height as people here on the surface."

"INSIGHTS: Does your civilization have any of the social problems that ours seem to have, like: pollution, hunger, homeless people and water droughts?"

"SHARULA: No. We don't have pollution because we are able to monitor our systems at all times. We have learned to accelerate the atom. When the first scientists started working with atoms they didn't realize that they weren't meant to shatter the atom for energy; they were meant to accelerate the atom for energy that won't die out and won't produce hazardous afterform. Because we learned to accelerate the atoms, we're also able to dematerialize all of our waste matter and return it back to its original form..."

"INSIGHTS: Is the U.S. Government aware of the existence of Telos and the other underground cities?"

"SHARULA: Yes. For a long time they have been trying to get in, to access the information of Telos and the silver fleet. The promise of what they need would be given to them, but in return there are several things they have to do or quit doing?"

"INSIGHTS: What was it that they were given to do or stop doing?"

"SHARULA: Basically, return the country to what it was founded on and return to an open and honest government, so that every citizen has access to what's happening in the government."

(Note: i.e. Constitutionally-based government, Bill of Rights's,etc? If this is Sharula's interpretation of an 'open' government, then we must assume that the Telosians, or at least many of them, are opposed to the present plans to establish a one-world socialist dictatorship or 'New World Order' which will no doubt impose tremendous threats upon individual liberty of conscience. The reader may recall the information from an earlier file to the effect that human 'benevolents' were working with the U.S. Government in the Nevada Military complex against the saurian grays. Their 'teachings' stated that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights was very much respected by them.


Also, could these be allied with the same 'human' aliens who landed in Florida after the two giant astroid-ships took up a geosynchronous orbit around the earth, and warned us not to have any dealing with these 'gray' aliens, and offered their own assistance if we dis-armed our nuclear weapons? Were 'they' tied in with the Telosian 'Blonds' or the Pleiadean 'Nordics'? Some accounts suggest that both human groups are at least aware of each other, and possibly have an alliance with each other. Now that the Soviet Union has broken up and the 'need' for intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles has been decreased, will the U.S. government break-off their self-destructive alliance with the 'grays' and instead seek alliances with the human groups who had originally warned them about the grays? - Branton)

"INSIGHTS: Are you referring to the government's interaction with other 'extraterrestrial' (and/or 'innerterrestrials' - Branton) that are not of the silver fleet?"

(Note: The interviewer is no doubt referring to the 'pact' which the secret government was manipulated and deceived into making with the reptilian 'Grays', and subsequently with other branches of the 'serpent race' - Branton)

"SHARULA: Yes. That is only one."

"INSIGHTS: When was the government first introduced to Telos?"

"SHARULA: They have been aware of the subterranean cities and they have been aware of Telos since the country's conception. It is only near the turn of the century that they started taking action. This action did not get really aggressive until the 1950's."

Note: There are indications that some members of certain Masonic- type 'secret government' societies, such as the Rosicrucian Order, have attempted to establish contact with the subterranean residents of Mt. Shasta, although it is uncertain just what might have come of this. Several encounters with the 'Blondes' (both subterran and exterran?) have revealed 'their' own concern about what is taking place with the abductions and mutilations of human beings by the sauroid Grays, although many of these groups claim that they cannot 'interfere' with the problem due to some 'cosmic law' of non- intervention. This may be true with those 'Nordic' or 'Blonde' societies who hail from other planetary bodies, such as the Taurians, Lyrans, Eridanians, and Cetusians (the latter of whom seem to be taking the most action to help their brothers here on earth, in essence interfering with the saurian 'interferers' from the Draconis, Bootes, Reticuli, Canis, etc. constellations), and the 'Solar Tribunal' groups of Mars, Luna, Saturn, etc, and so on. However, in the case of the Telosian-Aghartian alliance, this 'non-intervention' policy would not apply, since this is their world also, and they are just as native to earth as anyone else living on this planet. In light of this fact, and especially in light of their own awareness of the reptilian-saurian threat, we would urge them (if by chance they are reading this) to reconsider such a stance and join with their fellow human brothers and sisters on the surface in defending our society from this ancient threat.