Session 7


Advanced Beings View of Disclosure,

And the Formation of the Forthcoming Core Teams

 Composing Organized Disclosure

Q - Question

A - An T'na



Q: An T'na, the Intergalactic Board of Council has indicated that they have important and, I sense, urgent information to convey regarding Stage 3 of your work here.

It is also my sense that you have more information to impart regarding the role that Michael will be playing in his work with you. If you would elaborate about how your work, as a group of Ascended Beings, fits into the coming disclosure and contact events that Michael is working toward, that information would be of use to us.

A: We will address Michael's work with us and as we do we will weave into it other pertinent information, as it is all co-related.

First of all, we want to clarify our meaning of disclosure.

When we speak of disclosure we use it in reference to the phase that you are currently in as an evolving species. Disclosure is about just that - meaning, the people of Terra will be made aware not only of the reality of extraterrestrial existence, but also of the reality of Ascended Being existence as well. We suggest that readers refer to our earlier communiqués for an explanation of our use of the term Ascended Being.

There are 2 types of disclosure - one that is brought on by your own efforts, by your own people doing the disclosing, so we will refer to this as public disclosure.

The other type is the one you perceive most frequently as that which you call official disclosure that is brought about by your government leaders. We do not recognize nor sanction official disclosure itself as an appropriate way to bring it about for they have already created covert plans to do it in a manner that is to their own benefit - a very old story for you by now we should think!

We do, however, recognize cooperative official support of public generated disclosure, which some of your countries are already doing - they are supporting, not overtaking the public's initiative of disclosure. Please understand the difference here in this regard. We highly commend these countries for their willingness to help your species take your next great leap toward becoming a member of the Galactic Society.

So, we wish you to be clear about the difference between these two types of disclosure. We sanction and encourage public disclosure, and we are here, along with many other non-terrestrial groups, to help you accomplish this immense goal.

Another clarification about our use of disclosure.


To disclose is to educate, and we refer to it in terms of the public educating the public - you are disclosing to your people the necessary information that your governments have kept from you, and you are doing so as close to the facts as you can. The information locked away in government files will not be of any further benefit to your people than the information you already have which is sufficient for the cause.

What you are wanting from your governments is their admittance to the truth of non-terrestrial existence - as intelligent Beings of the universe and not just as lowly pond scum on some lonely little planet or moon far, far away.

For some countries this admittance will never occur because the stance of official denial, even in the face of all evidence to the contrary, legally shelters them from repercussions of lawsuits that some of your people would like to heap upon them.


Your country [USA] is one of them. It is to your benefit that you cease spinning your wheels, as you say, in order to gain such admittances from your government, and instead sanction yourselves with the truth and go forward from there. No government is stopping you from educating your own people.

Now, we have chosen Michael for his role as one of our leading team members due to his experience engaged in circumstances of diplomacy, for his teaching skills, for the public work he has already pursued on this subject, for his willingness to donate time and energy toward furthering the issue of disclosure, for his personal initiative to delve into this subject, and his staunchness in the face of the controversy that has confronted him over the years.

Putting that into the context of his work with us, we are aware that he not only has extensive knowledge about the necessary topics, but that it is also grounded in reasonability and sensibility.


It is the sound quality of his overall approach to bringing forth the information so needed by those on your planet that makes him a valuable teamplayer with us. It is his ability to be diplomatic in breaching the gaps of understanding between peoples that have been inculcated upon your public by a very dishonest, secretive and, we must say, despicable group of planetary leaders.

He has created, and teaches, online courses in Galactic Diplomacy; he maintains a website with much information; he has written books about the matter and, more recently, he has published a lengthy and well-researched book which we consider to be worthy of use as a so-called primer for the masses that discloses much information that your governments have chosen not to disclose publicly.


Michael's (Salla) disclosure primer, among others of such information, will help educate the masses for the coming contact event.

We call it a primer because it is basic essential, yet, straightforward information about this given subject matter, based upon your collected data of experiences and investigations that have occurred amongst the Terran peoples around the world. This collection of information is destined to become much more extensive, as well as corrected, as things shift into the contact event itself.

We wish you to understand that we do not claim that Michael and his work is what you say, the end-all of this matter.


Please take note that he and his work is that of but one cooperative teamplayer amongst many others who are also working around the nation and the world with the Beings whom they are in contact regularly. This is a very massive Plan for Terra that has been wisely created and orchestrated at levels beyond what is possible for you to do yourselves in such a short amount of time, which we will go into later.

For the disclosure effort we have chosen Michael to work with our group, which is called the Intergalactic Board of Council, as one so-called leader amongst many other such leaders around your world who have been assessed as appropriate for this level of work.


They serve as our feet-on-the-ground members who are capable of physically organizing local groups of Terrans to head-up the larger disclosure-educational networks in their regions, and then to help coordinate it with other regional networks on a much larger planetary network scale of accomplishment.

Now, because Terran knowledge regarding this matter has been deliberately limited with so much of it distorted by your negative factions, Michael's primer will serve as an appropriate introduction to many people, regarding all-things-extraterrestrial and extradimensional, and to some degree concerning what to expect, with regard to the contact event that is soon to occur.

Michael's book - and mind you, there are other books which are just as adequate but just to be clear, our group will be using his book amongst others - his book contains enough pertinent information to suffice public awareness, and to shed a reasonable enough degree of enlightenment on the matter.

So again, we say to you that you need not grasp for straws from government files until your governments agree to support the public initiative of disclosure and thus freely, and non-coercively, offer their files to you.

Upon contact, the expanded and corrected information itself will contribute to the greater understanding of all, for all; and it will be given freely to all Terrans by various extraterrestrial and extradimensional groups who are set to engage their contact events around the planet.

Prior to the contact event it is very helpful for you to go through your disclosure phase, which we will focus on more in-depth for now, since the event of disclosure is your next step.


This current phase will include in-class educational programs - both in-person and through your Internet outlets; taught by Terran teachers who possess such knowledge.


This will be done planetwide. It has already been occurring to a somewhat limited degree through various conference and retreat outlets, but the coming vaster educational network that we speak of and present to you now will be open and free to all people, for which there is very good reason, as you shall see.

We wish to see those Terrans who are engaged in various ways of bringing about assistance and education in this matter to begin to offer these freely to the masses, as much as possible, as often as possible. It is time for you to shift yourselves to your next step in how you do information sharing.

By making this shift you will be helping bring about, much more quickly and more broadly, the disclosure that you so greatly desire by perceiving it in a new and higher manner of sharing - that of being part of a globalized free-and-open-sourced effort of the people, by the people, for the people, as you say.


Doing so demonstrates to us your determination that this is what you and your planet want to have as the next step in your life experience; you will initiate a show of your intent to live in a kind of non-monetary society that you say you want to have, and, by so doing, you will be helping your Global Society be accepted into the Galactic Society that you want to experience as your new way of life.

In other words: It is to your own benefit to show unto Those you want contact with at least the beginnings of being the life that you are wanting to have with us.

Shifting from required fees for attendances of services or lectures or ebooks or internet articles or video viewings, and so on - to receiving donations of money, or through work exchange, or other means of exchange for any portion of your efforts that works well for you and others equally, is an acceptable step toward initiating a show of a non-monetary society occurring on your planet.

We are aware that there are groups of people who have been moving certain aspects of life toward a non-monetary society on your planet, and we invite your so-called Spiritual and UFO Communities to do likewise by shifting away from charging money for information regarding disclosure and contact, to doing it for free or asking for donations of some sort for as many outlets as you can do - the more the better, of course.

We understand that you have developed monetary-specific patterns by which you orchestrate and execute your conferences, programs, seminars, retreats, books, and so forth, so that shifting gears to offer one or more of them free of charge means a change in how you perceive the situation and go about engaging them.

We are aware that you do have some alternative methods by which it can occur, and it is up to you to make use of these other options that are available to you.

Educational use of what you call your Internet is one of them. This is an instrument of far-reaching means that we have given you in order that, when the time arrives, you will use it as a disclosure-teaching tool, entirely free or on a donations only basis.


Some of you are already doing this and we commend you for it. Now we are calling for an expansion of this willingness to share this particular information freely, as much as you can possibly accomplish, in order to expand the numbers of the populace that you have been trying to reach.

You need to understand that due to the limited time for disclosure, some of the ways and means by which you have been going about accomplishing the informing of the public on these matters are currently no longer effective nor pertinent as a practical process that must now become even more far-reaching than ever before in order to prepare the enormous populace on your planet for the coming global contact event. To use your term, it must become viral.

Think objectively about this matter and you will see that what we invite you to do has merit and credence and truth. Living as a member of the Galactic Society is something new to you, which you need to get used to not only thinking-in-terms-of, but also living in the actions thereof.

And we cannot emphasize too much to you the importance for you to act quickly with engaging yourselves in public sanctioned, public endorsed, public created, public supported disclosure, for all and unto all Terrans equally; and to cease seeking after gaining official admittances and sanctions from those governments who show signs of resistance to joining, or signs of usurping, the public initiative disclosure cause.

Now, back to our prior comments. The education of the masses needs to occur as soon as possible, and we mention this due to the fact that your time-field is collapsing, or, shall we say, gaining momentum of speed into a higher dimensional state of existence where the time-flow is much higher or quicker than you are used to experiencing.

Your own sense of time speeding up is part of this enigmatic cosmic event that is transpiring, and this cosmic event is directly related to the reason for our presence here in your solar system.

As such, we have no control over that which is time itself. Throughout the entire universe we are all in its flow together, therefore we can only control our personal experiences within its much vaster actions exerted upon us.

Our presence here has everything to do with assisting your planet into its rightful place in the Upper Triad to where it, your planet, is flowing in-tandem with the universe as it folds up its Lower Triad.

The final fold-up is yet to occur quite some time in our future, near or far.


But prior to that event it is our work here in the Lower Triad and, specifically, here in your solar system, to assist all planets that are ready for ascension, to metamorphose them, if you will, into the necessary higher or quickened state of existence well before the final fold-up of the Lower Triad.

The reason for this advanced assisted ascension of planets is because no one knows the exact timing of the cosmic forces being exerted upon the properties composing the Lower Triad itself. It is these natural forces that are increasingly in-play that determines when the final fold-up event will occur.


Consequently, it could occur sooner than expected, and you have a saying, "Do not put off until tomorrow that which must be done today″ for, we add in this vaster cosmic case, eventually "tomorrow will never come"... at least with regard to further tomorrows of the Lower Triad.


We strongly recommend that you do not confuse this event with any notion that the entire universe will cease to exist for, indeed, this is not the case at all.

This is also why you are being gradually induced into the knowledge and awareness of Advanced Being and extraterrestrial presences. It is why disclosure and contact with extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings are major events that are about to knock down your doors - starting a cascade of assistance of your awareness and knowledge of the particular entities who you each personally align with upon your current individual path of evolution for, indeed, you are not all aligned with the same species or groups of Beings and their particular paths of evolution.

Your assumption of how and why the disclosure and contact events are taking place at this time has been yet another matter distorted by your negative factions who are attempting to hijack your destiny into the Galactic Society by injecting distorted and falsified data into the information being presented to you through disinformants placed within some of your groups that focus on all-things-extraterrestrial and extradimensional.


These falsified and distorted notions have made their way into many of the programs you view on your televisions and movies, read in your printed material, and coming from your computers.

Remember, confusion begets misunderstandings, and misunderstanding begets division, and division begets conflict. That is how the negative factions work, and it is your job to recognize these tactics when you see it and steer clear of the intended deceptions' intentions with you.

The actual reasons for disclosure and contact will not result into the presumed one-extraterrestrial-fits-all sort of scenario, where you all must interact with one or two groups of species. It will not result in an outcome where your planet's society is funneled into a situation that omits some Galactic Society members while accepting only certain others.


That scenario is what your negative factions have planned for you.

While the portrayal of your Star Trek kind of society comes close to what you can expect so far as depicting how extensive will be your interactions with others of non-terrestrial origin, the real reason for the disclosure and contact occurring and, consequently, the real destiny-outcome, is far different than that which is portrayed by the writers and creators of your so-called fictional works.


This is a detailed topic that we shall address more extensively during another session.

For now, let us clarify that your initial step in bringing about actual disclosure involves much of your own footwork on the matter, on you taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, and steering the matter in the way you want it to go as a Global Society.

The time has arrived for you to act now upon the destiny of your own Global Society. If you do not begin doing so at this time then your negative factions are prepared do it for you. We say this not as a threat to or demand upon you, but it is said as a fact of what awaits you through procrastination or inactivity upon the matter.

Understand, however, that it is not that your negative factions' version of disclosure will utterly prevent you from ever entering into the Galactic Society, for it is a certainty that you will, but taking that route will make it far more difficult for you by way of them generating discordant forms of physical and psychological confrontations between you and your negative factions regarding the entire matter.


You will then have to make the long drawn-out and necessary course corrections, all of which can be wholly avoided now if you engage yourselves in the direction that we are endeavoring to guide you into, as we present suggestions for moving in that direction at this time.

Again, it is a direction that you claim you are wanting. It is now time for you to start walking your talk, as you put it, by doing all that is necessary to override and overrule all efforts of being hijacked into any direction other than the one that you want.

To do this we suggest, again, that you get beyond the negative faction's brainwashing that you "must" gain their blessings and sanctions in order to reach your goals of disclosure and contact.


You are not forbidden to disclose to one another your knowledge about us and other Beings. You are not forbidden to ask us for, and engage in activities, that promote contact. You are not forbidden to educate one another, either one-on-one or in groups, using whatever public outlets will do the trick.

So, with this fact as your first line of defense, use your freedom of education for disclosure as a public initiative tool to steer yourselves into the direction you want to go, and by so doing you will demonstrate that you as a Global Society are ready to become a member of the Galactic Society.

We suggest that you begin your public disclosure initiative by setting up local grassroots educational networks, as you would refer to it. We suggest that it eventually becomes statewide, and expands from there to become national and international.

To begin with, you need not have a global one-program-fits-all curriculum, for that would be a monumental task to create right away. Eventually you can bring it into such a unified field situation, but it is of more importance for now that you focus on getting started with what you have, where you are, everywhere.

For those of you who are able to travel to other locations, statewide or nationwide, or even planetwide, you can be instrumental in helping to get the educational programs initiated locally, as well as eventually helping set up the regional networks into a much larger global scale.

It would be helpful for those of you who are knowledgeable in this matter, who have been or are presenters and teachers and educators of the subject, to initiate ongoing and regular educational meetings in your local areas, and then to coordinate with others amongst you in other regions, updating your information and your curriculum and your presentation endeavors so as to generate a larger scale of improved approach.

In order for this to work properly, it is time for all such people of this knowledge to put aside all personal differences of opinions about all-things-extraterrestrial and extradimensional, and to do so under the agreement that none of you know or have the complete and/or undistorted facts about any of it, but that you can generously pool the information that you do have, cross-referencing it for its commonalities that can be agreed upon if even only temporarily until you receive the greater facts from us and other members of the Galactic Society who will lovingly make any necessary corrections and expansions of that information.

Our point here is that you get beyond who's right or wrong about any of it, and get on with the needed task of actually educating the people of your planet with the necessary, and however basic, information.

Make this an enjoyable experience amongst yourselves, and uncritizingly unselfishly pool your knowledge, your information, and your efforts. As mature people who may be about to become members of the Galactic Society, share it freely and openly amongst yourselves in order to educate your people for your peoples' sake.

Books of information such as Michael has published are acceptable sources of knowledge for the masses.


Based upon the information gathered from across your planet and across time, it is a historical overview of the related issues that you've dealt with on your planet; it is a moderate compendium of who's-who out there and, so far as known, what their presumed interactions with you have been and perhaps still are; and so far as known, it includes descriptions of Beings who have ascended to other realms in the Upper Triad, not merely of extraterrestrial or inter- or intraterrestrial or subdimensional beings.

While the information in his book, as all such books of yours have been, is not complete in every respect, and while it is based upon information that is not wholly accurate in its entirety, it is nonetheless sufficient for public education regarding disclosure to begin with.

As we stated, once contact has been made, you will be given the complete and accurate facts.


We will continue to impart fundamental information regarding Ascended Beings and the nature of Their Higher Dimensional realms of residence. It is our intention to allow other groups of extraterrestrials to impart unto you information that pertains to themselves, for who knows best about them than they do.

The key point is that you take the initiative to begin disclosure with what you have now, begin it with where you are, and your actions will demonstrate, to those not of your world, what you say you are wanting.

No one is here or is going to come here and judge you or test you on the accuracy or quantity of information that you have worked so hard to attain on this matter. You are being observed, not judged, regarding your ability and determination to shift gears and live, right now, what it is you say you are wanting as your new way of life, as a member of a Galactic Society.

Now, we have said that books like Michael's are acceptable sources of public education - they are primers that lead your public into eventually receiving the fuller version of information directly from those Beings who will be contacting you.

In-lieu of that, we now further suggest that people like Michael, who have relative knowledge about these matters - and you know who you are - and those of you who are able to organize local and regional groups for educational meetings, that you begin to include this altruistic endeavor into your schedules of activities; that it be done openly and freely to all.

Let us point out that throughout the ages on your planet many benevolent Beings on, or visiting your planet, have freely given you vital information and essential assistance regarding all-things-extraterrestrial and about Ascended Beings, wholly without charge to you.


It is time for you to be as selfless and pay-it-forward, as you would say, to your own people amongst you.


As it has been lovingly done unto you, so do likewise to those around you. As you have so freely received it, so freely give it forward. Such is the consciousness of those Galactic and Ascended Beings with whom you wish to have contact.

Thank you for your attention. We shall continue again soon. That is all.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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